The Towel Girl’s Punishment by Lubrican


The Towel Girl’s Punishment by LubricanIntroduction:Set in an imaginary country, this is the story of a young girl who is punished for theft by being sent to the community baths to be a towel girl. She soon learns she has to provide something other than just towels. Loni was in trouble and she knew it. Her rebellious nature had finally gotten her in real trouble. She’d taken a necklace out of old Wauna’s hut while Wauna was out gathering fruit and she’d gotten caught with it. Now she was being called in front of the village wise men for punishment. Loni stared at the entrance of the cave where the wise men sat each day to settle disputes, answer questions, tell people when to plant and all of the other things the wise men decided for her people. She’d never been in that dark place, and had never wanted to.She had to duck when she went in. Loni was tall for one of her people. She was also slim. She could run faster than any of the boys, though when she did that now her breasts sometimes hurt. They had grown a lot in the last year or two and stuck out from her slim chest in what she thought was an ugly and misshapen way. The soft cotton tunic she wore shifted and slid over her long brown nipples as she ducked. That was another thing she didn’t understand. Those nipples caused her more trouble than anything else about her body. They were always in her consciousness because they always felt so … so … good. She’d been seized by the urge to rub and squeeze them a lot lately, and when she did it caused the most lovely sensations to run through her body. It also made her feel … well … good between her legs.Loni knew about where babies came from. She’d seen several c***dbirths. But she couldn’t believe some of the stories she heard. Like that one her friend Manu had told her about a man sticking his penis in the hole a baby came out of. Of course a baby was lots bigger than a penis, so she knew it would fit, but those women in c***dbirth didn’t act like they were having a fun time, and Manu swore that when a man stuck his penis in that hole it felt really nice. Loni had asked Manu how she knew and that had bothered Manu for some reason. She stammered and finally said her brother had told her about it. Loni had thought about that a lot. She knew that some girls got a baby inside them before they were married, but they were only the bad girls, who were being punished by the wise men. It was a puzzle to the girl.But all those thoughts were far from Loni’s head now, other than the twinge of pleasure she felt in her nipples when she ducked and entered the wise men’s cave. Right now she was frightened. Who knew what those old men would do about her theft?It was too dark to see who the individual men were. There was a smoky fire burning in the fire pit, but it was mostly coals. Every once in a while a disembodied hand appeared over the coals and dropped some herbs into the fire. Sweet and somehow scary smells came from those herbs, and they made Loni’s head spin. She had wanted her mother to come with her to the council, but she’d refused. She’d said something Loni didn’t understand: “You’re a big girl now Loni. You’ve seen f******n summers, and you knew that what you were doing was wrong. Now you must pay the consequences.”Loni stood there in the dark for a long time before a gruff voice came out of the dark. It told her to stand by the fire, and when she did, it said to remove her tunic. She thought that was odd, but the fumes from the fire made her pliable and she lifted the garment over her head. There were murmured voices and the voice came back. “You stole from one of our people. For stealing, you will be assigned to the baths for six moons.” The voice fell silent.Loni shook her head.Something was wrong here! She couldn’t be assigned to the bath house.Only the girls who got pregnant before they were married were punished by being sent there. She knew this because all the girls who worked in the bathhouse were pregnant. She saw them every time she took a bath herself. They were required to help all the bathers, and dry them with the big soft towels that could only be found in that place. Her rebellious nature surged to the surface of her fogged mind. “But I’m not with c***d! I can’t be sent to the sauna! Only the bad girls are sent there!”It was silent for a few seconds and a different deep voice came out of the darkness. “Loni you ARE a bad girl. Stealing is bad and you have stolen. This is your punishment. Now leave, and report to the Baths.”Loni stumbled out of the cave and looked around with bleary eyes. She realized she was still holding her tunic and she put it back on. She thought briefly – very briefly – about running away. But life outside the village was very hard and very dangerous. Besides, it was ankara escort only six months.Loni stood before Valuna, the mistress of the baths. Valuna’s stomach was swollen and heavy with c***d, but then Valuna had been pregnant for as long as Loni could remember – sometimes more and sometimes less. Loni was friends with two of Valuna’s daughters, who she had been in school with. Valuna had always worked in the bath house. She was perhaps thirty summers old, and living in the humid atmosphere of the bath house had kept her skin soft and supple. Her hair was black as night and hung to her bottom. She was naked, but that didn’t seem odd. Everyone in the baths was naked. She examined Loni with a critical eye. “I’ve talked with your mother. You may be a difficult case” she said. Loni didn’t understand, but the first thing she had learned in the baths was not to ask questions. Girls who caused trouble in the baths got assigned to making soap or laundry, and that was hot, hard work that Loni wanted no part of. Valuna went on. “The last time you bled was last week, yes?” She looked at Loni expectantly. When Loni nodded she said I’m going to start you out on the boys and young men pools. Then maybe later we’ll try something else. You have a brother, yes?”Loni thought that was an odd question. Valuna had to know about Loni’s older brother. He took baths too. Everyone in the village took baths, and Valuna saw them all, every week, usually several times a week. “Yes, Valuna. His name is Robana.””Well, then” said Valuna. “You will bathe the young boys for a week, and then you will bathe your brother Robana.”The enormity of those words sunk into Loni’s brain and she couldn’t keep a comment from coming out of her mouth. “But the boys …. my brother …. they’ll see me … naked.””Yes” said Valuna. “They will.” She turned and left the chamber.It wasn’t until Loni had to work her first full day in the baths that she realized the other side of the issue. While the boys got to see her naked, she also got to see them naked. Much more, in fact, since she was required to help them bathe. That meant they stood in the pools of hot water while she ran her hands all over their bodies, using the sweet smelling soap that her village was known for. There were six large pools of bubbling water that came out of the ground very hot. Each pool drained into another, lower down. By the time the water left the bathhouse it was only warm. So there was a pool of water in the house that was the perfect temperature for every bather. Another thing about her assignment was that she only had to work half a day. Bathing was done by age and sex. Early in the morning the women came to the baths. They were done in a few hours and young girls were next. After lunch the young boys came to bathe, and after them the older boys. The men didn’t bathe until after the evening meal, and they sometimes lounged in the baths until well after dark. So, being assigned to young boys meant that Loni only had to work for a few hours after lunch. It wasn’t so bad.Loni learned very quickly that when she washed the boys, many of them reacted in a strange way. As she washed each little penis, it often enlarged and began to stick out from the boy’s body. Most of them didn’t say or do anything when this happened, but some of the older ones sighed a lot and asked Loni to wash them very much down there. She didn’t mind. This punishment wasn’t nearly as horrible as she thought it would be. There were only two other bath girls who worked with Loni. The others worked with other ages. Loni noticed that the girls who were heavy with c***d, like Valuna was, worked at the times the women and girls bathed.Her first week passed quickly and it wasn’t until she came to work one day and Valuna reminded her she was to work with the older boys that day that she realized she would have to bathe her brother, Robana. Her face burned red as she thought about this and Valuna noticed. She frowned and said “Now, Loni, washing the older boys is different. Sometimes they wish to wash you as you wash them. This is normal, and is not something you are to resist.” She looked at Loni’s wide stare. “Don’t be afraid. Being washed by a boy is quite often fun.” Loni stared even harder. How could being washed in the baths be fun? She’d been washed in the baths by other girls since she was a baby. It felt good, yes, but she’d never had called it ‘fun’.Loni thought about all this as she folded towels, waiting for the young boys to leave and the older boys to come in. She heard them before she saw them. They were loud. The girls who were working this shift were different too. Their eyes were bright and they smiled a lot. They acted like they were looking forward to their jobs. Just then six of the older ankara escort bayan boys came noisily into the bathing chamber. One of them was Robana. She stared. The first thing she noticed was that the penises dangling between the legs of these boys were much bigger. One of them – the one belonging to a boy named Safoto – was already hard and sticking out from a thatch of black hair surrounding the base. It was this penis that all the noise was about. The other boys were pointing at it and laughing. One of the bath girls, the one named Fenila, skipped over to the group and announced “I’ll take care of this problem. You boys go on and leave us alone.” Now even more catcalls, shouts and whistles rang out as she led Safoto to the pool farthest away from the rest.What amazed Loni, though, was that as Fenila led Safoto off into the dark corner, most of the rest of the boy’s penises began to elongate and stand up too! Soon there were five more long hard prods waving in the air. Her eyes were immediately drawn to Robana. Her brother’s penis was one of the ones that was stiff. It looked angry, with it’s big purple head and thick, veined shaft. Another one with a stiff penis was a boy named Banalu. Loni had known Banalu all her life. They had grown up together, playing games. She caught his eye and smiled. The look in his eye when he realized who she was astounded her. First his eyes widened, then he grinned, a scary, almost mean looking grin. “Well, look who we have in the bath house today” he crowed, stalking toward her. “It’s little Loni!” For some reason he had put his hand around his hard member and was stroking it up and down as he walked toward her. “I have something here for little Loni” yelled Banalu.Loni was frozen, like a bird who is being approached by the snake. Banalu wasn’t acting like her playmate! He was acting scary! She didn’t know what to do. Just as he reached her, and his hand closed over the towel she was holding up in front of her, a large hand came swinging out of nowhere and a fist landed on the side of Banalu’s head. He collapsed like a sack of dead cats. Loni’s frightened eyes followed the arm attached to that fist and she sighed in relief as she saw it was Robana. She smiled tentatively at him.But there was a strange look in his eye too. He plucked the towel from her hands and gazed at her naked body. He licked his lips and his voice croaked. “Loni will be bathing me,” he said in a loud voice. His head turned to the other boys. Several of them licked their lips too, but none said anything. Two of the other girls began pulling the boys away from Robana and Loni and giggled as the boys began grabbing at them. Suddenly, Loni and her brother were alone together. Loni looked up at her brother, who was still looking at her naked body intently. “You have grown much since I last saw you without clothing,” he said. Loni gasped as he too began stroking his penis back and forth. “You are very beautiful, Loni.” he added. Loni could not tear her eyes away from his enlarged phallus. There was a little hole at the end of it, and a whitish drop of liquid was seeping out of that hole. Robana put his fingers gently around her chin and lifted it until she was looking in his eyes. “Wash me” he said softly as he sat down in the hot water.She began on his shoulders, from behind him, as she had been taught to do. As her hands slid down onto his chest, her breasts pressed into his back. With the little boys, this had not effected her, but now, with her brother, she felt her nipples scr****g across his back and little pains of pleasure shot through her. She lathered his hair and then did each of his arms, feeling the muscles rippling in them. He stood, and then turned to face her. His penis was large and hard as rock. Without being told, Loni began to lather the long cock. She stroked it gently, soaping it as she had the little boys’ penises, but Robana hissed with pleasure as she ran her hands up and down it. His thighs tightened and his loins pushed toward her. Then his hands were batting her hand away from his prod as he mumbled “Not in your hand.” His hands slipped under her arms and lifted her to her feet. Then he pressed his front to hers and his soapy hands began to wash her back. They slid to her buttocks and she panted with the pleasure he gave her. Never had she felt like this while bathing. She felt something between her legs and realized it was his stiff penis, pressing against her. There was a place between her legs she liked to push against, and rub. His penis did both.Now her brother was panting and he was pushing her toward the large flat rock at the edge of the pool. He made her sit, wading between her legs. She leaned back, supporting herself with her arms as he spread her legs escort ankara wide with his hands under her knees. He put her heels on the edge of the rock and then pulled her hips until her wide open sex was also at the edge of the rock. Now he fisted his steel penis and aimed it at her sex. Suddenly, Loni realized what he was going to do. He was going to have sex with her! She lifted her hands without thinking, to ward him off, and fell back, hitting the rock hard as she felt his hands on her hips. Then, before she could catch her breath, or sit up, or push him away, she felt a sharp pain between her thighs, where she knew her sex was. She struggled back up, supporting herself on her hands again and looked down in horror where her brother’s mammoth rock hard bone was buried completely in her pussy.”But Robana … you can’t …” she shrieked.He looked down at her with that odd look in his eye. “But I already have, little sister.””But why?” she wailed.”What do you mean … why?” he asked. “What did you THINK would happen to you in the baths? Why do you think you were SENT here, you silly girl? You were sent here to do THIS! To get with c***d! To settle your wild spirit down!”Loni was stunned. She looked around wildly, for help. Her horrified gaze fell on another corner, where Fanila had led Safoto. There she saw Fanila, flat on her back, Safoto’s hips rising and falling lustily between her thighs! Safoto was fucking Fanila, just as her brother had said! And Fanila seemed to like that just fine! She was moaning and urging Safoto to go deeper and faster, as her hips lunged up off the rock. Yes, this was obviously something Fanila had done before, and which she liked to do a LOT!Ironically, about then, Robana dragged his engorged penis slowly out of Loni’s poor stretched pussy. In the process, the top of his rod sc****d along that special spot she loved to press and a surge of electric pleasure shot through her. When he immediately slid his bone back into her she realized that the pain she had felt before was fading quickly. In fact, she could hardly remember that pain at all. Robana’s prod still stretched her, causing a lot of pressure, but it wasn’t painful pressure any more. Again he withdrew and slid the long organ back into her. Again she was subjected to a surge of pleasure between her legs. Then Robana leaned over and sucked one of her nipples into his mouth. While he sucked he began to fuck his sister with long hard strokes.Loni got light headed as the pleasure washed over her body. She couldn’t concentrate on any one thing. Her whole body felt like it was on fire.Dimly she heard her brother growl “And I, little sister, am going to be the one that plants a baby in your sweet belly.”Now he pounded her poor virgin pussy relentlessly and something inside of Loni snapped. She felt the feeling start somewhere in her stomach, but it burst outward, moving to her arms, her knees, even her toes, which curled tightly as the feeling smothered her and she thought she might die from the pleasure. She gasped for air as her lungs began to work again and she realized her own hips were lurching up off the rock, just as she had seen Fanila’s doing. She also realized her voice was making noises … high pitched, keening noises … of a sort she had never made before in her life.It was just then that Robana lurched into her one last time and froze. She felt his organ inside her swell even larger and then a wash of warm wetness flooded her inside. She knew this was his seed, and that it was filling her completely. Part of her mind couldn’t believe her brother would try to make a baby with her, but another part, deep inside, hoped he would never stop trying. He grunted and another wave of hot fluid shot into her, filling her even more. Finally he sagged onto his arms, gasping for breath as he leaned over her.Ever so slowly she felt his penis begin to get smaller and slip out of her. When he at last stood up, she saw his member was slick with pinkish white streaks. Her eyes were drawn to her own sex, which was messy with the same fluid, which was leaking out of her in large dollops.”If you let it fall out, I’ll just have to put some more in, little sister” her brother grinned at her. Instinctively she slapped one hand over her pussy, sealing her sex with her fingers, as he laughed. “It won’t really matter anyway” he said as he went and hugged her close, his hands cupping her naked buttocks. “I’m planning on putting some more in there anyway.”And he did too. Every day Robana came to the baths to have his sister bathe him. And every day she ended up spreading her legs for him, whereupon he gladly plugged his manhood into her and flooded her nubile sex with his seed. She began to anticipate his coming … and want it.And when her favorite Uncle came to the baths and saw her there he smiled. She smiled too, taking him a towel. “Uncle, you must let me bathe you,” she said, her pussy tingling. The thing hanging between her Uncle’s thighs was MUCH bigger than Robana’s.The End

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