Go with the Flow

Ameri Ichinose

The second night Guerilla Pilots played at the student lounge, Ginger was late, and I was in a bad mood. At our first night, I improvised lyrics on the spot without a pause, but this night, the words weren’t coming to me and Ginger struggled to find the right chords on her guitar. My friend Doug had come to the show to take pictures of us and brought with him our mutual friend Anne. My new girlfriend Sarah was working at the lounge that night, a captive audience. I was glad at least that Doug, Anne, and Sarah were there to support us, because by our last song, the rest of the audience had dissipated, off to their dorm rooms to listen to anything other than Guerilla Pilots.

After the show and the end of Sarah’s shift, the five of us went to Sarah’s room to drink a jug of wine she’d bought to toast what she’d assumed would be our success. I was still disappointed by the show and refused to celebrate. Sarah tried to lighten the mood by bringing out a deck of cards and suggested we play strip poker, but the jug went around a couple of times before anyone started taking her offer seriously.

After a few rounds, some of us now down to our underpants, the rest of us stripped down to that same state. Doug was still taking photos, the reveries punctuated with the click of his camera’s shutter. Ginger showed us the scar under her right breast from where she’d fallen off a horse. *click* Anne ran her hands down her body, stretching languidly. *click* Sarah pushed up against me, then climbed on my lap to make out. *click* Then, with a shout of “down with the paparazzi!” Ginger got on top of Doug on the bed, signaling the end to photography for the night.

Sarah worked her way down my body, pushing against my now-crowded member, her hand in my boxer shorts. She paused there, glancing over at Doug and Ginger—Doug was holding Ginger’s breasts together in his hands, sucking on one nipple after another as she ground into him, their underpants still on. Behind us, Anne was leaning back against the dresser, her head back and eyes closed, running her hands over her B-cup breasts and down to the front of her lace panties. As gaziantep bayan escort her hand pushed inside the waistband, it seemed no one was interested in this party ending.

I could see Ginger’s hand in front of her now, blocked from view by her naked back, but clearly stroking something emerging from Doug’s boxer shorts. Sarah slipped down to the floor, kneeling between my legs and dragging the waistband of my boxers down with her. My eight-inch cock stood at attention, pointing at the fluorescent dorm light. She grasped its thickness in her small hands, pushed her breasts up against my testicles and brought her lips down to meet my head, her tongue flicking out for a taste. She took me into her mouth, settling into an easy rhythm as her hands caressed my hips and reached up to pinch my nipples.

I looked over to see Anne’s eyes open, glazed. She took a swig from the wine jug and crawled on her hands and knees over behind Sarah, pressing against her, breasts rubbing up against Sarah’s back. Anne’s hands reached around to cup Sarah’s breasts as she slowly humped her against my legs. Sarah’s attention on my cock was undisturbed, but I could see her now moving with Anne’s rhythm and transferring that motion to her bobbing head.

Ginger was now laying back in the bed, her panties dangling from one ankle, with Doug’s face planted firmly between her legs. This party was just warming up.

Anne moved to Sarah’s side, gently nudging her over as she laid claim to my member with one hand. Sarah backed off long enough to give Anne a taste. Anne wasted no time in swallowing my cock whole, taking it between her lips, across her tongue and down her throat without a pause. Sarah, running her fingernails along the length of my thigh, stared glassily into my eyes and then turned her attention to Anne, kissing her neck and caressing her breasts as Anne continued to greedily bathe my cock with her tongue.

With Doug still slurping away between her legs, Ginger opened Sarah’s nightstand to find what she knew would be there. She took out two condoms, generously pushing one across the top of the nightstand toward me before opening the other. Doug emerged from her tangle of legs with a sheen around his mouth, grinning over at me as he took the condom from Ginger and hurriedly applied it. He mounted her missionary as she groaned with excitement. Drunk from the wine, he plugged away sloppily as she gripped handfuls of sheet.

Both Anne and Sarah now were paying maximum attention to my soldier, kissing around his head, each taking him into their mouths in turn as they reached across to each other’s breasts and into their panties. As they began to show more and more interest in what lay between each other’s legs, I opened the condom and unrolled it down my length. Anne turned toward Doug and Ginger on the bed, presenting her ass to Sarah, who pushed aside Anne’s panties and ran her tongue up the length of her crack. In turn, I knelt behind Sarah, pulling her own panties down mid-thigh and taking her from the rear. As I pushed into her tight, wet pussy, I looked across her back, seeing the back of her head against Anne’s derriere doing something that was making Anne squirm as she pressed her face into Ginger’s panties, still dangling from her ankle in the bed. Doug was collapsed on top of Ginger, his face against her neck, his hips still moving roughly as Ginger moaned. The room was a hot mass of writhing, moaning bodies.

I increased my rhythm, pushing harder and harder into Sarah, inadvertently pulling her face back and slamming it again and again into Anne’s ass, Ginger’s panties now between Anne’s teeth. Anne now rolled over onto her back so Sarah could eat her properly. All I could see of the scene was Sarah’s mop of brown hair moving left and right between Anne’s legs, and further on, Anne pulling hard on her own nipples, Ginger’s panties stuffed in her mouth like a gag. I came hard, pulling out of Sarah and peeling off the condom in one motion, spurting cum across Sarah’s back and hair, all the way up to Anne’s tits. She lowered her head and licked the cum off her right breast.

I heard Doug grunt and saw him pull back from Ginger. Wordlessly, they passed the jug around. Sarah and I were leaned up against the bureau as Anne went down on Sarah to return the favor. Doug, hardening within the condom he had yet to remove, moved behind Anne and entered her. I looked over at Ginger and raised my eyebrows. She beckoned me with a finger. I climbed over Sarah and Anne and joined Ginger on the bed.

She leaned in to whisper in my ear, “I’m sorry about the show.”

“That’s okay. I expected too much.”

“This is kind of weird, isn’t it?”

“No. I mean, yeah,” I said, honestly. “It is, but it doesn’t feel wrong. I’m just going with it.”

“Are you still sober?”


“You’re the only one.”

“I know.” I pushed a strand of hair out of her eyes and looked at her, then over at Sarah, Anne, and Doug, who were still sucking and fucking across the floor. “What should we do?”

“Just go with it, I guess,” she said, putting her hand on my cock.

“Just go with it,” I agreed, turning back toward her. We both lay back, facing each other, put our arms around each other’s necks and kissed deeply.

“Just go with it,” she murmured again.

We explored each other’s bodies with our hands as I kissed her cheek, her neck, her collarbone, down to her breasts, sucking in a nipple and feeling the effect through my hands on her back. Her legs wrapped around my abdomen as she humped my side. I moved my hand down and slipped two fingers into her wet hole, pinching my fingers on her moist clit.

Down on the floor, Doug was bringing Anne to a quick climax, pulling his cock out almost completely, then slamming it back into her, his balls swinging up to slap her with each thrust. Sarah was turned around now, licking Anne’s exposed clit between Doug’s thrusts while Anne continued to feast on her.

Ginger climbed on top of me. We’d been friends for years now, then in the band, but there had never been anything like this between us. She wasn’t even someone I normally hugged, yet now, I felt her intimately as she lowered herself onto my cock. My guitar player was sexy, I decided. My guitar player was sexy and I wanted to fuck her. My guitar player was sexy and she wanted to fuck me.

“Go with the flow,” I said.

“Go with the flow,” she agreed.

And so we did. So did we all.

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