my ex in 1994 – Louise


my ex in 1994 – LouiseLouiseBack in 1994 I met Louise who was in her mid 30s. I was in a pub for a quick pint at lunch time and she was sat at the bar and we hit it off immediately and I stayed in the bar for several hours until she said she had to go off to work. We arranged to meet in the same pub a few days later and that meeting also went very well. Again she had to leave the pub at 3.30pm for work. We arranged to meet in the evening a few days later for a meal and after the meal I took her back to my flat and we seemed to fuck for most of the night, with me cuming three times. She gave one of the best blowjobs I have ever had and swallowed all my cum as I pumped it into her mouth. She was quite dominant in bed and loved being on top where she had control. She teased me by riding my cock very quickly and then stopping as I was about to cum. She would do this quite a few times and when I did cum I filled the condom. When she had evenings off she would come round to my place and I would always cum at least once in her mouth and once in a condom in her pussy. I asked her what her job was and she was very evasive, saying she answered the phone and took messages for a home business of a friend, but her hours were always 3.30-11.30pm. After about a month she finally confessed that she worked in a nearby house as a maid to an escort. It was her job to answer the phone and be in the house to provide safety to the escort. I was taken aback by this and of course I had to ask if she ever provided sex to visitors to the house. She was adamant that she didn’t, but some guys wanted to be watched kırıkkale rus escort as they fucked so she did go into the room to act as their voyeur and this did sometimes entail her having naked breasts. The night she told me this I fucked her harder than normal thinking about the work she did and shot a lot of cum. It clearly had turned me on. We always met in public or at my flat and I wondered why we didn’t meet at her home. She told me it was always a mess and preferred my flat. After a few months she phoned me to ask if she could come round after she finished work, which was going to be earlier than normal. I said yes but also suggested I meet her at her place of work so we could stop off in the pub for a pint. She was a little reticent but then agreed and gave me the address. The flat was only a few streets away and I was there at 10.25 or so. I rang the bell and Louise answered and quickly ushered me into the kitchen. She told me a client had just turned up so we would have to wait until he had finished. Louise made me a cup of tea but it was odd sitting in the kitchen drinking it whilst I could hear a guy fucking the escort in the room next door. I could hear him speed up and then groan as he came. A few minutes later a guy about 60 left the bedroom and rushed out the flat. He was quickly followed by a short woman, probably in her mid 30s dressed in just underwear. I was introduced to her and to be honest she was a little plain. The women chatted for a few minutes and the escort went to get dressed. It was clear I was fascinated kırıkkale rus escort bayan by the set up so Louise showed me around. She told me that when guys arrived she would answer the door and show them into the living room. Here the escort met them and asked what service they were after. They paid here and the escort then took them into the bedroom. Louise was honest and said they wanted the guys out as fast as possible so the action in the bedroom did not last long. Depending on time of year they would get about 10 men a day. She then showed me into the bedroom where the action took place and it was quite bland. There was a TV on which they played porn VHS tapes and there was a bedsit light casting off a low light level. It was Louise’s job to also tidy up the bedroom after each client so as her friend said good night and left Louise went into the bedroom to finish off her work. However, she then turned round with a twinkle in her eye. She pulled me over to the bed and told me to strip. I was unsure but there was no stopping her and within a flash we were both naked. She pushed me flat onto my back, quickly unrolled a condom onto my cock and mounted me. This time she didn’t tease and stop just rode me until I came. I did feel like a client. We quickly dressed and left and spent the night at mine. I wanted to know more about what she would/wouldn’t do at work. She was adamant that she would do very little apart from clean, answer phones and occasionally watch topless. I tried to believe her but there was always a nagging feeling. rus kırıkkale escort It was nearing Christmas and Louise invited me to her work place to meet her after work. This time it was 10pm and it was quieter than last time. She told me she had a surprise for me and led me into the bedroom. There, lying on the bed was her friend totally naked. She said hello and Louise had asked her to provide a special present as it was clear from my porn collection I liked watching women wanking. She started to finger herself as Louise pulled up a chair at the end of the bed and told me to sit and watch. It wasn’t long before my cock was rock hard. Louise had now stripped off and had moved to the bed and was starting to finger her friend. They got into the 69 position and started to lick each other’s pussies and then started to use dildos on each other. It wasn’t too long before both were cumming. Louise looked at me and said that as I had kept asking what she would and wouldn’t do this was something they charged a lot for and hoped I didn’t mind. She clearly could see I couldn’t as I had taken out my cock and was wanking it. She told me to strip and lie on the bed and her friend took my place on the seat. To my surprise Louise came over and mounted my bare cock. This was the first and only time I barebacked with her. It wasn’t long before I was cumming deep inside her. Her friend came and laid on the bed naked next to me and Louise dismounted from me, turned to face the other way and lowered her cum filled pussy onto her friends face who proceeded to lick her clean. We all got dressed and Louise and I left. Unfortunately we didn’t last much longer as a couple as it was soon apparent that Louise was offering more and more services at the flat. She eventually confessed she was working there as an escort one night a week. I had hoped by her recounting what the men did with her it would be a turn on for me but it wasn’t and we split.

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