Daddy’s Next Home Coming


This is the second part of a series detailing my incestuous love I have for my father. If you haven’t read the first chapter How it all began then may I suggest you do so. Many thanks to all those who are voting for me, for it gives me the encouragement to continue.

Steve sighed as the murky waters of the sea changed for the speckled green of the english countryside, soon it would be Brize Norton and all the bullshit that went with coming home, the backslapping, de-briefing and last but not least the acclimatisation, three days of pure hell stuck on camp being asked all kinds of stupid questions and those invasive but essential medical checks.

But those thoughts only occupied his mind for a few moments, for another problems weighed heavily on his mind; how was he going tell his daughter that Chris would not be coming home for at least another six weeks and it had been seven months since he and Chris had ravished; no raped his daughter, seven long months of questioning guilt; for now he knew the truth, the horrible truth of why his daughter never took an interest in boys; he was her one and only love; that is to say until she met Chris his lover for from that day the three of them seemed to share an inseparable bond.

Wondering how Sarah would greet his homecoming, Steve choked back a tear then turned his eyes back to the slow moving scenery, he recalled how stunning Sarah looked in the pictures Chris had received from her; also under the guise of writing love letters to Chris, how she missed them both terribly.

Hearing the screech of the tyres on the tarmac, he waited, first for the roar then the shudder to run through the aircraft as it quickly de-accelerated. Seeing the landscape flash by, he realised how apprehensive he was about meeting Sarah. Wiping his sweaty palms on his trousers, he felt the plane swerve off the runway as it headed for the unloading apron. Before he knew it, he was walking down the steps, nervously scanning the waiting crowd.

Suddenly, his heart skipped a beat as he spotted Sarah, there in the crowd with a smile beaming from ear to ear waving frantically at him. Caught amongst the milling crowd stood on the tarmac Steve lost sight of his daughter; then working; no barging his way through he suddenly heard Sarah cry “Daddy…Daddy I’m over here,” turning towards the sound, he first saw a pair of tanned arms emerge from the crowd which then pull him to her before giving him a big hug. Still tired and fatigued the best Steve could do was smile and hug her back.

“Where’s Chris?” she inquiringly asked bringing a slight blush of colour to her cheeks.

“All I know is Chris got called back to ‘recon’ some area,” replied Steve in his matter of fact voice; Sarah knowing not to say anything more, just scoured, took hold of his hand and walked with him towards baggage reclaim.

Standing there with his daughter beside him, waiting for his luggage; he felt he was standing alongside his long departed wife. An almost overpowering urge was telling him to take this younger Emma into his arms and plead for her to come back; oh! How he missed her. In resisting the urge a slight tremor ran through his body, whilst a tear trickled down his cheek.

“What’s wrong, Daddy?” asked Sarah, reaching for and wiping the tear off his cheek. Unable to stop himself, he grasped her hand and gently kissed her soft fingertips.

“You look so much like your mother,” he murmured as she looked back at him with a confused look on her face.

With the arrival of his luggage they shared one final embrace before Steve turned and entered the reception building for his three days of hell. With tears in her eyes, Sarah watched and waved for as long as she could before making her way back to the car and home.


Being a hot humid night Sarah had thrown off all the bedclothes; now late in the morning she just lay totally naked on the bed, her faithful toy beginning to work wonders on her clit, whilst her fingers gently plucked and teased her hardened nipples. Her breathing was just quickening, when through the open window she heard the crunch of tyres on the driveway.

“Who the fuck can that be!” growled Sarah as she raced around looking for something to put on; for this being an extremely hot summer and with the whole house to herself, she hardly bothered with clothing, perhaps the occasional pair of panties or thong to ‘help keep the toys’ in but very little else. Finding only a pair of skimpy shorts and a cropped ‘T-shirt’ handy, Sarah quickly slipped into these before making her way to the front of the house.

Ding Dong, Diiiiiing Dooong went the bell.

“Alright…Alright! I’m coming as quick as I can” yelled Sarah as the door bell was being rung relentlessly.

Rushing towards the stairs she heard the slamming of the heavy front door followed by a “Hello, Sarah, is anybody there.”

“Daddy…Daddy! Your home!” cried Sarah as she rushed across the hallway to meet her father.

Dropped his kit onto the floor, her father quickly braced himself for the impact. Bakırköy Escort They hugged and kissed each other like two long lost lovers, each trying to get the better of the other, their actions finally slowed until they just stood there: Now apart Steve couldn’t stop himself from looking at his daughter, at her long, shapely legs, the way her clothes clung to her body leaving very little to the imagination; Steve was traumatised by the vision before him.

“Coo-eee I’m here” said Sarah gently in an effort to break the silence.

“Okay, Sorry!” Steve mumbled, but his mind was still elsewhere.

I may be her father, he told himself, but I’m also a man, too. Looking around, he tried to control the stirring in his loins, but nothing seemed to help as her gorgeous figure kept drawing his eyes back to her. Before long, his interest in her was very evident and pushing its way slowly up the front of his trousers.

No, he muttered to himself. How can you let yourself get aroused by your own daughter? I know you’ve been away from civilization fighting that bloody war. Suddenly his mind took a tangent; but hold on; what about all those pictures and love letters he received via Chris and the crotch of her shorts, did they seem a trifle damp?

Hoping his daughter would not see his actions, Steve quickly adjusted the front of his trousers whilst reaching down to gather his kit before making his way upstairs to his bedroom room; Sarah quickly scampered upstairs yelling something about freshening up and possibly changing into something a little more comfortable. Steve now in great need of a piss immediately dropped his kit on the bed and rushed towards his en-suite bathroom. Snatching at the handle, he flung the door open and charged inside. Suddenly, his eyes sprang wide open and with mouth a gapped he was transfixed by the beautiful body that stood before him.

“Daddy…Dad!” he heard her cry.

“Sorry…Sorry!” he stuttered, staring down at the beautiful ass before him.

“Daddy,” she pleaded, spinning on her bare foot, turning rapidly to face him.

“Oh Sarah, I am sorry,” he murmured, his eyes now sweeping over her hairless pussy, on pass the narrow waist and up to the beautiful pair of breasts that stood before him.

She gave him a smile, but made little effort to hide herself as he stumbled back out of the bathroom, slamming the door closed behind him.

After a few seconds Steve began thinking “What the hell is she doing in my bathroom,” with that Steve reached for and knocked on the door.

“Sarah…Sarah, what the hell are you doing in my bathroom? Yours is down the hall.”

Not hearing a reply, Steve rushed down to the other bathroom, quickly stepped inside then closed the door behind him as he struggled to release his fully erect cock; stood now in front of the toilet he aimed his cock downwards looking for relief but the fullness of his erection prevented the flow of water. Standing in agony, he willed his cock to co-operate but nothing was forthcoming. In final desperation he aimed his cock into the shower, where there, he finally found the relief he desired for he pissed for what seemed like hours before his painful bladder was drained of its contents. In washing down his spoil, Steve decided to completely strip off and dived under the shower. There under its tepid water, Steve resisted the urge to ‘jack off’ and completed his impromptu shower.

Realising he was hungry; he made his way down to the kitchen, not knowing what to say to when he met Sarah again. Entering the kitchen, he found her sat at the table, eating a sandwich.

“Sarah, I am sorry, but what the hell were you doing in my bathroom?” Steve blurted out before noticing that his daughter still wore the same provocative clothing.

“Just forget it, Daddy,” replied Sarah, seeing that Steve was just about to re-ask the question, Sarah went on to say:-

“I though that by moving into mummy’s room it would be easier for us or have you forgotten what happened during your last home coming; I thought in my letters I expressed how I loved both of you; also I was just surprised; after all, I’ve been alone in this house for the past seven months.”

“You’re right, I’m sorry, I didn’t do it on purpose, and I just want you to know that.” he stammered, for now Sarah’s apparel was having a profane effect on his body.

“It’s okay…really,” she said, shoving another bite into her mouth.

“Just so you know,” he said, shuffling over to the fridge.

“Anyway…what did you think?” she asked him with a mischievous glint in her eye as she slowly waved her sandwich.

“Think? Think about what?” he asked her, opening the fridge and hoping its coolness would dampen his ardour.

“My body! Did you think it pretty?” she grinned.

Steve groaned his face reddened as his cock still developed a distinct mind of its own.

“Oh, come on, Daddy. Doesn’t be a prude,” she tittered. “Tell me what you thought.”

He was shocked by her casual attitude about their Bakırköy Escort Bayan encounter. He didn’t know what to do as he stood there staring open-mouthed at her. His loins telling him one thing whilst his upbringing telling him another.

“Is my body as pretty as mummy’s was?” she asked him, nonchalantly dropping her sandwich onto the plate.

Where all this was leading too, he asked himself. Baffled by it all, he just stood staring at her in shocked silence.

“Well?” she grinned up at him casually chewing on what ever was in her mouth.

“Yes…prettier,” he finally choked out.

“But…but I can’t believe we’re having this conversation; you’re my daughter for Christ sake! I’m not supposed to.”

“Not supposed to what, Daddy?” she replied provokingly.

“What? What did you say?” he sputtered, staring at her in disbelief and shock.

Who was this girl, he asked himself? Where’ my innocent Sarah? Who he hadn’t seen in seven months; do such stretches of absence lead to changes such as this. Then he realized that they were both adults. Even though he was forty-five, she only twenty, whatever happened between them would be between consenting adults, wouldn’t it?

“Would you like to see them again?” she smiled, pressing her hands to her ‘T-shirt’ then with a downward motion stretched the material taut over her tits.

“Yes…Yes, anything to keep you quiet” he grunted, staring down at her breasts as they surfaced under her ‘T-shirt’.

From the way her fully erect nipples were trying to pierce the material it was obvious that there was nothing restraining their movement. “Oh fuck” muttered Steve, as he realised his daughter was bra less; suddenly he felt a dampness in his pants as the first pearl of precum oozed from his cock.

“Oh! For fuck sake lighten up Daddy, they’re tits, tits you once adored” she scoured, then putting the remains of her sandwich down, reach for and started raising the hem of her ‘T-shirt’.

“Sarah…” he choked out, watching her slowly raise the ‘T-shirt’ exposing her beautiful breasts.

“Well…Do you still think they’re prettier than mummy’s?” she angrily enquired.

Staring down at the beautiful treasures before him, he studied them with a deep reverence. They were certainly the most exquisitely shaped breasts he had ever seen petite, light, perfectly rounded, as they jutted out at him in all their glory.

Still holding up the ‘T-shirt’ and with a mischievous smile she gently asked him,” Well?”

“Yes…yes…the prettiest I’ve ever seen,” he groaned as he felt another pearl of precum dribble into his pants.

“Would you like to touch them, hold them, play with them?” she provocatively asked, thrusting them out at him.

“Sarah…what are you doing? Why are you doing this? Why are you taunting me like this? You know that we can’t…can’t do this! It’s wrong!”

Then to his astonishment, she completely removed the ‘T-shirt’, and threw it onto the floor.

“Sarah…Sarah,” he groaned, “How could I live with myself if I did this?”

“How…how can something between consenting adults be wrong?” she asked him.

“Because I’m your father for Christ sake,” he wept, “How can we…”

“Pretend, then…pretend that I’m mummy, Pretend it was like last time” she shouted.

“Why me?” he asked her, trying to stop his pounding heart from bursting from his chest. “How can you feel this way toward me…me, your father of all people.”

“I don’t know,” she cried out.

“Why does the Sun shine? Why is the sky, blue? Why did Mummy have to die? Why are you and I all alone? Why do I want to hold you and comfort you? Why do I want to fill the void in your life? I don’t know why! There are no answers to any of those questions. That’s just the way it is…I love you.”

“God!” he groaned, loosing all control as he stumbled towards her.

Fearing that a bolt of lightening would flash down from the sky the moment his fingers touched her tantalising breasts, he stopped in front of her. Reaching down to them with quivering fingers, he delicately cupped the globes of flesh, cradling them gently in his palms as he fingered the nipples that stuck out of their tapered, brownish cones topping her breasts. Watching him, she stared down at his caressing hands.

“So delicate,” he mumbled, rubbing his thumbs back and forth across the hardening buds sticking out at him.

“You know…Daddy,” she said, looking up at him and running the tip of her tongue over her lips, “You and Chris practically raped me on your last visit!”

“Yes, I do remember, and I’ve regretted ever since” he mumbled, delicately teasing her nipples with his thumbs as she looked up at him, a coy smile playing at the corners of her delicate lips.

“Do you want to this time?” Sarah asked, lifting her hand up to the obvious swell jutting out against the front of his trousers.

“Pardon,” he grunted numbly as her fingers brushed across the bulge.

“I said do you want to rape me this time?” Escort Bakırköy she enquired softly.

“Why are we talking like this, I don’t want to rape you. That was an accident, something done in the heat of the moment,” he stuttered, slowly releasing her breasts and taking a step backwards.

“Well, I want you to fuck me like last time; I want to be your lover, just like mummy was.” with that Sarah step closer, unzipped his trousers and parted his fly.

“Oh, God,” groaned Steve, hoping he wouldn’t faint the moment her fingers touched his throbbing cock.

“It looks so big, sticking out like that,” she murmured, reaching to it and rubbing it through his damp pants.

Then Steve felt himself growing light-headed and realised that he wasn’t breathing as she slowly released his trouser belt. Spreading his trousers open, she stared at the big bulge pushing out against the army issue pants. Looking down, he watched her ease her fingers down under the waistband of his pants. Then, with a teasing giggle she jerked them down his muscular legs, freeing his rampant cock.

“You’re bald!” she gasped, ignoring the pearl of precum forming on its tip; Still astonished, Sarah continued to stare down at the bronzed eight-inch cock jutting up out of his groin with its purple coloured tip pointing straight towards her face.

“Yes, We had a bad case of lice a few weeks ago and I’ve kept it like this ever since” he replied, looking down at her as she continued to stared at it.

“Do you shave it yourself or does Chris help?” she inquisitively asked, her fingers slowly taking in the smoothness of his genital region.

“You cheeky monkey; you know that we’re probably going to be struck dead for what we’re doing,” he grunted as her fingertips brushed against his naked cock, making it twitch and jump.

“It’s so…hot and hard, yet smooth to touch,” she murmured, running her delicate fingers along it.

“This is all wrong, letting you touch me” he groaned as her hand curled slowly around and drew back his foreskin, causing Steve to flitch as it past over his glans.

“I’m going to do more than just touch you, I’ve waited a long time for this” she said, easing herself down onto her knees in front of him.

His cock twitched and jumped with anticipation as he watched Sarah’s mouth get closer and closer to her goal, precum now oozed continuously from the end of his cock, the absence of movement causing each pearl to be suspended by a minute thread before falling to the floor.

Sarah leaned closer, flicked out her tongue and caught one of these pearls before licking the top of her father’s cock with the tip of her tongue. Savouring these pearls of precum; she then continued to lick the oozing precum from Steve’s cock, round and round she went, stopping occasionally to prise open his piss hole and seek more. At last, she pursed her lips. Tilting her head down farther, she pressed her lips down around the rounded tip of his cock, easing her full lips down until they were encircling its flared edge. With only the head of his cock between her lips, she began to suck and run her tongue up and down over it as more precum oozed out of it.

Unable to control himself, Steve gently thrust his hips forward, trying to bury more of his cock inside his daughter’s hot mouth. But, she denied him, keeping her lips locked down around the glans of his aching cock. Leaning back, she released her lips from his cock. Smiling, she cupped his smooth dangling balls and gave them a gentle squeeze.

“My, these are heavy, been missing someone have we?” she provocatively asked.

“You’re going to give me a fucking heart attack,” Steve gasped, thrusting his cock forward up against her lips. With perverse anticipation, he watched her open her lips this time, easing them down over the bulging head of his cock and onto its smooth, thick, blue-veined shaft.

“Oh…fuck!” he groaned out as her hot lips closed tightly around his twitching shaft.

He then felt the suction as she began to pull at his cock with her delicate lips. Her cheeks hollowed as she sucked on him. Lifting his heavy, dangling balls in the palm of her minute hand, she juggled on them as if she was urging him to empty their contents into her mouth.

She began to hum as Steve slowly began to fuck his daughter’s mouth.

“Fucking Hell!” he muttered as the gentle vibrations stimulated his cock. He swore again as he felt a finger slide along his perineum then began prodding at his anus.

Still groaning he reached down, gently grasped her head between his hands and held it still. Working his hips back and forth, he eased his cock in and out of her sucking mouth. Below her chin, he could see her delicate gold locket, a present from her long departed mother, sway gently in rhythm with the fucking her mouth was receiving.

Soon he felt her fingers on the cheeks of his ass, grasping him; she gently pushed and pulled on him, guiding his big cock in and out of her mouth with determined slowness.

Her lips, a delicate pink, bellowed in and out as he pistoned his cock back and forth whilst his dangling balls gently slapped up against her chin. His heart was pounding; every sinew in his body was tightening. It wouldn’t be long now, he dizzily thought, feeling the rasp of her tongue along the underside of his cock.

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