To Bask in Breastford Ch. 16


“Coach Blue!”

Coach Blue stopped walking as he thought he heard someone shouting his name. He turned around and peered down the hallway for a few seconds before realizing that it had come from the office he had just walked by.


He stuck his head through the open door and saw that Evelyn Evers and Paula Swanson were trying to get his attention.

“Evelyn…” Coach Blue said as he stepped inside. “I was in such a hurry I guess I didn’t notice your office.”

“That’s quite alright.” Evelyn said from behind her desk.

Coach Blue couldn’t help but notice her cleavage as her big boobs pressed against her desk.

“I trust everything is going well?” Evelyn asked.

Coach Blue nodded.

“Absolutely.” He said. “I love it!”

He stopped as he saw the somewhat distressed faces on the two women.

“That is I…errr, I’ve had no….uhhh….problems? Yup!” He said with a quick smile. “No problems whatsoever.”

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Paula asked of him.

Coach Blue peered down at her. She had her back to him, but her head was turned and she was staring at him with eyes like that of a strict school teacher. Coach Blue noticed that she, like Evelyn, had her cleavage exposed.

“What’s that?” Coach Blue asked.

“Why are you in such a hurry?” Paula asked again. “Classes have long since been over. The girls tell me you like to hold after school practices, but I suspect those should be over as well.”

Coach Blue looked from woman to woman. They were both looking at him, expecting an answer.

“Well, I…” he began. “I, err, have a few…or a couple…of things that I need to…ummm…do.”

“Have the girls been progressing?” Evelyn asked.

Coach Blue turned his attention to her.

“Oh, yeah!” Coach Blue said. “More than you know.”

“Well, terrific.” Evelyn responded. “Be sure that they work on their ball-handling skills. I want no areas left unhindered.”

Coach Blue grinned.

“That’s an excellent note, Miss Evers.” He said. “By the time I’m through with them the girls will know exactly how to handle my- err, the school’s- err, my balls.”

“Yes, well.” Evelyn nodded. “See that they do. And see to it that they’re second to none. I want my girls to do lots of bouncing.”

“So do I…” Coach Blue said as his mind began to wander.

Both Paula and Evelyn looked at each other as they seemed to have lost Coach Blue entirely.

“Steven!” Paula yelled.

“Oh! Right. Yes?” Coach Blue responded, stepping out of his daze.

“Steven,” Paula said. “You’ve got a little something…”

She gestured to her mouth to show him what she meant.

“Oh!” Coach Blue said. He wiped his hand across his mouth and realized he’d been drooling. His hand was now covered in drool. He quickly finished up and got back to the conversation.

“Don’t you worry, Miss Evers.” He said. “I’ll make sure these girls bounce their basketballs so much that they’ll be sweating and panting by the time I’m finished with them.”

Then they politely said their good-byes and Coach Blue left the room.

“Where were we?” Evelyn asked of Paula as soon as Coach Blue was out of ear shot.

“You were just confirming the quantity of the order?” Paula answered.

“Oh yes, yes.” Evelyn said. “That reminds me. Have you decided on a name?”

“Yes, I have.” Paula answered. “It’s called ‘StaminaX.'”

“How fitting.” Evelyn said. “Well, if that is all…”

They shook hands as Paula stood up to leave.

“Paula!” Evelyn stopped her just as she was about to exit.

“Yes?” Paula asked.

“Why did you need confirmation?”

“Oh, it’s nothing.” Paula answered. “Just a simple math error.”

Evelyn nodded in acknowledgement, and then Paula turned and left.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“Wait!” Brittany called after her friend. “Brooke! We need to talk about this!”

As she ran, her boobs bounced under her clothing. They slowed as she came to a stop next to her busty friend.

“No, we don’t!” Brooke replied.

She and Brittany were once again dressed in their practice clothing after hours. They were beginning to feel more comfortable in their school-issued clothing than in their street clothes, and they both felt far away from home when they didn’t have the word “Breastford” printed on them somewhere.

“Just tell me what the plan is!” Brittany urged.

“There is no plan.” Brooke answered.

Brittany stopped walking for a second, but she quickly sprang back into motion to catch up to her friend as they made their way through the empty gym.

“What do you mean??” Brittany asked in a whisper.

“I don’t know.” Brooke said. “There’s, I mean, there is a plan, I just haven’t thought of it yet.”

“Well, don’t you think you should do so…quickly?!”

“Look, I know, I’m trying!” Brooke said. “But look, right now there’s not much we can do.”

Brittany didn’t say a word.

“We can’t risk anyone finding out.” Brooke said. “I mean, can you imagine Escort Sincan if Nina knew what was going on? Or the committee?”

A worried look ran across Brittany’s face.

“See?” Brooke said. “This is something we’re going to have to fix by ourselves.

“But I don’t-“

“I know.” Brooke stopped her.

The two girls turned to the door they were now standing beside.

“Maybe we’ll luck out?” Brittany asked.

Brooke threw her friend a hopeless expression, then she opened the door and the two of them stepped into Coach Blue’s office.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

He was taking a swig of water when they entered the room. As soon as he saw them he threw the sports bottle aside. It flew a few feet and landed on the soft cushions of the couch. The sound it made indicated that it was still quite full.

The girls immediately noted the small bulge in his shorts. It was hard to miss, as he was standing upright against the front of his desk. They also noted how it had jumped once they entered the room.

Brooke quickly averted her eyes and tried to make eye contact with her coach, but his eyes were already moving up and down her and her friend’s busty bodies.

Brittany felt used and awkward when Coach Blue licked his lips after eye-humping her 36DD chest.

“Coach?” Brooke spoke up finally. “Brittany and I were just wondering if it was absolutely necessary, err, I mean, if we absolutely have to-“

“Come here.” Coach Blue said, interrupting her.

A look of surprise ran over Brooke’s face.

“What she’s trying to say,” Brittany said. “is that we don’t really want-“

“Come here…” Coach Blue repeated.

The two teens looked at each other a little awkwardly. Neither one wanted to comply.

Coach Blue looked up at the ceiling briefly and rolled his eyes. When he brought his head back down he ran his forearm over his mouth to get some of the moisture off. Then he looked at the two big-busted blondes in front of him.

“You don’t understand.” He said. “I’ve been waiting all day to play with those basketballs. I was thinking about them all day. And now, I’m going to play with them.”

The girls threw each other questioning looks, and neither girl liked the other’s answer.

“Now…” Coach Blue said, holding out his arms. “Come here…”

The girls awkwardly stepped forward, the way an innocent man walked toward the electric chair.

Brittany got to him first, and he quickly reached around her small waist and pulled her toward and into him. His right hand shot out at lightning speed a split-second later, where it pulled Brooke Biguns into him by her waist as well.

Neither girl struggled as they felt Coach Blue’s hands on their small waists. Brittany’s body shivered as Coach Blue started rubbing her waist with his rugged hand. She noticed Brooke’s body stiffen up, just as she did so as well; albeit slightly involuntary. At least she was going through the same thing…

As their bodies stiffened, both girls instinctively arched their backs in an effort to get away from the tickling sensation his hands were exerting on them. Their chests ballooned out and Coach Blue smiled as they pressed into him. He slid his hands down their waists and rested them on each girl’s luscious rear. His fingers sank into the skin-tight blue shorts they were wearing.

The girls were flabbergasted. Their eyes bugged out as they felt Coach Blue’s hands all over their butts.

Coach Blue was looking down at their tits and smiling as his fingers prodded their fleshy buns. His hands caressed and squeezed the round lumps of flesh through their gym shorts, forcing the girls to thrust their chests into him. He had a bun from each girl in both hands as their huge tits poked and prodded his chest with their nipples. All four of the round, busty orbs rubbed against him as he sank his fingers into their soft butt-meat.

He looked from Brooke’s huge tits to her face, which was just now recovering from the shock of his hand on her butt. He quickly made eye contact and then his head dove down and kissed her square on the lips.

Surprised once more, Brooke began a series of high pitched moans; indicating that she did not approve of this. Her arms began flailing for a brief moment, but they soon stopped as she opted to just let it happen. With her eyes wide open, she stared over at Brittany – who was simply looking on as though she were watching someone get mugged on the street.

At last, Coach Blue’s tongue slid out of her mouth and she could breathe again.

But Coach Blue did not rest as he turned to Brittany and began giving her the same treatment. Brittany had her eyes half open as she felt Coach Blue’s lips against her own. She even flicked his tongue with hers when she felt it enter her mouth. Their make-out session lasted a bit longer, but when it was over Brittany felt that her friend didn’t have the same desire to stop. She barely had time to think; however, as she felt Coach Blue’s hand leave her butt and reach for her hand. He Eryaman Escort gripped her small hand with his own and guided it down to the bulge in his shorts. She quickly got the idea and began squeezing it rapidly and awkwardly.

“Whoa whoa!” Coach Blue stopped her. He looked her in the eyes. “Slow it down.”

Brittany did as he requested and slowed down the motion of her hand. Soon Coach Blue was relaxing in her soft grip as she coaxed moans and other sexual noises out of him.

“Yeah, that’s it. Just like that…” he moaned.

With Brittany massaging his bulging prick, he turned back to Brooke and went in for a kiss.

Brooke enthusiastically jumped in, wanting to get it over with as fast as she could. But Coach Blue had no intention of letting this end too quickly, and he showed this by continuing to squeeze and knead her perfect rear. His hand alternated between squeezing both of her buns as the two of them made out. Brittany’s boobs pressed against him, and she could feel his bulge growing as his dick hardened in her soft hand.

He pulled his mouth off of Brooke’s and flung his head toward the ceiling as he caught his breath. He could hear Brooke panting and taking big breaths; just as he now was. He spanked her ass enthusiastically, and then latched on to her left bun and began squeezing it repeatedly. He looked her in the eye, and then gestured to Brittany’s hands on his cock. Brooke took the cue and immediately threw her hands on his chest to avoid stroking him. Her hands slid all over him in a sexual manner as Brittany continued to massage his cock through his shorts.

Brooke felt Coach Blue applying pressure to her butt, and then realized that he was pulling her closer to him. She had no choice but to comply, letting her busty blouse-bombs collide with him as she continued to rub his chest.

Coach Blue was in heaven as two busty babes gave him a rub down. They had their small, soft hands all over him; sandwiching him between their giant hooters. The ample mounds of flesh were jutting into him from either side…and he loved every minute of it.

“It’s getting a little tight in here.” Coach Blue said, turning Brittany’s attention to his rock-hard cock, still throbbing in her small hand. “Brittany, be a good girl.”

The busty blonde turned to her friend, but Brooke offered no reassurance as she focused on running her hands over Coach Blue’s upper body. Brittany decided she couldn’t blame her. If it was an option between his chest and his dick, she would much rather be doing his chest.

“Lucky slut.” She thought.

Coach Blue felt Brittany’s hands release him from their grip. His cock throbbed as it got its bearings. Brittany’s small hands traveled to the band of his shorts, where she hooked a few fingers in and began tugging them down. She managed to pull the upper portion down and soon his cock sprang free.

Brooke glanced down with a mixed expression, but she quickly turned her attention back to the coach – and keeping him aroused.

Brittany had to crouch to pull his shorts completely off. As she did, she leaned into him and slid down his body. Coach Blue could feel her massive tits rubbing against him as they jiggled against his thigh. They rubbed his leg up and down, and caused him to moan as Brittany struggled to get his shorts off. When she finally did, she stood back up – her huge rack sliding up his body the entire way.

Coach Blue motioned for Brittany to continue with the massage, to her dismay. She had expected her and Brooke to switch places; leaving Brooke the tedious, and disgusting, task of touching the coach’s enlarged organ. She sighed, but then slowly reached down to grab the coach’s hard prick. As she wrapped her small fingers around it, she saw Brooke toss her a triumphant smile.

“Hmph.” Brittany uttered, before turning her attention down to her hand and the coach’s cock.

Coach Blue let out a very deep breath as he leaned backward against the desk. He wrapped his arms around either girl and placed a hand on each girl’s perfectly shaped ass. His fingers sank into their soft buns as he once again pulled them towards him.

“Step closer.” He said, lustfully and quickly. “Come closer. Bring those tits as close to me as you can.”

The girls nodded, and then stepped into him; their long slender legs at ease as they contrasted the coach’s now stiffened body. Their model like legs jutted out from their skin tight shorts, exposing so much skin and smoothness on either side of the coach’s hairy legs.

“Fuck yes; push those tits into me…” Coach Blue said; his whole body straight as a board.

The girls did as they were told and dug their 36DD chests into the coach.

Coach Blue began to thrust forward instinctively, sliding his dick in and out of Brittany’s grip; humping her hand. He continued to rub those gorgeous asses as he quickened the pace of the busty girl’s handjob.

The girls’ tits were bulging and heaving against his arms. He looked from each gorgeous pair to the other. Not even a minute had gone Keçiören Escort by before he was pushing them off him…

“I gotta see those tits!” he said, gesturing to their tops. “Take them off.”

Brittany and Brooke stood a few feet in front of their coach, with slightly puzzled expressions. While Brooke was reluctant to obey, Brittany happily obliged as she would have done just about anything to take her hands off of him.

Coach Blue reached down and began stroking himself as he watched the two busty blondes rid themselves of their tops. Brittany gripped the bottom of her shirt and pulled it up and over her blonde head, and Brooke also followed suit. Neither girl was looking at him or each other as they stripped in his office.

Soon Coach Blue was happily staring at two busty, blonde teens in their sports bras. Aside from those, the only other articles of clothing they had on were their socks, sneakers, and very short blue shorts. He noted how both girls were busy fixing their gray sports bras over their big boobs appropriately. He smiled at how even in the midst of all that was happening the two girls still cared enough about their appearance to do so.

Brooke was fixing the cups of her bra as Brittany ran a finger through her straps. Not long after, both girls were reaching around behind themselves…

“You want us to…” Brittany asked, gesturing to their bra straps as she and Brooke finally looked at their coach.

“No.” Coach Blue said, letting his dick fall from his grasp. “No, leave the bras on.”

The girls let their hands drop to their sides, as relaxed and calm as they could.

Coach Blue put his arms out and gestured for the two bra-clad beauties to join him.

Both girls stepped forward and took their previous positions with Brooke rubbing the coach’s body and Brittany rubbing his cock; only this time they were doing it in their bras.

Coach Blue breathed heavy and grinned as the two busty blonde babes pushed their bras into him. He could feel the soft cushion of their big boobs through the encompassing fabric, and it was an arousing sensation. He turned to Brooke and the two engaged in a tongue battle. Brittany could hear the awkward smacks and noises of an all out make out session as she jerked the coach’s cock. When it was over, Coach Blue turned to Brittany and they began making out just as he had done with Brooke.

Brooke only rubbed as her best friend and her coach made out in front of her, her big, big hooters jutting into him…

Coach Blue pulled his mouth away from Brittany’s and held the two girls a few inches from him.

“Now I want you two to kiss.” He said.

Brooke looked at Brittany and the two gave each other disgusted looks. But neither said a word as Coach Blue ran a hand against the backs of their blonde heads.

Simultaneously, each girl decided to do it quick and get it over with. They rushed into each other and pressed their lips together awkwardly. After a few seconds they tried to pull away but Coach Blue was holding them in place, wanting the show to last longer. Soon Coach Blue felt the girls stop trying to fight it, and he slowly pulled his hands away from them and let the two busty teens make out of their own accord.

“That’s it…” he said as he watched the two big-titted beauties make out in their bras.

He quickly pulled his shirt up and over his head. The girls were only vaguely aware of what he was doing as their lips ran over each other, their mouths becoming like one as their tongues slid in and out of each other’s hot mouth…

They felt something exerting pressure on their cheeks. And they glanced to the side to see Coach Blue trying to bury his face into theirs. The girls gave way and allowed him entrance, and the three of them engaged in a three way kiss and tongue battle. Coach Blue had no idea which girl’s tongue was in his mouth at any given time, but he didn’t care. He was making out with two busty hotties.

He pulled the two girls into him with force as he leaned backwards against his desk. The girls both turned to him and began assaulting his mouth with theirs. Brittany and Brooke were kissing, double teaming his mouth as though they wanted it, but in the back of his mind Coach Blue thought that they were just happy to be kissing a man again as opposed to another female.

Coach Blue reached around the two blonde babes and placed a hand on their asses. He reached to each girl’s far cheek and sank his fingers into their flesh, causing the girls to moan into his mouth as they dual-kissed him.

He reached down passed the hem of their shorts to their smooth, silky legs and forced his hand between each model pair. He brought one leg from both girls up so that they were off the ground and pressed them into him, their knees colliding into his crotch.

Brittany and Brooke both felt the coach’s prick against their legs, and they quickly pulled them away. But Coach Blue brought them back and guided them beneath his dick, shielding his balls from sight behind their model-like legs. His cock slid across the crevice he had created, or rather, that the girls created with their legs when their knees crashed into each other. Each girl noted how their legs were now supporting their coach’s cock, and it slowed down their double make-out a bit.

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