Ginger is a spice. In American cooking, it is mostly used to add interest to otherwise undistinguished dishes, such as ginger bread or ginger snaps. More enlightened cultures treasure ginger for its medicinal properties, as well as the exotic texture, hotter than paprika, which it imparts to numerous foods.

Ginger is a girl. In her own way, she is hotter and even more exotic than her namesake.

Appropriately enough, I met her at Central Market, the gourmet supermarket in Austin. Since my taste runs largely to such non-gourmet entrees as pizza, Tex-Mex and frozen dinners, it’s a somewhat odd place for me to shop. I go for the beer. So far, I’ve probably sampled a quarter of the 150 exotic brews they stock.

It was a hot Saturday morning in August. I was pulling out of the parking lot when I saw her at the bus stop. She was facing away from me and I casually admired her butt as I drove past. When she turned around, I recognized her as a Central Market checker. I’d talked, actually flirted, with her several times. The button she wore at work read “Ginger, home town Corpus Christi.”

I rolled down the window and called, “Hi Ginger. Would you like a ride?”

It took her a second, then she smiled when she recognized me. “Sure, Ken. I’d love to if it’s not out of your way. But I live way down in South Austin.”

There was a honk from the car behind me. “That’s no problem,” I said quickly, “except that I’ve got a bunch of frozen stuff in the back seat. I can take you home if we stop by my place and put the food away. It’s not far.”

“Sounds great.” Ginger climbed into the passenger seat. “I really appreciate this,” she said as I put the car in gear. “My pickup broke down and it’s a long bus ride to work.”

I admired Ginger as we drove home. There was plenty to admire, since she had swapped her Central Market uniform of loose-fitting green blouse and slacks for tight shorts and a halter top.

If I had a younger sister, Ginger would have resembled her. She was tall, about 5′ 10″, and slender, with long muscular legs and small, firm breasts. Her face was striking, rather than conventionally pretty, with slightly rough-hewn Scandinavian features, accented by piercing green eyes. Brown hair with a slight curl reached a few inches below her shoulders. Her skin was lightly tanned, indicating almost total avoidance of the intense Texas sun. A tattoo of a rambling rose, a long green vine with thorns and red rose buds, climbing around her right ankle added an exotic touch to her clean-cut appearance.

When I’d talked to her in Central Market, I’d figured Ginger was nineteen and just starting college. She still looked nineteen, but she was much more mature than a teenager. As we drove, Ginger told me that she’d received an art degree from U. T. Austin two years ago and was now completing her business degree. She was a stained glass artist and had succeeded in selling a few pieces of her work.

I told Ginger about my career as a writer. At this point, I was making a comfortable living writing movie scripts. Half a dozen of my scripts had been sold, although none of the movies had ever been produced. I’d also sold a handful of television scripts, which had been used. Writing short stories for various men’s magazines under various pen names also brought in a small but steady stream of cash.

We finally reached my house. Ginger helped me unload the car and looked around the dining room while I put the groceries away. She quickly spotted the Colt calendar on the wall beside the door leading to the garage. “What a beautiful man!” she exclaimed, staring at the photo of the handsome American Indian. “He has such nice muscles and I love the way his long cock is hanging down but starting to curve upwards. He’s getting a hard-on.” I noticed Ginger was rubbing her breasts with one hand.

She turned away from the calendar and walked through the kitchen into the den. The lights were off and the shades were drawn, so the illuminated section of the entertainment center on the far wall stood out sharply. “Is this David?” she asked, moving to examine the 18 inch-tall statue in the alcove. “No, of course not,” she answered herself. “It’s done in a Greek style, but it’s modern, rather than a copy. He’s got such a pretty little uncircumcised dick!”

I stepped into the den, pausing to switch on the hanging light by the fireplace. Ginger turned to face me. “Ken,” she asked, “do you like girls, too?” I answered by kissing her . . . hard.

We’d been making out on the couch for a long time and were mostly undressed when Ginger suddenly asked, “Do you have a boyfriend?”

I removed her left nipple from my mouth and looked up at her face. Her lips were slightly parted and she was breathing hard. “Not exactly a boyfriend,” I answered. “I have a fuck buddy named Daniel. He comes over every week or two and we have sex. Daniel has a lover and doesn’t want me to call him at home.”

Ginger had one hand inside my shorts, touching my erection through the thin fabric of gaziantep bayan escort my briefs. “Tell me what you did the last time you were with Daniel,” she commanded. “Did he fuck you? I like hearing about boys getting fucked.”

“The last time was a couple of weeks ago. It wasn’t very good. Daniel was in sort of a hurry. He just had me lie down on my stomach and jammed his dick up my ass. He came real quickly.”

“That doesn’t sound like much fun,” Ginger commented. “Did you come too?”

“Yeah, from my cock rubbing against the sheets. It was all right, but not as good as it usually is. Daniel usually prefers to get fucked, anyway”

Ginger was running one finger over the head of my penis, which had escaped from the confines of my briefs and was leaking seminal fluid. She guided my hand between her spread thighs. Her panties were moist. “Tell me about one of the times when it was really good.” Her voice was husky.

“Daniel likes to get warmed up by watching a gay porn video and drinking a beer. We keep our clothes on and don’t touch ourselves or each other. He usually fast forwards through the non-sexual parts and sometimes through the blow jobs. He likes to watch the fucking. I think the anticipation turns him on.”

“Do you like that too?” Ginger asked, stroking her breasts with her free hand.

I paused for an indeterminate amount of time while I kissed her throat and licked her ear. “It’s OK, I guess,” I finally answered. “I really like watching porn while I’m jacking off by myself, but when I’m with another person, I want to concentrate on him. Or her,” I added hastily. “With Daniel, the videos just delay getting to the fun part. Still, they get him really hot, so I can’t complain.”

“When Daniel finally finishes his beer and we’ve watched several full sex scenes,” I continued, “we go into the bedroom, strip and get in bed.”

“That’s what we did the time before last. We French-kissed for a while and then I started licking his ears and neck. Our cocks were both hard by that time and we sort of rubbed them against each other’s bellies. Daniel was on his back under me and I worked my way down the front of his body. I sucked his nipples for quite a while. They didn’t get big and hard like yours, but his dick got even stiffer than it had been.”

“I finally reached Daniel’s crotch. I passed over his penis without touching it and started sucking his nuts. After a while, I had both of his balls in my mouth and I was licking and sucking them. When Daniel was really excited, I moved so I was kneeling over him with my dick in front of his mouth.”

“Daniel doesn’t usually suck cock, but this was an exception. He took my joint in his mouth and worked on it until I was on the brink of climax. I wasn’t ready for that, so I pulled away and started sucking him off. While I was doing that, I greased my finger and stuck it up his asshole. As soon as his anal muscles were relaxed, I greased my penis and stuck it up his butt.”

Ginger had been reclining on the couch with my body partially over hers. While I was talking, she pushed me away, so I was sitting in an upright position. Then she climbed on top of me with her thighs straddling my legs.

She interrupted the story by pressing her lips against mine and sticking her tongue into my mouth. Her breasts were flattened against my chest and her crotch was pressing against my erect member. I was starting to enter her through the thin slick fabric covering her loins. I’d heard that Elvis had liked fucking young virginal-looking girls through their white panties. The idea of doing that sort of turned me off, so I was pleased when Ginger interrupted our long kiss to lift her body slightly and gasp “Tear them off me.”

I gripped the waistband with both hands and pulled. The flimsy material was surprisingly strong, but I was finally rewarded with a sudden tearing sound. Ginger gave a squeal of excitement as the thin curtain separating our genitals was ripped away. An instant later, she lowered her pudenda, firmly spiking herself on my stiff rod. I almost ejaculated during that first second of full penetration.

Ginger’s eyes were closed and she moaned orgasmically as she slid down my pole. When she opened her eyes again, they weren’t quite focused. She was breathing hard and her vaginal muscles were gripping me tightly. “Tell me about fucking Daniel,” she ordered.

It took a few seconds to gather my thoughts. “Daniel was lying on his back. He folded his knees against his chest and lifted his butt up into the air. I put my cock head into position and pushed. He was really tight and I felt like I was going to come as I entered him. After my first few strokes, his muscles had relaxed and orgasm seemed less imminent.”

Ginger was grinding her hips slowly, moving her vulva up and down around my penis. “After a while,” I continued, “I pulled out and rolled over onto my back. Daniel climbed on top of me and sat on my dick. He stayed on top of me for a long time, moving his butt up and down while I rubbed his arm muscles and caressed his nipples. He’s really muscular, so he’s fun to feel.”

While I was speaking, I realized that Ginger and I were recreating the scene I was describing almost exactly. She was on top, riding my cock while my hands wandered over her body, gripping her rolling buttocks and fondling her breasts. I was also aware that my story was increasing our natural excitement.

“After a while, Daniel stopped moving his butt. He continued kneeling over me so I could fuck him from below. We were on my water bed, so it was easy for me to keep thrusting with a good rhythm. I wrapped my hand around his cock and started jacking him off. Suddenly, he screamed and shot a big load onto my chest and belly.”

Ginger was moaning as if she was experiencing continuous orgasms and I was rapidly approaching my own climax. “I usually come inside Daniel and the sensation of my juice squirting up his asshole sets him off. This time I pulled out, rolled him onto his back, climbed on top of him, smeared his own come all over my dick, and jacked off until I sprayed my own cream all over his chest and face.”

Sensing how close I was, Ginger pulled away and moved to a position where her knees were on the floor and her elbows were on the couch. I sat still, admiring the new view and waiting for the urgent throbbing in my penis to recede. After a minute, I was back in control and moved behind her, kneeling between her legs.

I put my hands around her waist, then slid them up to fondle her breasts. “This reminds me of another time I got fucked,” I said. “This one was really good.”

“It was with a guy named Andrew. We were watching a video and jacking off. I got on my hands and knees in front of the TV and he moved behind me.” I was positioning my cock as I spoke. “Andrew’s cock was really long and hard and he slid it slowly up my butt until his whole length was inside me. After a while, I could feel his balls pressing against my asshole, sort of like the way mine are pressing against your pussy lips, now. Then, he started sliding his big dick in and out of my hole real slowly, like I’m doing now.”

I stopped talking for a while and concentrated on the sensations in my groin. Ginger was moaning beneath me. “Andrew had his hands on my tits and he was gently pinching my nipples,” I resumed. “His thrusts were gradually getting faster. He eventually moved his hands to grip my waist for support. Now, he was really slamming into me.” I was gasping now, hardly able to talk. “Suddenly, he started screaming rhythmically. With each scream, he pulled his cock almost out of my asshole, then rammed his full length up my ass. With each thrust, I could feel another jet of hot semen splashing against my anal walls. He rammed me over and over.” I started screaming rhythmically.

The dam broke. Ginger screamed as waves of lava-hot semen flooded her pussy. With each spurt, I hammered her as if I were attempting to thrust completely through her body. Finally, I collapsed on top of her. I could feel both our hearts pounding.

I worked my hands under Ginger’s chest so I was cupping her breasts and feeling the hardness of her erect nipples against my palms.

“Don’t move,” Ginger moaned. “I want to keep your cock in my cunt as long as possible. The way it fills me up feels so good. Feeling you spraying all that hot juice inside me was wonderful. It was just like you and Andrew.”

“You’re an unusual man,” Ginger continued. “I haven’t come like that in a long time. You fucked me so good and those stories pushed me right over the edge. How do you do it? Most men can hardly talk when they’re that close.”

“I guess it’s because I’m a writer. We do it with words.”

Ginger laughed and tightened her muscles around my tool. “You did it with a lot more than words.”

“Ken,” Ginger purred a few minutes later, “It’s amazing that you’re still so hard. Does that mean we could . . . do it again? Right now?”

“I think so,” I replied as my rod grew even stiffer. “Let’s go into the bedroom and find out.”

It was late afternoon when I woke up. I was naked, lying on my back. Ginger was sleeping beside me on the bed. Her head was resting on my shoulder and her hair was flowing over my chest.

We had made a game of staying plugged together while we moved to the bedroom and climbed into bed. Getting over the padded side rails of the waterbed was the biggest challenge. With Ginger on her back and me lying between her spread thighs, we made love for almost an hour. I fucked her with long slow strokes while describing how, at age thirteen, I lost my virginity to a twelve-year old boy and finally had sex with a girl when I was twenty. In response, Ginger related several of her early sexual experiences with girls and boys. During the whole period, my tension had slowly but steadily increased. Ginger finally stuck her finger up my asshole and stimulated me until I exploded inside her hot cunt.

I lay there, enjoying Ginger’s warm softness against my body and wondering what had awakened me. Then I heard it. “Ding . . . Clank!”

Ginger lifted her head. “What’s that?” she muttered.

“It’s just the doorbell,” I answered. “I really need to replace the damn thing.”

The sound came again. “Ding . . . Clank!” I decided to ignore it, but the person outside was persistent. The doorbell rang several more times.

“I’ll get rid of them,” I told Ginger as I got a pair of shorts out of the chest of drawers and put them on. “Don’t bother getting up.”

The bell rang again as I crossed the living room. The suspicion that had been growing in the back of my mind was confirmed when I opened the door. Daniel was standing there on the porch. “I knew you were home,” he said as I unlocked the security bars and let him in. He was a handsome Hispanic man in his mid-twenties, 5’8″ tall, slender, with jet black hair brushed straight back.

“Yeah, I’ve sort of got . . . company,” I said. That’s when he plastered himself against me and stuck his tongue in my mouth.

After a while, Daniel pulled away slightly and looked up into my eyes. He’s a few inches shorter than I am, but more muscular. “You know I’m not jealous,” he said. “Maybe your company would like to play with both of us.” He broke away and walked into the den.

Daniel stopped in surprise when he saw the feminine garments, including the halter top and torn panties, scattered around the den. “Hey man, I didn’t know you were into drag queens,” he whispered as he looked around the room.

“This really isn’t a good time . . .” I began.

“Hi. You must be Daniel.” We both turned around. Ginger was standing in the hall with a warm smile on her face. She was wearing one of my T-shirts. The thin white fabric was molded to her nipples and the dark brown flesh of her areolas was faintly visible through the cloth. The shirt extended a few, VERY few, inches below her crotch, and rode up as Ginger walked over to Daniel and put her hands on his hips. “Would you like to play, Daniel?” she asked. “I would and Ken would too,” she continued after glancing at the bulge growing in my shorts.

“Well, I don’t know. I’ve never done anything like this before.” Daniel stopped speaking when I moved behind him and pressed my erection against his butt. “I guess it might be all right.” Ginger took Daniel’s hand and pulled him toward the bedroom.

It only took a second for me to drop my shorts and for Ginger to shed my T-shirt. She put a lip lock on Daniel while I started removing his shoes, socks, pants and shorts. Later, Ginger told me that Daniel started to pull away when she tried to slip her tongue into his mouth, but she held on until he relaxed and started warming up.

Eventually I had Daniel stripped. Ginger dropped to her knees and pulled us into a position where she could suck both our dicks at once. I was already hard and Daniel stiffened as soon as my rod touched his. We kissed for a long time while Ginger’s hot mouth stimulated our tools and her hands caressed our balls.

Ginger stood up. “Men sure have convenient handles,” she commented as she guided us to the bed. She laid on her back and had Daniel kneel, straddling her shoulders.

Daniel’s erection had softened slightly. Ginger sucked him back to full hardness while I caressed his balls and fingered his asshole. Then she stretched out on her back in front of him with her legs spread. He moved between her thighs and positioned himself to enter her. When his rod touched the lips of her pussy, he suddenly went limp.

“I’m sorry Ginger,” he sighed. “I’m just not into girls.”

“That’s OK Daniel,” she replied softly. “Why don’t you pretend I’m a boy?” she asked, turning over and sticking her butt up in the air.

Daniel laughed nervously. “You’re an unusual lady,” he said as he gazed at the twin holes positioned in front of his crotch.

Ginger looked over her shoulder at Daniel while rhythmically flexing her buttocks. “You like poking boys, don’t you Daniel?” she purred. He nodded. “My asshole is really hot and tight,” Ginger continued. “I’m all ready for you if you want it.” She put her face down on the bed and reached back to spread her cheeks.

“I don’t know,” Daniel mumbled. “This is kind of kinky.” His cock was stiffening again as he stared at Ginger’s open butt-hole. I squirted lube onto the palm of my hand and reached around his body to grease his pole. A few seconds later, he was pressing the head of his rock-hard cock between her buttocks.

Ginger gasped as Daniel slid his full length into her. It was an expression of surprise and pleasure rather than pain. “Oh yeah baby,” she moaned. “Fuck my ass. Give it to me real good.” Daniel gripped her by the waist and started thrusting wildly. Ginger loved it.

“Ram your cock up my butt, Baby,” she screamed, after Daniel had been jamming her for a few minutes. “It feels so good. Come on! Do it harder and faster! I love it! Am I as tight as the other boys you’ve fucked?”

“This is great,” Daniel gasped. “You’ve got the hottest, tightest asshole I’ve ever been in. The way you’re gripping my pole . . . Oh God! I’m getting close!”

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