Three Sided Pleasures


Let’s say that a lover of mine and I are staying in a fine hotel at which you are quite gainfully employed as the expert concierge.

Over the course of our week-long stay, you find yourself interested in us both – not only because you find us both physically appealing, but because you have facilitated several little surprises that we have arranged for each other.

These included a rose petal and strawberry champagne bath that I arranged for her – clawfoot tub and all, and masseur/masseuse team that she arranged so that we could both enjoy a thorough massage simultaneously.

We’ve both been flirting a little with you, both separately and together, and when you consistently respond with a shy smile and a little flush of color in your cheeks, we decide to see just how sensuously adventurous you can be encouraged to become.

I come to your desk and ask if you know of any forested hiking trails within a 50-mile radius. You reply that you do know of a place that you like to walk in sometimes on the weekends, and that it’s a nice trail through an oak forest, with a stream that flows in parts of the year. I tell you that such a place would be perfect, just as my lady joins me at the desk. I share your information with her and she says that it sounds lovely.

Then there is a pause while we gaze at each other briefly, and she begins by assuring you that she and I would never want to cause any conflict of interest between work and play, but then asks you if you might consider joining us for an afternoon stroll and a picnic, and I interject that we both feel you’ve been very artful in fulfilling our needs, and that we know that tomorrow is your day off, and if you haven’t already planned your day we’d like this opportunity to share a little time with you before the end of our stay… And on top of the pleasure of your company, she continues, we’d very much like a guide to find the best spot for the three of us to have our picnic.

The idea appeals to you but you aren’t sure you should be going out with clients to off hours events. We insist that we’d never want to impose, but that we truly would like to spend a little time with you.

Our combined gaze gently melts into you like focused sun on butter, and you break into an shy but impulsive little blushing grin and cheerfully assent to our request.

That settled, we agree on a time and a place to meet, and we tell you just to bring yourself and Ankara Escort to dress comfortably.

The next morning is a fine and sunny with a very cool breeze as we begin at the trailhead. My pack contains all that we might need, and I allow you to lead the way as we proceed into the trees.

You decide to lead us to a place that you go to be alone, because you know it’s a little out of the way and we’re unlikely to be disturbed. The trail passes by an incline of large rocks, which you easily scale, and at the top a fork in the trail continues in a different direction from the one we left.

After a little time walking and talking, we arrive and your special spot. It’s a broad and flat outcropping of stone overlooking a beautiful pond surrounded by trees. Birdsong decorates the fragrant air as we tell you how pretty it all is and thank you for sharing it with us. She fairly gushes with praise as I cheerfully unpack a large thick blanket and a cloth cooler with chilled sparkling cider and French bread, fruits and cheeses and thinly sliced smoked meats.

During the meal, she and I playfully feed little morsels to each other and pull you into the game by alternately feeding you and taking food from your fingers as you begin to offer it in turn – each of us looking deeply and mischievously into your eyes as we taste your offerings.

You feel a luscious warmth and slick moist feeling growing between your thighs as we do this and we notice that your breathing changes and your cheeks become more flushed as we continue.

Finally, as you hold up another slice of cheese for her, she takes a gentle hold of your wrist and slowly wraps her lips around your middle finger and sucks it gently. As your mouth drops open and you lean forward, she sucks it a bit deeper in and then lets it slip out to nibble lightly at the pad of your palm. Then she leans forward and your lips meet for a fleeting kiss, followed by another and then another.

You turn to regard me expectantly and I don’t disappoint, enflaming you with a passionate, strawberry-tinged kiss and a teasing spell of tongue play, during which you feel her mouth against the side of your neck. The heat of passion is spreading hotly through you now as you alternately trade kisses and nibbles with us, and we begin to fondle each other in a leisurely way.

Gradually cloth more and more gives way to pleasure and we find ourselves increasingly Çankaya Escort naked, and our kisses roam an ever expanding field over your deliciously heated form.

As my head falls slowly along the outer curves of your breasts and then downward, your mouth laps gently over her exposed and puffy nipples, you begin to feel me exploring your inner thighs with little kisses and licks, and she slides her hands over your belly and your breasts as she caresses them with growing hunger. Now giving way utterly, you lay back and spread and lift your legs, displaying your glistening and as yet untouched blossom as I circle ever closer with firmer sucking kisses and playful little bites. As my lips reach yours and I taste your sweet musk, flicking my tongue in quick grazing strokes over your labia and just beneath your little pink button, you find yourself guiding her body higher and higher over your head, so that your kisses fall between her ample breasts, across her gently heaving belly and then lower and lower to the wetly oozing nectar of her heated flower. She quivers at your first lick and a sharp bark of pleasure escapes her lips as she eagerly straddles your mouth and arches her sex out to grant you full access.

I begin to delve more and more deeply into you, and as your tongue flickers like a butterfly’s wing against her little button, you feel the penetration of my fingers as I slip them into your needy well and suckle on that swollen little clit of yours. You then hungrily pull her downward against your reaching licks and you probe into her as your upper lip slides up and down over her hot nub.

Soon your need is unbearable and you ask her in a breathless voice if you can have my cock. She ardently grants permission for your wish to be granted, and you see quickly that I’ve anticipated it, having suited my shaft appropriately in a ribbed latex sheath. Now it is her turn to lay on her back and hold her thighs up and spread as you bury your mouth in her and arch your back to present that hot little slit of yours to my throbbing prick.

She begins to writhe and wriggle beneath you as I plunge in and out of you from behind – slowly at first, but then with an occasional quick thrust or sudden withdrawal that becomes more frequent with a building rhythm. I grip your waist firmly and pull you onto my impaling cock as you lap and nibble her into near frenzy and revel in her sumptuous froth.

As Etlik Escort I reach down to lightly work your clit and teasingly slip my pinkish head slowly in and out of your tightening opening, you feel that spark begin to build in your belly and you begin to more loudly vocalize your pleasure into her blossom as you lick her, and she begins to tense and shake on the very edge of cumming.

I hold you on the brink, touching your little button and then letting it cool as I slip all the way in and then all the way out. Panting hungrily between her legs as you work her with all your talent, you savor her deliciousness as she cries out again and again in short little bursts and convulses in furious waves, and spurts a little over your tongue as she cums.

While she’s still hot, I pull you backward over me and extend my legs beneath you as I lay back and guide you to straddle me backwards.

My rigid prick enters your wetness again and, as I lean you backward, two words from me set her spreading your thighs and lapping her tongue hotly over your folds and suckling on your hard little nub. As my shaft slips all the way deep up in your quivering body and her skilled mouth works your magenta petals and your swollen button, you can see her finger-fucking her cunt feverishly.

Such delicious pleasure so sweetly delivered by two at once is new to you, and you so badly want it to last forever, but you know that you can’t hold back much longer – your release is building even as your longing deepens.

As you brace yourself with your hands on the blanket at my sides, my hands find your puffed nipples and as I firmly feel your tits up and she feasts between your legs as my cock presses against that hotspot in your belly, you slip over the edge and shudder and tremble as you cry out your release, and she squirms and bucks and gushes out her further ecstasy onto her fingers, as you feel my prickshaft flex even more rigidly and I fiercely growl my pleasure out beneath you as I fill your trembling crevice with my seed.

We all collapse onto each other, your back against my chest, her face on your belly, your fingers in her hair, and my slowing breath in your ear – and all three of us slick with mingled sweat.

We enjoy a long moment of afterglow before taking a skinny dip in the pond and sunning ourselves until we feel refreshed for another run of passion. You reveal to us that you’ve never done anything like what you did with us and we are a little astonished to hear that, but we express our deep sense of honor that we should be your first. There is no need to confirm the intensity of our triangularly mutual desire as we begin again to trade soft kisses.

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