Humiliation Apparent Ch. 01


I walked through the shopping center and saw that the Toys and Things sex shop was still open so I decided to go in and check things out.

I had gone in to the sex shop before, but tonight they were having a sale or something on the more risqué bedroom toys.

There were tables lining the walls with all different sizes and shapes and textures. There were dildos and nipple clamps, whips and shackles. My first instinct was to turn around and leave. I would have, but I heard a voice calling my name.

It was almost hypnotic the way he said my name. I didn’t know at the time that my wallet was hanging out of my purse with my ID card in plain view. If I had known I don’t know if it would have made a difference. His huge frame came toward me, six foot five, two hundred seventy pounds of muscle and sinew.

He moved with cat like grace and didn’t stop moving until his powerful body was intimately touching mine in the dimmed light. He had black hair and blue eyes, so deep it seemed as if you could get lost in the darkness.

“My name is Drake, Meredith.” the sound of his voice pulled at things low in my body. I could feel my nipples harden and my body wet with anticipation.

“Hi, um, are you having some sort of sale?” I asked him stupidly, lost in his eyes.

“No, I have displayed the store for my own preferences. Do you see anything that interests you?” he asked with a wide, sweeping gesture.

I took a moment to look around and shrugged, “I’m not sure. I haven’t really been around these kinds of things before. What would you recommend for a beginner?” I asked him before I had really thought it through.

“It has been in my experience that if you go to the most extreme thing you will find out all too soon what is to your liking and what is not. I could show you somethings that I have set up in the back.”

“Why not,” I said and started to follow him to the back.

I had to half run after him to keep up.

He took me behind a curtain and it was pitch black. I couldn’t even see the store lights any more I called out, “Drake, I can’t see you where are you?”

He didn’t answer me and I felt around for a light switch.

“I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” I heard his voice say as my fingers brushed across a light switch.

“Why not? Where are you?” I asked, a little bit of my panic seeped through my voice.

“Because I said so.” he said not even two inches from my right ear.

I jumped and felt his arms come around me, touching me in ways that were quite inappropriate. One hand cupping my left breast, fingers pinching my nipple expertly. While the other hand gripped my throat firmly, holding my head in place.

“Let me go.” I said with my voice shaking slightly.

“No.” he tighten his grip on my throat and began to walk me forward.

“Please, let me go.” my voice strained and betraying the fact that I was turned on by his controlling me.

“No.” he pinched my nipple harder and I whimpered, but fell silent. Instinctively knowing that he would not heed my requests.

I felt him begin to pull my shirt up. I started to struggle.

No one ever forced me, my hands went to the one pulling my shirt up and tried to stop his advances.

“Do not stop me, you will not like the consequences.” he said and continued to pull my shirt up, higher and higher until my bare breast were exposed to the chilled air.

My hands were utterly useless, he kept moving his hands regardless of my struggles, so I stopped trying. Maybe that was a good thing, maybe it wasn’t a good thing, but I knew that I could not stop him.

He removed his hand from around my throat and took my shirt the rest of the way off. Then, he replaced his hand with what felt like coarse rope. I felt it tighten uncomfortably and start to lift me slightly off the floor.

When only the tips of my toes were on the floor I felt him tie the rope off and he moved to stand in front of me. I felt his hand begin to Gaziantep Escort İlanları unhook my skirt and felt it flutter down my legs and on to the floor.

He moved behind me and started sliding something soft up my arm. I found out that it was a glove soon enough when he positioned my fingers to go in the finger slots. When he went to put my other arm in one it felt really weird, almost like he was putting the same glove on both hands except the was cloth in between. “It’s called a ‘U’ glove.” he said as if sensing my confusion.

He pulled the rest of the glove in place and tightened it until my arms made a ‘u’ shape behind my back. The effect it had was to thrust my breasts out and arch my back slightly. It wasn’t really uncomfortable.

I felt his hands run down my body testing my nipples for reaction and sensitivity, my thighs, my legs. He ran his fingers over my stomach and felt my belly ring, “Oh this will be nice.” I felt him tug on it gently.

He moved away from me and I could hear him moving things and finally he came back and touched my breasts, first one then the other.

It was becoming very hard to breathe regularly with the strain on my throat and my heightening arousal.

“You like that?” he asked me and I moaned and whispered “Yes, oh that feels good.” Then I felt a sharp sting on the nipple of the breast he was holding.

“NO!” I said. Writhing in pain from his slap.

“You said you liked it. So here.” he said and slapped my nipple again, harder but only the nipple so it stung more. I shrieked and tried to move away from him.

He pulled me closer with my own breast and slapped me again.

“Please stop. It hurts.” I whimpered out meekly.

“No.” he said calmly. There was no malice in his voice, no arousal either, from what I could tell. I felt him slide his hand to my other breast. I was braced for that slap, but it never came.

But what followed was worse I think, he pinched my nipple and teased it to it’s hardest. Then, he pulled it in to his mouth and sucked for a moment, making it even more sensitive. When he removed his head, he expertly fastened a nipple clamp tightly on to my nipple. I moaned in pain and tried to shake it off. He held me still and turned the pressure knob tighter. Then he moved his hands away and I felt it being weighed down.

He went to the other breast and did the same thing. Teasing it hard and sucking it to make it more sensitive. Then lifting the chain that the other was connected to he clamped my other nipple and tightening it as well. In vain I tried to shake them off. I could hear him laugh and I wanted to cry. I heard him start to move other things around and then, once again, come to stand in front of me. He told me to open my mouth and I did, fearing what he would do if I didn’t.

I felt a rubber tube enter my mouth and stop just before the back of my throat. I could still breathe but I couldn’t say anything and even my sounds were cut off. He fastened the gag around my head tightly and flipped a switch. Warm fluid began to fill my mouth, I started to choke.

“Swallow.” his one word command made my throat convulse and do what he said. I swallowed rhythmically, inhale, exhale, swallow. I got used to it’s restrictions and I found a reasonably comfortable system.

“Good, I’ll be back.” I fell his hands pull something down over my eyes and I knew I wouldn’t be seeing at all.

I waited for him to come back, my nipples throbbing and my cunt was on fire. I had never felt this way before. I was a mass of nerve endings and any touch sent shivers up and down my spine.

I swallowed to keep from choking but I really hoped that he would come back soon and turn it off, my throat was getting really tired. I tried to hear him, or anything for that matter. But everything was stubbornly silent.

Then I heard and electrical humming and could feel my pulse in my already stuffed throat.


Once again, his one word commands made my body do just what he wanted me to do. I tried to let him know that my throat was getting sore, but he ignored my efforts.

When he finally looked down and saw my distress he said, “Deal with it.”

It was then that I knew that this was for his pleasure and my discomfort. Nothing would be alleviated, not the throbbing between my legs, not the aching of my nipples, and surely not the soreness of my throat and neck.

Then, I heard other voices coming in to the room. .

“Wow, can we touch her?” a male but with a less commanding voice said.

“Sure.” Drake said.

I shook my head as best as I could, but he didn’t listen. I felt the cool fingers of a boy against my nipples. He pinched them and flicked them with his nails. I wanted to scream in frustration. I didn’t want them touching me. I would have rather had Drake touching me.

It didn’t make sense until I thought about it. These boys were just that; boys. They couldn’t get anything from me in the real world. In fact I probably would have turned them down. But Drake I would have tried something with. He was powerful where these two weren’t.

I felt another set of hand run up my thighs. And I felt inexperienced fingers probe the inside of my lips. I was ashamed that I was so wet. And then to my ever mounting horror the boy said, “Hey you’ve got to feel this she’s like a faucet.”

In that moment I wanted to die because the fingers that were on my nipples then went behind me and up into my drenched pussy.

“Yeah she really is dripping.”

Then to my shame I started trying to grind against them. I wanted to get off badly. I could feel my own wetness run down my thighs and I felt shame and excitement. I tried to make their fingers touch me in the right spots but before I could get them in place Drake told them to stop.

I started to cry through the gag.

“So you liked that, did you?” I didn’t respond at all.

“Did you like it?” when I still did not answer he put his fingers between my legs and flicked my clitoris lightly, teasing me further.

I could feel my orgasm not far away and then he stopped. I shrieked and tried to get his fingers to touch me again.

“Did you like that?” he asked me again. This time I shook my head vigorously and arched my hips. “Good because you won’t get that again for a while.” I stopped moving in shock.

No one had ever denied me an orgasm. I felt the boys’ fingers touch me again but this time they were careful not to touch anything that could get me off. I was to be tormented. And kept right on the edge. For what seemed like hours they played with me. I hadn’t even realized that the fluid from the gag had stopped until I felt the straps for the gag loosen. Then I felt the rope around my neck loosen I slid almost bonelessly to my knees. The gag came off and I coughed a couple of times.

“Now since these boys were so nice to you I think that you should suck them off to thank them. What do you think, Meredith?” Drake asked.

“I don’t want to. Please let me go.”

“You shouldn’t have said ‘No’ Meredith. When will you learn to obey me in everything?” he said and told one of the boys to cover my mouth.

I felt a stinging slap on my ass. Then another and another, until my ass was burning and I was crying uncontrollably.

“Now are you going to thank these nice boys for pleasuring you?” Drake asked sweetly.

“Yes.” I whispered and opened my mouth. The first boy came forward and shoved his length all the way in.

He tasted sour and almost made me vomit. But I tightened my lips around him and let him fuck my mouth. I just wanted to get him off and get away from all of them. When he finally tightened up in my mouth my jaw was sore and my throat raw. He shot his load deep and shoved in so I couldn’t spit it out, I had to swallow it all.

When he pulled out I heard him zip his pants and move aside.

“Was that your idea of a joke? Didn’t I tell you to get him off? Well it’s done now so you thank him for a good time and apologize for not thanking him properly.” Drake criticized.

“But he got off that was what you told me to do.” I argued back.

I felt a hard slap across my face. “You were supposed to get him off. Not him fucking himself in your whoring mouth, while you sit back and look inconvenienced. Now apologize to him and thank him for a good time.”

“I-I-I’m sorry and thank you very much for the good time.” I stuttered out. Tears rolling down my cheeks.

“Now ask the other boy to come to you and let your whoring mouth thank him properly for his pleasuring you.”

I thought for a moment. I didn’t want to parrot Drake too much. “Would the other boy who pleased me let me thank him, please.” I asked as respectfully as possible.

He didn’t say anything as he moved to stand in front of me. I heard his zipper and leaned forward. I tried to wrap my lips around him but I couldn’t see where I was going so I missed him several times. He didn’t move to help me either.

Finally, my mouth found him and took him in to my mouth. I began to suck on him and swirl my tongue like I did when I did this for my old boyfriends. They had always said I did it very well.

“Dude she really sucks at this and not in a good way. You should teach her before you sell her.” the guy said and grabbed my head and fucked my face to hurry his orgasm along.

When he finished he pulled out and zipped him self up. I waited for a moment. I was outraged that this man had sold hours of my time and my body. I was not a toy in his shop. I heard the boys laugh as they left the room.

“Drake let me go. You have no right to keep me here.”

“You want to leave?” he asked and he knelt on the floor and began to rub my clit.

“Yes I want to leave,” I said and tried to fight the pleasure that his fingers teased out.

“Are you sure?” he asked and slid his middle finger deep inside me. I felt his hand rub my clit at the same time. I moaned and let my head drop. I really wanted to get off but I knew if I caved in here that I would never get to leave.

“Yes, please let me…” I trailed off as he pushed another finger deep inside me. He knew just where to touch me.

“How bout this I’ll leave you here for a little while and let you think about it since you seem to be so conflicted.” he suggested and removed his fingers and stuck them in my mouth so I couldn’t answer. He undid the nipple clamps and when the blood rushed back in I screamed. He reached for the gag again and shoved it in and fastened it in place. He rubbed my nipples roughly and pinched them. I wanted to cry, so I let my tears fall and tried to withstand the torture. Then I felt a light almost pleasant burning sensation.

He had poured some sort of oil on to my nipples and was massaging it in to them. “This is called sex oil. It heats on it’s own and will tease you without breaks. Over time it intensifies and if used correctly can last for weeks.” he said. You could almost hear the smile in his voice.

He locked my knees to the floor spread as far apart as they would go. And tied the rope around my neck to a hook in the floor. He pushed a wooden block under my back and neck and tightened the rope so that I couldn’t lift up off of the block.

Then he began rubbing more of the oil on my nipples I started to struggle. Then I felt him spread my pussy lips and pour a generous amount of the oil on to my clit. He rubbed the oil around all over, even up into my hole. I started to cry. I was even more on fire than I had been and I knew that I was trapped here.

As he finished and stood to leave. When he got about half way across the room he turned back and said, “Oh I should also tell you that until I remove the oil and I mean all of it, you cannot get off. You will just keep getting more and more worked up until you are cleaned off and satisfied. And I never wash it off with out reapplying it immediately. I like watching my women struggle with pleasure as I hurt them.” Then, he left me to feel all of the pleasurable torment.

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