Mom Becomes My Lover (Chapter Two)

One Saturday, after a vigorous afternoon session of fucking, mom rested her head on my chest and recalled an earlier time.“You know, sometimes your dad enjoyed bringing a friend or two over for a little party. He got a real kick out of sharing me.”I was mildly shocked.“How did that suit you?” I asked.“Oh, the first time I was very reluctant,” she answered, “but they were all so eager I quickly got into it.”“Wow!” I exclaimed, “I never knew about this. Sounds really wild.”“I got a lot of pleasure from his friend Larry in particular, because his wife Kristie was such a stuck-up bitch, always acting like she was god’s gift to men. I really enjoyed fucking him, knowing that he preferred me to her.”She moved up to whisper, as though we weren’t alone in her bedroom.“Of course, I’m totally yours, but just so you know,” she whispered, “If you’d like to bring a friend or two around some night it would be okay, as long as they are discreet.”“Hmmm,” I answered, “I’ll have to give it some thought.”“You’re so much like your dad sexually, you might find it as enjoyable as he did,” she said, “And your friends Rick and Bruce are cute and sexy. They are always giving me the once-over when they come around.”She gave me a long kiss before rising from the bed and getting dressed. I began pondering her suggestion, and the more I thought about it the better I liked it. My imagination conjured up several scenarios with the four of us. I thought back to the night our sexual odyssey had begun, when I watched the two men who brought her home from a party fuck her. I had been surprised taksim escort by my reaction; by how much the sight of her being pounded turned me on.Rick and Bruce and I hung out a lot. We smoked weed together when we could get it. We sometimes did sleepovers at each other’s homes, and freely shared our sexual adventures about girls we dated. Obviously, I never revealed to them that my mom and I had been sleeping together, and so they thought it curious that I had stopped chasing after girls at school. But mom was all I could handle; she was always ready and willing, almost insatiable. And sex with her was much hotter than with the girls I’d had who were my own age.The thought of sharing my lover-mom with them was thrilling in a way I had never experienced. I just needed a plan to put it into action.Rick, Bruce and I had planned to get together that evening at Rick’s house. His parents were out of town for the weekend and he had managed to score some weed. Bruce had found his dad’s stash of porn and swiped a video. We were going to get high and watch it together, but if his sister stayed in it would put a kink in our plans.I called them and suggested they come to our place instead. I told them my mom would give us the den and was okay with us smoking dope and watching the video.“Wow! Your mom is really cool,” Rick told me, “we’ll be there around eight.” “Yeah, she’s really very understanding about certain things,” I told him, “she might even want to join us.”When I had finished talking to both, I found my mother downstairs.“I liked your suggestion,” I told her. “Good!” beşiktaş escort she answered, smiling, “What are you going to do about it?”“Rick and Bruce will get here about eight. We’ll take over the den. They are bringing some dope and a porno, and I told them you were okay with it, and might even want to join us.”“Goodness, that was fast. Well, I have plenty of time to get ready, and I’m sure we will all have fun,” she replied.“I didn’t tell them everything,” I said, “Guess we’ll just play it by ear. Let us settle in for a few minutes before you join us, and I’ll prime them for what we want to happen.”She took my head and gave me a big kiss.“You are a natural,” she told me, “we’re going to have so much fun.”Mom answered the door when Rick and Bruce arrived, and there was nothing subtle about her outfit or her greeting.“Come on in, guys,” she told them, “It’s good to see you.”I stood behind her as she reached up and gave each of them a kiss on the cheek. She was dressed in stockings with garters, a short thin lacy robe that barely reached her knees and black stiletto heels. She wore bright red lipstick, a pearl choker, and some dangly earrings. Her black pushup bra and thong panties were visible through the robe, as were the garters and stocking tops.She put an arm around each of them and walked toward the den.“You guys get settled in and I’ll join you soon. If you don’t mind,” she told us.Rick and Bruce were both wide-eyed. They had both let me know on many occasions that they found mom very sexy, but they had never seen her dressed or acting so sexy before.“Yeah, great mom,” I told her, “We’ll get things set up and wait for you.”She left to go pour herself a glass of wine, and Rick and Bruce busied themselves loading and setting up the vaporizer with weed. I popped the video in the player and noticed it was a gangbang with three men and a teenage girl.“You sure your mom is okay with this?” Bruce asked, “This porno is pretty raunchy.”“Mom is very broadminded,” I replied, “and she told me how cute and sexy she thought the two of you were.”“Did she?” Bruce chimed in, “well she is certainly dressed sexy tonight. Maybe we’ll all get lucky!”When we all stopped laughing, I remarked, “Who knows? Maybe it could really happen if we play our cards right. Would you like that?”“Sure thing,” Rick answered, “but what about you? How would you feel if we all fucked your mom?”“Do you really want to fuck her?” I asked them, “Have you got the balls to do it? Or is it just a fantasy you don’t have the guts to actually carry out?”I knew my taunt would have the effect of making them double-down. I thought it best to pretend mom and I wasn’t already lovers.“I’m more than okay with it,” I said, “I’ve been wanting to get in her panties for a long time.”Just then mom entered the den carrying a big glass of wine. She seemed already a little tipsy, which I could tell was an act for their benefit.“Are we ready to get this party started?” She asked as she made her way to the couch and plopped down between Rick and Bruce.She eyed the vaporizer Bruce was now holding.“It’s been quite a while since I smoked any weed,” she said, “and it always makes me feel wild and uninhibited. You boys need to promise you won’t take advantage of me while I’m high, as I’m liable to do anything.”

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