A Little Quarantine Oops


“Mom! MOM! MOM! I need to go to the bathroom!” One of the kids was yelling, while further in the house the others were right at that edge where any second they would start fighting and scream for her to come solve their problems. Which would be they could both just stay in separate rooms and stop fighting because they were bored. “MOM!”

“Just go! Just go to the bathroom if you have to go!” Just barely catching herself from screaming back at him.

“Okay mommy.” It would be cute if it wasn’t the MILLIONTH time he’d done it, if there wasn’t a MILLION more in the weeks to come, the little shit toddling off to the bathroom.

Her eyes drifted out the window where she saw him returning. The handsome young man who walked off ten minute before. She knew it was mostly her imagination, no way she could see from this distance but his ass had looked SO good before. God she wanted to find a reason to go out and just watch him pass, maybe applaud him and throw money at him so he’d walk back and forth for her. Sad that that would be the most fun she’d have for days.

He was even more tempting now than he had been before. Walking back, clearly without a worry in the fucking world, a twelve pack of Guinness in each hand, no doubt from the local C-Store at the corner. Her mouth watered with the idea of a beer, a real beer! Her and her husband had been drinking through box wine, it was cheaper since they were going through a couple glasses a day but it sucked. She thought her husband went over all pretentious when he drank wine, even the cheap shit. It was probably the quarantine talking but if he said, “Notes of…” one more fucking time she was going to smash her wine glass into his face. She already knew what she’d ask when the blood poured out of his nose and into his mouth, “Let me guess it’s got notes of Iron and a fucking bitch who dipshit sommelier, doesn’t it?”

Yeah, for sure it was the isolation talking, weeks stuck at home, weeks more ahead of them. The itch to go out to the yard was even greater, this time to ask him to throw her a beer. She wasn’t much, just a former blonde now Quarantine brunette she knew she probably wouldn’t get a second look from a young twenty-something guy like that. Darla was a mother of two and a step mother of one, married for ten years, thirty still but so close to forty that she figured she might as well get used to that idea. Yeah, when she looked in the mirror she didn’t see too many signs of age, although she thought any minute she’d be gray and craggle faced. All she saw was a pretty but never pretty enough woman, with friendly blue eyes, a body nobody ever called tight or alluring but that she still kept at it with daily exercise, working hard even though her husband was well into his Quarantine Body. Then again he’d had years of a head start of the pandemic. Not Darla who sometimes, if the morning was warm enough, would go out back in their privacy fenced in yard, out behind the shed. Out to get some sun. Usually combining some exercise and just stripping down to her bra and panties as she warmed herself up with calisthenics. Not too worried about her tits bouncing around because they weren’t that big to be a hassle.

It was difficult to shake off the phantom taste of beer that had come to her mouth at the sight of the Guinness. Knowing if she brought up beer her fucking husband would talk about some IPA or some other thing that was as far from a beer as a beer could get. That he wouldn’t let her get what she wanted, that he’d whimper and fucking whine until…

“Mom! Mom! Mom he won’t…” The cry… Broke her.

All she meant to do was get out of the house. For a second. First into the mudroom, a long hallway that lead both to the front door and back. Through the front door she saw the hot young neighbor boy go not into his house but his garage. A bit nosy and a bit of a stalker she knew he had a refrigerator in there. His Beer Cooler she had no doubt. He went in and left the big garage door open, in her mind’s eye she saw him popping one of the beers before taking a drink. Just standing in there fucking waiting for her to come over and…

“Mom? MOM?” Dad was sitting right there with his fucking headphones on pretending he couldn’t hear anything, but he always heard when she said dinner was ready.

She ran, luckily their little neighborhood was quiet as fuck with everyone staying home. Uncaring if her husband saw her, her kids, or any other neighbors she ran across the street and into the garage. It was almost exactly like she had imagined, both him and the inside of the garage. More party room than car storage, there were some posters of sports teams on the walls, a bar, a refrigerator, and a stack of folded chairs and tables for his semi-frequent (Until recent circumstances!) parties.

While he did spin on a heel when she burst in, panting at the short run, which told her that her jogs up and down their toy strewn backyard were not doing her any good, he didn’t scream or anything. After a few seconds of surprise, a curious half smile came to his kuşadası escort face. He was maybe not as handsome as she had imagined, but that was probably better, she wasn’t as far below his league as she thought.

“I’m sorry but… I know it’s illegal and dangerous but… Nobody in my house has been out of the house in weeks, we’re as safe as we can get, and I’ve been watching you. You’re all alone.” Feeling flustered, mostly embarrassed that she had done this without even thinking.

“Yeah, you have no idea how nice it is to talk to somebody without them pixelating every few seconds in a webcam chat.” He looked relieved which made her relax, happiness to be out of the house taking place of any embarrassment about this.

“You have no idea how nice it is to talk to anybody else besides a kid or my stupid husband.” She regretted even mentioning her marriage, then again she’d called him stupid.

“Yeah, I’ve heard the goings on of your place a couple of times. You want a beer?” She smiled huge and nodded, probably shouldn’t have but she let him pop the top after pulling one out of the already booze filled refrigerator.

“You can hear all the way over here? I’m sorry.” But he shrugged, waved it away, watching her put the bottle to her lips in a way that made her nipples hard. Starting and turning away quickly that said he was just as Quarantine Cracked as she was, interested but not a creep to stare without realizing it. She finished taking a long pull of the beer, stopping herself from making it lewd and phallic, or from being too loud with her appreciation. “God I needed this.”

“Drink away, I’ve got plenty more.” She already was, he laughed, reaching it to get another one, popping it and holding it out to her before as she finished the first one.

“Thanks.” Making sure to touch his hand when she took it, so bad and SO NICE. It was insane but the slight touch was like when she got too tipsy at parties and bent over in front of her husband’s friends. Letting them take a peek of her ass (Or cleavage, if her top was really low cut and she was wearing a push up bra.) just a bit of excitement that was nice to do to see if they looked. They usually did, not too much of a compliment considering their wives were all a decade older than her but… A plain girl like her took what she could get. “My name is Darla. Darla Ross.”

“Pete Wilson, we’re not supposed to shake hands or anything.” Just giving her a little wave, which made the brief touch they’d shared shine all the more bright.

It was correct. It was true. But… She needed more from this escape than a couple of beers and a bit of conversation. Totally out of character for her, well except the drunk her who liked to see if she still had it enough to get lured looks from her hubby’s friends. Out of Character but…

“You always do what you’re supposed to Pete?” Motioning between them, three feet of distance at the most. “You shouldn’t let me be standing so close if you do.”

“No? Well…” He gulped and shrugged, feeling that there was more going on here. Trying to decide if he was going to chicken out or go for it. “Probably not, I guess I never thought breaking the quarantine would be so… Tempting.”

“Tempting? Me?” Pete nodded to her teasing playful questions.

“Tempting. Yeah, is this some kind of sting operation? Sending over a hot lady to trick me into breaking the President and Governor’s rules.” Taking a deep breath he took a step closer, his eyebrow going up when she felt herself wanting to back away, when she didn’t retreat he took the empty bottle from her, putting it on a shelf between a couple of totes. “You know that’s entrapment right?”

“You asking if I’m a cop?” Now he put his half full beer bottle into the same spot.

“I heard if you were you had to tell me.” His eyes sparkling enough that said he knew that was an old wives tale.

“I’m not.”

“No, probably not but you are certainly a trap. Aren’t you?”

“I don’t think anyone has ever called me that.” Wishing she’d done more with her hair than pull it back into a ponytail, put on more make-up than the bare minimum.

“But you are, you freaking know you are.” Taking her second beer then, unfinished, there was just enough room in that spot for the three.

“It would be nice to lure in some fun.” She saw him tremble, nervously reaching out to take her hips.

Everything in her was telling her this game had gone too far. She was putting her marriage and health at risk, but god damn it she just couldn’t go back, couldn’t… Care. Couldn’t care at all about sense or science. Darla let out a little whimper, reaching out to touch his arms, sliding her fingers up past his elbows, into his shirt sleeves. He wasn’t hugely buff but she felt the muscles underneath his flesh, felt… He was a different temperature and a different texture than her husband. He was different from what she’d been stuck with for so long.

That eyebrow went up again but it wasn’t because he was surprised she was going to chicken out, it was because she was undoing his shirt. There was no stopping herself, if his arms were different than his body would be different. Better! Except the fucking buttons! She was trembling so much with her excitement that she couldn’t get the fucking buttons, knowing any second her husband would be calling for her, Pete would tell her that this was joke, or that she was a joke. Needing to get at him she just grabbed his shirt and ripped it open, buttons flew.

“Fuck!” He groaned as she pulled open his shirt, nodding.

Instantly she knew that touching him wasn’t enough she just… Started licking him! Dipping low to lick him from belly button up to his nipples. It only took a couple of those before she saw the movement in his pants, his penis growing. She took hold of, feeling the thing finish growing to its full measure in her hand. It was like she got shocked. No, like somebody had shoved the biggest thing she’d ever taken inside her. Into her VAGINA! A groan escaping her, him too but for different reasons as she realized she sunk her teeth into the flesh above his very flat stomach.

“Wicked little trap!” Grabbing her by the chin and cheeks, lifting her up.

“What are you going to do? Kiss me? That’s a violation for…” And he was kissing her, she ran her hands all up and down him. Doing something different for sure! Different than what she’d had for weeks and would have for weeks ahead. The kiss didn’t break, they practically flew apart with her falling back against the fold up tables leaning against the wall. “Maybe you’re the trap for me.” Panic and excitement making her struggle to stay upright, clinging to the table. As he undid his pants, she almost shook her head, knowing this was all too much for her. “You take that out and you’re going to have to use it on me.”

“That’s the fucking plan.”

The door was open! Open! Sure his garage looked out onto another garage but there was still a road between them. But he dropped his pants like it didn’t fucking concern him at all, as desperate for a change in the boring normal as she was. Off went his underwear as well. He wasn’t huge, it didn’t matter to her. It was different! Now… Was it still nice that he had a thick piece that was at least six inches long? That was a nice perk. Just like that he kept his pubes trimmed way down and there was a line of pre-cum dripping from his cockhead.

“God look at you!” She didn’t have much chance because then he was on her, kissing her mouth again.

His hands were inside her clothes, that he was touching her flesh was as electrifying as when she touched him. She thrust her tongue out to him, he sucked on it, and then fed her back his own. Giving her the full treatment until her clothes weren’t off, but they were close enough. Her jeans were around her knees, her panties (She was glad he’d removed them while kissing her because they were far from the sexiest pair she owned!) atop them. Shirt was pushed up over top of her bra so that when he stepped away one of her breasts was out and visible to him.

“Stop that! Stop that you bastard.” It was something she’d never seen a guy do before, stroke himself to the sight of her. Stroke himself because he was so turned on that he needed to do something to stop the pain of his erection. He shook his head, “You are a trap!” He shrugged, still stroking himself. A thing she’d never done before was to take hold of her own nipples, not while a guy was around. Doing it sent all kinds of thrill through her. “Two can play at that.”

“You look so much better doing it.”

Mostly laying against the table she pulled at her pink nipples, then biting her bottom lips went all in on this. Letting one hand reach down to rub at her pussy. She was hairless, and as usual when she played with herself she was happy with how hairless she was. It was all smooth bare flesh down there, she thought she could rub anywhere on her mound or down by her taint and get off. Eventually. But she never tried it, rubbing at her clit with her middle and ring finger she let the others sort of prove her theory. As well as her palm rubbing at the sensitive flesh.

“Oh my god!” Knowing that what they’d done should have been good enough but she nodded and moaned as he stripped her clothes the rest of the way off.

“Fuck look at you!” She wanted him to look! The way he looked at her was different than the way her husband did, Pete was totally unfamiliar with her.

She had tanlines, it was old fashioned she knew but her husband liked them and she was too chicken even in the seclusion of her backyard “tanning booth” to take it all off. Often she’d drop the straps of her bra but that was as far as it went. A big V around her mound from how often she wore underwear outside, wide stripes across her hips, most of her ass which was pressed against the table was pale white as well. Her breasts were all that was white up top, different bras and sometimes swim tops meant there was very little sign of straps. The young neighbor looked at her with such lust that she slowed her touch, edging herself.

“Do…” Stopping herself from telling him don’t, as he walked up to her, giving her another few kisses, but then putting his fingers in place of hers. Not only did she not want to tell him No or Don’t but this was new again. Or it had been ages since her husband had touched her like this. “If you don’t stop I’m gonna come all over your fingers!”

“Oh yeah?” Part of her was embarrassed for getting herself so close, but she really didn’t mind when she saw how much it turned him on.

Grabbing a handful of her ass he pulled her lower body away from the table behind her, she went back to gripping it to keep from falling. Even more as he started fingering her, hard and fast.

Fuck! Fuck when had it been since anybody’s fingers but her own had gotten her off? How was that even a thing to be turned on by? But she was, even though it made the job of staying upright more difficult she lifted a leg. Knee up towards the ceiling, spreading herself to allow access. Banging her head against the table, trying to hold back because not only did his fingers feel so good but his lust for her was an insane turn on. She could feel it baking off him, he tried to kiss her a few times but she was too busy gasping. Trying to keep her cries inside, knowing the concrete floor and big open door would project it right out for the neighborhood to hear.

“You bastard! You bastard, I’m… YESSSSSSsss!” Waggling his fingers over her clit with lightning speed was something she hadn’t ever felt before. Nearly laughing as she thought that it was something she was going to have to practice at, that this boy a good decade younger than her was teaching her something about her own body. He was talented, the hot fucker shoved fingers up inside her right when she was about to try and buck away from his clitoral administration. Pinning her back against the table, grabbing her by the hair. “You bastard! Oh my god I needed that as much as I needed that beer.”

“I got something that tastes better than any beer.” She nodded, ready and willing.

Eager even but was a little bit let down he was going to make her blow him. Oh she’d fucking do it! She’d do it and probably take his cum all over her face and tits, but she was a bit disappointed there wouldn’t be more. Also there was the worry he was going to fucking bring out a bottle of wine and ask her if she could not pick out the notes of lavender and chickpea or some shit.

But that wasn’t it at all. Holding her right where she was, hair in his hand, keeping her head against the table, fingers still wiggling around inside her, “Close your eyes.”

“What do you… Mmmm!” She knew what it was, after all he pulled the digits out from inside her but she still couldn’t believe his audacity.

“Good huh?” Probably shouldn’t have even tried to control herself, she already proved herself a slut, no point in drawing any lines, so she fought his grip on her hair. Not trying to get away but trying to get AT his fingers.

“So good! You want to try it?” Meaning off his fingers, or her lips but he took the other way.

“Don’t mind if I do.” Dropping to his knees, shoving her leg back up, never in her life had she tried anything again so quickly after coming. But she didn’t fucking stop him, at least was willing to give it a go until over sensitivity made her lock up. “Mmm! Fuck! Quarantine mommy pussy tastes really good!”

Flicking his tongue through her gash, making her bang her head against the table. No holding back the moan of pleasure that escaped her. Looking back down because there was something new happening! A new person was licking her pussy! His tongue had the same rapid wiggling flicker as his fingers did, spreading her labia wide apart with his fingertips he licked every part of her pink that he exposed. Briefly attaching himself to her clit, giving it a suck before starting all over from the bottom of her sex and up again.

There was a few seconds of “Oh no! Too much!” but that was it. All her life (Well all those times she’d masturbated and stopped after just once!) when all she had to do was push a little more and she’d have been past it. Or maybe she was just so fucking horny that she was ready for dozens of orgasms. When he looked up at her and saw her playing with her own nipples, tugging on the pink pointers in turn while staring down at him, she thought his eyes would pop right out. He for sure confirmed his approval with a growl of pleasure, waggling his tongue into her hole now. Making Darla thrust herself at an angle to get it as deep as it would go. Moving with him as he went out of there and over the rest of her, always doing her best to let him get his tongue at her the best way possible.

“Shit!” Not because she was ready to come again but because there was Black Lab Lady standing there in the road, watching them. Right as Darla started to bat down at Pete, his tongue making anything but one syllable words impossible, he shoved two fingers inside her. WHILE LICKING HER! Of course she’d had that before but it was like her pussy had been dialed up after the first orgasm, it felt SO GOOD! “Oh! Pete! Shit! OH!”

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