The neighbour’s Son Part 2


The neighbour’s Son Part 2We were lying in bed in the morning a few days later enjoying a nice cuddle. Jane was on her side facing away from me and I was behind her, my stiffening cock rubbing against her soft arse cheeks. This never fails to arouse me. There had been no mention of Peter since his visit, but there was something different about Jane. It would be difficult to describe, but often she looked like her mind was miles away. Also we had sex every day, which we had not done for a while. Every time I fucked her, I pictured Peter wanking off over her tits. So, I was lying there getting excited, rubbing my cock on Jane’s arse. I decided to mention Peter.“Would you like to see it?” I said.“See what?”“Peter’s cock. I bet you have been thinking about it. It’s nice and long and gets very hard”“Well, I have to admit I can’t help thinking about it and feeling his cum splash on me. I can’t get it out of my mind, but I’d just be too embarrassed to watch him. He’s so young and we’ve known him since he was a baby.”“Well, he’s no baby now Jane. I have an idea”. I said as I slid my cock into her from behind!Later that day, I called Peter and asked him if he’d like to come over for some fun. “Oh, and bring Jane’s panties back with you, please Peter”When, he arrived I told him Jane was out which he seemed disappointed about.“But I thought it would be like last time”“Come with me” I said as I led him to the main bedroom. What he did not know was Jane was hiding in our large walk-in closet. We had removed half the clothes and placed a chair in there so she could sit and hatayı rus escort watch. The door was open just enough for Jane to see most of the bedroom, but with it being dark inside, there was no way Peter would be able to see her.I led peter over to Jane’s dressing table and opened the top drawer to reveal all of her underwear. Some sexy and skimpy and some more practical. There were panties and bras, stockings, suspender belts. I told Peter that he could help himself and that I wanted to watch him jerk off using Jane’s stuff, but he had to get naked first.He looked at me a bit strange, and I thought for a moment he was going to refuse, but the temptation was too much to resist and he quickly stripped off. His cock was soft and hung down, but I could see his balls were already tightening. He grabbed a pair of pink lacy panties and touched stoked them on his cock. I could see him harden and I was getting turned on myself. I glanced over at the closet and imagined what Jane was doing in there. Peter’s cock was soon rock hard and pointing towards the ceiling> He had now selected quite a few garments from the drawer. He had a bra in his hand and was wiping his cock around the inside of one of the cups. Then he raised a blue thong to his face and wiped the gusset over his mouth. “Come over her Peter”. I led him to the laundry basket and opened the lid. “Help yourself”.There was a bra and pantie matching set that Jane had worn the day before sitting on the top. He picked them both up. He sniffed at the bra and closed his eyes. hatayı rus escort bayan He then licked the gusset of the panties and groaned.“You like that?” I asked“I can taste Jane’s pussy”“I bet you’d like to taste it for real.”“Fuck yes, I would”“Which are your favourite panties?”He selected the pink lacey pair that she had been wearing at the beginning of his last visit.“Put them on” I instructed.He hesitated, but did as I asked.God, I so wanted to get my cock out and wank off with him over Jane’s underwear, but I thought that would creep him out too much, so I resisted.He now had the pink panties on, but his cock was sticking out of the side and he had her soiled panties held to his face. He closed his eyes. He was close to cumming.I made sure he was facing the closet door so Jane would get a good view. “Okay Peter, time to see you spunk over Jane’s panties. Tell me what you are thinking while you do it. Be as dirty as you want.”He was struggling to speak now, his voice shaky, but managed to say a few words.“I want to bury my face in her pussy and lick her cunt. I want her to sit on my face and smother me with her arse. I want to lick and tongue her arse and cunt. I want to get my cock between her big tits.” Fuck, I was having real trouble not getting my cock out.Then it happened. Huge spurts of cum erupted from Peter’s cock, all over the bed and Jane’s underwear. Several pairs of panties and bras were hit. It was quite a sight. More than he had shot over her body a few days before.“Wow Peter, that looked good”“It rus escort hatay was, thanks”.“Okay, take those panties off and wipe your cock on them, then get dressed and leave. I’ll call you in a few days”.As soon as he was out the door, I opened the closet and Jane was sat in there naked with 2 fingers buried in her pussy. She stood up, walked straight past me and looked at the cum splattered bed and undies. She removed all the clean ones and selected those that had Peter’s cum on them. I watched as she lay on the cum splattered mattress and wiggled her body around feeling his spunk against her skin.She selected the bra which Peter had wiped his cock on and held the cup to her nose and breathed in. The other cum splattered panties she wiped over her tits and belly. What a sight. I quickly stripped off. My cock was throbbing and so hard it was almost painful. I walked over to the bed and spread Jane’s legs. I could see how wet her cunt was, her lips glistened with her juices. I started to get between her legs ready to fuck her.“No”, she said. I was a bit surprised, I needed to cum. She took hold of the panties Peter had been wearing and wiped his spunk covered cock on. She wrapped them around three fingers and thrust them into her cunt. She had her eyes closed, wiping Peter’s cum over her body and fucking herself with panties covered in his spunk. I stood and watched and wanked while she brought herself to an amazing orgasm, that seemed to last for minutes. As she came, so did I, covering her in more cum. I collapsed on top of her feeling the mixture of spunk between our bodies.After a few minutes, Jane spoke.“Sorry, I just needed to finish myself off in that way. I hope you are okay with that”“Of course honey, it was beautiful to watch. I loved it.”“One more thing Simon” she added “I want to feel Peter’s cock, and not just in my hand. I want him to fuck me with that cock!”

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