Was It Worth It? Ch.02


This is the second chapter of the ‘Was It Worth It?’ series. I’d recommend reading the first chapter before proceeding with this. This chapter introduces a few new characters that’ll hopefully spice things up. Enjoy! And apologies for the slightly long wait. I’ll try to be faster with the third chapter.

P.S. All the characters in this story are 18 years and older.


Later that night, once her mom had left her room, Aria had trouble going to sleep. She lay in bed for hours that night, tossing and turning. Even though she had decided to start dating, she didn’t know what to do about Tiffany and Blaze. She had no idea what this meant for both of them and was worried about the ramifications this one hook-up could have on her friendship with both of them. They were both very close to her in their own right and so if this ended badly, she would be the one picking up the pieces. And right now, Aria just felt tired and weighed down.

The gradual escalations in her parents’ arguments and her mother’s increasingly strong stands were beginning to make Aria worried that they might be heading towards some sort of separation. She wasn’t worried by the prospect of her parents separating per say. A separation might even be good for them in the long run. What worried her in fact was how ugly and murky it could get between them if it came to that.

Aria just lay there in bed, going over all of these possible scenarios over and over again. As sleep seemed elusive, she sat up in bed and switched on her bedside lamp. She pulled the covers up to her chin, shivering slightly. Her eyes wandered across her room, idly taking in the sight of her cluttered surroundings illuminated by the feeble yellow light of that lamp. Her gym clothes were still lying on the floor in a crumpled pile. Her red gym bag lying behind her door had a sharp indent in the middle. To Aria, the bag looked like it was frowning at her, expressing its displeasure at the way she had treated it.

Sighing, Aria picked up her phone and unlocked it. Bored, she ran through all the social media apps on her phone, in quick succession. When Facebook, Snapchat, WhatsApp and Twitter all drew up a blank, she sighed in frustration. It was 3am and everyone around her was fast asleep. She toyed with the idea of setting up a Tinder for herself. She even went so far as to install the app, but something within her stopped her from opening it. Her fingers instead tapped on Whisper’s purple ‘W’ icon. She’d installed Whisper a couple of months back but had barely used it.

The last time she’d opened the app was almost a week back, so she had a few messages waiting for her. Browsing through them, she saw that they were just replies to a whisper she’d put up last week regarding a concert she’d been to. She peeped into some of the groups she’d joined earlier but couldn’t find a single interesting whisper to respond to. Instead, she decided to use Whisper to seek help for her present anxieties. She quickly drafted a post and uploaded it to the main, global feed. “Two of my best friends just hooked up. I feel like shit. Need advice.” she wrote.

The next 15 minutes passed in sheer agony as a host of creepy guys seemed to compete to send her the most obnoxious and sleazy response possible. While messages like “Just join them”, “There’s your threeway”, and “Invite them over to yours for drinks” seemed to suggest a threesome as a possible solution, others suggested a slightly more conventional approach: “You need to get laid”; “Go find a dick for yourself.” These were mixed in with about 8 messages that just said “Hey” and an equal number graciously offering their conjugal services: “Wanna fuck?” The clear standout though was a message that proclaimed, “I’m 10 inches. Bitches be beggin”! Clearly that was the advice she needed to hear.

Rolling her eyes, Aria kept declining chat after chat, until she got to a point where she simply couldn’t take it anymore. She locked her screen and kept her phone aside. A few minutes later, her phone silently buzzed again. Tired of the thirsty texts, she opened the app again; determined to delete her whisper. As the latest text popped up, Aria was taken aback by how normal it seemed.

“Have you tried talking to them about how you feel? Maybe they’re getting together for good…” it read. This was shortly followed up by, “I can’t help but feel happy for both your girlfriends.”

Aria’s thumbs flashed quickly over her phone as she composed a reply. “They’re a guy and a girl- Tiffany and Blaze.”

“Oh ok. Well, same deal. :P”

Aria smiled briefly and noticed that according to the app this person was a male between the ages of 21 and 25. His username was simply ‘anonymous’. But his chat rating seemed quite high- a rare thing for men on this app.

“I think Tiffany just wants fun” Aria explained.

“Hmmm, and what about Blaze? Do you know what he wants?”

“He’s a complicated guy. Everyone thinks he sleeps around. But I don’t think he does.”

“You know him well?”

“Well enough”

There was a pause as ‘anonymous’ bursa escort contemplated a response. “I guess I see the complication now. You think Tiffany is going to hurt him”

“Yessssss”, Aria replied emphatically.

“Just talk to them, both of them. Talk to them alone or together, but don’t leave this hanging like this”

“Yea, I think that’s what I’ll do. Tiffany and I used to share everything.”

“Then share your anxieties with her now. Don’t let them fester.”

“I will.”

“I can’t say what will pass between Tiffany and Blaze but I’m sure you’ll feel better once you talk to them.”

“I guess”

“And then once you do, you’ll be back to normal in no time. It’s just a passing cloud.”

“I’ll keep my fingers crossed :)”

“It will, don’t worry”

Aria smiled at his earnest attempts to make her feel better. “Okay :)” she replied. There was a pause before another message lit up her phone.

“I’ve been through something like this. But mine was a little different”

“How different?”

“In my case, I was Blaze”


“A while back, me and my good friend Eva got drunk at a party and hooked up. We were drunk and horny the first time but then we just kept going with it.”

Aria refrained from typing a response, waiting to see if he’d write more. Her phone buzzed again a couple of minutes later as a long message arrived.

“Eva and I had another close friend, Chris. Chris had feelings for Eva but he hadn’t told her, or even me. As Eva and I kept fucking, Chris began to grow irritable. Slowly and steadily he began to distance himself from us. We were so absorbed into each other those first couple of weeks, that we barely even noticed Chris. We thought Chris was being considerate and giving us space, but really he just couldn’t see us again. Eva and I didn’t end well either. I began to catch feelings for her. I could feel myself falling for her deeper and deeper every time she let me inside her. But to her, we were just friends with benefits. The fact that she kept coming back, gave me false hope that maybe she felt the same way too. So, I started to get intense and romantic with her. She got the message and then just drifted away. For a while I couldn’t see her at all. It hurt too much. But I got over her eventually.”

“That’s good to hear”

“I’m still hurting though. Not a day goes by without me wondering if I could have done it differently. I don’t regret sleeping with her- she was the best and only woman I’ve ever been with. But I do wonder if I could have done something differently- if I could have made her stay.” There was a slight pause. Her phone buzzed again: “I wish I hadn’t been stupid enough to catch feelings”

“We all make mistakes but they help us learn.” Aria frowned at her own response, feeling it inadequate. So she backed it up with, “We can’t control our feelings. Sometimes it’s important to feel what we are feeling.”

“True.” After a pause he replied, “We were so great together. Every night I go to bed thinking of her.”

“Maybe if she’s still single you could offer her to try again?”

“She just got engaged :(”

Aria sat up a little as he delivered that dramatic twist in the tale. “Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that :/”

“It’s okay. I guess I’m also sad that it was over before I even had a chance to process what was happening. One moment we were roommates and fucking every chance we got and the next she was seeing this guy.”

“Everything happens for a reason. Maybe you will meet someone even better than she is? And you will be happy again.”

“I hope so. I guess I need a rebound to help me get started again. I feel so stuck atm.”

“Then do it”


“Of course! You deserve to be happy”

“True. I just want to find someone who would lock herself into a room with me for a weekend of uninterrupted fucking. Just us going at it again, and again, and again. Every position imaginable.”

Aria felt a slight tingle between her legs as she read that message. This was the fourth or fifth time so far in this conversation that ‘anonymous’ had described the kind of sex he liked and it was starting to have an effect on her. Being a virgin, it took very little to turn her on.

Unsure about where this conversation might be going, Aria replied with a neutral, “I’m sure you can find a girl who would enjoy that.”

“I hope so”

Awkward silence followed. She waited for ‘anonymous’ to text her another response but he didn’t seem forthcoming. She began to dismay that the conversation might be over. She felt the tingle between her legs fading in disappointment. Hastily she wrote, “Girls are horny too, we just know how to hide it :D”



“I thought it was just Eva…”

“You wish :D”

“I’m kinda relieved to hear that. So how do girls hide it? Rather, how do you tell a girl is horny?”

The tingle between Aria’s legs glowed brighter as she described herself in neutral words. “Every girl has a dirty mind with erotic fantasies about guys bursa escort bayan they know or like, but around people we have to act innocent. We flirt, we make jokes about sex or ‘accidentally’ keep touching your arms, legs etc” Aria’s other hand moved to her breast and she let it rest there, cupping her left breast gently.

“It’s kinda hot to think my friends might have fantasies about me. Is it that common?”

“As much as I know- yea, lots of my friends have dirty dreams about their friends.”

“That’s so hot! Do you have dirty dreams about your friends too?” ‘anonymous’ asked.

“Yes, I had a few,” Aria replied coyly, recalling how she’d imagined Blaze fucking Tiffany doggy style, earlier. Her pussy tingled brighter still and she felt a drop of moisture drip out of it and down between her legs to her butt hole. Her hand pinched her nipple hard; her back arching and squirming in pleasure and pain.

“That’s normal to have them I guess. For me it’s funny I have them… I’m a virgin after all”

“Oh I see. When I was a virgin I would think about sex a lot more.”

“I’m horny 24/7! 😀 Trust me, that sucks”

“Haha I’ve been there. I would literally be rubbing myself constantly; even while chatting normally here”

Aria grabbed and squeezed her breasts hard, digging her nails in, as she imagined ‘anonymous’ touching himself to this conversation. She imagined him as a handsome, dominant man, just sitting by her bed, watching her touch herself. Flustered and horny, she replied “I don’t do that. It feels strange for me to touch myself… I don’t like it”

“How come? I love orgasms, however they come”

Aria’s pussy leaked another fat drop of wetness as she read those words. “I have no idea. I’ve never cum”

“Never? Have you ever tried touching yourself?”

“I have but I always get distracted and leave it”

“Oh… Does masturbation make you feel guilty?”

“No…” Aria replied evasively. This conversation was turning her on a lot and she knew she would be fingering herself to it soon. It was only a matter of time.

“Mmmm, that’s interesting. So how do you resolve your horniness?”

“I do everything I can to forget about that. Sometimes I do play with myself, but I never had an orgasm.”

“Maybe that’s why you’re so horny all the time. I always feel more balanced after an orgasm.”

“That might be true”

“Yeah! You should just try and stick through it till you cum. Female orgasms are so powerful.”

“I will probably get a vibrator at some point and lose my V-card like that :p” Aria grabbed and pinched her nipples again, imagining her pussy being stuffed by a humming toy.

“Oh its worth it hun. Btw a vibrator doesn’t go all the way, I think. Just hums against your clit. You could get a vibrating dildo.”

“That then. I want it” Her pussy dripped and tingled as she wrote those words.

“Do it. It’s also super hot to sext while using toys. The words and dildo will get you there before you know it.”

“I want to experience how does it feel to have sex.”

“It’s amazing. It’s so hot and intimate. Nothing like having someone kiss your neck as your bodies melt into each other.”

Aria’s hand went up to her neck and gently caressed it, as she read those words. She imagined ‘anonymous’ coming in close to her and feeling her neck before leaving a trail of soft wet kisses all along it. She felt a soft moan escape her lips and wrote, “Don’t tease me”

“Why not? ;)” came the response.

“Because I want someone to do that to me”

“I’d do it gladly”

Aria’s heart soared as she read those words. She squeezed her legs together, feeling her pussy starting to drip and throb. “And how do you plan to do it?” she typed breathlessly.

“I’d pin you against the wall and move your hair aside with my hand as I bring my mouth down on your neck.” ‘anonymous’ responded. He followed it up with a teasing, “Would you like that?”

“I would”

“What would you do?”

“I would moan into your ear and scratch your back”

“Mmmm, that’d make me bite your neck. And my hands would grab and squeeze your boobs as I hold you from behind. As I kiss and bite up and down your neck, my hard cock would start grinding between your ass cheeks.”

Aria’s fingers involuntarily began to press down on her clit hard as she imagined ‘anonymous’ grinding and dry humping her as he hugged and kissed her from behind. A moan escaped her lips as her fingers began to rub faster. “That would feel so good…”

“I’m grinding on my body pillow. I’m so hard for you right now”

“I wish you were grinding on me. I’m rubbing myself right now” Aria wrote back, as her hand moved to her dripping pussy and began to rub her pussy lips. A wave of pleasure swept through her body as her tingling pussy finally got the attention it had been craving. Her body relaxed and sank deeper into her bed.

“I wish that were my hand. I’d slip a hand down to your clit and rub it for you as we grind and hump each other”

Another moan escaped Aria’s escort bursa lips as she read that. She was really wet now and she could feel her pussy wetting her bed linen as she rubbed herself under the covers. She turned on her side and began sucking on her pillow as she craved his lips on her. “I want to kiss you so bad. I want your cock in my mouth right now.” Aria momentarily kept her phone aside and began to suck on her index finger as she continued rubbing herself hard.

“Mmmm suck on it baby. Look into my eyes as you take it all into your mouth.”

“Imagine me kissing your tip and then slowly sinking my lips down on your cock. I’ll take it all in and use my tongue to tease your tip”

“Baby you’re making my cock drip. I want you so bad”

“I want you too. My pussy is so wet for you”

“Finger yourself for me baby. Finger that pussy good”

“Ahhhh fuck” Aria wrote back with a single shaking hand as she pushed two fingers deep inside her pussy. She gasped as her cold fingers sank into her hot, wet pussy. She felt so full down there.

“I wish you were under me right now. I’d look into your eyes and we’d moan together as I thrust my cock inside you.”

“I want that” Aria replied, barely able to type at this stage. She imagined ‘anonymous’ taking her virginity as he kissed her and looked into her eyes lovingly. She could feel her fingertips touching her hymen and she was tempted to just finger herself past that point.

“I’d rub your clit with my fingers”

Aria’s thumb went to her clit and she began twiddling it hard, pressing down on that nub and rubbing it every which way. “I’m wet as a waterfall for you.”

“Mmmmm I’d love to take a dip in you”

“You’d be my first everything” Aria texted as she furiously fingered herself. Her fingers made a wet slapping sound as she thrust in and out of her rapidly. Her pussy felt like it was flooded and on fire at the same time. It was a feeling like no other she had ever felt before. She squeezed her thighs around her fingers and felt her pussy throb. Her fingers were sending shockwaves of pleasure all through her body and she closed her eyes and just briefly gave in to the pleasure as ‘anonymous’ continued talking dirty to her.

“I’d love that. We’d start fucking slowly at first. I’d be gentle and let you adjust to my size and the new sensations. But then, I’d flip you around and have you down on all fours. I’d get up behind you and spank your ass hard till its red. Then I’d enter you and start thrusting hard and fast right away. My breath on your neck and my hands on your boobs, pulling your body onto mine with each thrust of my cock”

“Yessssssss oh fuck yessssss. I’m moaning” Aria wrote as she struggled to keep her moans down. She was lying on her back, her legs spread one moment and clenched tightly the next as her body writhed in the sweet agony of pleasure. Her hand would finger her hard and fast one moment and then start rubbing and teasing her clit the next; speeding her along towards climax.

“I’d bite your neck and dig my nails into your boobs as we fuck doggy style”

“Yesssss I think I’m close. Never felt this good” Aria could feel something building deep within her- something she couldn’t quite describe. It felt like the swelling of a secret dam deep within her and now she could feel the dam shake and lurch as it prepared to spill.

“Keep going baby. Cum for me”

Aria’s body began to twitch as she relentlessly fingered herself past a threshold she had never dared to cross before- a threshold of pleasure deep inside her whose existence she hadn’t known until today. Her head rolled back, her mouth opened wide, she let out a horny mewling moan as her pussy and clit blocked out all her other senses. “My body is twitching” she texted, unable to write or think any further.

“Cum for me baby. Have me as your first. Feel me stretch you out and fuck you like there’s no tomorrow”

Aria gasped and moaned as she read those words. And then it happened. As Aria’s fingers moved to her clit and rubbed at it furiously, her body went still all of a sudden. She felt a strange calm descend over her mind and body- a transitory calm that lasted a second and was washed over by a crashing wave of pleasure. The accumulated pleasure of her carnal activities overcame her all at once blocking out everything. Her body twitched and writher harder than ever before, all without her awareness. Her mind was lost in a state of pure bliss- a feeling of calm, pleasure and hunger that came together in a perfect climactic moment. Outside of that calmness, she was faintly aware of her body gasping and panting, but it was a dim awareness of the fact- as if she were watching herself orgasm from a distance.

When she came to, she had no idea how much time had passed. She found herself panting and could feel the sheets thoroughly soaked around her thighs. Her troubled state of mind had been replaced by a serenity that was starting to give way to sleep. When she picked up her phone, there was already a message waiting for her. “Did you cum?” it read.

She wiped her wet hand on her duvet and held her phone in both hands. “Yes, I just had my first orgasm. I can’t even tell you how I feel.” She typed swiftly using both her thumbs. She took a moment to appreciate how calm and composed she felt.

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