Dad , I Go Camping Ch. 02


Everyone in this story is over eighteen even though it is not stated in the story as such.

Morning comes quickly and my dad is already up with breakfast made by the time I crawl out of the tent. He is still as naked as I am and I can’t help but smile at the fact.

“Good morning kiddo,” he says with a smile.

I smile and sit down next to him. He hands me a plate and winks at me. It feels good to have not only gotten closer to my dad, but to finally have his cock in my mouth. I can’t wait for what happens next.

After breakfast my dad gets up and says, “Why don’t you join me in the lake.”

I follow him toward the lake, watching his ass the whole time. My cock is rock hard by the time I get in the water with him and we only go out until the water level is thigh high. After diving under the water to get ourselves wet, my dad grabs me and pulls me into him. His cock begins to grow and we are soon rubbing against each other. His body is slippery and our chests and stomachs are sliding against each other’s.

I grab him back and he kisses me. Our lips collide and I kiss him back firmly, letting our lips lock and out tongues slide against the inside of each other’s mouths. My cock is getting harder from kissing him and I am even hornier than before. My dad’s cock pokes into my stomach, so I stop kissing him and drop to my knees into the water. Without the use of my hands, I take his thick cock into my mouth and suck as I bob up and down on it. In and out, I slurp on his juicy cock. I put my hands on his legs and pull on them to try to make him fuck my mouth.

‘Fuck my mouth dad,” I say between slurps. I wanted his cum in my mouth again. “Fuck me now.”

My dad grabs my head and begins to really fuck my mouth.

“Fuck yes, son. Ankara bayan escort Suck your dad’s cock!”

He slams his cock into my mouth, each time hitting the back of my throat then suddenly he pulls his cock out of my mouth and pulls me to my feet.

“My turn,” he says grinning.

He gets onto his knees and takes my raging cock straight into his mouth, sucking it and shoving it right down his throat. I grab the back of his head with both hands and start to face fuck him. His hands explore my ass cheeks, massaging them and pulling them apart as his fingers move closer to my asshole. His fingers find my asshole and begin massaging it.

I let out a gasp, because it feels fucking good. I take my cock out from his mouth and turn around, presenting my ass to him. “I want you cock Dad,” I tell him. I’ve wanted his cock for awhile and I wanted even more last night.

His hand begins to rub around my asshole. It feels so good. I hold my breath as my dad spreads my ass cheeks and puts his face to it. I feel his warm tongue flick quickly over my asshole. I let out all my breath with one gasp and begin panting as he begins to lick my asshole. His tongue swirls around it in circles, teasing me again. I almost cum with sheer pleasure. His tongue slowly runs over my asshole, making me shiver. It stops over my asshole and then my dad begins to push his tongue into my ass.

I moan loudly, feeling his tongue penetrate my ass. He pushes it in and out, making me moan louder and louder. It is so hot, but so dirty having my dad’s tongue squeeze up in my tight little ass and making me moan for more.

“Come on and fuck me,” I moan. “Fuck me now Dad!”

He pulls his tongue out of my ass and shoves his finger deep in my ass. I moan as he twists it and finger fucks Escort bayan Ankara my asshole. He pulls it out and stands up behind me. His slippery cock fits nicely into my ass crack as he leans close to whisper in my ear.

“I’ve been waiting for this day for a long time son.”

I smile as he grabs me by the hips and directs his cockhead straight for my asshole. A moan escapes my lips as I feel his slippery cockhead push against my asshole. My ass stretches around his cock and slowly lets his thick cock slide into my tight little hole. I gasp as he squeezes in inch after inch of his massive cock into me. Eventually, he gets in all of it.

His crotch is pushed up hard against my ass cheeks. One of his hands slides around my waist while the other wraps itself around my cock and begins to pump it from behind. His hips move away, sucking his cock from out of my ass, sliding it out again, inch after orgasmic inch. Just before the tip comes out, he slides his thick cock back into me, making me gasp as she shoves it harder and faster this time.

“Harder, fuck me harder!” I groan.

He pumps my cock with his hand and starts moving his hips in and out, faster and faster, pumping his cock in and out of my tight little ass. It feels so good having something big stretching my ass, filling me like I had fantasized. My dad fucks me for several long minutes and we both are in complete ecstasy, moaning while our slippery bodies rub up against each other. His cock gives me a wave of pleasure with every thrust, going deeper and deeper inside me. His balls slap against mine as he fucks me from behind.

“Fuck me!” I shout. “Fill me with your cum, Dad!”

He thrusts his thick cock deep inside me, in and out, sliding his massive cock up my ass. Once again, his balls Bayan escort Ankara tighten and he lets out a loud moan as spurt after spurt of hot cum fills my ass. His thrusts begin to slow down as he cums, but he thrusts so hard into me I can’t help but let out a moan.

We stand here for a second, panting. His cock is still in my ass, my cock still in his hand as his cum slowly drips from my ass. He pulls his hips away, letting his big, soft cock slide out of my ass. I let a final gasp and turn around. He presses his body up against mine and presses out lips together. We kiss madly for a couple if minute before my still raging cock is just about ready to explode. I spin him around, pushing him over slightly and spread his legs apart.

I feel his smooth ass cheeks in my hands before I feel around his asshole. I press my finger into it and his body tenses as my finger slips into him. I smile and pull it out again then slide my raging cock down his ass, letting my cockhead slide across his skin. When it comes into level with his ass, I begin to push. We both moan softly as his asshole begins to give way. My cockhead disappears into him with a pop.

Oh, how I want to feel my dad’s ass so bad. I silently say fuck it and slam my cock straight up his ass, thrusting it deep into him in one strong movement. He lets out a yelp. I put both hands on his hips and begin to slide my cock in and out of his tight asshole, fucking him hard. I pump my cock into him furiously and then all of a sudden my balls tighten and I moan. I thrust hard into his ass one last time, shoving my thick cock deep inside him. I begin to cum and it spurts thickly from my cock. Spurt after spurt, it fills my dad’s tight ass. I cum so hard my balls start to ache.

We stand naked in the water for a few more minutes just breathing. Slowly, we make our way back to camp, sliding in our tent in each other’s arms.

“How about some fishing today?” my dad asks.

My cock brushes his ass and starts to come back to life. “Maybe in a little bit,” I say.

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