Playtime Stories Ch 7 – Whored out to BBC


Playtime Stories Ch 7 – Whored out to BBC7.I saw Darren again about a week later and he fucked me and came on my tongue again. I wanted to start a regular thing with him, but he was rarely available. He wanted to get together, but we never seemed to be free at the same time. Later he told me he was married and didn’t want any compromising ties. I understood. I finally talked him into a farewell fuck in which he came in my mouth. Levonne was a different matter. I have seen Levonne several other times. When I met him with Darren I liked his cock and the sex. Unfortunately for him I was comparing him to Darren who was superior in many ways, except size. Levonne was much larger, but he lacked the “it” factor. Levonne only got really stiff when he was about to cum, so fucking him was very satisfying, but only for a few minutes. Still, he was really hot to suck, because of the total girth and weight…and I’d be lying if I denied I loved the “nasty” factor of being a white whore sucking off a black guy.Levonne often had trouble gett totally hard to fuck me. I think that this inability was the primary reason he was bi. The thing is with this kind of fetish and bisexualism, there is never the perfect playmate, but everyone has something to offer, for the most part. With Levonne, it was his huge dark nasty cock, his thug looks, and his nasty verbal degradation. Once he figured out how I was turned on by that and used it superbly. It was always “nigga cock lover” this or “white nigga slut” that…I fucking love it!The next time I saw Levonne was after a couple of weeks and I was in the same motel playing on the phone. He recognized me and said he wanted shove his “thick black meat down my nasty white bitch-boy mouth.”Of course, I couldn’t resist. He came by sooner than I was expecting and waited patiently watching interracial porn on the motel’s porn channel while I completed my extra-heavy slutty makeup and touched up my auburn wig. When I finished I presented myself in just my black underthings, cincher & garters, stockings, and bra. I walked over like a horny slut and despite his nasty beard, I put my arms around him and let him kiss me, something I had all-but avoided in our first encounter. We kissed for a moment and I opened his pants and freed his big dark black cock. I masturbated him for a few strokes and then broke the kiss.I looked up into his eyes while he said, “That’s it, be a good white whore and suck my big black dick.”I smiled wickedly and sank to my knees. I rubbed his cock on my face and enjoyed the weight. I looked up at him and then licked his cock to make it slick. Then I slid my dirty white mouth down his black pole. He’d told me that he only had time for a “quickie” so I sucked him and rubbed my self with fervor. It had been a while since the last black cock and although his was never totally hard, it did feel great.Levonne’s cock was huge and heavy. He constantly said dirty things and asked how I liked being a “slave to nigga dick” and other wrong things. He seemed to get off on the racial-domination aspect of the play as well. His cock got really hard for a minute before he came and I considered jumping on him with my wet ass. Instead, I looked up and saw that he was in the zone and loving what I was doing so I took him over the edge and had him explode in my mouth. His cum was sticky and thick, and a bit sweet. He came quickly and pulled out of my mouth.I watched him looking at me with lust and amazement. Then he smiled and said, ‘don’t you swallow yet you fucking hoe…stand up and look at yourself in ‘da mirror. I gonna make you cum and drizzle out dat cum…do it bitch…” He lifted me with ease and pivoted me around to see myself in the motel’s long mirror. He pushed me forward and had me stand like I was about to be frisked. I leaned forward and held myself up with one hand and watched myself work my hot cock while I swirled his warm cum in my whorifice. What a hot site. He leaned into my back and placed his slimy cock on my left ass cheek.He talked to me in a low domineering voice, saying how hot I was, what a good “dicksucker” I was, and how he knew I loved the taste of his cum.He stretched my panties down to mid thigh and then jammed three long black fingers into my ass-cunt and started to fingerfuck me. He slammed my prostate g-spot to force me into an intense orgasm. I relished his nasty cumload in my mouth – swirling it I worked my cock and he forced me closer and closer to an intense and super-nasty orgasm.Leaning next to me left ear he repeated his demand- “Look here white bitch Rebecca, when you pop, I wanna see my cum from my big fucking black cock drool out’cha mouth…you do that you fuckin’ white slut.” I nodded with a near orgasmic frustration and moaned as he took me over the top. He slammed my ass just right and then we both felt my orgasmic contractions begin.In the end I didn’t have to put much effort into the process- I squeezed my cock and slowly stroked downward and began to cum. As I came my mouth opened wide and he spilled down my chin, down my neck, onto my black top and my bra and then disappeared. My cock blasted a massive creamy cum load two feet or so through the air and onto the full size mirror. As I came, my mouth opened so I could gasp breaths and moan. Levonne’s massive cum-saliva cocktail left a huge shiny trail down into my tits. My chin glistened with his cum cocktail. I came so fucking hard.The second time I saw Levonne he “pimped” me and I didn’t know it. I called him when I knew I was going to have a playday. I had an entire afternoon and evening to “whore-out” and I needed some black-man action. When we spoke he told me about some friends who wanted to meet me and asked if he could have them come by during the afternoon. I was skeptical, but agreed – the prospect of multiple Big Black Cocks sounded amazing. I loved the idea of being passed around between a bunch of hot “nigga-cocks” like he promised. About twenty minutes before Two PM he showed up with two friends and said some more were on their way. I was kind of concerned about so many big strong black men at my motel at once, but he assured me things wouldn’t go too far. I didn’t really want to be ****d or d**gged or any other kind of stuff beyond kinky, slightly rough, consensual bi-sex. I was short on options, so I took a chance and let him and his friends in.Levonne broke the ice by saying “Shit you look hot, white bitch. Now strip that shit off and suck my big black dick on the floor in front ‘a deeze niggas.” I stripped my vest and skirt and sank to my knees in front of him. Levonne asked his friends, “What’d I tell you? ‘Dis a hot little white whore, or what?” They nodded yes and then Levonne stood there and ordered me to suck him off first as he opened his pants. He hefted his long thick and semi-hard dark-chocolate cock up and then pushed it through my deep-red lipstick covered mouth. I dropped any inhibitions and worked him like a well practiced whore. I stroked his shaft as I sucked him. I reached back and fondled his heavy slimy sweat-covered balls. I rubbed his sensitive perineum, the area that protects the prostate gland, and pushed inward. I made it a really hot suck. He had obviously done this before in front of other guys. He was actually getting very hard and I knew from previously sucking his cock that meant he was close to cumming.He surprised me and told me he wanted to fuck me. I was in total lust and agreed, hoping he could stay hard enough to push himself deep into my fuckhole. I was clean and lubed already. I leaned against the end of the double bed and pulled my black panties to the side. I leaned down next to one of his friend’s laps as he put got in position to mount my ass. Levonne was in rare form. He quickly ankara escort pushed his long hard cock into me and pulled my ass to his crotch. He hurt me as he popped my ass. His huge cock was more than I was prepared for. I needed to take a moment and I pushed him out to ease the pain. Before I was ready he took my ass again. His cock hurt and violated my boycunt, but he pushed all the way to my g-spot. My cock was diamond hard and I was going into a crazy state of ecstasy. He began to slow-fuck me with deep even thrusts. Then he got going faster and harder.Levonne called out, “You my ‘hoe, little white bitch! Ha ha… yeah’ dats it…since you down there little white bitch…get to work suckin my brotha’s cocks! Go on, suck that nigga’s cock you ‘hoe! Lemme see ‘dat while I fuck your slutty little white ass with my big black cock!” He dominated and controlled me with his cock and then said to his friend, “Go on my man…gitcha some head from ‘dis prime white cock whore…”The nearest guy was not especially cute but he was younger, 19-20 maybe, and he was part Latino with a nice burnt-caramel skin color and his cock was clearly hard under his sweatpants. I ripped his sweatpants down and wantonly grabbed the guy’s big hard uncut 9” black cock. I slid my mouth all the way down his hard shaft and choked my throat with cock. I slammed his cockhead into my throat several times and started to make my tear ducts to empty. I didn’t want my mascara to run so I tried to restrain my lust and slowed down my deep throat action. The whole thing was so intense. I couldn’t even reach down and work myself, but I didn’t need to. The other milk-chocolate colored guy got closer and reached down to slide hs hands over my He started rubbing me through my panties. He seemed to enjoy the feel of the satin covered cock. He said, “Shit ‘dis bitch reminds me ‘o that little Mexican bitch-boi in ‘da joint…’cept this white bitch ain’t tryin to make it in jail…she just here for ‘da cock…shit yessss…”I was getting really hot and started to worry about what would happen if I came. They would expect me to continue. Usually, it just isn’t in me to keep going until after a rest period, but I knew they would want to keep using me. The ‘danger’ became a strange source of stimulation. Levonne was going to cum. He said, “oh sheeeit, I’m about to blast off in ‘dis bitch…uhhhh yeahhhhh…” Then he pushed deep into me and I maneuvered him out of my ass to avoid his unprotected blast. He held my ass and jacked himself off. I heard his friend moaning and knew he about to cum in my mouth. I ripped my cock out and stroked it as Levonne’s hot cum shot all over my ass, my panties, and my black garter-belt.The other guy got up to take Levonne’s place in my ass, but I let go of my cock and jacked him as I felt the younger guy’s cum coat the inside of my throat. I slowly blew him to make sure it was pleasurable. “Mmmm, alommmm,” I hummed into his cock. The third guy who had stopped stroking my cock when I took matters into my own hands had moved into Levonne’s position behind me. I sneaked a look at the wall mirror and saw him look down at me. I swallowed the younger guy’s cock and lustfully gazed back into the mirror at him. The younger guy was done and I let him out of my mouth.I looked at the guy behind me using the mirror. He was a shorter and smoother guy in his twenties who also had a stubbly beard. He watched me spit his friend’s jizz like a slut onto the motel carpet, making a nasty puddle.I smiled wickedly and total lust. Before he could fuck me, I collapsed to my knees and turned around. I licked his shaft from the top of his balls to the head and then took him into my cum-covered mouth and slurped him loudly. His cock was nicely sized, not super long and about medium thickness. He reached down and grabbed my head and started to fuck my mouth.I usually hate it when someone fucks with my hair, but I let it go this time. I moaned as he kept using me- he was fucking his cock with my dirty cum-filled mouth.He was really starting to get into it and said in a calm, cool voice, “Slow down white bitch, I wanna fuck you.”I slowed and started smoothly sucking his whole length in and out of my mouth.“Yeah, that’s it. Mmm. Ok sissy-bitch, now get on your back…I’m gonna fuck you like a woman…”Levonne said, “Yeah…ha ha ha…get somea ‘dat white cunt T-man. Get on your back you white ‘hoe and let my b*o fuck that tight white ass!”I rose up and let his cock out of my mouth after my legs were straight. I turned and stepped to the bed and walked two steps across the mattress. Then I turned and stroked my cock a few times. I went to my knees and then folded my legs around to lie on my back with my auburn hair splayed wide. I opened my legs to submit to the milky dark skin of the next man to fuck me with a hard Big Black Cock.‘T-man’ put on a condom from the bed table and climbed onto the bed. He towered over me in milk-chocolate splendor. Then he raised my legs up over my tummy and rested them on his broad dark shoulders. He exposed my freshly-fucked ass-cunt as he placed his hands between my ribs and my elbows. I watched him intensely. I knew he was hard enough to push into me without using his hand to guide the shaft. I saw him get lower and lower. Then I saw intensity in his face when he knew he was going to fuck deep into me. T-man’s eyes shifted into mine and he pushed his cock into my canal.I felt his cock pierce me and push into my G-spot and slightly beyond to my colon curve. The pain was minimal because Levonne had already broken me in. T-man knew what he was doing and fucked me in my ass for several minutes. T-man knew he was tapping a place beyond pleasure for me. His cock would push into my G-spot and then past it. The pain was intense but different. I was being a good whore and let him have his way and use my body. The pain was helping to cool my cock down too. I really didn’t want to have to fuck or suck after I came. I regained my composure, as best I could while he fucked me deep. I rolled my eyes back and grabbed his ass. Unlike a lot of black men, he was bare-assed. His ass was firm, yet nice and smooth. I actually thought for a moment that I might like to fuck him sometime. The pain was starting to overshadow my good time, so I squeezed my boycunt and began overacting how good it felt inside me. “Oh god, that feels so good, oh god, yes, Fuck my white ass, fuck my cunt baby! Oh do me, fuck me like a white gurl, fuck my tight white cunt!”Levonne yelled out “Yeah!! Fuck that white bitch black bitch boy…fuck her like we fuck you boy!!!” I delighted in the notion that their regular plaything was ‘taking a turn’ on me and perhaps doing to me what they did to him all the time…Levonne stood behind the guy and did something. Then he whispered something in the guy’s ear. That did the trick. Their regular bitch arched upward and thrust into me and hit my colon turn and bruised me. God it hurt. Then he eased out a little and began thrusting inside me with shorter cum jerks. Now his cock felt wonderful to me. I reached down and grabbed my cock and stroked. I got really close to cumming and then I heard a knock at the door. I stopped stroking. T-man finished with my ass, pulled out jerking the last of his cum into the condom and went for the bathroom. As he passed me he looked down at me with a slight grin.Levonne went toward the door saying “I bet ‘dis some more of da boys…” Levonne looked through the peep-hole, as I fixed my wet panties into place and picked up my skirt, dreading a visit by the management or worse- the police. Then Levonne then turned to me with an evil grin. I was relieved, though I realized that I had lost all control over my fate. Levonne opened up for his friend. “Hey ankara escort bayan Luther,” they shook hands and embraced like a couple of stereotypical “gangstas.”In walked a man who was slightly overweight, tall, older, and with a light brown complexion and covered with cheap tattoos.Before I lost the chance, I smiled as I fixed my skirt and picked up my vest and headed for the bathroom. T-man passed me, swatting my ass with a loud “twack.” I took a turn in the bathroom, partially closing the door to clean up my ass a little. I was semi erect now and massive amounts of pre-cum were draining onto the toilet seat and the floor. Through the door I heard Levonne’s first two fiends departing and called out “Thanks guys, hope to see you again!” in a partially labored, but still very hot femme-voice. They waved as they paused with Levonne and said a few things out of earshot.I swabbed my well-fucked ass and then stepped to the sink. I fixed my eye makeup, which was fucked up a little from deep-throating the young guy. I applied more dark lip color and contemplated the idea that I was about to fuck a gang member with jail tats. When I entered the room the new big guy was seated on the love seat, nearly filling it himself. He paused watching porn and looked up at me. I smiled and said hello in my hot femme voice. He waved and smiled at Levonne, who returned the smile and turned toward me.Levonne put away his phone and came over to say to me, “Hey, you’re hot. They loved you. Hey with this guy, only give him head, that’s all he wants, good slow deep fuckin head. Ok?” “Sure, ok…” I had no objections to a blowjob especially after the torture my little fuckhole had just endured.“Look, I’m gonna go down the street and get another fiend I want you to meet. He’s really hot an I know you gonna love him. So I’ll be back in about 20 minutes. Just give him a good head job and make him cum. I be right back, ok?“Sure, no problem.” I licked my lips, still feeling a sex-high despite my asspain.He smiled and turned and walked to the door saying “Hey man she gonna take care of you like the best you ever had, ok man?”“Yeah, I catch you latta, get the fuck outa here and leave me alone wit this prime white queen bitch,” he said waving.Levonne smiled at me and squeezed his own cock as he closed the door and left.I walked over to Luther and sat next to him on the crowded love seat. I was on his left and waited for a first move. He raised his arm and put it around me. I leaned in and placed my hand on his cock.Oh my god, it was like a big summer sausage in his pants. It felt like it was thick like a coke bottle and around six inches long. “Ohhhhhhh, my. How nice. Mmmm,” I purred. I quietly thanked my lucky stars that Levonne had told me to only suck him. Luther would certainly have split my ass open.Luther opened his pants and pulled his thick tool out. It was cut and had a huge cockhead that reminded me of a peach. The stout cock was pointing straight up and was wet with pre-cum.I bent forward and collapsed onto it. I opened my mouth and strained to keep my teeth from grinding on his mammoth cock. I had sucked bigger, but only a couple of times. His was really nicely proportioned, actually. I could get all but the last inch or so into my oral cum receptacle. I felt his large soft head at the back of my mouth. “Yeah, that feels good, honey. Suck that big black cock. Oh yeah nice and smooth.”“Mmmmm, Olmmmmm,” I picked up my pace. I felt his thick veiny shaft slipping in and out of my mouth. It was so large that I ran out of saliva. “Hey baby, give me a moment to get comfortable, Ok?”He nodded in response and I walked as sexy as I could to get some lube off the desk. I came back to him and lowered myself down to be the ultimate whore- sucking a huge cock on my knees. He watched porn on the TV and I lubed my hands a little with the water based liquid. I stroked myself and felt so good then I stroked him and lubed him well enough to combine my saliva and the lube. I sucked and stroked his cock and heard him start to breath harder. He stopped looking at the TV and watched me looking up at him with his giant in my mouth. He remained the same rock-hardness through the whole blowjob. Finally, I saw his eyes close and watched him breath hard as he began to pulse between my fingers and then my lips. Then cum exploded into my mouth. It was less than I was used to, and I kept sucking him for more, thinking I had not done my carnal job well enough. He let me keep going and I probably wouldn’t have stopped until he came more or I came.He lifted my chin off his cock and said “Mmm that’s good, you a good white queen bitch…mmmm.”I wasn’t good though. I really wanted to cum and relieve myself. I was about to do that and take my chances that Levonne would not return when I heard his footsteps outside. I stopped stroking and squeezed my moderate, but small by comparison, hard wet cock. Luther began closing his pants. I stood and started walking to the door and fixed my skirt. When I heard him knock I could hear several muffled voices, and Levonne saying “Hey, its me.” I looked at Luther and saw him nod approval to open the door. I unlocked and opened up.Levonne and four other younger black guys walked in. They were all about 20 and seemed to be new to this. They were all cut and seemed straight, but I could tell they were comfortable with each other. I was turned on but slightly worried. I went to the bathroom and returned with a cup of water for my parched mouth. Oh well, hopefully nothing bad would happen.Levonne shook Luther’s hand and asked how he was. He smiled and nodded and then waved as he got up and left.Levonne turned to me and said to his friends, “Alright, alright. This is my girl, Rebecca, she’s my white ‘hoe. ‘Dis white bitch is crazy for Big Black Cock…she ‘da one I toll you ‘bout.” He turned and smiled and said, “Who wanna go first?” The guys were all a little apprehensive and sat down. For a moment I was mortified and then I realized that he was right and this afternoon was a dream come true. I was, in fact, crazy for BBC. As he tried to get them to start, I came up with a good idea. I would take them all on at the same time…a blowjob party. Maybe it would turn into a gang-fuck…Just as Levonne said, “Shit, I goin again then!” I began to strut over to a pair of guys seated on the end of the bed and said, “Hey Levonne,” I said in an ultra-femme and slutty voice, “how about you sit and watch the show?” I then sat between the two and placed my hands on their cocks. I felt two medium-sized semi-hard black cocks. I privately bet myself that they were each around eight inches long, the same size as my own.Levonne smiled and said, “Sheeittt Rebecca, you wanna go all porn-start and shit with my bros…go on white bitch. Work them niggas.”I smiled as I opened their zippers and began stroking each cock. They watched me and looked around to make sure no one was freaking out at the view of a tranny-whore playing with their masculinity.I looked over at the other two and said with a wanton smile, “What’s a white bitch gotta do to get her mouth filled with some big black cock?”They looked at each other and smiled. One stood up and then another. One removed his shirt as he moved to position himself in front of my shiny and well-fucked wet mouth. The two on the bed removed their shirts and opened their pants. I was surrounded by black meat. Only one of the guys was really all that attractive, but attitude is everything. I leaned forward and started sucking one while still stroking the others on the bed. I moaned as I went down on him. I felt hands probe my body and find my slick re-lubed fuckhole. One guy began stroking my hard cock too. I quickly lost track of who was who escort ankara and simply gave in to my own cock-crazed lust. Hands were on my beautiful silicon falsies and grasping my chest too. I eased myself down into position, squatting on my heels, with my ass lifted up and available for action. I was fingered and stroked at the same time. I switched between cocks and sucked one after another. My hands floated between cocks also. A cock on my left rubbed on my cheek as I sucked another into my throat. I felt one guy lift me up and get me into position to fuck.I stopped the action to ask Levonne to give me the condoms on the bed-stand. He handed them to me. I kneeled, tore one open, placed it in my mouth and put it on a cock using my mouth and a blowjob. Then I did the others until everyone was sheathed in latex. Then I took a cock in my mouth and handed someone a bottle of lube. Whoever it was knew what to do and put a bunch of slickness in my boycunt. One guy asked Levonne if he could take off his rubber if he was only getting a “blow.”“That ok witchu, bitch?” Levonne asked.I was getting fingerfucked and sucking cock. I pulled my mouth off the other guys prick and looked over my right shoulder to the guy and said like a wanton slut “Sure baby! Lem-me taste that black cock!”He peeled the condom and moved to where the other guy I’d been sucking was. That guy shifted around to the left and then I felt several hands all over my crotch and my whorifice. I sucked the blowjob guy for a moment and then felt the three guys position me into a bent forward stance. Two guys on either side kept feeling me out as another slid into me. I was at a great angle and he wasn’t long enough to really cause pain. He fucked me nice and smooth at first and then became almost violent. He slapped my ass and called me “white whore” and “white fag-bitch.” I squeezed him and fucked back into him to make him cum faster. The guy in my mouth unexpectedly pulled out and shot himself all over the floor.The guy in my ass watched it happen and it must have turned him on because he said “Oh shit oh fuck yeah, you fucking whore! That’s It! Oh! Oh, I’m gonna cum!” and he pulled out and peeled the wet condom off and pulled me around to shoot in my mouth. I saw the first blast sail toward my shoulder and rushed to get his cock into my mouth, where I felt the rest of his thick cum coat hit my tongue. As I was finishing him off, I felt another cock push into my fuckhole. He started fucking me fast immediately. I didn’t let the cock out of my mouth, I just kept playing with it until it became totally limp. Then he pulled himself out and lay back on the bedspread and watched the show. The last guy reached down and grabbed my privates and massaged the whole area while the fucking me slowed his pace and finally pushed deep into me and hold it. When he did he rammed my g-spot and took me to the edge. I pushed the other guy’s hand off my cock to prevent my orgasm. The guy in my ass stroked into me one more time and pulled out. I turned and pulled the condom off and went down on my knees as I sucked him. I needed to cool down a little.The last guy wasn’t waiting though. He sat on the edge of the bed and pulled my used slut hole up and onto his nice stout manhood. I was reverse-cow-gurl fucking him and still sucking off the guy who had just nearly fucked my ass to orgasm. I went down on him and bobbed up and down like a pro three or four times and then he grabbed m y head and held me down while he flooded my mouth. Almost a minute later he let go and I got some air. The guy I was fucking reached over and grabbed my cock. I swallowed cum and cleared my mouth. “Don’t touch my cock! I’ll cum too soon!” I pleaded as I was impaled on his nice black cock. He was strong and pulled me up onto his chest and then made me lie on his stomach as he pumped me from below. I propped myself up on my hands and lifted my ass in an effort to control the rate of the fuck. He countered with grasping my hips and pulling me downward while he slammed my ass with a volley of fast upward thrusts. He hit my G-spot every time and that was it for me. I was going to cum and I couldn’t hold out any longer. It felt so good as he violated my will and made me cum. I dropped any resistance and lay my head back on his shoulder and felt it happen as he pumped me deep. “Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh! Ohhhhhhhhhhh-Ahhhhhhhh!” I said, barely in my femme slut-whore voice. I was in ecstasy…I moaned uncontrollably and loud.He could feel me cum and eased up his pace. He reached up and manipulated my cock to intensify the orgasm. I grasped my cock and squeezed it while I stroked. I became dead weight on his crotch. I was in a stupor and he knew what was happening to me. He seemed to know that he only had a few moments to enjoy my lust for cock before I’d need a long break. He pushed me over onto the bed and stood up in front of my mouth. He peeled the condom off and jacked himself really fast. I was a grateful whore and grabbed my own cock to milk it. I offered my open mouth and hoped he would cum soon. I looked up at him as I sealed the offer with moan and a preening lick of my lips. I really wanted his cum in my mouth- it would make the fuck perfect. He watched me with unbridled lust and then looked up at the ceiling. That was my cue. I stroked another shot of cum from my cock as I thrust my mouth onto his hard orgasmic cock and closed my lips around him. I sealed him in and felt his cum spurt in and fill my cavity. He tasted like condom, lube, sweat, and sweet cum. I stroked my cock as he climaxed. I moved very little, allowing him to use my whorifice. A short while later he pulled out, dragging a large glob of semen out onto my chin. Levonne applauded, “Just like a hot porn, holy shit, damn that was hot!”A few minutes passed and I lay on the bed in final ecstasy, still throbbing and my bruised inner ass pulsing. My wet lycra-glove partially encased hand holding my cock as it relaxed. I felt so good, I was a slutty, well-fucked mess, but I felt good.The guys were all putting on their clothes and getting ready to go. I dragged myself like a used and discarded whore to my feet so I could pick up my clothing and cover my exposed privates. I noticed Levonne was going around to each of them and saying something like, “Hey I told you so, she was worth it.” They all seemed to agree. No one spoke to me. One by one they stood to leave. Levonne said he’d see them later and they all left as a group. A few waved and the blowjob guy smiled and blew a kiss.All I could do was watch and wave back. I felt really trashy, but I liked it.Levonne closed the door and smiled at me.“What the fuck was that all about, “I told you she was worth it” what was that?” I busted him. I knew he had made a deal with them for me. I said I had sucked off three guys and half ‘n half-ed (suck & fuck) five guys including him. Honestly I loved the idea but I wanted him to tell me if it was true, so I portrayed anger. I told him I didn’t ever want to see him again if he was going to whore me and not even tell me about it or cut me into the action! Levonne, to his credit, came clean. He followed me into the motel bathroom as I was sitting on the side of the tub, rinsing my ass and told he had my split. I scoffed. He said for another head job he’d give me my split. I told him to go fuck himself. He said he was sorry he hadn’t told me that was the deal, but he’d increase my spilt. We bantered back and forth and I gave him my conditions. They were easily worth another blowjob for him. I ended up sitting on the toilet and discharging my ass as I sucked him off and stroked myself again. After that we parted company with a sixty-forty split in my favor! Thought the cash seemed to average out to about $100 per “client,” I knew there was no way the younger guys could afford that much. I wondered how much he’d charged the big guy. I bought new lube, new makeup, and paid for a Dominatrix to fuck my ass with the remainder of the money.

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