How Much Can I Take


“Oh my God, that hurts” I screamed as Heather drove the bright red jelly dildo deep into my ass. She thrust with all she had, until the base of the dildo, probably 11 inches to the balls, was firmly planted deep in my searing asshole.

I was on my knees and elbows, face planted in the mattress with my ass in the air to give her easier access. She was behind me on her knees.

We had played many games where she had gotten fucked by numerous men, many times they were strangers, had her pussy stretched, her nipples tortured, or just generally treated like a slut, but I had had my share too. I had watched her fuck a lot of men, I had been tied up while a dominatrix flogged me and then I had to lie on a bed and hold the dildo against Heather’s pussy while she fucked the dominatrix and her slave, a male, sucked my cock. I had been tied up, blindfolded, had my nipples tortured, my balls tortured, and even been pissed on.

But tonight, she had ideas of her own. She was going to fuck ME. She was going to fuck me in the ass with the same huge dildo I used to stretch her pussy out. She was going to tie me up and spend as long as she had to in order to make it fit in my asshole.

She started out licking my ass, a new sensation for sure, while stroking my erect cock with her hands. I was definitely hard and into it, because I was up for anything out of the ordinary.

The more she stroked my cock, the more enthusiastically she sucked and licked my ass, finally concentrating a little more on my asshole itself.

Then, she stopped stroking my cock and began circling my asshole with her fingers. She rubbed gently with a fingertip ad I could feel her long nails scraping just a little. She wasn’t pressing hard enough to hurt, but it felt like she could have hurt me if she had wanted.

Then, she began to subtly put pressure on my anus with her fingertips, letting the fleshy part of her fingertips drag across my puckering hole as she let saliva drip from her lips.

She explored my ass just enough to let me relax a little before she began to stick the tip of her finger in my waiting ass.

“MMM” I moaned as her first thin finger entered the edge of my ass.

“You like it, don’t you, bitch?” she asked.

“Yes” I replied in a whisper.

“Tell me deeper” she said forcefully.

“Deeper” I begged. “Please.”

She began to fuck me a little with her tiny finger. She was thin and had long, delicate, thin fingers and it was no problem to get one in, but I knew more were coming.

Her finger fucked my about an inch, then a little more, and a little more, until she was fucking my ass with the entire length of one delicate finger.

Then, she surprised me. Rather than insert the middle finger next to the index finger she had buried in my ass, she began to try to work her other index finger in.

“MMMM” I groaned. This was still not much of a challenge, but I was beginning to notice. “Go ahead.”

She spit on my ass and began to work the other finger in. She began to fuck me with her two index fingers, alternating thrusts in my ass. The feeling of pressure was intense, but it didn’t hurt. It did seem, however, like she was trying to make it hurt.

That was fine with me. We had played games that had involved Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort pain before, and as long as it didn’t involve blood, I was fine. I liked intense, and I sometimes pushed my own pain boundaries when I was alone.

She fucked my harder and deeper with two fingers, and then began to work inserting one more from each hand. Finally, she had four fingers from each hand in my asshole and alternately fucked me with them.

“How does it fee. Bitch?” she asked fucking harder and harder. The more she pushed me, or the more it seemed to hurt, the more she seemed to be getting off on it.

I was happy with that. That was the way I wanted it.

She stopped, and reached for a box of latex gloves with a smile on her face.

“Now, I am going to fist that ass!”

I didn’t know what to say. I wanted to encourage her, and that seemed to be accomplished best by acting fearful, but I was certain that there would be no problem getting her tiny fist in my already stretched ass. So, I faked it, hoping that being excited would cause her to push further.

“No” I said. “I can’t take that yet.”

She pushed her gloved finger easily into may ass and started fucking easily up to her palms. Then, she inserted her thumb and pushed.

It went in, but not as easily as I had thought it would.

“AAA” I moaned in pain as she managed to get her whole fist in.

“MMMM” she said. “That’s what I want to hear.”

She fucked me for several minutes with her balled up fist, finally working it in and out. Every time her fist crossed the threshold of my ass, I groaned, and I wasn’t faking it.

It hurt, but it was good pain. It was pain that I was enjoying, and it seemed she was as well. And soon, she had my ass stretched enough that even her fist was not hurting.

She pulled her fist out and immediately pulled off the slightly soiled glove and tossed it in the trashcan.

“Put my foot up your ass” she said. “Fuck yourself while I watch.”

I did as she said. Her toes went in pretty easily, but when I started getting to the wider part of her foot, it became more uncomfortable. But, I pressed on, slowly, inch by inch. Each inch hurt as I lowered myself, but after a gentle fucking at each depth, my asshole became a little more accustomed to it.

She lay there, leaned back on her pillows, playing with her clitoris and her wonderful shaved pussy.

“MMM, how deep is my little bitch going to be able to take that foot up his ass? She asked.

My answer was a renewed effort to go deeper I pushed and pushed until my ass was in contact with the bed. Then she began to wiggle her toes and move her foot up and down, little as she could with my weight on it.

My cock had been hard as a rock, but all my thought and efforts going into getting her foot all the way in my ass had let me cock go limp.

“I don’t think the bitch likes it” she said. “Look at the limp cock. I guess I will have to go find a MAN to fuck me tonight. Maybe Rob. Maybe Brian. Maybe I’ll just go out and find a bunch of guys to fuck me and then come home and make you eat their cum out of my pussy. You’d like that wouldn’t you? I’d get fucked by a real man and you’d get to eat cum like a little queer. That’s what you wanna be isn’t it? You don’t want to have to fuck me anymore, you just want me to get cock for you, right?”

“No” I said as I continued to fuck myself harder and harder on her foot.

My cock was getting harder again.

“I see that gets you hard. You ARE a little fairy. You want cock right now, don’t you? You have a horny girl in bed with you and you are thinking about cock.”

“No” I said.

“Don’t lie.”

“I want to fuck you” I said.

“Liar. You want cock. Admit it!” she said thrusting hard with her foot as I pushed down. The pressure was intense.

“OOHHH” I moaned.

“Good” she said. “Now admit you want cock.”

“I want cock. I want pussy. I want ass”. I said, but it wasn’t good enough.

“Tell me you just want cock” she insisted.

“I want cock.” I gave in.

“Only cock” she said.

“Only cock” I conceded. It wasn’t true, and she knew it, but it was making this great.

“Good” she said, pulling her foot from my now sore ass.

“Now clean up in here and pick me out some good, slutty clothes while I take a shower.

With that, she got up and went off to the bathroom.

I cleaned up. I had to change the bed covers and take out the trash. I put the dirty sheets in the washer and then went to her closet.

I settled pretty quickly on a black short skirt and a lace up corset top. She had other tops that revealed much more of her tits, but this top pushed them WAY up and looked just as slutty without actually being illegal in public.

Plus, if it was to come off, it wasn’t so easy to pop back on.

She called me into the bathroom and had me dry her off. Then, I had to stand there and watch her dry her hair naked in front of the mirror.

She was beautiful. She had just turned 21 (to my 45 at the time) and still had a tiny, tiny waist with nice 36D tits. She had large, very lightly colored areolas with a hoop style nipple ring in each one.

Her long strawberry hair hung in curls almost to her ass.

She went to our bedroom, and I followed and watched her get dressed. I watched her put on her make-up.

Checking herself in the mirror, she looked to me and said “Now, I am going to get fucked. Hopefully a lot. And when I get home, you are going to clean out my pussy.”

“Now, you get cleaned up, but don’t get dressed. I don’t care what happens.” She said.

She left, and I did as she said. I took a shower. I made a sandwich. Naked. I ate it. Naked. I sat down to watch TV. Naked.

But, my mind was on her. I couldn’t concentrate on the TV, so I put on porn and started to play with myself. I didn’t masturbate because I knew she didn’t want me to,

Finally, I fell asleep on the sofa. Naked.

I still don’t know what time she came home, but she woke me up. I had fallen asleep on the sofa downstairs. Naked.

She was standing over me and Brian was standing right behind her. She had apparently had this planned for a while, because she couldn’t just go on the spur of the moment and meet Brian. He lived in Harrisburg, PA and it was about 2 hours to his house.

Brian looked down at me and said “How’s it hangin’, Jim?” He looked down at my cock, which was still soft. I had been awake for about 30 seconds or so.

“Guess it’s up to me to fuck her” he said.

“Come on.” She turned, took Brian’s hand and started up the stairs.

I got up and followed quickly. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen exactly. Brian had an enormous cock, and she loved to fuck him. He also had expressed no interest in any of the bisexual stuff we had mentioned in the past. I assumed I would just watch them fuck and then we would all go to sleep. He was obviously going to spend the night.

Heather and Brian climbed into bed and she immediately started slowly stroking his cock. She was sucking slowly, concentrating mostly on the head while stroking with her hands.

She slid won to lick his balls while I climbed into the other side of the bed. Not a word was spoken to me.

“MMM, I have wanted this cock for so long. Do you have a lot of cum in there for me?” she asked him seductively.

“You know I do” he said.

“Are you going to stick that in me or are you going to make me suck it forever?” she asked after she had sucked his cock and lubed it up with a lot of saliva.

“Keep sucking it” he told her.

She obediently took his cock back into her mouth, now trying to deep throat it, to no avail, pushing for all she was worth.

“I want it in my pussy. It’s so wet.” She said

“Show me” he said.

She removed her hands from his cock and reached down to insert them in her vagina, which made a wet, mushy sound as her fingers entered. They came out coated with moisture. She put it to his mouth and he began to suck the juice from her fingers.

“Put that cock in me” she said.

He lay back, and she immediately slid her cock down on his cock. As big as it was, it entered her waiting pussy easily, and as she lowered herself onto it, she swiveled her hips until her ass rested against his groin. She worked her hips against him as she moaned in pleasure.

Then she began to fuck him, riding up and down on his cock.

“It’s so deep. God! Fuck! Yeah!” she moaned as fucked him harder and harder.

I was just lying there watching. I had not been told what to do, so I didn’t know if I was to do anything. So, I watched with my cock erect and hard.

She rode him hard, until he said he was going to cum. She climbed off of him, and took his shiny cock in her mouth and began to sensuously suck it. She ran her tongue from tip to base and back and then began to suck hard and slow and deep.

Finally, he tensed and spasmed as he shot his load in her mouth. A little came out of her mouth and lay on her cheek. Using her finger, she pushed it back into her mouth.

She climbed off, and moved over to me. Immediately, she moved to kiss me. I knew what was coming and I didn’t resist. As our lips met, hers parted and Brian’s warm cum rushed into my mouth. Her tongue searched for mine and we intertwined amidst a huge load of salty, bitter cum.

She pulled away, and pushed my jaw shut with her hand.

“Swallow” she said. “A good bitch always swallows.”

I did. And once more before finally watching as they curled up with Brian’s arm curled around her waist as they went to sleep.

Brian left in the morning, and there were no adventures the rest of that week. But, Heather and I fucked at least once every day. We fucked everywhere and in every way.

That was the great thing about her. The more she got, the more she wanted.

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