Destined Lovers Ch. 01

Double Penetration

This is my first story and submission and I hope you like it. This is a fiction story and everything including the cities is fiction but I may use even real city names in other chapters. This chapter does not contain any sexual encounters because I am trying to take things easy and start it like that but the upcoming chapters may contain many sexual encounters. As it is, story is not about sex only but love between two men. Comments are very important to me whether positive or negative.


George was sitting in his room reading a magazine when suddenly he heard the living room door opened and slammed with great force. Fear slipped through him because he knew that his uncle was drunk. His uncle was very cruel to him but he knew he could not do anything. His uncle had taken him in when his parents died when he was only 16 but now he was 18 and a high school graduate.

George closed his magazine, got out of his room and started heading downstairs slowly. Soon as he reached the living room, he saw his uncle dead drunk sleeping on the carpet snoring like hell. He hated the smell of beer and he almost puked when he smelled how the air in the living room was. It smelled strongly of beer. He knew he would be sick if he stayed too long in the living room so he locked the entrance door to the living room, switched off the lights in the living room and went upstairs to sleep. Soon as he got to his room he stripped to his boxer briefs, switched off the light and then moved under the covers and drifted off to sleep.


It felt like a dream but George felt a heavy weight on top of him. It was like a dream but it felt so real and when he opened his eyes he found his uncle on top of him kissing his neck like it was the last thing he was to do on this earth.

“Uncle” George shouted.

“Please get off me. What are you doing?”

George tried to throw his uncle off of him but he couldn’t, his uncle was muscular and he over powered him. He began shouting so much that his uncle covered his mouth.

“Stop shouting you little piece of shit! I am sure you want this more than I do so just stay still” George heard his uncle growl.

George’s uncle had always called him a faggot but he had never attempted to do what he was doing currently. George knew that his uncle always acted strangely when drunk but this was the first time he had attempted something like this.

Covering George’s mouth with one hand, he used the other hand to unzip his own trouser and George knew what was coming next. He knew if he did not act fast his uncle would rape him. George was turned so that he was lying on his stomach. His uncle started pulling down his boxer exposing his hairless bare ass and he could feel his uncle’s hand touching his ass. Then he felt it, his uncle was already hard and any moment he would be raped. Although George was held firmly on the bed that he could barely move, he moved his hand and started searching for something, anything to save himself from what was about to be inflicted on him.

He felt his clock on the small table beside the bed and never in his life had he been glad that clock was there. He took it immediately and hit his uncle hard on the head continuously until he heard his uncle groaning in pain. This was his chance. He threw his uncle off him and he heard a thud on the floor as his uncle hit the floor cursing George with all kinds of insults. George quickly got up and got out of the room and he still could hear his uncle’s curses as he got to the living room. That night he went to the guest room, locked himself up, threw himself on the bed and cried himself to sleep.


George was awoken by a loud bang on the door. He immediately opened his eyes and knew it was morning because there was light in his room coming from the window partly covered.

“Come out here you stupid little faggot”

George knew his uncle was angry and he was not ready to meet him in that state so he just ignored him.

“Open this door or I will break it and trust me you won’t like what will happen”

He continued banging on the door and raining insults on George to open the door. Then he started kicking and George knew e had to comply.

George knew that he had to let his uncle him or he would kill later, he was used to the abuse anyway. It had had been going on for some time. George got up and started turning the key in the hole to open the door. As soon as he opened the door he received a punch on his face sending him to the floor where he hit his head hard. He knew his head had broken because he felt the blood run down his face when he got up. His uncle got him up by griping his hair and it hurt like hell.

“You think you are clever uh!” his uncle said angrily

George started begging as his uncle drove him to the living room through his hair. He was crying in pain. As soon as they reached the living room he was thrown on the carpet.

“You almost broke my head last night and I am going to show you never to mess with me again.” His uncle said while removing his belt from his trouser.

George knew Ankara escort what was coming and he begged his uncle not to beat him up but it was too late. He felt the belt on his bare skin and it left a red mark, he was in pain. He felt another and a few strokes more by this time he was crying like a child begging his uncle to stop. He heard his uncle withdraw after some time and he heard him putting his belt back on.

“That will teach you not to mess with me.” His uncle said before leaving smiling like an evil villain on his way out.

George lay on the carpet sobbing wondering why his parents had left him to such cruelty. He wished he had died with them at least he would not be suffering like this. He tried to get up but his whole body was in pain. He felt as if he had been hit by something that was very heavy and he had such a splitting headache, his face was covered with dried and fresh blood which went all the way to his chest and he had some on his boxers too. He managed to get up though his whole body hurt and he went upstairs to take a hot shower, he hoped it would make him feel better.


As the warm water from the shower touched his bare skin, George almost jumped out from it because it stung everywhere. But he knew that he had to get clean so he cleaned himself quickly and then went into his room.

He entered the room and went to the large mirror on the wall to see how the cut on his forehead was. He noticed that it was not so bad. He took some bandages from the first aid kit and attended to his head.

He took clean boxer briefs which he wore and then took a cargo trouser which he loved, a blue t-shirt and red snickers. He decided he needed to go out maybe it would make him feel a little better at least before his abusive uncle came back home.

George had no friends. He had friends when he was in his home town but when he had moved in with his uncle to a different location, he had not made any friends. He did not have the time anyway.


It had been 4 hours since George had left his uncle’s house and the sun was high in the sky and it was hot but he did not care. All he wanted to do was to think. George was walking on the road thinking about how his life was turning out to be. This was not the life he planned on living. He had planned on going to college and becoming a medical doctor but looks like fate was not on his favor. If only he had some place to go, he would have run a long time ago.

George was still thinking when he heard the screeching of the tires on the road and that is when he realized that he was on the middle of the road and a car almost knocked him down and if the driver had not seen him in time he would probably be dead.

George did not even realize that he was shaking so bad and he was breathing so fast. Then he heard the car door open and he heard an angry voice.

“Hey do you want to die?”

George did not even bother to look who was talking to him. He wanted to run but he felt weak in his legs and he was about to fall when he felt a hand gently catch him. He realized that his face was flooded with tears.

“Please I am sorry” George said between sobs.

“I did not even realize that I was in the middle of the road!” He said softly wondering whether the man had heard him at all.

The man was about to held him properly when he winced in pain.

“Are you okay?” the man asked with concern in his voice.

George said no words because he did not hear the man’s question he was still too frightened about the incident which had just happened. He was brought to reality when the man held his face close.

“Hey look at me, look at me”

But George did not respond. He did not even see the man’s face.

George drifted from the man and just started walking away slowly without looking at the man. He was so scared.

“Hey! Please say something.” He heard the man say with concern

George turned around started heading to his uncle’s house. He heard the man’s voice but he did not even bother to look behind and then he started to run.


It had been five days since George was almost involved in an accident. He was sitting in his room reading a very interesting novel when suddenly the door opened. He did not need to look to know who it was that opened the door for he knew that it was his uncle.

“Get dressed! Someone will be here to pick you up in a few minutes” he said sounding not to care.

George looked at his uncle with a confused look.


George saw anger in his uncle’s eyes and he knew he did not want to disobey him. He got up put on skinny jeans, a tight t-shirt and black snickers all while his uncle was waiting for him to get dressed. He was so confused because he did not know who was coming to pick him up.

The door bell rang and he saw his uncle rush out of the room.

A few minutes later, he heard his uncle yelling his name and he went to the living room quickly. He found a man who was probably in mid 40s, dressed in pair of black jeans, a beautiful blue shirt which he was folding Ankara escort bayan at the sleeves and he was wearing a pair of expensive boots.

“This is my friend Kevin.”

“He is here to pick you up. Go with him and please behave yourself.”

George looked at the man and he was smiling at him as if they knew each other. This is when he realized that the man had black hair which was well shaven.

“But I don’t know him uncle” George tried to object.

“He’s my friend just go with him, he will bring you back” his uncle said as if he cared.

“Shall we?”

He heard the man say smiling.

George started going outside and when he was outside he saw a Toyota priors parked outside. It was really a beautiful car and though he had always wanted to ride in one, he did not even feel like it right now because he was feeling so uneasy.

George was standing outside for sometime because Kevin was still inside discussing whatever it was with his uncle. He did not care.

Finally after waiting for a whole 5 minutes Kevin came out laughing like a maniac with his uncle. After their goodbyes Kevin opened the car and instructed George to get inside. The car smelled good when George entered it, it was beautiful inside. George heard the car boot open and close. He looked behind and saw that his uncle had put something in the car boot.

As soon as Kevin started the car, George’s uncle started waving at them. George looked in the side mirror and watched as they moved further and further from his uncle’s house.


Georg woke up when he heard the sound of the driver’s door closing. He had slept four hours after their departure and when he woke up the car was packed at what appeared to be a very large house. George looked at his watch it was already 5:30 am and he knew that they had been on the road for 9 whole hours and he was sure that they were in another city.

“Come with me.” Kevin said before he closed the car door.

George got out of the car and closed the door and then he saw it. A very big two floor house and it was light all over that he could see the whole compound Cleary. It was really beautiful. He started looking around and saw a large green gate with a guard on it and a beautiful garden.

“Take your bag from the boot.”

“My bag, did he just say my bag?” George wondered.
He went to the boot and saw his bag there and it was packed.

“W-why is my bag here sir?” he stammered.

“You will be working here from now on.” He heard Kevin say.

George’s mouth dropped because he had no idea at all that he was brought here to work.

“Your uncle said he will be out of the country and he does not want to take you with him because you are a burden to him. So he asked if I could employ you in my house and so I brought you here. This is my son’s house and you will be working here.”

George did not ask any questions further. He was glad he was out of that house and on the other hand he did not know what life had in store for him in this new house.

Kevin took him inside the house and when he entered the house, he couldn’t help but stare. It was like a five star hotel. The living room was huge, the couches were magnificent, and there was the biggest TV he had ever seen and he noticed that there was also a bar containing all sorts of liquor.

He was still looking around when he saw an elderly woman dressed in her uniform with blond hair who looked like she was in her late 40s coming towards them. She greeted Kevin and came to him, smiled sweetly and then took his bag.

“This woman will take you to your room. Freshen up and meet your boss and start work immediately.” Kevin said.

George just nodded and followed the woman. She took him upstairs where it seemed like forever to reach. They soon reached a room and she opened it and he followed her. It was a big room and very nice. The bed was huge and there was a TV in it too. It was a luxurious room and it smelled nice. He was still exploring the room when he heard the woman’s sweet voice.

“This will be your room.” She said in a nice tone of voice.

“Freshen up and then come downstairs. Meet everyone and I will show you around.”

George just nodded and continued looking around. Before he realized it the woman had already left.


George came downstairs at exactly 7 am after having a good shower. The shower had been great.

As soon as he came down he saw the woman waiting for him.

“I was waiting for you because I knew you would be here and you would get lost looking for me.” The woman said smiling.

“By the way, I am Claire. I take care of the house and the boss”

“George.” He said shaking Claire’s hand.

“I am sorry.” George said looking confused.

“Which town is this?”

“You mean you don’t know?”

George nodded looking so shy at Claire’s question looking at the floor.

“You are in Malsvan.”

George knew about this city but he had never been here before. It was one of the biggest cities in the country and he had always wanted to Escort Ankara come here, probably work here.

After talking a bit, Claire took him outside where she showed him around as they talked getting to know each other. George saw that behind the house was a big swimming pool.

They went back inside where George met the male worker Greg, the cook.

Claire went around showing him the rooms and boy there were about 9 that she had showed him including the one in which Kevin was freshening in before Greg came to call her.

“Excuse me I will be back in a few.” Claire said smiling

George was left alone and he continued looking around the house. While looking around he came to a large door leading to a room. This room was not close to other room though it was a bit close to the stair case. George knew it would be best if he would wait for Claire to show the room to him but he wanted to check it out. There is no harm in checking. Is there?

George decided to check the room himself. He touched the door knob and opened the door slowly. Before he even opened the door fully, his mouth was wide open at what he saw. He was greeted by a nice refreshing smell. It was a really huge room. The bed was really huge. It was a queen size bed and it looked as if someone had just woken up from it because it was unmade. There was a large TV. He saw a door which he assumed it led to the bathroom and two other doors which he was curious about. He went to one of the doors, took a deep breath before he touched the cold knob about to open when he felt a presence behind him.

“What are you doing in here?” The voice behind him said in a voice which brought fear to him.

He let go of the knob, slowly turned around to see the man that brought fear in him. He knew that it was his boss who was behind him before he even turned. When he turned around he was feeling hot all over due to the fear he felt at that time and he was shaking a bit. He looked at the man and when he looked at him the man now looked rather surprised than angry. The man was very handsome, he had deep blue eyes, his lips where pink, his dark hair was wet and some fell to his face and to George he had an angelic face and one of the most handsome faces he had ever seen. George quickly stopped staring and looked at his feet before the man realized he was staring.

“You” he heard the man say.

“What are you doing here?”

“I will be working here sir.” George said looking down still afraid.

“Do you remember me?” he heard the man ask.

George looked at him and he saw him smiling but George could not say anything.

“Don’t you remember? I am the man who almost knocked you down with my car.”

George now remembered and his fear increased.

“I-I am sorry for that sir.” He stammered.

“That time I was not in the right frame of mind. I am sorry.”

George’s heart was beating very fast and he was sure it was showing by the way he was breathing. The man kept staring at him without saying a word and George was feeling nervous looking down. He could not look at the man or he would just blush so he excused himself and rushed out of the room. When he came out he was glad he had escaped that, he went downstairs to look for Claire.

When he told Claire about what had happened, she was laughing and she assured him that her boss was very kind and the kindest person she knew. When he heard that, he was relieved. He asked Claire what his work was and she told him he will be helping her before he got assigned to his permanent job. He also learned that his boss’ name was Henry Rosenberg.


After Henry had arrived in his office at 10 am he received a call from his father who called to inform him that he would be going back to Bago due to an urgent meeting in his office the next day. Henry wished his father goodbye and he put his phone down. Henry was one of the youngest and richest business men in the country. He had finished high school at 16 and he studied business administration for 3 years and after, his father gave him one of his companies and after 6 years he was one of the most successful business men in the country and had established 4 more companies including a bank. At 26 he was super rich.

Henry was trying to concentrate on his work when all of a sudden; the image of the boy he had almost killed with his car in Bago flashed to his mind. Ever since he had seen the boy’s face he was always on his mind. Henry had been gay since high school but only his father knew. He had not been in any serious relationship to let people know any way.

That day he had almost knocked down George, he had a dream about him and he woke up with a hard on. He had tried everything the past few days to get rid of George’s memory from jerking off to fucking some random guy but nothing was working. They would always come. Even today he had a dream about George and he woke up with a hard on and his dick was leaking pre cum. He could not even jerk off because he knew it would not work. After all George would be back on his mind. He went to the bathroom and after taking a shower he had put on his bathroom robe and as soon as he came out of the bathroom he saw someone trying to open the door to his other room. He knew it was the new worker his father had brought to his but why was he in his room.

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