Magic Wand

Subject: Push Here’s a story taken from my Tumblr, at a4f101.tumblr/storytime. You can find this one, and the pic that inspired it, here: http://a4f101.tumblr/post/128508819124/ You can also find a whole lot more of my stories here on Nifty – look for ‘a4f101’ in the Prolific Authors listing. This story is purely a work of adult erotic fantasy, copyright me 2016. I own it and all legal rights to it. If you’re under the age of majority in your jurisdiction, please come back when you’re of legal age. Nifty is an incredible free service that depends on your donations to survive. It changed my life, and maybe it’s changed yours too. Please help them to keep providing this awesome resource for all of fty/donate.html I love hearing from you guys. hoo. Enjoy. ***** I swear I felt it. Felt him. It made me pause, put me off my game. “C’mon, buddy, I know you can do it,” he said, mouth nearly at my ear. “Five more reps. C’mon. Push.” He stepped in even closer behind me, put his hands on my bulging lats, and I could smell him all around me. His scent, the faint last traces of his aftershave, just him. I felt myself tremble a little, whether from the strain of the heavy bar across my shoulders or what, I don’t know. When I felt him press into me, up against the big, straining muscles of my ass… the unmistakable feeling of a big, solid cock laid up against the cleft of it… I nearly dropped everything. “It’s OK,” I grunted through gritted teeth. “You don’t have to…” “Shhh, buddy,” he half-murmured into my ear, right into the core of my brain, felt like. Pressed in even closer, up against my body more fully now. “Just push, son.” And I did. I thought I’d hit the plateau, thought I might have to give up on this last set. But he wouldn’t let me. He knew I had it in me, and like so many things, he was right. I found it inside me, really deep within, and I gutted it out. Each time I came down on the squat, he moved with me, my ass flexing and pressing back into him. I desperately wanted him to go away, to step back, anything to stop driving me so nuts. Because the more I squatted, the closer he got, and the harder he felt, growing big and thick against the powerful muscles of my ass. But he wouldn’t pull away. Just looked past my shoulder to the mirror wall across from us, and met my eyes. Fed me his strength, even as he was making me so weak inside. They stayed locked, staring at each other in our reflection, and I lost track of everything else. Just his deep blue eyes, the feel of him pressed so close against me, his breath on my neck and ear, his big hands on my lats. So close to me. Before I knew it, the last set was done, and he was helping me rack the bar. His big hands squeezed my lats, ran lightly up and down them a little, and when I looked at myself in the mirror – tank top plastered to my big chest with sweat, my face flushed, my body so fucking pumped – I saw that I was hard. Real hard. Throwing a big, obvious tent in my sweaty shorts. I blushed, almost cringed, but he just squeezed my sides with those big hands of his, kept his eyes on mine in the mirror, and leaned in to talk to me in that deep, low, entrancing voice he had. “Good boy,” he said, and this time my shiver was all down to him. “Good work, son. Let’s go hit the showers, buddy.” I felt his breath gust across the sweat of my neck and shivered again, and I could’ve sworn I felt the ghost of his lips brushing right there. Right on that spot behind my ear that l’d just lately learned drove me a little nuts. It’s a good thing the gym was deserted at this late hour. Just us and some bored girl playing with her phone at the reception desk. Because the way he laid his beefy forearm across my shoulders and walked me close to him could have been mistaken for something real intimate. Not just a father and son working out together late at night, but something else altogether. Especially the way I was bulging my shorts. Especially the way he was too. “You’re gonna be a total beast this season, buddy,” he was saying. “Gonna dominate the field. Send you back to school all bulked-up, make your Coach as proud of ya as I am, kid. Show him how serious you are.” “Yessir,” I nodded, because I couldn’t think gaziantep travesti of anything else, just the sound of his deep voice, the scent of his sweaty musk, the feel of that thick, hairy forearm around my neck, the proud tent of his cock in his shorts. He was making no effort to hide it from me. I had no idea what was going on. I just surrendered to his lead, and let him take me there, wherever it was. I was ready for anything tonight. The locker room was totally deserted, nothing but that funky tang in the air, traces of steam from the shower the last other patron had taken maybe twenty minutes ago. Right as we were lining up at the squat rack. Our lockers were side by side at the end of the row, but Dad made no move to open his up. He just set down his water bottle and looked at me squarely, a suggestion of a smile on his rugged, handsome face. “Real damn proud of you, son,” he rumbled. I smiled, embarrassed but proud too, nodded. “Always have been… but especially now that you’re a man. See a lot of myself in you.” My horny, dirty brain took his words, thought of the feel of that big cock bulge against my ass a few minutes ago, and I blushed even deeper as I ducked my head to look away from the intensity of his gaze. The fullness of his lips, the silvery-blond scruff of three-day beard on his rugged mug. A vision of myself in twenty-five years, or so I hoped. “Look at me, buddy,” he said, deep and gentle but firm, too, as he tucked his thick fingers under my chin and lifted my head to meet his powerful gaze again. I swallowed hard, felt my cock throb even harder. “You’re a lot like me… but you’re your own man now, too. Old enough to find your way, on your own terms. To go after what you want. And there’s no need to hide who you are from me.” I was sweating now, face flushed, heart racing. He couldn’t know… how could he know… “I see it, son,” he said, simply, like he was reading my mind. “I ain’t blind. Seen the way you look at me, have done for years. I know you’re afraid of… who you are. But I’m telling you, man to man – you don’t have to be, son. Not with me.” And then he leaned in and kissed me, and I could have died. Just his lips on mine, firm and soft at the same time, almost caressing mine with a gentleness totally at odds with his big, burly frame, his powerful muscles, his rugged nature. I whimpered a little, and when my lips parted – to breathe, to speak, I don’t know what – I felt the moist muscle of his tongue first flick them, then ease inside me, as he let out a little deep growl himself. His big hand slipped down to cup my ass, squeezing the soreness of the muscle in a way that hurt so damn good, and pulled me into him a little more, until our hard cock bulges pressed together, bringing an even deeper grunt from him, from us both. I have no idea how long he felt me up and explored my mouth like that, but I could’ve done it forever. Could’ve cum in my jock, too. But I guess he knew better, because he slowly extracted his big, agile tongue from my mouth, grinned and pawed the back of my blond, buzzcut head proudly. “Let’s get that shower, kid,” he said, stepping back to shuck his shorts, finally showing me the thick, hard tent in his sweaty jock. I felt my mouth water again as I stared at it. He saw me looking, grinned some more, and hooked the waistband of it under his balls, and there he was. Not a long dick, but a fucking thick one, girthy and powerful, perfectly matched to the rest of his big, thick frame. Unlike me, he was uncut, and his skin had retracted under the big, broad helmet of his head, leaving it shiny and a little slick. He slowly tugged his shirt up his big, brawny chest, giving me plenty of time to scope him out – his powerful muscles, the fine dusting of blond hair starting to turn a little silver all over his big body, but mainly that powerful cock of his, arcing up and to the left just like mine did. Guess I got a little in the zone there, because I heard him clear his throat, and then his thick fingers tugged on the bottom of my shirt. “Plenty of time to look, son,” he said. “C’mon, your turn to show me now.” I blushed, but smiled too, feeling incredibly gaziantep masaj salonları manly right now as I tugged my tank top off, letting Dad see my own big, powerful young muscles. Just a little hair between my pecs, blond like his, but I was proud of it. He folded his arms and watched me, his big cock still pointing out in the musky air, as I dropped my shorts and showed him how hard my own jock was tented. And then, sucking in a breath, I hooked it down my big legs, slowly revealing my big young dick, harder and more upright than his, but almost as thick. “Nice, kid,” he rumbled, reaching behind my neck to pull me in for another kiss, and when his throbbing hard cock touched my sweaty skin, I moaned into the depths of his mouth, feeling my own cock throbbing dangerously close to the redline. Again, it’s like he sensed my closeness to the edge, and so he pulled away from me with another deep smile, and with his hand still on the back of my neck, guided me into the showers. I let the big man walk me where he wanted us to go. He moved us into one of the semi-private shower stalls together. It was a little bit of a squeeze for two big guys, but that just forced us to be close, and neither of us seemed to mind that at all, as the warm water started to rain down on us, and he pulled me back into his big arms for a real toe-curling kiss. All the while, his big paws roamed over my big young muscles, soothing and stroking and exploring, seamlessly reaching to the dispenser for handfuls of shower gel and gliding it over my skin. It was all I could do not to scream with pleasure, but his thick tongue helped with that, lodged deep in my mouth as it found and explored mine, like his hands were doing to my muscle-packed football-player frame. “You can touch me too, kid,” he murmured against my lips. “I know you want to. And I want you to.” I didn’t even realize I’d been standing there, hands at my sides or clutching his thick-muscled forearms, letting him manhandle me. So slowly, a little tentative, I started to do what I’d been jacking my big young dick imagining since I was 14 or so – I started to explore my Dad’s big, powerfully muscled ex-ballplayer body. I guess time passed – I didn’t know, I was happily lost. Lost in the thick bulges and plates of muscle, packed beneath layers of almost supple, mature beef, overlaid with fine hair, and at the center of it all, that chunky man’s cock, the one he’d made me with, throbbing warm and potent against my wet young skin. Then he raised his arm, running his soapy hand up into the bristles of my hair, exposing the damp muskiness of his pit, and on instinct, I dove in, sinking my face into the humid, sweaty warmth of it, moaning happily as I sniffed and licked and swallowed. “Oh shit… damn, buddy,” he growled, cupping my head deeper, sliding his hand down to cup the freshly-pumped muscle of my ass, pulling my achingly hard cock against his big, muscular thigh. My body took over, and I started humping against him, sliding through the slick suds on his big quad. “Yeah, son, go deep on your Dad, big boy,” he growled in my ear, squeezing the flexing muscle of my ass tighter, pulling me harder against his thigh, and all the soap and his words and the tastes and the intense feelings coursing through me were all too much. I half-wailed, half-moaned into the depths of his hips, and felt my hot young cum boiling up my shaft, spraying out all over the slick, soapy hardness of his thick thigh, as he grunted his approval and squeezed my ass even more deeply, making it hurt so good again as he kneaded the swollen muscle. I almost couldn’t look at him, overtaken by a sudden wave of shame – I’d just cum all over my own Dad, like an out-of-control kid. My idol. The man who’d made me, raised me, and helped build me up into what I was – who I was now. But he tucked his fingers under my chin and tilted it up again, and he was smiling, and so fuckin’ handsome in that moment. “That was fuckin’ beautiful, baby boy,” he said all deep and husky, then slid his tongue into my mouth again. I could feel him slowly thrusting his own cock against my muscles again, and I cupped his big, powerful gaziantep escort bayan ass with both hands like he’d done to me… and then squeezed to stop him. He had a question in his eyes as I separated my mouth from his and slowly slid down to my knees in the awkward space of the shower stall. And then he got it, and it almost looked like he was going to protest – almost. But then I had his powerful, son-making cock in my hand, staring at it reverently, before running my tongue up the underside of it, making him growl and gently but firmly clutch my head between his paws. I didn’t need to be guided through this. Didn’t need the push. I could handle this part on my own, had been doing it since I was a high school junior blowing the backup QB, and I’d gotten pretty good at it, especially in my freshman year at State. I could tell he appreciated it, how well I handled his thickness. It was a test, but I was game for it, and I showed him, looking up at him with hungry eyes as my lips and tongue worked their way down his shaft. I couldn’t quite deep-throat him – that was gonna take some time and practice. I hoped to get more opportunities to work on him before summer was over. Even if I couldn’t take him all the way, I knew I was doing him right, feeling the quiver in his steely thighs and glutes as my hands explored them, as they ran up his thick midsection and up to tweak his stiff nips, squeezing his powerful pectoral shelf. I wanted as much of him as I could get, and when my hand slid down to cup his big balls, letting my middle finger stroke along the seam of his taint, tickling him lightly there, he clutched my head tighter, his moans dropping deeper, and I knew I was gonna get all of him. “Jesus… fuckin’… fuck!” he growled, echoing off the tile, and I felt his big piece throb in my mouth. I backed off it until just that big salty head was in, resting on my caressing tongue, and moaned myself as I felt the thick jets of his potent cum paint the surface of it and the back of my swallowing throat. I counted eight thick, salty-mineral blasts of it, and I was still swallowing as he pulled my head off of his cock and up against his big, heaving body. Dad’s tongue slid back into my mouth, and he grunted at the taste of himself in there, before plunging his tongue even deeper, working my mouth over almost frantically as he scooped up as much of his cum as he could get, before I started to fight back. I wanted to share it with him, and we worked it back and forth, mixing in with our spit until we both had to swallow. And then we were both left panting, arms clutching each other under the spray, big chests heaving as we stared at each other, almost stunned by it all… and then he smiled, and I started to chuckle, and we were both rolling with laughter as we hugged tightly. He let me wash the remains of my cum off him, and we took turns soaping each other up properly, smiling at each other, something new and different in the air between us now. A definite ease that hadn’t always been there between us. An understanding of each other as men, not just father and son. Something much bigger than that. We really shared something now. We didn’t need to speak as we dried off and slipped back into our street clothes – our smiles and looks said it all. Even more than that, his big hand on the back of my neck, resting easy and giving me the occasional squeeze as we shouldered our gym bags and walked out into the hot night air to his truck. I was thinking about my bed, and his bed, and how to arrange it so we could share one or the other of them. When we could be together next. Even though I’d just shot an epic cum, my cock was slowly beginning to thicken in my boxer briefs all over again. Again, it was like he could read my mind. “Good time to go to the gym, huh bud? he said, grinning at me as he drove, resting his hand on my inner thigh easily. “Nice and quiet. Nobody around to bother us.” “Sure is,” I grinned back. “We should definitely come back every night.” He chuckled and squeezed my thigh. I hesitated a moment, then placed my hand over his, and smiled even bigger when he laced his fingers between mine and squeezed. “Thanks for the push tonight, Dad,” I said after a while. “I guess I needed it.” “We all do sometimes, big guy,” he said easily. “We all do. And it’s always worth it, am I right?” “It sure is, Dad,” I smiled, my cock steadily growing as his fingertips tickled the hairs on my inner thigh, moving a little higher up, pushing the loose leg of my shorts up as they went. “It sure is.”

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