Got my first


Got my firstHad a little extra cash and alot of free time today so I decided to get a a massage. My search took about and hour, I basically googled happy ending a bunch of times called up a number and decided from the sketchy answer and vague answer to my inquiry that I had found the right place.Turns out my instinct was right. I was greeted outside the surprising small”parlor” it was basically a small studio/office space (around 350 sq/ft was my best guess) and looked over suspiciously by an middle aged slender asian women. She then invited me into the somewhat cramped parlor which was dimly lit. This was my first madssage ever but it seemed pretty standard. kayseri escort I was told to disrobe while she took my money into another room.She then returned and administered the full body massage she was gentle and didn’t shy away from from any area in particular. Then much like I imagined she instructed me to turn onto my back giving me a similar treatment to that of my backside. After around 5mins she asked for an additional tip.*Then the fun began. She applied a generous amount of lube on my nether region and got to work. She was not shy at all. She occasionally licked my nipples cupped my balls and continued to compliment me on my body as she had done from the beginning of the massage.I gave it the old college try and asked if she “could use your [her] mouth” a few times to no avail. She continued with the handjob. For most it would have been more than enough but I have always needed longer to orgasm so she eventually started asking me to hurry up. She removed her top at my request and allowed me to suck on her breast and fondle her ass as I tried my best to reach completion. After a long time I managed to set alvin and the chipmunks free (forgive my lame nuts joke, thanks).She then told me to rest while she wipe me down with a hot towel after which she hassled me for a tip via credit card. I had a good time but probable spent more than I should have.I have purposely left details out like time, place, price. If you message me I’d be glad to give all the info. Additionally if anyone has tips let me know I am already gonna start setting aside some extra cash for a similar excursion next month and would like to find a place with less money haggling and younger girls.Details on the girl from the storyAsianaround 5’5″slender but with a little stomach fat (not disgustingly so but an average amount for a woman her age)in late 40’skind face with gentle features however definitely not a model. was probably cute when she was youngerand finally no comment on my spelling and grammar I don’t spell check… it’s xhamster for chr!st sake.

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