In Step Ch. 10

Anal Dildo

Sleep was also the only place George could have any peace—with the help of several martinis. And even though Donna still appeared in his dreams, at least in this version, she was being faithful to him. She came to him in the darkness of his bedroom, silhouetted by light from somewhere down the hall, in total naked splendor.

Slowly, she walked toward the bed and slid under the covers onto her back. He rolled over on top of her, their lips coming together in a tender, loving kiss. Her hand went down between them finding his semi-hard cock and stroking it softly to full erection. She continued twisting her palm around it, loving the feel of his instrument of pleasure in her hand, until her level of arousal was such that she had to have it inside her. Adeptly, she smeared oozing pre-cum all over the head with her thumb, then guided it into her waiting, wet pussy.

He fucked her slowly with even, measured thrusts, as only a man in love could with his woman. The sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her velvety vagina was so real he could barely believe this was a dream. Her whimpers in his ear were so crisp as to suggest she was existent. They increased their tempo slightly as they approached climax, and it was only when George erupted in a satisfying orgasm that he awoke to the startling realization that this was real and not a dream.

George’s first instinct was to stop as the memory of what he had witnessed in her bedroom flooded his mind. However, she was in the throes of her own orgasm, and even though his was subsiding, the incredible feeling of it was too powerful to allow him to halt.

It wasn’t until she was completely done and they could both begin to relax that he noticed streaks of daylight beginning to filter in through the heavily lined draperies that hung on the window.

The real shock came as the room lighted up a bit. George rolled over rapidly as though the beautiful face he was staring at was actually a gruesome ghost.


She merely smiled at him from a blissful fog.

“Kendall,” George repeated, “what are you doing here?”

Finally, she pulled herself to a somewhat sitting position.

He was momentarily distracted as her beautifully round breasts came into view. They were a tad smaller than her mother’s, but no less impressive to look at. He shook his head to brush off the constant influence of sex.

Kendall reached out to caress the side of his face. “Relax, George,” she said in her most seductive voice.

“Why are you here?” he demanded.

“To make things right,” Kendall answered calmly.

“By doing . . . doing . . . this?” George gestured to the bed.

“By making love to you?” she corrected. “Well, that wasn’t entirely my intention,” she admitted, “but I hoped it would happen. Ever since I watched you fuck my mother when we went on the picnic, I’ve wanted you.”

“You followed us?” he asked with incredulity.

“We both did. And ever since then, I’ve wanted to fuck you and Mark has wanted to fuck my mother.”

“And obviously my son has gotten his wish,” George said sharply, “all behind my back.” He shook his head and lay back down despairingly. “The woman I love and wanted to marry is cheating on me with my own son. I don’t know what’s going on here.”

“Well, to tell you the truth, George, this is my entire fault,” Kendall confessed.

“What?” George asked, confused, “What are you talking about?”

“First of all, did you know your wife taught Mark how to kiss?”

“What?” Now, he was even more confused as to why she was bringing this up. “Of course, I knew.”

“Do you know how she taught him?”

“What do you mean, how?”

“She taught him by actually kissing him; not a mother-son kiss, but a man and woman kiss.”

“Yes, I know,” George admitted impatiently. “What’s your point?”

“And you were okay with that?”

“Yes. My wife and I had a very open relationship.”

“Does that mean you are open-minded?”

“That’s exactly what it means.”

“So you were open-minded enough to share your son with your wife, but not your future wife,” Kendall stated as though it was a fact.

“I knew beforehand about my wife and my son. I was a part of the decision,” George clarified. “I didn’t find out by walking in on them.”

“So, if you had known up front, you wouldn’t be upset?”

“Kissing is a little less . . . intimate . . . than sex.”

“Did you know that Mark wanted to have sex with your wife? He thought it would have happened had she not taken a turn for the worse during the education she was giving him.”

George did not become indignant as Kendall suspected he would. That told her something during his extended silence.

Finally, he admitted, “We did discuss that as a method.”

“So, you are open-minded enough not to be bothered by, shall we say, non-traditional sex.”


“It would have been incest between your wife and your son, and what you witnessed sumo web tools last night was multiple participants.”

“No, I’m not bothered by that.”

Kendall breathed her relief, sensing there was more to his answer, but not pressing it. She now felt she was halfway toward solving this situation. “Excellent. Now, let me explain how this was all my fault so you can forgive my mother and we can all move forward.”

“You think it’s going to be that easy?”

“I do. You see, George, my mother and I are very sexual women. We love sex; so much we’re even bi-sexual. Did you know that?”

“Your mother confessed to me that she had been with women a few times after breaking up with men she dated,”

“You okay with that?”

He nodded, allowing the smallest of smiles. “It’s a somewhat stimulating thought.”

“If you think that, wait until you actually see it. Did she tell you that she and I have sex together?”

That surprised him. “No.”

She went on quickly. “There was a time after I turned 18 when I thought I might be a lesbian. None of the boys at school really appealed to me. My mother and I were not modest around each other and I found her very attractive. After one of those evenings when she broke up with a guy, she came home more down than usual. She feared she was never going to find a man she could really love. I wanted to comfort her, and knowing she had turned to women on such occasions, I made myself available to her. She resisted, but I persisted. She finally gave in and from then on, we started having sex. I was content, but she kept telling me that I shouldn’t give up on boys.”

If Kendall had to guess, the expression on George’s face said that he was envisioning her and her mother having sex. This was further evidenced by an ever so slight growth of his cock, which he subtly tried to cover.

“Then you and Mark came along,” she continued, “and you and my mom concocted this story about he and I needing to spend time together to overcome our awkwardness over being with the opposite sex. We were watching a movie in which two teens our age were kissing passionately. I remarked that no one kissed that well. I thought he was bragging when he said he did. That led to a discussion in which he admitted his mother had taught him. I convinced him to show me. He resisted, but I persisted.” She smirked as she repeated that line. “He was right. In fact, he was so good, I wanted more. Again, he resisted, but I persisted. We had the most incredible sex I could ever imagine anyone having.”

Kendall paused to gauge George’s reaction. Once more, she surmised that he was visualizing the scenario in his mind. She considered that a positive sign.

“Mark and I plotted the picnic,” Kendall confessed, “hoping we would have a chance to be alone. We thought it strange when you and my mom wanted to take a hike alone. So, we followed. I have to tell you, George, that watching the two you against that rock was the most erotic thing I had ever seen. It made Mark and I so horny that while we were watching you, he fucked me from behind. What do you think about that?”

“You really are a little hussy,” he noted, but with no animosity.

She poked her breasts out, making them really stand up. “Does that excite you?”

Of course, his eyes went to her tits, but he quickly tried to re-focus. “That’s what you’d like, isn’t it? So, I’m going to take a wild guess that your study session was anything but.”

“We learned more about pleasing one another.”

“And to think that we were concerned about the two of you getting along,” George remarked.

“So much so, you encouraged us not to date each other.”

“Well, that’s now irrelevant.”

“The fact is, George, Mark and I love each other—very much. And just so you know, it’s not just about sex. He’s everything I could want in a boy. And equally as important, he’s nothing like all the lecherous boys at school that turned me off to boys in the first place.”

“I see. So that explains the two of you wanting to go to the same college and wanting to share an apartment.”

“We felt you and mom would eventually come around to us dating. But then, when you asked her to marry you, making us step-brother and step-sister, we knew the only way we could have a relationship was to move away where we weren’t known.”

“Young love; ain’t it grand.”

“Please don’t make fun,” she pleaded. “We really do love each other.”

“I guess I suspected something was going on as quickly as you two hit it off,” George mused. “And Mark has been acting differently. Why didn’t you just come to us and tell us. We realized that if the two of you decided you wanted to date we couldn’t or wouldn’t stop you.”

“I’m sorry; I don’t have an answer for that.”

George nodded his understanding. “I can accept that. You can’t always help who you fall in love with. But that only explains you and Mark.”

“The Friday night you took mom out to ask her to sumowebtools marry you but were unexpectedly called in to work, she came home really down. She had really been looking forward to the two you spending the night together. In a word, she was very horny.”

“That was the same night Mark rescued you from friends who were going drinking, right? Is that what really happened?”

“Not so much,” Kendall answered honestly.

“So, the two of you went to your house thinking we would be gone all night,” George surmised.

“That’s correct. But of course, mom was already there. The three of us sat on the sofa talking. We could see she was disappointed. I could also see that the way she was dressed—you remember, that tight blue sweater dress?”

“Yes,” George said, recalling Donna in it. “She looked amazing.”

“Yeah, well, I could tell Mark thought so too, and it didn’t take me long to realize that the lump in his pants wasn’t for me. I know that mom noticed it also, and in her state, at that time, she was a little fixated on it. At that point, something suddenly made sense to me. I had discovered earlier in the evening that mom had walked in on Mark and I having sex when we were supposed to be studying, but she never did say anything. The reason, which I later confirmed, was that she was so aroused from watching us, she couldn’t say anything without giving herself away. That further explains her disappointment that your evening was interrupted. She had been so aroused from watching us that she couldn’t wait for you to satisfy her.

“So, there the three us were, sitting on the sofa and the sexual tension was becoming so thick we could hardly stand it. Had Mark not been there, I would have comforted my mother as I had done before, and we would have ended up making love. And what occurred to me was why couldn’t we both comfort her? So, without further thought, I blatantly started something and I strongly encouraged mom to participate. Of course, she resisted, but—”

“Uh, let me guess, you persisted.”

“See, you’re starting to understand.”

“And Mark willingly went along with this?” George wanted to know.

“He was very concerned about doing something behind your back. He resi—, well, you know the drill.”

“How many other guys have you and your mother—”

“None,” Kendall quickly answered, almost anticipating the question. “And just so you know, Mark was my first and I was his. And my mother doesn’t sleep around. She’s a one man woman.”

“And you don’t consider her with Mark—”

“It’s different. She doesn’t go looking for it. He was there, I pushed her.”

“But what does it say that she didn’t resist?” George countered.

“As I’ve said, George, we are very sexual women. We need and want a lot of sex. Once you two were married, you wouldn’t have been able to keep up. Mark can fill in the gaps. To be truthful, the kind of family we’re hoping for is one where we all participate. There may come nights when you want to fuck me and not her, or both of us together.” She could see him visualizing that and it was giving him a rise. “Wouldn’t you like that?”

“Well, of course, it’s appealing, but . . .” He shrugged. “And Mark’s in agreement with that?”

“He likes the idea and he really would if he knew you were.”

“So, when was anyone going to tell me?”

“We first wanted to determine if you were open-minded, and if so, how open-minded you are.”

“Look, I like sex as much as the next guy,” George explained. “I’m not opposed to threesomes and foursomes. Hell, I’ll even admit that my wife and I talked about swinging, before she got sick. And with her teaching Mark, well, obviously incest is not an issue. But we were always open and honest about our sexual desires.”

“I can appreciate that,” Kendall agreed. “My mother and I didn’t plan for any of this to happen the way it did—it just happened. There was never any intent to deceive you. Would we have liked for you to have been a part of it? Hell yeah. Do we still want you to be a part of it? More than ever.” She leaned in and put her hands on his shoulders. “We are all very sorry and we regret that you had to find out the way you did. My mother said she attempted to tell you yesterday at lunch, but was interrupted.”

George nodded, recalling the beginning of that conversation.

Kendall went on. She was on his right side and kept her left hand on his right shoulder while casually dropping her right hand to his left thigh. “As I said, I felt I was at fault for the evolution of this situation, and these things can escalate out of control if something isn’t done right away, so this morning, while my mom and Mark were still sleeping, I awoke, snuck Mark’s keys and drove his car over here, hoping this is where you were. I know you still love my mom and she loves you, and Mark and I love the two of you very much also. Again, I’m very sorry about the way you found out about this, but since it’s not the situation that you’re upset about, do you think you can find it in your heart to forgive us and let’s get back to the way we were?” She eased her hand ever so slowly up his thigh toward his again fully erect cock.

Watching her hand, but making no attempt to stop it, George asked, “Is that your fallback plan? Seduce me?”

“No, I’m just anxious to fuck you again,” she answered very straight forward. “I have a feeling it wasn’t me you thought you were fucking the first time. I want to see how good it will be when you know you’re fucking me.”

George grinned, shaking his head. “You and your mother really are oversexed. I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised that Mark couldn’t resist Donna.”

“Don’t sell yourselves short,” Kendall countered, her fingertips making contact with his scrotum. “You and Mark are pretty irresistible too.”

Nodding pensively, George asked, “So, what will happen one night when I’m away on business, and you and Mark are up at college, and your mom is so horny she can’t stand it?”

“She won’t go out looking for another man, that’s for sure,” Kendall reported without doubt. “Or a woman. She’d fly to wherever you are, or if that was not possible, drive to the other end of the state to be with us. But she wouldn’t do it with a stranger.”

“And you’re so certain of this, why?”

“Because with all of the guys she’s dated, she never once cheated on any of them, regardless the length of the relationship. And just so you know, while I have emphasized how sexual mom and I are, it doesn’t mean we can’t control ourselves. Given your scenario, she would most likely just attack whomever of us arrived home first. And oh what fun that would be: my mother so horny she couldn’t think straight.”

Kendall now had his balls in her hand and was about to roll them around, but she saw that George seemed to be lost in thought. Not knowing if it was because of what she was doing or if he was mulling over their discussion, she halted, even removing her hand to make certain it was the latter, and if so, to give him a few minutes.

When he grimaced five minutes later, she could wait no longer. “Well?”

* * *

Donna awoke with a start, uncertain what caused it. Her sudden movement also shook Mark to wakefulness. He rose up on his elbow and turned to look at Donna. They regarded each other momentarily, distracted for an instant by their nudity, until the horrible events of the previous evening were frighteningly restored in their memories. The sudden change in their otherwise hollow expression indicated they’d both achieved the realization simultaneously.

“What are we going to do?” Mark asked helplessly.

Donna could only shrug. “Where’s Kendall?”

“I don’t know.” Mark tilted his head up to listen for the shower or any other telltale sounds. The house was quiet. He eased off the bed, suddenly ashamed of his nudity, and quickly scrambled for his clothes. He vaguely recalled stripping in the hallway, and dressed as he recovered each item.

Reaching the kitchen and living areas, Kendall was nowhere to be found. Donna was instantly behind him, having donned one of her skimpy robes. As Mark secured his belt, he realized that his pants were a bit lighter. A quick check of his pockets told him his keys were missing. He stepped over to a window, lifted a slat in the blinds, and was not really surprised that his car was gone.

“She took my keys and my car,” Mark reported.

“Where could she have gone?”

“Only one place I can think of.”

“Your house,” Donna concluded.

“She always believed that she started all of this sexual activity.”

“So, she went to there to attempt to fix it,” Donna finished as though they were thinking with one mind. “Give me a minute to throw some clothes on.”

Minutes later, in Donna’s car, Mark said worriedly, “I hope she doesn’t fuck it up worse.”

“You really think she would?”

“Not intentionally. But I’ve never seen my dad so angry. He might not be his usual rational self.”

“Well, whatever it is, we deal with it as best we can.”

Despite that seemingly calm statement, Mark could hear the tension in her voice. However, her face gave nothing away. One thing he did notice: as terrified as they both were about what they were facing, and as quickly as she had thrown herself together—no make-up, hair pulled back in a loose ponytail, white button-up shirt, no bra as evidenced by the impression of her nipples against the material and the outline of her dark areola—she was still beautiful. “I have to tell you this. Some women are beautiful because they dress fashionably, wear carefully applied make-up and fix their hair just right, but see them without any of that and you wish you hadn’t. You, on the other hand, even as disheveled as you are now are beautiful regardless.”

Donna allowed a smile to surface through the misery she was trying hard to conceal. “Thank you, Mark, that’s very sweet.”

“I love you and Kendall. I really do. I’ve already lost one woman who was very important to me. It wasn’t fun. I don’t want to lose another. Even if my dad doesn’t come around today, I’m going to keep working on him until he does.”

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