THE VIRUS. CHAPTER FOURTHE VIRUSBy Amanda WrighterCHAPTER FOURTOWNHOUSE ROW – GARLAND STREETRICHMOND VIRGINIAOne Year Earlier…“Is that all you’re gonna eat?” Franklin asked as his mother sat down with her plate of toast and a glass of juice.“I already had some sausage,” she replied with a snicker as she bit into her toast.They were both still naked and Franklin was still enthused with the whole situation. His mother wasn’t a supermodel by any means, but compared to all the mothers of his friends, she was a literal hottie. Most of his pals at school had moms in their thirties and most were slightly frumpy at best and downright hogs at worst. And all of them looked worn out and sad. But not his mom. His mom was only 28 and had huge boobs. He knew they were fake. You could tell from how round and firm they were and the way her nipples didn’t look quite right. They also hung a bit oddly and bounced way too much. Most women with big tits…well…they’re jiggled and sort of wobbled like Jello, but his mother’s were taut and firm. Not that he minded. Tits were tits and hers were fucking tit-tastic! He’d heard her say they were DD’s but he didn’t really know what that meant. What he did know is they were bigger than footballs and that was huge to him. And when she moved them any at all it made his dick hard.His mom was the coolest mom ever. He still couldn’t believe what she’d done earlier that morning…just walking into his room and proceeding to teach him how to jerk off and then how to eat pussy. And when she’d sucked his dick he thought he was going to just fall out and die right there. And he wasn’t even remembering her stupid little paddle play with the plastic ruler…the same ruler that was lying on the end of the bar where they were now eating breakfast.Tiffany hadn’t forgotten the ruler though. She was eyeing it and fantasizing about the fact that her son was naked on the opposite side of the counter from her. Just below the marble topped edging and between his legs was his red and worn cock. Not a huge one, but a nice one without doubt. She wondered if he was hard again. She wanted to look but figured that might be a little pushy at this point.She leaned forward on her stool and plopped her fake tits down atop the bar and stared at him with a rueful smirk that made him suddenly uneasy.“What?” he asked, unsure of what was going on. Nervously, he continued eating his scrambled eggs.“I called in sick,” she replied, still smiling. “I got better things to do today I think.”“Are we gonna have sex?” he asked, hopeful and somewhat excited about the prospect.“Not till your dick is a lot bigger than it is,” she informed him. “I already told you that. I’m sort of what they call, ‘visually orgasmic’ rather than physical.”“What does that mean?” in asked with one eyebrow all cocked up.“It means I get off…I have orgasms more by things I see and do. Does that make sense? Okay it takes a really big wiener to make me squirt. And since most men don’t have that, I’ve learned to rile myself up with oral sex…both yours and mine…and by doing naughty things.”“What kind of naughty things?” he inquired, his eyebrow still locked in high position.“Watching you jerk off…letting you jerk off on me…sucking your dick…and letting you eat my pussy,” she explained with her own eyebrow hiked up in an effort to mock him.“We did that already,” he said, not really comprehending what he was saying. “So is that it?”“You want to do other stuff?” she asked.He nodded and shoved another bite of egg into his mouth, chewing and smiling at the same time.“You already shot off twice,” she reminded him. “Are you seriously capable of doing more today?”“I don’t know,” he admitted. “Is there like a limit on how many times you can squirt like that in a day?”“Not for a woman,” she asserted. “I’m multi-orgasmic myself. I will flood a bed if I get the right action going on.”“Yeah you squirted all over me earlier,” he stated with a curious glance at her face that slowly dropped lower to her tits sitting atop the counter.Tiffany had been fantasizing the whole time she was cooking breakfast about her son and some of those daydreams had become quite nasty. She seemed totally absorbed in the concept of him being a mere “boy.” She imagined him whipping his fat cock out at inappropriate times and places and shocking little girls with it. She imagined him jerking off under his desk as his teacher scolded him with a ruler in hand. She even imagined letting him wear inappropriate attire like a banana-hammock swimsuit at a public pool or something so that she could watch other mothers gawk at him and maybe even lust after him.Somehow…for some reason the idea of controlling him and using him was hotter to her than actually having sex with him. She was a size queen and while he had an abundantly sized cock, she knew it wouldn’t do much for her, nor would his small physique. No, if he was going to please her in any capacity, it was going to need to be dirty and perverse to the extreme. Wild things would be required. To her delight, she knew he’d do probably anything she put him up to at this point and that was something most adult male lovers wouldn’t do. Oh, they’d be nasty now and again and maybe even bend you over at the beach when nobody was looking or let you suck them off under a table in a restaurant or perhaps even jerk them off in a dark theater…but most weren’t about to do something that could truly get their asses in trouble. She’d never met one that was crazy enough to let her control him…at least not until now.Climbing off her stool she made for the stairs, but he called out to her before she made the first step.“Hey, where you going?” he asked.“I gotta go dig in the hall closet upstairs.”“Why?”“You need some tight shorts,” she replied with a devious grin spreading across her lips. “I got all your old clothes packed up in there.”“Why do I need tight shorts?” he asked with a very perplexed expression.“Momma’s taking you out for show and tell,” she called back to him as she climbed the stairs and disappeared.Sometime later she had him standing before her in the hallway wearing a pair of shorts that hadn’t fit him since he was probably nine or ten. Luckily they were stretchy or she’d never have gotten them pulled all the way up over his ass cheeks. As she knelt before him admiring the package he presented, she felt herself growing both heated and moist.She reached up and ran her fingers up the left leg of the shorts and pulled his dick down by the head until it coiled down the short leg and to her amusement…dangled out in the open.She clapped and giggled with pure delight.“Tuck it back up in there,” she said and poked at herself till it was no longer hanging out. “Pull it up all the way if you want, but later when I tell you to, I want you to push it down the leg again and let it dangle out, okay?”“Are we…ummm…going out of the house, Mom?”She looked up at him and nodded. Standing up, she headed for her own bedroom and left him there.“Okay…so ummm…where are we going?” he inquired, trying to walk normally in the ridiculously tight shorts.Suddenly she reappeared in the hall and tossed a shirt at him or at least what passed for one. It was a t-shirt of hers that had no sides or sleeves. He’d seen her wear it over her spandex top when she went to the gym a few times.“Put that on,” she said and then go put your shoes on and get your basketball. We’re gonna go down a few blocks to the park.”He look mortified…perhaps even mortified.“It’s cold out this morning and all your pals are in school. Probably won’t be but a handful of people there and certainly no one your age that you know.”“Still gonna be people there,” he argued and still didn’t look all that enthused with her plan.“You know who’s gonna be there? New mothers with babies and maybe the occasional old lady fast-walking and too blind to even notice you.”“So why am I going there dressed like this?”“Because I want to watch those mothers ogle your dick hanging out when you walk by them. You’re gonna play some basketball and jump around till you dick pops out and then run by them and then I’m gonna come chase you down and scold you to put your junk up.”He looked everything but amused.“And if you do it, I’ll suck your dick again. I’ll suck it till you cum on me again.”His eyes widened a tad, but she sensed he still wasn’t convinced this was a good idea, at least for him.“And most of those new moms on baby row there all have huge milk-filled titties. And there’s a good chance one might be horny enough to run you down and try to suck your dick before I do.”Now she has his full attention.“Oh, now Momma ain’t good enough, huh?” she faked a snort of hurt feelings and punched him in the arm. “Would you let one do that?” he asked.She considered that for a moment and realized that might be the hottest fantasy yet. She pictured him pinned up in the public restroom by some younger, plumper woman with huge, bloated breasts. The woman would push him up against the wall and yank his shorts down and proceed to suck him off…and then she would burst in and the woman would be shocked…but she’d tell her to finish or she would call the cops on her…and then she’d watch the frumpy little whore suck him off till he came in her face.“Oh fuck yeah,” she cooed and rubbed the top of his head. “Long as I got to watch,” she added and disappeared into her room again.Forty minutes later, she was sitting on a bench in the park wearing jogging pants and a tight t-shirt with no bra on. Her short bob haircut was pulled back and pinned and she was wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses. Her paperback book was only there for show. Behind the tinted lenses, she was scrolling the park for other women while Franklin tossed really horrible attempts at 3-pointers a few yards away. To her disappointment, the park was all but empty.“Excuse me,” a woman’s voice asked from behind her. “Do you mind if I park my butt here?”“What? Oh no, go ahead,” she replied.The woman pushed a baby stroller around the end of the bench from behind her and promptly dropped onto the opposite end of the bench.“Take off daredevil and try not to kill yourself. Mommy ain’t got no insurance now,” the woman said to her young daughter who walked up just after she’d seated herself.“Can I take my coat off, I’m hot?” the girl asked, already unzipping it before her mother had replied.“Whatever,” her mother grumbled. “Try not to put an eye out,” she added as the girl tossed the jacket to her and stopped to stare at Tiffany…or rather Tiffany’s unbound rack and hard nipples poking through the tight fabric of her shirt.Tiffany cleared her throat and it broke the girl’s stare. But by that point, it was Tiffany who was staring at the girl. She couldn’t tell how old she was, but she was certainly younger than Franklin but despite that, the fat little girl sported tits the size of her fists. They were mostly a result of her being overweight and so they sagged forward above her belly, the cold, hard nipples pointing downward somewhat…a complete contrast from most budding breasts. And despite the size of them, the girl wore no sign of a bra and her shirt was horrendously too small and so tight she could see the depth of her navel centered in the middle of her tubby belly. Had she been taller, Tiffany might have almost thought she was pregnant.The girl blinked and took off running toward the basketball goals where Franklin played and she could only imagine what sort of site the boy must have seen dashing towards him at that moment. She suppressed a giggle as she noted him suddenly standing stark still and gawking at the girl as she closed on him.Somehow she knew this was going to go horribly off-point, but part of her wanted to hold on and ride it out just to see what happened.“I’m Tiffany,” she said as she turned to look at the other woman. Too late, she realized she probably shouldn’t have used her real name.The other woman was about five and a half feet tall maybe and quite a bit older than herself…maybe even into her thirties. And despite pushing a baby stroller, her belly still looked like she was pregnant and maybe she was. Tiffany decided not to pry on that for fear of insulting her. She herself, had sported a pot gut for months after having Franklin and that was when she was fifteen and in ninth grade. She could only imagine had hard it was to shed the baby weight at this woman’s age.Her black, wavy hair was pulled back in a ponytail and her eyes were a pale hazel. Despite the weight and her age, she had a beautiful face…and beneath it was a pair of immense tits girted up in a bra that was obviously far too small to fit. Tiffany assumed she was probably breast feeding…though the empty stroller spoke otherwise.The woman noticed her looking at her stroller.“He’s at my mother’s…across the street over there,” and she twisted to point back across the street at a less than pristine townhouse. “I can’t take him with me on job interviews. That one there…sits quietly out in the halls,” and she pointed off in the distance to her daughter.“Looking for work,” Tiffany inquired, trying to make small talk.“Yeah…oh, I’m Wendy by the way,” she added. “And that’s Molly. That one yours?”“Yeah,” she replied but didn’t give his name as she tried to scan the woman’s hands for rings of any nature. “Thinks he’s a basketball star. I don’t think he is,” she added with a chuckle. “He tries to dress the part. Hard to tell him he looks like a dork in that shirt and those shorts,” she added, setting the situation up.Wendy gazed out at the k**s and smirked. “Please, don’t get me started on k**s and clothes. You see how fat mine is? Every time I buy new shit, she grows an inch higher and two wider. I was embarrassed to let her out in public for a while, but I just gave up a while back. It’s like whatever. I ain’t got no room to talk at this point,” she explained and then leaned back on the bench and shook her fat gut through the fabric of her sweater.Tiffany could tell she had her jeans hiked up high to try and hold her belly in. When she shook it, her hands had pulled the thick sweater fabric in enough for her rollover muffin-top to be visible.Good grief, her gut’s that big with her jeans pulled up over it? Damn, I’d be afraid to see it if she unzipped it!“I gotta ask,” the woman began with a grin but Tiffany cut her off.“More silicon than California,” she replied. “Not really. They’re actually saline and I had to save up for like two years to buy these babies.”The woman chuckled. “Should have asked, I’d have loaned you mine. The big muth’as are killing me. I didn’t have so much of a problem with her ass giresun rus escort years ago…but this one…I went from a B cup to a damn D before he was born and I’m pushing a double D at the moment. And if I don’t lose some weight, I’m afraid it’s gonna be worse than that shortly.”“Lots of things to complain about sister…having huge titties ain’t one of them,” she countered with a grin. “I’m sure the mister isn’t complaining is he?”“Had he not hauled ass, maybe not,” she replied. “That’s what I get for bumping uglies with a younger guy I guess. He was hot and hung and had a job and a car…and I thought hey…can’t go wrong here, right? WRONG! Asshole was gone before the pee stick was dry.”“Fucker…pardon my French,” she commented. She knew all too well about fuck-and-run types. “Same thing with me, except I was fifteen and really, really stupid. He was hot though and hung…don’t even get me started.”The other woman laughed.“I can’t complain about the ride with mine. It was bad assed, but nine inches ain’t worth a lot when it’s gone and you’re in the delivery room by yourself.”Tiffany caught the fact that the woman tossed out the numerical size. She was trying to brag. She was a bragger and apparently loose with her virtues when it came to a big dick.Bingo! She knew instantly she had her victim.She smiled and then decided to look out at Franklin and see what he was up to. He was jumping repeatedly trying to do layups and she knew any minute his dick was going to pop out of his shorts. Her only concern was how the fat girl was going to respond when it did.The girl had his ball now and was trying to show him how to do it. Sadly, she was better than he was.“I’m embarrassed,” she said aloud and motioned out at the two of them. “She’s kicking his ass.”Wendy laughed out loud.“Holee shit!” Tiffany suddenly blurted when she saw Franklin turn towards her. “GET OVER HER, DORK!” she bellowed and he came immediately trotting towards them on the bench…his dangler slapping freely out the bottom of his too-tight shorts.“ARE YOU NOT WEARING UNDERWEAR?!” she barked at him…to which he shook his head. Feigning disappointment and acting as if she were repressing rage, she pointed at his dangling man part and growled, “Put that thing where it goes. If that girl sees that thing I’m gonna beat you senseless right here in the park where her momma can watch!”He tucked it back up in his pants and glanced over at Wendy and then trotted back off to the goals again where the fat girl was sinking a shot.Tiffany leaned back on the bench with her hand over her mouth and said nothing, pretending to be in utter shock. After several moments of silence, she finally decided to break the ice. The other woman hadn’t grabbed her daughter and run, so obviously she wasn’t too badly offended or afraid for her daughter. Or maybe she was a bit of a slut who got off seeing my son’s big dick hanging out of his shorty shorts.“I know you saw that. What are you supposed to do with that?” she asked finally, cracking the silence.Wendy let out a long breath as if she’d been holding it that whole time.“He’s dangerous,” she finally commented. “Don’t guess there’s much you can do but knock him out when does stupid shit with it, right?”“I’m sorry…I hope she didn’t see that,” Tiffany added apologetically. “I should probably go before he knocks it out again and she trips on it–”Wendy suddenly burst out laughing.“Trip on it?” she blurted amid snorts and chortles. “Oh good grief, maybe I guess. Shit, I’m pretty sure she’s seen worse than that. Don’t worry.”Tiffany leaned back on the bench and stared to her side at the other woman.“Should I ask?”“She’s a damn peeper,” Wendy declared, shaking her head and still trying to stifle her laughter. “Boy crazy from the get-go. That’s why she’s not in school today. Little miss sunshine over there is on a two day suspension for getting caught at recess with a boy and his pants were down. Teacher couldn’t find them after the whistle so she goes poking around in the big playset thing they got and finds them up in the pirate ship…his pants around his ankles. You asked what you do with yours…so I ask you what the hell do you do with one like mine?”“Ya’know back in my day a fat girl couldn’t get no damned play like that. You was scum of the earth and now days it’s like the boys don’t mind it no more. Fat girls getting more action than the skinny ones. I mean I’m honestly worried she’s gonna come up pregnant at some point. So do I go off into that yet or wait?”“Mine…I walked in on him the other day with wood the size of my fricking arm and I’m wondering whether I should smack him or run, ya’know. So I get on his ass to control himself…but it goes on constantly for a while there until I finally have to just sit down and explain how to jerk off to him. Talk about fucking awkward!” Tiffany left out the full details obviously…and especially the part about how it had taken place just a few hours ago.About that time the two of them discarded the basketball and took off for the huge playset on the far side of the goals.“Uh-oh,” Tiffany muttered. “Should we go investigate that?” she asked, pointing off at the boy and girl climbing up the rock wall into the slide cavern.“Ah, not unless they don’t come out for a while,” Wendy replied. “So what do you do for a living? I’m guessing you’re not married since you’re having to instruct your son on man functions.”“I’m a realtor now,” she answered before realizing she’d told the truth. “I went to work as the company receptionist right out of high school though. Had to hump hell to get my license.”“You don’t know if they’re hiring receptionists, huh? I lost my job last week when they shut the grocery store I worked out down for renovations. Three months…no pay and no benefits. I told them to go fuck themselves. So I’m looking for something…anything really.”“Actually we are about to lose one going out on maternity leave,” she lied like a bitch. “Can you work nine to five? Pay ain’t all that but we’ve got good benefits.”“Hell yeah I can,” the other woman promptly chirped back and turned to fully face her. “Is the boss one of those ‘no fat chicks’ types? I know how some business are …they want pretty little ditzes working their front desk and phones.”“Nah, Roy don’t care. Hell he’s actually kind of,” and she cleared her throat. “Well Roy sort of digs the bigger women. He’s wife is like three hundred pounds. She was that big when he married her.”“Well damn in that case,” and Wendy leaned back and hiked her sweater up high enough she could grab the top of her jeans. With a few flicks of her fingers, she rolled the waistband down and let her mammoth gut roll freely over the top. Sighing with relief, she pulled her sweater back down. She really did look pregnant now without any doubt. “Damned pants have been killing me since I sat down here. Sorry for the full moon there.”“Please,” Tiffany blurted waving a hand. “Girl I looked pregnant for a year after I had him and that was in ninth damn grade. And you know what the weird thing is? I got more play from boys that year than I got the whole rest of high school. Don’t know if it was because they thought I was easy or if it was the big belly but I tell you what I didn’t mind let’in’em jiggle with it.”“I know,” Wendy concurred. “It’s like I was saying a minute ago. Fat girls don’t catch no flak these days. You see how many little huzzies walk around in their lowride jeans with their fat bellies and love-handles all just laying out there? Working their muffin-tops like they’re extra titties and acting like they’re hot to trot!”“I would guess they are, or they wouldn’t bother acting that way. I mean if it wasn’t working, why bother, right?”“I guess,” Wendy agreed. “So should I let it all hang out when I go into to deliver my application?”“Application? You can read and write and dial a phone, huh?” Tiffany asked her and she nodded in response. “Well you’re hired. I’ll go get a card out of my car before we leave for you,” she added though she had no intention of that whatsoever.The woman was gullible and needy. She was playing her just like she played clients on a daily basis. Compliment them, tell them what they wanted to hear, and make them feel comfortable. Then when they got cozy, you rubbed some titties on them and slid them the ink pen. And this was no different than that, was it? The woman was gonna end up with a little something and so was she. Lying to her was only a means to an end.“Umm, have you seen them?” Wendy asked as she looked around the park with sudden concern.There was a hanging bridge that led from the slide tower to an elevated platform and then from there the playset featured a large plastic cave that ran some ten feet through the air to another platform and slide.“I think they went into the cave thing tunnel,” Tiffany replied.Wendy sighed and stood up. “Better go check,” she stated as she snatched her stroller and started pushing it toward the playset area with Tiffany in tow.“Am I gonna still get a job if we get up here and my little pervy rugrat is pilfering your son?”“Like he’s gonna complain,” she replied and the older woman turned to look back at her with an odd expression. “If I know him, don’t be shocked if we find him showing it off to her. I’m just hoping he’s not demonstrating how it works now that he knows himself.”“Do we kill’em or not?”“I doubt it would stop them,” Tiffany asserted. When they reached the playset it turned out to be quite a bit taller than it looked from where they had been sitting.Wendy looked like she was about to shout out to her daughter and so Tiffany grabbed her arm.“Don’t go off yet. They may not be doing nothing. I’ll climb up and see,” she suggested and the other woman nodded, apparently not wanting to climb up the rock wall herself.Tiffany scaled the plastic wall and then crossed the slide deck to the hanging bridge and staggered across to the long plastic cave. As soon as she stepped inside the end of it, she was moist.Franklin, as she expected, had his shorts down…actually completely removed…and he was sitting on his bare ass on the floor of the compartment with a raging boner. The fat girl was directly across from him on her knees facing him, her eyes locked on his dick, but as soon as she realized Tiffany was hunched in the cave opening, her bugging eyes whipped to her and awe was replaced with horror.“Hey,” Franklin chirped to get the girl’s attention. “My mom’s cool. She don’t care,” he told her. “Right, Mom?”She smiled and glanced back out and down at the girl’s mother on the ground. She waved a hand as if to indicate nothing was happening.She’d started the venture hoping Franklin might snag the attention of another fully grown woman, but a pervy little fat girl would do in a bind.“Well he’s showing you his…are you gonna show him yours?” she asked the girl quietly.The girl looked bewildered to say the least.“Take your shirt off,” he told her. “Show me your boobs. That was the deal.”The girl stared at Tiffany with wild and terrified eyes and she knew it was never going down with her watching. But she also knew her son was preoccupied with sticking his dick in some kind of pussy and he couldn’t get hers then he was obviously taking the next best option. And he’d played along with her stupidity so the least she could do was let him get a little play.“I’ll keep your mom busy,” she said with a leering smile to the girl. “Do whatever you want with him. I don’t mind at all.” And with that, she turned and stepped from the end of the tunnel and hoofed it back across the hanging bridge, which sent her fake tits to bouncing. Looking down, she noticed Wendy was watching her…or her bouncing tits more accurately.Just to be a ditz, rather than climb back down, she turned and crawled into the enclosed slide bay. Once inside, she pulled her t-shirt up over her tits and then slide down the pipe, popping out at the bottom flailing like an idiot and pretending like she hadn’t intended for her shirt to ride up.“Not sure it’s your son we need to worry about flashing everybody,” Wendy commented as she climbed up off the ground at the end of the slide.“Shit,” she said, suppressing a chuckle. “You should try it sometime. It was stupid, but kinda exhilarating too.”“Sliding or flashing your big ole’boobies?”“Want me to lie?”“Boobs?”She grinned.“My question is why do you wear a bra and a thick ass sweater when you got boobs the size of yours?”“You are a bad influence, you know that, right?” Wendy stated with a blushing grin. “I’m thirty six years old you know. I’m not all spring-chickeny like you.”“You was bashing on the young fat bitches for flaunting their shit and yet you got the same game going on but you won’t flash it. Might get you a man that appreciates your curves if you tried it,” she suggested. “C’mon sister,” she added and motioned for Wendy to follow her. And then she trotted off toward the public restroom building that off to the edge of the playset area.Moments later the two walked inside the women’s restroom and stopped.“Here,” she said, pulling her t-shirt up and over her head. When she cleared her head from the garment she realized Wendy was standing only a foot or so from her near the sinks. Her eyes were firmly glued to her bare titties. “Whooo…titties,” she said and bounced up and down intentionally to make them wobble. “I’m pretty sure you’ve seen some before now. So here,” and she held her shirt out to Wendy. “Take it. Give me your sweater. We’ll swap and you can go slide and see what you think.”Wendy looked mortified but something twinkled in her eyes and one hand slowly reached for the shirt.“I don’t even know you,” she said as she laid the discarded shirt on the sink counter beside her.“You think I know you?” Tiffany countered. “I don’t believe in coincidences, sister, let me tell you. You and me meeting today had a reason. We’re too much alike. And you needing a job…me having one…it’s just too damn cool, is it not?”“Are you a lesbian? I mean no offense if you are, I’m just wondering if you’re…ya’know…playing me like a dude or something.”Tiffany looked a little off guard and in fact, was…Something was a little off with Wendy and she realized the woman was ogling her tits as they stood there. The woman wasn’t a lesbian, but she certainly wasn’t above being turned on by another woman.“I would be lying if I said I had not played around. But I like dick. Obviously you know that from stud-muffin out there. He got that from his father,” she admitted. “I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t think you were gorgeous.”“I am a fat cow who still giresun rus escort bayan looks pregnant,” she countered, never taking her eyes off of Tiffany’s rack.“I lied about Roy,” she revealed. “It’s not him that’s all about fat girls,” she stated. “Where you think my son gets it from?”“WHAT?!” Wendy chirped, her eyes bugging. “Were they messing around up there? You came down and I just assumed they weren’t–”Tiffany busted out laughing.“Oh good grief no, but him and her were all googly smoogly up there talking and I hated to make them break it up. Nothing was hanging out though. If you’re paranoid, let’s do this and you can go climb up and look for yourself.“So you’re hitting on me then. Look I need a job more than sex–” she started saying but Tiffany stepped forward and put her finger over her lips sensuously.“I get it. And I been putting off letting them hire me an assistant because I want somebody like me that I can get along with. I’m not a lesbian but I like what I see and I know you been staring at my tits since you parked this plump little ass on the bench beside me,” and with that she leaned forward and cupped Wendy’s ass cheek with her right hand and let her left one slide up under the tail of her sweater where it cupped the bottom of her fat, bulging belly. “I want a friend I can play with. All the women I know are stuck the fuck up and too good to do crazy shit once in a while. Most of them hate my tits. I go braless because it drives men crazy. I like being looked at in case you missed that. So do you wanna look?” Her right hand abandoned Wendy’s ass and slid upwards pulling the other woman’s hand higher toward her own titty. “Or do you wanna touch?”“We’re just out in the open,” Wendy whispered but her hand did not move from Tiffany’s breast. “Let’s go in the stall before someone walks in.”“Nope,” Tiffany stated resolutely. “I’m flaming crazy and if you’re gonna be my pal, you gotta be slightly nuts too. So are you stuck in the mud or are you a little flim-flamy my dear?”Wendy stifled a laugh as she raised her other hand to grasp Tiffany’s left tit.“So why do you like fat girls?” “I like the way their fat jiggles…I don’t know. It’s fucking stupid, right? I used to fucking get off so hard when I was a teenager after I had him. But I got like this weird metabolism and despite eating like a horse, I just lost it all a few months after I had him. And now I’m like the “hot chick” in the office…so I can’t afford to get fat.”She was making it up as she went along. Men like titties because they jiggled so it made sense they might like fat bitches because they jiggled too. So as she playfully groped at Wendy’s belly beneath her sweater, she pretended to be getting off on it.After a few more minutes of squeeze-play, Wendy backed up and lifted her sweater and pulled it off.Oh shit, her belly is gargantuan!Tiffany stared boldly at the woman’s flabby, sagging gut hanging over the top of her jeans. She could pass for being six or seven months pregnant still. She had some serious muffin-tops along her hips too, pressing out over the edge of her waistband. As she had suspected earlier, the woman’s breasts were far too large for her bra and as she stood there wearing nothing above the waist but the binding garment, Tiff marveled out how her pal’s titties were literally bubbling up out of the cups…overtaking them in thick, fleshy rolls.“Oh fuck, take that damn thing off,” she muttered and reached up to tug at the front of Wendy’s brassiere. “Let them big fucking bitches go free!”Wendy giggled and released the front clasp of her nursing bra and let it fall free. Her tits were epic and bloated…the brown nipples hard as rocks. Big blue veins encircled them and they looked heavy as all hell.Tiff’s hands were immediately all over them and she realized all at once that she was really aroused by the woman’s jugs. They were actually bigger than hers and soft and squeezable.“Oh fuck, bitch!” Wendy chirped and then started gasping heavily as if she were majorly turned on by the situation at hand. “Careful! Get too rough and you’re gonna end up with a sticky mess.”Tiffany stepped back and let her hands drift down to Wendy’s fat belly. She jiggled it roughly and pawed at it. To her own shock, it wasn’t turning her off. In fact, she was sort of getting used to feel of the fatness and actually thinking she might really get off on it. She’d never really felt up a fat woman before…never squeezed the cheese any and it was a sort of new experience for her.She slid around and squeezed on Wendy’s love-handles and then moved back to her belly.“You having fun there?”“What the fuck do you think?” she popped back at her fat pal.“I think I wanna go slide down the slide with my titties out,” she replied with a grin. “Think I didn’t notice that? C’mon bitch…shirts don’t ride up that high, especially when they’re as tight as this thing,” and she hefted up the t-shirt. “And there ain’t no way I’m getting my fat fluff up in this thing either.”“Are you insinuating that I pulled my tits out just so you could see’em?”Wendy stared her dead in the eye…then arched one eyebrow.Tiff cleared her throat and smiled. “Okay, yeah, I pulled my shirt up before I went down the slide. I didn’t see you not looking though, did I?” “You really want me to put this on and walk out there?”“There’s nobody here…damn park is deserted. And as if. Think anybody is gonna blink an eye? You said yourself fat girls walk around like this—your own daughter is walking around out there in a shirt tight as spandex. Quit being a pussy. Your daughter has more balls than you got!”She frowned and shoved Tiffany back from her.“You wanna see balls, babe?”With determined movements, she pulled the shirt over her head and the pushed her arms in and rolled it down till she managed to get it over her mammoth tits, but it wasn’t nearly long enough to go much further. The tail of it made it to just above her navel and below that her plush gut was bare to the four winds.“Well c’mon, lezbo if you wanna see my balls,” she told Tiff as she walked past her heading for the door.Tiffany grabbed Wendy’s discarded sweater and quickly put it on but left her bra lying on the counter.By the time she exited the bathroom, Wendy had already retrieved her baby stroller and was nearly at the climbing wall of the playset. Upon reaching it, she turned and faced Tiffany. Walking had obviously made the tight shirt ride up her body and her whole belly was just hanging out bare now. She looked more like she was wearing a sleeved sportbra than a t-shirt.Without a word, the fat woman was scaling the plastic wall heading up to the slide platform. By the time Tiffany reached the wall, her pal was already half way up it.It was then that she remembered Franklin in the cave with the woman’s daughter. How was that going? She wondered. She also wondered if big momma was about to walk in on them and blow everything to shit? Part of her was enthralled with Wendy now and almost didn’t want to part with her new relationship.She glanced beneath the slide at the cave and noticed it seemed to be moving a little…almost wobbling.“Hey bitch!” She looked up and saw Wendy squatting and climbing into the slide tunnel. Once the woman was flat on her ass, she leaned back and looked around with wide eyes and a mischievous grin on her face then she scooted forward and then a blue garment flew from the opening and Tiffany gasped, recognizing it as her t-shirt…the one Wendy was wearing seconds before.“You better be at the bottom with that if you want to fondle anything else today,” she called out and it echoed in the tunnel. “You get it?”“I got it!” she blurted back as she picked up the shirt from the mulch at her feet and ran to the front exit for the slide.Wendy slide down and suddenly appeared topless at the bottom of the slide in the open. She sat up and looked around quickly and then grabbed the shirt and dashed around the side of the slide back to the wall without putting it on. Her big tits were flopping and flapping and her fat gut was gyrating up and down as she hustled back to the climbing wall.“Who’s the pussy now?” she shouted back at Tiffany still standing in dismay at the foot of the slide. She looked around and saw that the park was dead quiet except for them. Had Wendy forgotten about her son over in the cave? Her own daughter? When she cleared the top of that climbing wall the k**s could probably see her from their vantage point in the tunnel. She had to know that…or had she just lost her mind?At that moment, Wendy cleared the top, stood up fully and began doing a little humpty dance on the top landing of the slide’s deck.“I smell tuna!” she called down to Tiffany.“Hey fuck you,” she shouted back and just nearly ripped the sweater off. Topless she began scaling the wall and to her dismay, Wendy just stood there waiting for her. When she reached the top, the fat woman grabbed her and enveloped her in a passionate kiss, tongue and then some.“I haven’t felt this alive in my whole life,” Wendy said as she turned and hunkered down into the opening of the slide tunnel. Tiffany slipped down beside her in the end of it and they started kissing and tonguing again. That of course led to groping and somehow that led to sucking of tits and then Wendy’s hands were down her pants and her fingers were teasing her wet pussy.“The k**s,” she whispered in Wendy’s ear. “They’re right over there in the tunnel.”“I didn’t buy the whole bit where you yelled at him about it falling out. Like you’d really let him out of the house in those shorts with a dick that big if you didn’t know it was gonna fall out,” she cooed back to her. “You strut him around like that a lot? Or is today special?”Tiffany wasn’t sure what to say. Was she totally busted at this little game? And if so, her victim didn’t seem too upset by the matter. In fact, she was going downright wild with the game. Much further than she’d ever expected it to go. Maybe her meeting Wendy hadn’t been just by accident.“You don’t seem disturbed by that,” she muttered as Wendy buried three fingers in her pussy and began pumping her hand with purpose.“Where you think my daughter gets her perverted shit from? Apple don’t fall far from the tree. She’s curious so I tell her to look. I didn’t punish her for that shit at school. Hell I promised her a day at the park for it. I don’t like being repressed, but I’ve had to adapt to survive you know. I’ve never run across anybody else as fucking freaky as I am. You just fucking cut my sex monster loose, you nasty little bitch!”They writhed for several moments in the top of the slide before slowing again.“I think they’re over there fucking,” Tiffany whispered. “He had it out and was showing it to her but I didn’t want to get her in trouble for being curious.”“How do you know?”“The cave was bouncing when we came up a minute ago,” she admitted.Wendy leaned up on her arm and looked down at Tiffany with an odd look on her face.“Does it make you horny to think he’s over there pumping her with his big boy dick?” Tiffany asked her as she slipped the zipper down on Wendy’s tight jeans and fished her hand down into the woman’s fat pussy padding. “You wanna go see don’t you?”Wendy leaned out toward the opening and peered down across the bridge at the cave opening.“Holee shit I can hear them grunting and shit!”Tiffany buried her fingers into the woman’s vaginal crevice and dug deeply as she could then leaned up and began sucking her right, dr****g titty.“Oh shit, listen at’em over there!”“What’s wrong, sex monster…mad ‘cause your daughter is more wild than you?” Tiffany leaned up and nuzzled the fat woman’s neck. “Go over there and look if you want. Go watch. I don’t care. You think you’re liberal with her? When I told you I had to teach him to jerk off. Bitch I taught him to jerk off right!”“I knew you were a freak,” Wendy gasped as she began moving her hips to ride Tiffany’s hand. “You want me to go over there and watch don’t you?”“You go over there and he’ll probably fuck you too,” she informed her as she began to suckle her breast again.Inside the cave, Franklin watched in awe as the fat little girl pulled her pants off and then straddled his erection.“This is how Momma does it,” she informed him as she slide down on his shaft and buried it inside of her. It was extremely tight and the girl seemed to know more about what was to be done than he did. Without further commentary, she began bouncing on him, riding him like a horse. Some few moments later he reached out to pull her to him, but she pushed him back against the fiberglass wall and held him there.“Wait,” she told him and her plump hips began bucking faster and harder. “Ahhhhh,” she began moaning and then her head went back and her eyes closed tightly and her hips were pumping even harder. By now the entire tunnel was shaking and vibrating. He stared longingly at her flopping titties and fought hard not to reach up and grab them. All at once though, the girl moaned super loud and he felt her spray him down with hot liquid and then she tensed for several seconds before leaning forward and shoving her boobs into his face.“Suck my titties, boy!” she demanded of him. “And gimme’ that nut. I wanna feel it too!”At the slide across the bridge, Wendy was moaning and panting as Tiffany fingered her. The fat woman’s jeans were around her ankles now and the two of them were only partially inside the tunnel that encapsulated the slide.Wendy tensed and wet Tiffany’s hand down and then she collapsed against the wall of the slide tunnel.Tiff pulled her hand from the woman’s pussy and started licking her fingers just to tease.“I bet you lick that long cock too, don’t you?”“Franklin’s?”“You do, don’t you? Admit it. I ain’t gonna say shit. You wanna know why? I got more story to me and Molly than what I told you.”Tiffany smirked. “Do tell…”“I was fucking my ex…mister big dick, nine inches one night and I noticed her at the door peeping at us. I didn’t know what to do so I whispered to him so he’d stop and I could just go push the door closed…but this asshole, he laughs and just starts tearing my ass up from one end of the bed to the other. Ends up making me suck his dick and then he shoots his load all in my face and shit and I got so in to it that I completely forgot she was there watching.”“This asshole of an ex of mine…he starts waltzing around the apartment naked after that, just to fuck with me and I just don’t say nothing because I’m all up in love with him and I think it’s fucking kind of hot. Sick shit I know, but he’s got me wrapped.”“Then rus escort giresun one day he’s naked and walks out into the living room and starts messing with me and she’s just sitting there watching TV on the floor in front of the couch and we just end up fucking right there and letting her watch.”“That time I knew she was there and…and…and I got off on it,” she admitted.“I let him beat off on me just this morning before we came to the park. I taught him to eat pussy,” Tiffany revealed.Having said that, Tiffany sat up and tugged her pants into position and then stepped off onto the swinging bridge heading toward the cave.Wendy, spent and exhausted remained lying on the slide deck with only her panties on and her jeans around her ankles.Tiffany knelt down and climbed into the end of the cave and immediately saw the girl sucking her son’s dick like a professional whore.Damn, I guess I know where she learned that from!“Get up and c’mon studly, I got some real pussy for you to go fuck,” she informed him as she crawled to their location. The girl popped up and stared in shock at his topless mother leaning down on all fours beside them…her fake jugs dangling like milk udders.Franklin’s dick was red and bloated and limp and the tunnel stank of pussy and sweat. Tiffany looked down and saw cum all in the girl’s pubic hair and smeared along the insides of her thighs.“Well I guess you’re already done anyway,” she asserted as she reached and tugged at the boy and began dragging him out of the tunnel back toward the bridge.By the time they reached the opening, the girl had her pants back on and was fumbling with her ridiculously tight shirt. Franklin remained wearing his slit-side shirt, but nothing else as his mother jerked him out into the open on the top of the platform.In the distance, she saw a cop car pulling up.“FUCK! RUN!” she blurted and shoved him down the bouncing, swaying bridge. “COPS!” she yelped as she stepped over her fat new pal and started climbing down the wall. She waited two seconds once she hit the ground for Franklin to get halfway, and then she just grabbed him off the side of the wall and took off running with him toward the opposite side of the park.She made it into the tree line with him and then they circled around back to the street where her car was parked. They then made a dash for the car and zoomed out into the street, him with no pants and her topless.She never knew what happened to the other woman or her daughter and she didn’t care. She and hers had gotten away and that was all that mattered. She made it a point to never visit that particular park again and even avoided that street entirely.It was weeks later before her son finally coaxed her into messing around with him again. It was months before she ever let herself be taken by him completely.The Present…Townhouse Row – Garland StreetRichmond, Virginia2:54 PM“So are we just gonna sit here all day watching news or what?” Tiffany asked with a bored sigh.It seemed getting her son’s sexual attention these days was getting harder and harder. She figured it was due to her size…the size of her belly at least. He didn’t seem to mind her bloated titties of course, but he seemed to get annoyed because her belly was always in the way when he was trying to fuck the shit out of her and he didn’t like doing it from the side or back.Always about the fucking titties! Can’t see’em or play with him and he don’t want none of it.Their relationship had been one of really weird issues during the last year. That one day…the first day…when she’d stepped across the line with him and then they’d ended up in the park getting crazy with strangers…well things had never been the same since then. Sure they fucked around a lot…a whole lot, but Franklin had all but absolutely refused to do anything outside the house after that day…so the sex had sadly gotten boring really quickly for her.And then she’d found out she was pregnant and he’d been thoroughly uninterested in that novelty fact. And now today, she comes home and he’s fully dressed. She’d taken her shirt off and nothing. There he sat, remote in hand, flicking from one useless news feed to the next as if something new would be learned in the two seconds spent changing channels.“Why are you so spazzed over all of this? So people are fucking crazy, so what? Who cares?” she finally blurted and strained to get up off the couch from beside him.“You wanna know why I’m all spazoid?!” he chirped and jumped up from the couch to face her. “Maybe ‘cause of this!” With shaking hands, he unzipped his pants and shoved them down to reveal a dangling cock that was at least nine inches long…limp…and his balls that were normally g**** size…d****d down between his thighs looking probably nearer to golf balls in size now. “Not fucking normal! This is not normal!”She couldn’t say a word. Words could not express her thoughts…her feelings at what she was seeing. Part of her was shocked and confused and another part wanted to fling him on the couch and ride him like a trusty steed off into the sunset.Just then the doorbell rang.She jumped and then recognized the sound. Clumsily she turned and headed for the door to see who was there. She looked out the peephole and saw a woman’s hair. Without further concern, she disarmed the alarm system and unlocked the door.On the step stood a woman about five and a half feet tall wearing an orange jumpsuit. Her hair was black and pulled back in a ponytail. It had been over a year, but she instantly recognized the woman just as she hefted a pistol and shot her in both knees.“You fucking cunt!” Wendy shouted at her. “Didn’t think I’d find you did you, bitch? Did you ever even try to find out what happened that day? HUH?! Didn’t give a shit did you, bitch? Well let me tell you what happened.”She stepped in and slammed the door shut behind her. Tiffany was crying and bleeding and trying her best to crawl back away from the door to escape her assailant.“I was fat and naked but the cops didn’t catch me. Nah, but they did catch Molly and guess what? Molly told them all about me and my ex…and I ended up in the fucking slammer, bitch! Yeah, I been sitting in the fucking jailhouse for ten damn months…just…just dreaming of getting to fuck your pretty little blimp tittied ass up!”“Please…I’m sorry…we ran to save ourselves,” she pleaded with her but Wendy had a look in her eye that spoke of rage and madness.“We ran to save ourselves! FUCK YOU! You was into it as much as we was. Fucking cops didn’t bother looking for you two though. Guess ya’ll was too fancy to get cuffed. Nice house, by the way, bitch! Guess being a slut ass realtor lets you get in on the good deals, huh?”By this point, Tiffany had back crawled into the entrance to the living room.WHACK!Wendy dropped and flopped against the far wall of the foyer. Tiffany looked up and over and saw Franklin standing there with a lamp in his hand.Before she could say anything, he stooped down and picked up the pistol that Wendy had dropped. Pointing it at her, he closed in on her.“I remember you…and I remember Molly too. What happened to her? Where is she?” he demanded of her.“Living with my mother…right across from the damn park, asshole. Now either gimme’ my guy back or shoot me you little prick!”She stood up, a bloody knot rising on the side of her face. “Why do you give a shit?”“I love her,” he said plain as day and dropped the gun on the floor. In the blink of an eye he was out the front door and running down the street toward the park.“My, my…guess it’s just you and me again,” Wendy chided Tiffany as she picked up the pistol and knelt down beside her. “Ooooo…look at this big, round belly. Who’s is this I wonder? Loverboy there? Looks like he done run off and left you high and dry, sister.”As Tiffany lay there she realized why her sexual relationship with Franklin had gone so stale after that first day. He wanted the fucking little fat runt! All that time, he’d been dreaming about her fat fucking bubble titted cunt! It infuriated her to the point of screaming. And now he’d just run out and left her at the mercy of this gun toting psychopath.“Is your pussy wet now, bitch?” Wendy asked as she reached and yanked the top of Tiffany’s jogging pants down. “No panties? Skank!” With a diabolical glare, she shoved the barrel of the pistol up into Tiffany’s vagina and began fucking her with it. “Oh yeah…you like that, don’t you slut? You know how many dyke fucking bitches I’ve had to tolerate in the last year? How many beatings? All because I sat down by you in the park one day.”“You…fucked…in front…of your daughter,” Tiffany hissed through a haze of pain emanating from her wounded legs. “You…did that…before…not…my fault!”“FUCK YOU!”Wendy backed up and banged into the open door, the gun still smoking. She looked back at the body on the floor in front of her and puked all over herself.What had she just done? She was up for early release in two months…and then the jailors had just opened the gates and let them all out a few hours earlier. On her way here, she’d happened upon the pistol…littering the corpse of a dead cop lying in the street. Now she’d murdered someone. Not just someone but a pregnant woman…a woman she’d once taken for lover.She retched again and then put the gun in her own mouth and squeezed the trigger.Far down the street, Franklin was running and ever from his distance, he heard both of the fatal shots. He didn’t care though because he’d found Molly at long last.He knocked on the door and screamed, “Molly!?” for the sixth time. One of the houses had to be the right one. To his surprise this time the door opened and an older woman in her late fifties stood there with a butcher knife in her hand looking quite menacing with it.“I’m looking for Molly. Does she live here?”“Who the fuck are you?” the old woman demanded to know.“I love her,” he said and pushed past the woman oblivious to the heinous looking blade she wielded. Inside the small house, he saw a crib and was astonished to see a small baby inside who’s eyes reminded him of his mothers’.“YOU!” The old woman barked from behind him as she slammed the door. “You the one that knocked her up at the park, ain’t you?”Just then Molly waddled down the staircase and stopped on the last step. Her belly even bigger than he remembered it…hell she was bigger all over. Somewhat taller and a whole lot fatter. But the thing that struck him the most shocking was the immenseness of her gargantuan tits. They were the size of watermelons and dangled limply off the sides of her fat gut. She was wearing only panties. Her nipples were brown and as he glanced from her to the crib, he realized he’d gotten her pregnant like the old woman had said. He was the father of her c***d.He stepped up to her and they looked at each other for a long moment and then he turned and just made his way back toward the door without saying a word to her.“WHERE THE FUCK YOU GOING, YOU LITTLE BASTARD!?” her grandmother screeched as he stepped around her and opened the door to leave.The woman was still shouting and cursing as he started walking down the street back toward his house. But as he looked out across the road, he saw the park he hadn’t seen in so long. It called to him and he changed his direction and headed towards the playset.He climbed up into the elevated cavern and found a nice spot inside to sit and rest. He could hear sirens in the distance and wondered briefly if they were headed for his house.BETA-2 FACILITYKENTUCKY3:45 PMMiles looked up at the men and women surrounding him at the computer station and none said a word as he waited for the connection to re-establish. They’d been in the midst of trying to come up with some new data or ideas about the virus when the connection on the old landlines had gone down.“Well, he had a point,” Captain Bowen commented as they sat there in limbo. She was referring to one of the scientists who was somewhere called Encino-5.“I know,” Miles admitted. “We have established the fact that this virus won’t have a 100% success rate. Not even close. Some people will just manage to control themselves…others will be isolated like us. At best they can’t get more than 80%.”“Enough to knock us into the stoneage again though,” one of the soldiers nearby commented.“He’s right. We’ve got supplies and equipment, but after so many years, it will run out and we’ve got no industrial base from which to build new stuff. I mean we’ll have the equipment but not the people to run the equipment,” Bowen added in agreement with him.“So they had no intent from the beginning to completely destroy us,” Miles theorized. “It’s a culling. They want to reduce our population to a manageable level. But why? To enslave us? Surely an advanced race would have no need for slaves. There’s got to be something more than that. Are they preserving us? Protecting us? I mean we are over-populated. Is this them trying to be benevolent to some degree? Doing us a favor?”“What did the Joint Chiefs say about the attack?” Bowen asked as the Colonel approached their crowd.“They are ecstatic to nuke something to say the least, but they’ve decided to let the Air force use something else. I’m afraid it’s above all of your pay grades, but suffice it to say, it’s beam oriented and similar to what they used on our sub.”“You just told us what it was,” Miles stated.“I told you nothing, Doctor,” and with that the Colonel smirked and walked off to another computer station.“Particle beam fired from the ground or from a sub-orbital vehicle,” one of the soldier technicians in their little group commented. “Can we contact this thing, you think?” Miles asked aloud to no one in particular.“Sure, what’s the number?” one of the soldiers asked and they all had a good chuckle.“No, I’m serious,” he insisted. “I know there are ways to send messages through lasers, right…so could we lock onto the Knight and send a signal to it like that?”“What you wanna say, Doc?” the one beside him asked.“I don’t know. Go fuck yourself, comes to mind, but I think maybe we should be more creative. I still think it needs to be destroyed, but I’d also honestly like a crack at communicating with it. If it’s an AI of some sort, we might be able to reason with it.”“Hey, if it made this virus, could it possibly turn it off,” one of the technicians asked.“Damn,” Bowen sighed. “Takes the end of the world to get Chandler to finally use his brain,” she stated and slapped the tech in the back of the head.“That’s a good point. Maybe we give it an ultimatum. Fix our shit or we blow your ass out of the sky,” another of the soldiers suggested.“What do you think?” Miles asked Bowen directly.“It knows we know it’s there…so I doubt there’s any harm in trying to communicate. And if it doesn’t go well, we still got plans to incinerate its ass.”“Let’s make it happen, gentlemen,” Miles said as he stood up from the computer. “Unlike this sad excuse for a dialup network.”To be continued…

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