Outdoor Shower

Double Penetration

Outdoor ShowerI rented a house on the beach. I needed a mini vacation to get away. I love Baltimore but the winter was to long this year. I needed some sun, sand and warm ocean water. I picked up my towel off the dining room table. I had some white Hawaiian shorts on. They go all the way pass my knees. I have my white shirt in my left hand. Also a small cooler with some beers on ice in my other hand. I grab some sun tan lotion and the keys to the house. I put my sun glasses on my head. Flip my Ipod on. I slipped on some flip flops before I shut the glass door behind me.It was a short walk to the beach. The beach was real quite at the moment. It is still the off season here. Next month it picks up more. I walked down the beach about the length of a football field before I find a nice stretch of white sand. I put my big towel down. Put my flip flops, keys, and my shirt down on the edges to keep it flat on the sand. I look around again to see only some people walking in the distance.I start to rub the suntan lotion on my chest, abs and my face. I already have a nice base tan before I got here. I lay flat on my back as I pull my shorts up to expose some skin. I put my head back. I pull down my shades off my short hair on my head. I can here the waves crash on shore. I can hear the ice melt in the cooler. It’s about 85 degrees at the moment. I start thinking about a story to write in my blog. I slowly drift off to sleep.I wake up about thirty minutes later. A sea gull over head blocks out the sun. I can feel my skin beginning to get warm. Time to flip over. I put my head down toward the water. I open my eyes as I get situated on the towel. I look up to see some people walking along the beach. About ten minutes later I look up to see some more people walking along the water. It was kinda of boring at the moment. That was a good thing. Its better than having everyone ask for things at work. I left my computer at the beach house. I needed to really get away. I was about thirty minutes from the nearest town.I fell asleep again. It was some time before I woke up again. I felt some sand fall on my back. I looked up again with one eye open. Then I open the other. I started to smile. I saw a girl in the water. I looked to my left. About 10 yards away was a beach blanket. There was a big towel, big hand bag and some shoes on the blanket. It must have been the girl swimming in the water. She was a little older and had soft red hair down to her shoulders. She was under the water. I could not get a good look at her body. She had a terrific smile and amazing eyes. She was tossing her hair back and forth as she kept moving in the water. I was not sure she saw me looking her way.I watched as a big wave come in. I saw her move up, then down. I got a quick glimpse of her body. She was very voluptuous as she moved gracefully in the water. I saw her kick her feet in the water. She then walked in the sand. She was heading to get out of the water. I watched as she shook her hair and her big ass jiggled. She then moved her hands down her sides. She stopped at her wide hips and the top of her large ass. She was very curvy as her lime green bathing suit stuck to her body. She pushed her large breast up making her suit all most explode. I smiled as the salt water fell off her body. She looked over towards me as I put my head down. I could still see out the side of my sun glasses.I watched her walk over to her beach blanket. She bent over picking up her towel. Her ass expanded as she dried off her curvy legs, thick thighs and large back side. I smiled again when she dried off her upper body and put the towel on her head. She wrapped it around her hair. She then sat down on the blanket. She put some lotion on her skin. I had to get off my towel and get in the water. My semi erect cock was straining to get out. I wanted to free him in the water. I quickly jumped up with my shades still on. I ran down and jumped into the water.I swam out until the water covered my 6ft 4 frame. I felt my bare feet on the sand. I looked back to shore. The red head was looking out at me. She had put some white frame sun glasses on her face. They were quite big as she turned her head to look down the beach. I reached down to pull out my cock in the warm salt water. I stroked my cock a few times. God I wanted to just walk in with my cock sticking straight out. Then walk over to the bodacious hottie on the blanket. I would have crawled up the beach if that what it took.I put my cock back in my shorts. I did not want it to go off just yet. I had plenty of time to get back to the rental house to do that. I waited another thirty minutes before I thought about going in. I had come up with a plan to go talk to her. I was gone to ask if I could borrow her phone, or lotion. Then maybe ask her out to dinner. I ducked my head under to wash off my hair. I popped back up. I started to walk in. I finally got to shore. I looked up to see the red head girl was gone. I looked down the beach to see her in the distance. She was walking toward my beach house.I quickly got my things. I scooped up everything in the towel. I walked pretty fast trying to catch up. I then saw her walk between two sand dunes. I was not to far behind her. I slowed down to catch my breath. She stopped to put on her shoes. They were actually 4inch wooden heels. They matched her bathing suit. She tied iskenderun rus escort her big towel around her waist. She then strutted down a long wooden board walk. I could here her heels click on the wood and in the sand. She then turned at the 2nd house from the beach. I watched as she climbed the first flight of stairs. She then walked around the side of the house. There must have been a side door or something to her house.I turned my head to see some for sale signs along the boardwalk. She must be the owner of the house or maybe renting one like me. I took big gulp as my breathing had increased. I had to see more of her. I decided to go check out her beach house. If I got caught by her. I could tell her I got lost. All the houses look the same. I might even get a smile out of her. I waited another minute before putting on my flip flops and walking toward her house.I walked down the long boardwalk. I walked up the first flight of stairs. I looked to my right to see another flight of stairs leading up to the main floor of the house. Right in front of me was a big bay window. There was no curtains on the window. I peeked in. There was no sign off anyone home. It was kinda of weird. She did not have any furniture. Maybe she just moved in.I pulled up my shades to the top of my head. I moved my hand on my clean shaven face. I had shaved the rest of my body before I left on vacation. I even shaved off my short light brown patch over my cock. I wanted to start something new. I felt the wooden floor board move under my feet. I was on a big deck surrounding the house. I stopped for a second. I could hear some water coming from around the side of the house. It sounded like it was raining. Like someone had left a hose on. I had to go investigate.My mouth dropped open as I crept up the short 6 steps leading to the next wooden deck. They red headed girl was taking an outdoor shower. There was a big metal shower in the middle. There was a big brass knob on the front. She had it turned to the left as the warm water sprayed in her face. I kept watching. She still had her lime green suit on. She was getting her wooden heels wet as she moved toward a small wooden bench. She was looking through her big hand bag. She pulled out some soap, a huge bottle of shampoo and conditioner. I got lower to look around the 6ft wooden fence that surrounded the outdoor shower.I watched as she bent over to put the shampoo and conditioner on the floor next to her heels. She then took the big white bar of soap. She placed it on a metal bar above the brass knob on the shower. Next she looked around. I don’t think she saw me. She curled her finger in her mouth. She licked some of the warm water off her hand. I had a big smile on my face. She kept her hair out of the water. I turned around to look behind me. I still did not see anyone. I then looked back in. She ran her hands down her side. She touched the top of her big wet ass. She scooped up her large breast inside the green suit. She let the warm water built up inside. She put her arms under her breast. She then dropped her arms to watch the water splash on her thick thighs. She giggled.I could feel my hard cock was growing. I looked down to see the front of my bathing suit was standing straight out. I ran my hand the front of my swim shorts. She ran her hand down the front of her bathing suit. She moaned as she touched the outside of her pussy. I was wondering what she had under her suit. A second later she pulled the top of her suit over her head. She brought the small wooden circle over her neck and bounced it off her breast. Her top hung low just under her large breast. She moaned again as the water hit her skin. A second later her breast broke free of her top. She peeled the side down to her large hips. She cupped her large breast in her hand. Her big erect nipples were huge. All dark pink and very hard. The tip of her breast over flowed her small hands. She lost control of her big udders as they slammed onto her chest. “WHAM!!!!!”Next she put her hands on her hips. She shook back and forth on her heels. Her legs went one way. Her top half the other. A few seconds later she peeled her wet bathing suit down to her ankles. She stepped out of her wet lime green suit. She was now naked except for her wooden heels. She looked around again. I could feel the heat on the back of my neck from the sun. I could feel my cock move again inside my shorts. I had to get a closer look. She spun around showing off her bare pussy. She ran a finger through her big pussy lips. She then let the water fall down her back. Over her big ass onto the wooden deck beneath her. She arched her back and stuck out her big breast under the water. I smiled again when the water hit her pussy and she moaned very loud. I stood up as I was looking right at her.She grabbed the soap on the ledge above the shower knob. She then began to soap her hands. Her sexy arms. Her big breast. She paid special attention to them. Next she bent over washing her long curvy legs. She washed her thick thighs. She moved her hand to wash her pussy. She stuck another finger deep inside her pussy. I smiled as I look down to see my cock had moved my shorts low on my hips and 28inch waist. I moved closer to her. I was now ten feet from her. I wanted to say something but I was to transfixed iskenderun rus escort bayan on her beauty.She rinsed off her front. She moved her small hands to try to soap her big ass. She got a few fingers on top of her ass. I figured it was now or never. I untied my swim suit. It fell around my feet. I took another step. Kicked off my flip flops. I was now naked as I walked toward her. I was only a few inches from her. I walked up behind her. I grabbed the soap from her tiny fingers. “Here let me get that for you.” I said. She smiled as she looked over her shoulder. “Here let me get that for you.” she said. She put her hand on my cock. She gave it a big squeeze. She stroked my cock a few times as I soaped her big ass. “Don’t forget my back sweetie.” she said. I smiled as I moved my free hand to her lower back. I moved both of my hands to her neck. I then began to massage her shoulders. I ran my hand down the length of her back stopping on her ass.”Mmm…you have such nice big hands. You should be a masseur baby. You do that very well.” she said. “Thank you. Your doing a great job yourself. I hope I did not scare you. I can leave it you want.” I said. “No! Your doing a great job. It’s been a long time since a man has touched me. Your so young. Your sending shivers down my spine. God you have a big cock. He his still growing in my hand.” she whispered. I used my nails to scratch down her back. I slapped her big wet ass. I was getting soaked from the shower. My short hair was wet as she moved in my arms. I wrapped my big arms around her rubbing my swollen cock on her ass.I felt her spin around in my arms. Her red hair hit my face. She was now looking up into my blue eyes. She had moved her hand back on my cock. She bent it down to hit her skin. She moved it right on her pussy. She moved to the side to let my cock go under her pussy and between her thighs. She smiled again. She grabbed the soap out of my right hand. She soap my muscular chest. She pinched my erect nipples. She put some soap on my hands. “I might have missed a spot. You better check me.” she giggled. I moved my hands on her breast. I pinched her nipples just like she had mine. I smiled when she leaned up to kiss me. She was a very good kisser. She closed her eyes as we kissed harder.I moved my hands down her lower back. She placed her hands on the back of my neck. We began to French kiss. She bite my lower lip as she broke our kiss. “Your a really good kisser young man. I hate to break our kiss. But I have to have that cock in my mouth. It’s driving me crazy between my legs. I just want to eat you up.” she said.She turned me so my back was against the water. She got on her knees in front of me. I then felt her hot mouth on my cock. She was sucking very hard as she got half of my 9 3/4 inch cock in her mouth. She started to fondle my big balls in her hands. I could feel the hot water go down my back. She ran her hands on my hard abs and pinched my ass. I let some of the water go down my chest. She opened her eyes when the hot water ran down my cock into her mouth. She spit out the water and my cock. “I see your trying to drown me. I better take in more of this big cock of yours.” she moaned. With that, she got her lips around the base of my cock. She gagged real hard and spit me out. She wiped her chin from all the saliva.I grabbed her red hair with my right hand. I fed my cock back in her hungry mouth. I felt her hands on my ass. She was trying to get more of my cock down her throat. I could feel her breast rub my legs as her head bobbed up and down on my cock. She then pulled out my cock. It was coated from her hot mouth. She licked it from one to the other. She slapped her face and then had a big smile. I watched her free hand go down between her legs. She stuck my cock back in her mouth. She was now moaning from her fingers. A minute later she almost collapsed on me from giving herself pleasure. She smiled as I helped her to her feet.I wrapped my big arms around her mid section. I walked her over to the wooden bench near the shower. I could still feel the water hit my legs and feet. She climbed on the bench. Her head was over the edge. Her ass was right in front. Her knees on the edge of the bench. I slapped my cock between her legs. I could feel her hot thighs on my cock. A second later I pushed my cock head into her tight pussy. Her pussy muscles moved as her cunt lips encased my cock. I had half my cock in her as she screamed. She held onto the wooden bench with both her hands. Her face was distorted as she screamed again. I got all my cock deep inside her.I grabbed her hips and plunged my cock in her. Faster, Faster I fucked her. I could her her wet pussy being penetrated by my cock. She screamed again and the n had a big orgasm. I slipped out my cock. I slammed it back in. Her pussy was dripping on the bench. She was arching her back. Sticking out her big ass. I used both of my hands to start to spank her. I grabbed her red hair with my free hand. I pulled as her neck and head fell back. “Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! ME!!!! Fuck me harder!! Yes! Yes! Yes! Don’t stop!!!!” she yelled. I was close to cumming. I spread my feet out further as I fucked her hot pussy. I then pulled out when I felt my knees get weak. She looked over her shoulder I started to cum on her ass. I wiped my big load rus escort iskenderun all over her ass. She scooped up some off her ass to lick from her fingers.”I hope you got more where that came from. I see your already getting hard. You young guys can fuck all day. Baby that was a huge load. It was the biggest. I need another helping. Lie down over there.” she said as she pointed to the shower. I walked over and laid down under the water. The water was hitting my cock. She walked over and rinsed off her back side. She ran her fingers in her pussy again as she walked between my legs.I looked up to see her smile. I held my cock with my right hand. She squatted down and placed her pussy on my cock. She slid down my shaft filling her pussy up with my hard cock. She started to bounce up and down. The hot water was on her back. Some of the water bounced on my face from her skin. She had her wooden heels next to my hips as she fucked my cock. She placed her hands on my chest. I placed her left nipple in my mouth. I started to suck it real hard. She moaned again. I slammed my cock back in her after a few minutes. She was slowing down. I took over a few minutes later. I moved her legs on mine. She was now off the wet wood and riding my cock harder.”Hello! Anybody here. What the fuck. Sir how long have you been standing here. Where is your wife?” said a lady. I looked back over my head. There was a guy standing there with a big smile on his face. There was a woman with a yellow blazer on. She looked like real estate agent. “What! Be quite!!” he said. “Hello! People! Stop that for a second. This is private property. Your going to have to leave. Miss please stop doing that with that young man. Young man!!!!!!!” she screamed. “Honey! What are you and Shelia doing. What! Oh my!!! What are they doing?? Gary stop watching. Close your eyes.” she said. “Stop being a nag. The young k** fucking her pretty good. Damn! We should look for a new house more often. Do they come with the beach house?” he laughed.Her pussy was grinding on my cock. She dropped her head from looking at the peep show. “Don’t stop! I am so turned on. Fuck them! Fuck me harder.” she said. I just grabbed her hips and started to fuck her harder. I watched as her wet body bounced on top of me. I grabbed her large breast smacking them together. A minute later I moved her to my right side. I heard a wooden board move near to front of the shower. I heard some heels click across the wood. “Stop! Ok! Let’s go! Fuck!!!” said the guy. “Move it Gary!” said his wife.A shadow was over my face. I looked up to see the real estate lady. “I’ll be back you two perverts. You better be gone when I get back.” she said. Her mouth was wide open as she could smell our sex. She turned to stomp her heels on the way out. I smiled again when I plunged my cock deep in the red hair girls pussy. I grabbed her big breast to hold on. She pushed her pussy back. I moved her leg up over mine. I was really fucking her hard. A few minutes later I pulled out. I moved on my knees as she rolled back. She grabbed my cock. The first spurt hit her lips, The second and third the back of her throat. She licked me clean.Thirty minutes later:”Oh! I’m so sorry. Please excuse us. I thought this house was for sale.” said a man and women. I heard them walk down the hall. A second later the door to the bedroom flew open. “You two again. Stop fucking in this house.” screamed the real estate lady. “You said stop fucking in the out door shower. I like this bed better. Keeping fucking me baby!!! Cum deep inside me.” said the red headed girl. “Oh my goodness you two fuckers. Stop! Wait! Please don’t go. This is not there beach house.” said the real estate lady as she ran down the hall.I looked down pass the bed. I noticed there was no curtains on any of the windows. The sun was hitting her back as she bounced on my cock. A minute later I had a big smile on my face as I erupted deep inside her pussy. “Mmmm that was nice. My name Buck! By the way.” I said. She smiled. “MISTY! MISTY! MISTY!” said a male voice down stairs by the front door. “Nice to meet you Buck! I got to go now. That my husband. I’m late! Were on vacation for the next two weeks. Ummm! Same time tomorrow!!!!” said Misty. I watched as she put on her lime green bathing suit on. Her pussy was still leaking as she ran out of the room. A second later I heard the front door slam.A minute later the front door flew open. I got up to look out the window. I saw Misty and her husband leave in a rental car. I turned my head to see the cops pulling up to the beach house. I grabbed my swim shorts. I dove over the second floor balcony into a big sand dune next to the house. I rolled down the hill into a back yard.”Well! Hi there! I enjoyed the show. Would you like to come in and play house with me?” said a very hot BBW. The hot blonde was sitting on a chair with just a smile on her face. I saw my cooler, towel and clothes from next door. She even had my flip flops on. I stood up. Brushed the sand off my chest and face. “I need to take a shower.” I said. “Follow me! I’ll make sure all the sand is off your sexy body. I’ll start with that ass of yours first. Then that big cock. I hope you don’t mind but my shower outside too.” she said. I turned to see the real estate lady pointing at me from the balcony. The female cop next to her smiled. She was even bigger than the blonde BBW walking naked toward her shower. A few minutes later I felt a kiss on the back of my neck. I stopped kissing the blonde to see the cop getting undressed behind me. I guess she needed to get some sand off her as well.LoveBuckxooxThanks Misty.No BBW”s were harmed in the making of this story.Unless they asked.It’s good to be me…..

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