My friend and I visit my girlfriend and her best f


My friend and I visit my girlfriend and her best fThe story takes place at Temple University, Philadelphia Pa. I brought my friend Ed and a whole lot of cocaine to go visit my girlfriend at college. It was a long drive but we made it. Christina was my girlfriend’s friend and she lived in an off campus apartment with my girlfriend. We arrived with open arms and we all hugged said hello and I kissed my girlfriend. She asked me if I had remembered the blow, i smiled and nodded. I also told her what my dealer had told me, that the best way to blow lines is off a hot girls ass. She smiled. Before long we were all doing lines and watching tv when my girlfriend suggested i do a line off her ass like the dealer said. So she pulled down her shorts to her knees and layed down on the table. Her thong underwear were on display, I could see it was getting a rise out of my friend Ed. So I shook some powder on her cheek, and with a card made the best line i could and blew away. I told Ed he could do his in the same fashion if he so chose ankara escort to and he did. My girlfriend did not seem to mind her body on display so my next line I removed her thong too, at first she was shy but remember she had a few lines in her and she was starting to feel horny too i could tell. She arched back and clearly her showed off her ass and pussy as it was creeping out from under her butt. It was at this point my vision get blurry I remember my girlfriend and her friend locking me in a closet, not for long, but when i came out I could definitely tell there was some coke missing and an odd sense of anxiety. But hey, I was horny my girlfriend was horny and there was still alot of cocaine so i decided to just roll with it.My girlfriend’s friend suggests that she and my girlfriend should strip for Ed and myself. I know it sounds odd but not if you knew the background information. You see Christina and my girlfriend had already stripped for Ed, myself and a handful of my other friends, at my birthday party that ankara escort bayan year. Except the girls never got the chance to take off their panties because one of my friends girlfriends entered the room and stopped the show. So Ed and myself agree that the girls stripping for us again would be wonderful, and we explained how this time we hope they remove their panties. The girls promised to get completely naked as long as whatever they did to one guy they would also do to the other. How could we possibly object to that. So with that we all did one more line, chrissy got the music started and the girls began to dance for us. It was great, we were all high and the girls bodies looked fantastic. Soon their tops were off, and they their shorts, the two girls were parading around in push up bras and g string thong underwear and everyone in the room could sense where it was all heading and soon he were gonna be head high in boobs and ass and pussy. The girls removed their bras and two of the nicest sets of tits escort ankara were bouncing all around that college apartment. Me and Ed were both feeling up the girls and the girls were enjoying it. Next both girls lined up against the wall and bent over and slowly pulled down their thongs, we both got a good look at their shaved pussies and tight asses. The girls danced around the apartment like being naked was normal, Ed and I both received lap dances from both ladies. While i was fondling my girlfriend tits she proclaimed she needed another line. She said she wanted to do one off each one of our dicks. How could we object so we both pulled our pants down and put a line down our dicks with coke the best we could. She snorts both lines and then sucked our dicks to lick up whatever coke was left on us. I must admit it felt good and it look awesome watching my girlfriend suck my friend’s dick. Then my girlfriend said she wanted everyone hands all over her and i knew exactly where this was heading…… Stay tuned more true stories are sure to follow and the conclusion of this one and there are plenty more true stories where this came from. If i get some good to ok responses ill try to do this again sometime. I dont know who would enjoy these stories more males or females

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