Stacy’s Birthday


Stacy’s Birthday
“Mom, do you think that I will ever have a boyfriend?” Stacy asked Barb one night as they ate dinner.

“I’m sure the right guy is out there for you, honey. He just hasn’t found you yet.” Barb replied but at the same time secretly shared her daughter’s fear.

“Well I sure wish he would hurry up!” Stacy replied.

Stacy was on the verge of turning eighteen and in just a few months she would graduate from high school and then head off for college. Barb had watched as her only daughter had struggled with puberty. Stacy took on the same characteristics as her mom. She was just over five foot tall and she was painfully petite. She was still wearing braces and unfortunately she shared Barb’s vision which required glasses. On the other hand she had wonderful blonde hair that was usually in a ponytail that came down to the middle of her back. For all of her physical issues an even bigger problem was her shyness. Stacy just froze up around people other than Barb. Stacy did not even have a close female friend.

Barb knew what Stacy was going through as she was a twenty year older version of the same person. Barb still struggled to fill an A cup bra. Even worse she struggled to have any form of male companionship since her husband had been killed by a distracted driver who was too busy texting to drive the car.

In fact the only sex she had in the last two years had been when she had paid a visit to an adult store in search of a new vibrator. A rather shady man asked her to come back to the videos booths with him. To this day Barb could not explain to herself why she went along. Once she stepped in the booth the man pulled out his cock and put it in her hand. It had been so long and she closed her eyes and thrilled at feeling of the hard cock in her hand. The man cupped her small tits with one hand as his other slipped into her pants and rubbed her pussy.

“Are you alright Mom?” Stacy asked as she saw her mom at first turn pale but then blush as her mom was caught in her obscene memory.

“Yes, I’m fine. I’m sorry but I just remembered something from work.” Barb lied but tried to smile.

“It must be something the way you looked and then blushed. Maybe my mom is having a sorted office affair.” Stacy teased her mom.

“I wish there was an affair. You are not the only one that would like to have a boyfriend.” Barb replied but then hoped she had not hurt her daughter’s feelings.

“You really have not seen anyone since Daddy. Maybe we need to find us a father and son.” Stacy said but deep down she doubted that any man would want her.

Stacy thought about the number of times that she had rubbed her pussy while she thought of different guys she knew from school. She had heard that guys were always horny and wanted a girl to have sex with. Stacy had looked at porn on the Internet and she had decided she would do anything for a guy. Then it was her turn to blush as she thought about how she had been using her hairbrush handle on her ass as she tried to train herself to get fucked in her butt. She was starting to enjoy the feeling of her asshole being stretched but what she really wanted was the feeling of a man holding her in his strong hands.

“Mom, does it feel good to…well you know…do it?” Stacy asked as her pussy started to heat up just from thinking of sex.

“Yes, baby it feels good. In fact it feels fantastic. Maybe we should get you on some birth control. After all it is only a couple of months to your birthday.” Barb said as she watched her daughter light up. “I take it you have been at least thinking of it.

“Yes but I still need a guy.” Stacy said with a hint of sadness.

Later that night; Barb was on her bed with her vibrator between her lips. Her mind again flashed back to that night in the disgusting video booth with the crude man who was feeling her tits and pussy as her hand stroked his hard cock. Barb remembered as her pants dropped to her ankles. Then his hand gripped her shoulder as he pushed her forward till she was bent over.

Her hand moved her vibrator from her lips and let it move down her chin and neck until the buzzing toy rubbed on her stiff nipples. Barb shivered with erotic pleasure as her tits were stimulated. Then she rolled over onto her stomach and felt the toy rubbing down her stomach.

She remembered being bent over as the stranger rubbed the head of his cock up and down her pussy and ass. She remembered stifling a scream when she felt the tip of his cock press against her tight asshole. The man just laughed and then she felt the cock press against her pussy.

The vibrator was now being rubbed up and down her slit. It felt so good! Almost as good as that cock had. It had felt so good that her own hand guided it into her pussy. Barb pushed her toy deep into her horny pussy. While the toy felt wonderful Barb longed for that disgusting man’s prick. The one that fucked her hard and fast as she moaned and the other men in the nearby booths laughed and made crude remarks about how big a slut she was!

Barb was close to cumming on her sex toy as she relived being fucked by the stranger. Her pussy was on fire as she started rock her hips and rubbed her hard nipples on the bedspread below her. Her mind went blank as her bodied jerked in orgasmic ecstasy. Then she remembered that she was on her knees and the man was thrusting his prick in and out of her mouth. Then he started shooting his cum all over her face and hair. She found herself on her knees as the man put away his cock. She could feel his sperm dripping down her face as he looked at her.

“Thanks.” Was all he said as he opened the door and left.

A couple of other men stood there and looked at her. Suddenly she felt afraid but of what she did not know. She pulled up her pants and tried to wipe the cum from her face as she rushed out of the store.

Barb now laid back on her bed and she wondered why she left. Those two men would have fucked her too and she needed to be fucked! Barb sobbed as she slowly recovered from her masturbation session. She knew she wanted sex and frankly it was only sex that she wanted. Maybe that guy was not so disgusting.

Barb got out of the bed and headed toward the bathroom. She had just opened the door when she saw Stacy in the shower with her face and chest against the wall. It was then that Barb noticed that she had one hand buried in her pussy as the other was pushing the handle of a hairbrush in and out of her tight asshole. Then Stacy started shaking in a familiar way to Bard who recognized that her daughter had orgasms very similar to her own.

“Oh mom!” Stacy screamed as she realized that her mom had just walked in on her while she was masturbating.

“I’m sorry! I did not realize you were in here!” Barb said as she left and closed the door behind her.

Barb went to her bedroom but then she smiled and even giggled about catching Stacy. Yes her daughter needed a man just about as badly as she did. A few minutes later Stacy appeared still dripping water from the shower.

“Mom?” She said hesitantly.

“Come on in baby. It is ok!” Barb said as her daughter cuddled up to her. “I guess you really do want a boyfriend but I think we better get you some better toys until you have a guy to take care of you.” She said as she hugged her girl.

“Your not mad?” Stacy asked a little surprised.

“No honey! You and I were both playing with ourselves. I was just going in to get cleaned up.” Barb said as she looked into her daughter’s youthful face.

“You were rubbing your pussy?” Stacy asked a little astonished.

“Yes I was but I was not using a hairbrush up my asshole. Where did you learn about that kind of thing?” Barb asked.

“From watching porn. It seems like most guys want to use a woman’s asshole but a lot of the women won’t do it. I think I would and I kind of hope that a guy would want to be with me even more if I can do whatever he wants.” Stacy said factually and as Barb thought about what her virgin daughter said had to nod in agreement.

“Mom I need a man to fuck me and you do too!” Stacy said as she got up from the bed and headed to her own room.

A few days later Stacy started her birth control and it did seem to encourage her. Still Barb wondered what they could do about their sexual needs. Then there was Stacy’s needs for her own sex toys. Then Barb had a rather perverse idea.

Time had passed slowly until it was Stacy’s birthday. It was a quiet day but Barb had made up her mind. Today her daughter was going to have sex and so was she!

“Stacy, I have a birthday surprise for you.” Barb said as she handed her eighteen year old daughter a box.

Stacy was excited as she removed the wrapping paper but then she just frowned as all she found was a short denim skirt, a thong and a light blue tank top.

“I want you to wear those tonight. I have a treat for you.” Barb said.

Stacy went off and changed and in few minutes returned. When she did she noticed Barb was dressed in the same clothes.

“Aren’t we a little old to be dressing alike?” Stacy asked with raised eyebrows.

“I think this will help us get noticed. Now one last question; are you serious about wanting to have sex and do anything a man wants?” Barb asked as she looked at her daughter that looked more like she was thirteen than an adult.

“Mom I want it so bad! But how?” Stacy asked.

“You will find out but it might be a little disgusting so when we get there if you change your mind we will leave.” Barb said but if that happened she planned on going back for herself.

Barb drove the car into town and over to a particularly seedy neighborhood. Then there was the adult center. The parking lot was full of cars as she pulled in and found a spot. Stacy was looking at her with her mouth hanging open.

“The last time I was here a man took me into the video area and fucked me. I suspect if we go back there again there will be some men that would love to have sex with us. It is kind of nasty but I know we both can get what we want.” Barb said as Stacy just sat there with her eyes wide open. “Besides we can pick a nice new toy out for you. It is my present to you.”

The mother and daughter walked across the parking lot. A man came out of the store and stared at them as he headed to his car. They entered the store and Stacy was overwhelmed by all of the sex videos and toys on display. There were men all over the place looking at things and most of them looked at the two as they came in.

A large black man at the counter looked up at them. “I need to see some id. You have to be eighteen to come in here.”

Barb pulled both her and Stacy’s drivers licenses out and handed it to the man. He studied them and looked real close at Stacy.

“Happy Birthday.” He said with a half smile as he looked her over.

The two then started looking things over. Eventually they were looking at the vibrators, dildos and anal toys. Stacy was looking at the butt plugs while her mom picked up a rather life like black dildo.

“Maybe you would like a nice black one?” Barb ask as she showed it to Stacy but then they both noticed the black store manager looking at them with a smile that said he would give them the real deal.

“Maybe we should go check out the video booths.” Barb said and she could see Stacy was both excited and nervous.

Barb pulled her daughter by the arm towards the back. When they stepped through the curtain it was pitch black. After a few minutes their eyes began to adjust. There were several men standing there. Barb was unsure of what to do. Then a man in his forties walked over and opened a door and motioned for them. Barb followed Stacy into the booth and the man was right behind her.

“A little tight but we will make do.” He said as he put some money in and the video started.

Stacy watched as a woman was being fucked from behind as another man pushed his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Do you like to suck cock?” The man asked Stacy as he unzipped his pants.

“It’s her first time. She just turned eighteen today.” Barb said as the man looked surprised.

“Somebody has to be first.” He laughed as he pulled out his thick cock and held it in front of Stacy who was a little stunned.

“Go ahead baby, suck him!” Barb said.

Stacy opened her mouth and felt her lips encircle the shaft. The taste of a cock made her moan. Her eyes opened and she looked up at her mom. Her mom’s hand pushed the back of her head encouraging her to take more cock into her mouth.

Barb watched as Stacy opened wide and sucked the stranger’s cock deep as she could. Then her mouth started sliding up and down the shaft. Barb sat on the bench alongside Stacy as her daughter started sucking cock like she had been doing it for years. The man reached down and pinched Stacy small tit making her moan. Then the man pulled his cock out of the teen girl’s mouth and pressed it to Barb’s lips which opened immediately. Barb could hear the slurping sounds as she sucked the man’s cock. She could taste his pre-cum.

“Is this your mom?” The man asked Stacy.

“Yes” Stacy said.

The man pulled the cock from Barb’s mouth and let Stacy start sucking him again. Barb sat back and watched as she reached down and played with her own pussy.

“How about sucking mine?” Said another voice.

Barb looked and saw a hole through the wall. Then an erect cock pushed through. She moaned and squatted in front of the hole. Her mouth opened and soon she was pumping on the cock with wanton desire.

“Oh fuck!” Said the man that was in the booth with them.

Barb turned to see him gripping Stacy’s head as his cock pumped in and out of her mouth. She seemed to gag but then her eyes opened wide as if surprised. Then sperm began to trickle down her chin.

“Swallow it! That’s it my little slut!” He said as he emptied his cock into her mouth.

Stacy sat back and looked up for a second and then swallowed the last of his cum. The man opened the door and stepped out. There were several men looking in as Barb went back to sucking the cock that was thrust through the wall.

Another man stepped in the booth. He seemed to have dark completion. He quickly unzipped his pants and pulled out a long cock and held it in front of Stacy who went on her knees and started sucking the new cock.

Barb had just released the cock she was sucking and was pumping on it with her hand as she watched Stacy starting to suck the new guy when s blast of cum hit the side of her face. As she turned another blast hit her in the nose and chin. She opened her mouth and took the spraying cock in. Her tongue was covered instantly with man juice. Barb had never been much for swallowing her late husband’s loads but the sheer perversity of eating cum from a cock that you could not even see the face of the owner thrilled her. After he finished she licked the rest of the sperm from her finger as she cleaned it from face.

Stacy opened her eyes as she sucked the new guy’s cock to see her mom getting blasted by the cock she was stroking. Then she looked up at the man’s face that she was sucking and only then did she realize that he was black. She let the thick cock slip from her mouth as she looked up at him.

“Try his black cock Mom.” She said as she looked her mom.

Stacy watched as her mom wrapped her lips around the black cock. She was rubbing her wet pussy and ached to feel a cock pushed deep in her. Then the man again pushed his cock back into Stacy’s mouth as her mom sat next her and watched.

The man was moaning softly as the mother and daughter took turns sucking his cock or licking his balls. Stacy could taste his pre-cum increasing and suspected he was about to cum.

“Cum on our faces!” Stacy said as she pressed her face against her mom’s.

The man smiled as he pumped his big cock while looking at mom and daughter. Stacy wanted to know what this felt like. She thought of how many times she had watched women get blasted and it always excited her. Then she felt sperm hit her cheek as her mom moaned with excitement. Then she saw a large blast shoot from the black cock that must have hit her mom. Then her forehead was dripping with another blast. Then the man pushed his cock into her mouth where more of his cum dripped onto her tongue. Stacy was so excited and she knew she was ready to fuck and as she looked at her mom she could see that she was too.

“What the fuck is going on back here!” Said a loud voice that was followed by a lot of people trying to get out.

This included the man who had just finished cumming on them. He blasted out of the door and Barb and Stacy looked up to see the store manager looking at them on their knees with their cum covered faces.

“Get the fuck out of here! The cops are just looking for a reason to close me down! Get back out on the street like the other prositutes!” He said as he pulled them out of the booth and walked them out of the store.

Before either of them knew it they were in the parking lot.

“You come back to my store I will call the police!” The black man said as they stood in the parking lot with cum still dripping down their faces.

“Crap! He thinks we were asking those guys for money!” Barb said in disbelief as she started to walk to her car.

“Thank you mom! I really had fun.” Stacy said as she pushed some of the cum on her face into her mouth.

“But we didn’t get to fuck and I wanted you to have a real fuck.” Barb said as they reached the car.

“Excuse me. Can I have a word with you?” Said a man that walked up.

He was about Barb’s age and appeared to be close to six foot tall. He seemed to be in good shape.

“Listen I’m not a cop or anything but from what I heard just now are you two ….well you know…” He seemed to stumble on his own words.

“We are not whores!” Barb said a little sharply.

“Oh, sorry about that. I just was hoping that maybe you two could of helped me out with big problem I have.” He said as he started to turn away.

“What kind of a problem?” Barb asked as the man turned and looked at her.

“You see today is my son’s birthday and well I promised him and his buddy that well that I could get them some pussy tonight. The funny thing is when you need a whore there are never any around.” He said as he started to turn around.

“How old is your son?” Barb asked.

“He is eighteen today. He has always been a little shy and has never had a girlfriend and neither has his friend.” The man said.

“Mom?” Stacy said as she looked at Barb.

“Get in the car honey. I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Barb said to Stacy. “What’s your name?” She asked the man.

“Don.” He replied.

“My name is Barb and the girl in the car is my daughter and today is her eighteenth birthday too. I brought her here to let her have sex. You see she is like your son, shy and a virgin. The only thing she got to do in there was suck cock. I think we can help each other out. If you had found a whore tonight were you going to use her too?” Barb asked.

“Probably, you see I am single and well I guess I’m horny too.” Don said as he looked at the small woman.

“Where were you going to have this little sex party?” Barb asked as she looked over and saw two young looking guys peering out of a SUV.

“Had not really thought about that yet.” He said her looking a little more hopeful.

“What was your first sex like?” Barb asked him.

“I was scared and excited and it was over too fast but that is probably how it is for most people.” Don said and now started looking at Barb with a little more interest.

“Well mine was like that except I had to feel more pain and I had to clean up a mess. Tonight I figured Stacy would have several older men use her and that would at least draw it out. If you will get a room Stacy and I will fuck you and your boys but I will do those guys first and you can give Stacy a nice long fuck. After that we will just go with the flow.” Barb said as she took his hand.

“That would be great. There’s a place just down the road if that is alright.” Don asked excitedly.

“We will follow you.” Barb said as she went back to her car and got in.

“Stacy, that man’s name is Don and he is going to fuck you while I get those two boys to settle down and then they are going to get you too. Happy Birthday baby!” Barb said as Stacy grinned.

In a few minutes Barb watched as Don emerged from the motel office and then pulled his car around to the back of the motel. Barb followed and parked next to his car. Don got out and walked to unlock the door of room 112. It was then that the two other guys got out of the SUV. The one in the front seat had to be Don’s son as he shared his father’s height and build. The other teen was a little shorter but was still eight inches taller than Barb and Stacy. Unlike the father and son’s light hair the friend had black hair and dark eyes. The one overwhelming feeling that Barb got from looking at them was that they looked scared.

Barb and Stacy got out of the car and walked to the room and it was then that Barb noticed that her own daughter had that same look as the two boys.

Soon all five of them were in the cheap room together. They all looked at each other but no one spoke. The three younger adults just glanced at each other when they thought no one else was looking. Finally Barb decided she needed to break the silence.

“I guess we should introduce ourselves. This is my daughter Stacy and I’m Barb.” Barb said as she hugged her daughter to her.

“I’m Don and this here is my son Zack and this is his best friend Nate. Tell Barb and Stacy that you are glad to meet them.” Don said.

At first the two boys seemed to not know what to do.

“Your right! Those two are just as shy as my daughter. Stacy say hello to the guys.” Barb said but Stacy seemed to be frozen now that she was not being used by the perverts back at the store.

“Come on baby don’t be shy these are the guys you are going to fuck tonight.” Barb said with giggle but Stacy just glared at her mom.

Barb pulled Stacy by her arm over to where Don was standing. Barb then opened Don’s pants and pulled out his half erect cock.

“Suck it!” Barb said and at the same time Don put his hands on the girl’s shoulders.

There was a happy sigh as Stacy went to her knees. Her hand stroked his rapidly growing cock. Her eyes closed as her mouth opened and took his dick in her mouth. Stacy looked up at the tall man as her mouth slid up and down his cock.

“Fuck that is good!” Don said as he watched the eighteen year old girl begin to blow him.

Barb walked over and stood between the two boys as they watched Don getting sucked. Barb pulled off her top to reveal her small but still pert tits. For Nate and Zack they were the first real tits they had ever seen; which made them perfect.

Soon both of them started to squeeze and then suck her tits. Barb had forgotten just how good it felt to have her nipples licked and sucked. Now both of the teen boys had their other hand under her skirt feeling her ass and then finding her wet slit.

“Slow down Stacy I’m a little more worked up than I thought!” Don said even as his balls said his words were too late. “Oh fuck!” He added as his cock unleashed in Stacy’s mouth.

Stacy again loved the feeling and the taste of a man cumming in her mouth. Don had a lot of cum and she had to keep swallowing to keep the sperm from spraying out of her mouth.

“That’s it Don give my little girl a nice load! Drink it baby!” Barb said as her hands rubbed both Nate and Zack’s hard cocks still encased in their pants.

Don collapsed onto one of the beds and moaned with pleasure as he watched Stacy lick her cum covered lips.

“Take off your pants boys!” Barb said as she removed her skirt and crawled up on the second bed.

Nate and Zack realized that they were going to get to have sex and they could not get their clothes off fast enough. They both got on the bed with Barb who now only had her tiny thong on.

“Lay on your backs.” Barb said and she watched as they did.

Both of their cocks pointed straight up at the ceiling but on occasion they would twitch. Stacy crawled up on the other bed with Don and watched as her mom knelt between the two guys. Don put his arm around her and pulled her close.

“You suck cock real good but now we get to see what you mom knows.” He said as he kissed her neck and sucked on her ear.

The feeling of having her neck kissed and her ear sucked made Stacy’s pussy soaked. Then she felt his hand cup her small tit and squeeze it. She turned and looked at him with burning desire. Then he kissed her and pushed his tongue into her mouth. The teen girl felt her body on the verge of a mind numbing orgasm.

“Look” Don said making her to watch her mom.

Barb looked at the two cock that were throbbing just inches from her face. She moved closer to Zach and then let the tip of her tongue touch the bottom of his shaft.

“Ohhhhh my god!” Zack groaned as Barb ran her tongue from the base of his cock to the tip that was covered with pre-cum.

Nate groaned as he watched and waited his turn. Barb then lightly began to massage Zach’s nuts. Her other hand came up and found Nate’s balls. Soon Nate felt the warmth of Barb’s breath on his cock. The feeling was absolute torture as he waited. Then the tip of her pink tongue ran along the bottom of his cock. Then she just wiggled it against the area just below the head that was shiny with pre-cum.

Suddenly Barb felt Nate’s cock throb violently and she opened her eyes to see the geyser of seamen blast several feet in the air! Stacy cooed with excitement as she watched the young guy’s cock blow cum on to his stomach and chest as well as her mom’s hair and face.

“Wow that was awesome, Mom” Stacy said with excitement as Don laughed as some of Nate’s spunk had inadvertently hit Zack.

“Damn Nate! Why are you shooting your stuff on me!” Zack complained.

Barb looked to see a large pool of cum on Zack’s stomach that had come from his friend. She smiled as she decided what had to be done.

“Let me take care of that.” Barb said as she moved up and let Zack’s tortured cock rub against her perky tits. She then lowered her mouth and let her tongue lap up the seamen as the young man watched her.

“Mmmm his cum tastes so wonderful. How does yours taste?” Barb said as she moved down to his cock head were she planted a sexy kiss on it.

Zack watched as the mature blonde teased his cock with little kisses and licks. His balls ached for release. Then her blue eyes looked into his as her mouth slowly lowered on to his prick. He was like a mouse hypnotized by a snake as her mouth moved up and down his cock. On the third time up his cum started to fill her mouth and then drip down her chin while he groaned with satisfaction. Then he watched as her lips slid off his cock.

“That was fucking hot!” Said Nate as he stroked his cock.

“I see it has not taken you long to recover but now I need to get off too. Which of you boys wants to learn to eat pussy first?” Barb said.

Both of them quickly said they did.

“Well since you both want to learn maybe Zack’s daddy could show you how on Stacy.” Barb said.

“That sounds like a great idea. How about it Stacy; would you like to cum on my tongue before I fuck you?” Don asked and Stacy hugged him.

Zack and Nate watched as Don helped Stacy out of her clothes. Stacy laid back and Don opened her legs to reveal her pussy. Stacy was shaved clean and her pussy lips were swollen with desire. Her clit looked oversized for such a small girl but Barb knew that was a family trait.

“Boys she is really turned on. Look at how big her clit and lips are. Now watch this.” Don said as he placed his thumbs on both sides of her pussy and spread her open for everyone to see.

Stacy felt her pussy spread open and all three men sighed as they looked at her pink wet pussy. Then Don lowered his mouth down till it was nearly touching her. The anticipation was killing her as she pulled on her nipples. Then she felt his hot breath on her open pussy.

“Oh please!” She begged as Don chuckled.

Her mom sat on the bed next to her and watched as Don teased her. Barb approved because she knew that a big part of sex was the long build up. Barb was looking into Stacy’s eyes that suddenly changed from want to pleasure. Then Barb heard the sound off a tongue being pushed in and out of a pussy.

“This here is her clit. It is really sensitive so be careful. Just gently lick it and kiss it and then put it between your lips and suck on it but not too hard.” Don said just before he demonstrated the technique for the inexperienced boys.

Stacy felt her hips bucking widely as her clit was kissed, licked and sucked over and over again. Then he pulled back as she shook with the intensity of the stimulation.

“Now the clit is important but you need to know about other parts too. You see how open her sweet little fuck hole is. You can kiss it and lick it but watch how her body reacts when I push my tongue in her.” Don said.

Stacy felt his lips press on her opening and then his long thick tongue pushed into her opening. Then he started fucking it in and out of her. Her ass bounced off the bed as her mom held her. Barb was impressed by Don’s pussy eating abilities and from the look on Stacy’s face she was on the verge of cumming.

“Mmmm that is a really tasty pussy but there is one other thing that if you are man enough to try will drive woman fucking over the edge.” Don said as he lifted Stacy’s legs up and back.

Stacy was delearious but then she screamed as Don started to tongue her tiny asshole as his finger pushed into her pussy and his finger rubbed her g-spot and then his thumb rubbed her clit. Stacy lost it and could hardly breath as her entire body tried to turn inside out. Then her pussy sent long jets of girl juice onto all three men. Stacy curled up into a ball as the her body felt like she had been jolted by electricity and not just an intense orgasm.

“Wow! Don you really know how to get a girl off! Let me see if these boys learned anything.” Barb said as she laid back on the other bed and opened her pussy.

Zack got to go first. He spread her pussy just like his dad had done for Stacy. Zack moaned as he got his first real smell of aroused pussy. He let his tongue circle the older woman’s clit before he pulled back and kissed it. Barb moaned as his tongue lapped at her clit.

“Nate, come and suck on my nipples! I love to have my tits played with!” Barb moaned.

Zack open her pussy up and was fascinated by how wet she was. He pushed his tongue into Barb’s pussy and was thrilled to feel her body ripple with pleasure.

“Oh fuck yes! That’s how you eat pussy!” Barb said as she held Zack’s head and ground her pussy into his face.

Barb looked over and watched as Stacy rolled on her back as Don knelt between her thighs. Barb knew her little girl was about to become a woman. Stacy looked over at her mom and smiled as Don positioned his cock at her opening.

“Just relax baby! It will hurt a little but not much.” Barb said as she moaned while being licked.

Stacy looked up at the older man and felt safe as his cock head pushed into her. She felt his large strong hands grip her shoulders as he started to push his large thick cock into her. The feeling if being entered was so intoxicatingly erotic.

“Oh yes! Give me your cock!” She moaned and Zack lifted his head to watch his dad taking Stacy’s virginity.

Then Don groaned and Stacy screamed as her hymen was ripped open. There was a sudden sharp pain and Stacy just laid under Don as his cock sank into till his balls rested on her ass.

“Just relax and let me know when you are ready.” Don said.

“Ready for what?” Zack asked as he watched.

“Ready to be fucked!” Stacy said as she looked at Zack and then Nate. “Yes Don! Fuck me!” Stacy said.

Don started to pull back out but then he pushed back in making the girl grunt. He kept doing this as Stacy tried to kiss his face.

Barb decided she also need a cock in her pussy. She pulled Zack up and positioned him on his back. Soon she squatted over him and lowered her pussy on his cock. His cock was so hard and long and thick. Soon she was riding him like a horse. Nate watched as everyone but him was fucking.

“Nate come here and let me suck that cock!” Barb said and soon the boy was getting blown by Barb as she rode Zack’s big cock.

Stacy could feel the long thick cock slide in and out of her. She looked over to see her mom fucking and sucking and she burned with desire as well.

“Roll over!” Don said and Stacy quickly complied with her ass up as high as she could get it.

Don pushed back into her and he held her hips and pounded her pussy. Stacy now could see even better as her mom rode cock and sucked.

“Man I want some pussy too!” Nate complained.

“Ok but let’s try a different position.” Barb replied.

Stacy watched as her mom went to the same position that she was in. Nate moved behind her and soon Barb guided his inexperienced cock into her sloppy wet pussy. As Zach stroked his cock and watched. He then looked at Stacy. Nothing was said but he then stepped in front of her.

“Please Stacy! Suck my cock!” Zack said.

Stacy opened her mouth and soon tasted her mother’s pussy juice on the cock she had been fucking. Stacy was shocked at how good it tasted.

Barb watched as her daughter was being spitted by dad and son. Nate was pumping hard into her pussy. At the rate he was going he would cum too soon.

“Stacy, let Nate have some head too! Come on birthday boy it is your turn again!” Barb said.

Stacy was only vaguely aware that a different cock was in her mouth. Her pussy was ready to cum again. Nate loved looking down and seeing his cock resting between Stacy’s lips. Then Stacy screamed as her pussy released another orgasm that made her jerk. Nate loved seeing her orgasm.

Zack was now behind Barb fucking her harder than ever. He changed his tempo to keep from getting over aroused. Nate walked back over and offered his cock too Barb who immediately started sucking him. Barb was no longer in a position to worry about the guys using her as her own orgasm was close. Zack felt Barb’s pussy tighten on his cock as she suddenly convulsed with an orgasm. Zack grunted as his balls released all he had. Again poor Nate had to just watch as the other couples fucked. It was obvious that Zack was cumming in Barb’s pussy. Then he turned when Don grunted that he too was filling the lovely Stacy with seamen. Zack rolled off of Barb. Nate walked around and looked to see his best friend’s cum dripping out of the sloppy pussy.

“Come on Nate. Fuck me too!” Said Barb as she looked back at him.

Nate needed to cum so bad that while he was at first reluctant he stepped up behind her and pushed his cock into the sloppy fuck hole. Nate suddenly felt just how great the freshly fucked pussy was. He now fucked Barb hard. She was grunting as the bed squeaked and the other three people watched as Nate pumped his cock in and out. He looked down at his friend’s cum on his cock along with Barb’s pussy juice.

“Oh fuck that is so good!” Nate said as his cock blasted a second load of seamen into the mature mom’s pussy.

When he finished he pulled out and watched as a puddle of seamen grew on the sheet.

“Wow that was fucking awesome!” Nate shouted as he laid back on the bed.

Don walked over and looked at Barb’s twice used pussy. He could not believe that the sight would turn him on so much. He crawled up behind her and pushed his cock into the sloppy mess of a pussy.

Barb groaned as the third cock started to push in and out of her pussy at a steady pace. She felt bed move and she looked back to see Stacy watching as Don fucked her pussy. Then Barb felt the cock pull out of her. Don held his cock and put a hand on Stacy’s neck.

“Taste that!” He said as he pushed Stacy’s face down.

Stacy opened her mouth and took Don’s cock in. The taste of pussy a sperm sent electric thrills through her. She continued to suck as her mom laid on her back and spread her legs. Stacy looked up at Don and he stroked her face.

“There’s more in that pussy.” Don said quietly as Stacy understood what he wanted.

Barb watched as Stacy moved her mouth onto her pussy and her tongue began to lap at the juices that flowed out of her. Soon Barb was getting close to cumming again. Zack and Nate were now taking turns fucking her mouth as she held Stacy’s head and pushed her pussy against face.

“Oh fuck that feels good baby! Eat that pussy!” Barb screamed as her pussy pulsed with pleasure as Stacy fucked her tongue in and out.

“Let me get back in there!” Don said as he rolled Stacy over.

Don placed the sexy mature mom’s legs on his shoulder and then slid his cock balls deep into Barb’s pussy as Nate and Zack fucked her mouth. Stacy was on her knees watching as her mom was being used by all three men. Then Zack looked at her. She moved closer to him and felt his arm go around her waist. Then he kissed her and his tongue slid into her mouth.

“I want to fuck you!” He said as their kiss broke.

Stacy grabbed his hand and pulled him to the other bed. Stacy laid on her back and opened her legs as Zack positioned his cock. Their eyes were locked on each other as his long cock pushed into her pussy. Zack held her ankles as he started fucking her. Being young and having cum twice already he was in no hurry. Instead he watched how Stacy reacted to his cock as he varied the speed and depth of his strokes. Then they rolled over and it was Stacy’s turn to tease and please the handsome young man’s cock. Stacy looked to see that Nate was now up behind her mom pumping his erection in and out of her while Don held her mom’s head and pushed his cock in and out of her mouth.

“Your pussy feels so good! I wish we could do this all the time!” Zack moaned as Stacy bounced on his cock.

“I need a boyfriend so if you are asking I would love this happen more. Unless you get jealous about me fucking you daddy and Nate.” Stacy said as she collapsed in his arms.

“No I am not jealous and really it is kind of hot to watch others fucking. Besides I think you mom is a great fuck too.” Zack said as he kissed her again.

“How about letting me try that pussy?” Nate said as he joined them on the bed.

Zack looked a little annoyed but then rolled Stacy on her back and held her legs open as his friend mounted her excited pussy.

“Fuck she is tight!” Nate said he started fucking her as his friend just watched.

Stacy loved having both of these guys looking at her with so much desire. For the first time in her life boys were wanting her! Her pussy exploded as her desire and self confidence increased each time Nate’s cock pushed deep into her. In her mind she wanted this to be all of her fantasies come true and then in her sex crazed mind she knew what she wanted.

“Let me on top!” She said with a hiss.

Nate rolled over and Stacy was on top. She grabbed Zack and kissed him with an open mouth. As the kiss ended she looked with longing into his eyes.

“Please Zack! Fuck my ass while Nate is in my pussy.” Stacy said as she lowered herself down on to Nate.

Barb heard Stacy make her request as Don was grunting as he finished fucking her. Despite being totally exhausted she maned to get to the bed where the three young people were having sex. Zack looked at her as he positioned himself behind the eighteen year old woman. He seemed dazed and unsure how to do what Stacy asked.

Barb lowered her mouth to Stacy’s tight asshole. She then started to tongue her ass. Stacy shivered with pleasure as her mom first licked and then fingered her virgin ass as Zack stroked his cock. Barb could feel the girl’s ass relax and she then put the tip of the cock at the tight opening.

Stacy whimpered as she felt Zack push gently on her ass. Then she felt it the head of the cock pushed past her opening. Then each time she relaxed more and more of his cock entered her.

“Oh my god baby he is in you!” Barb said with excitement as her daughter started taking the long dick up her ass.

Nate felt Stacy’s pussy squeeze his cock and the he felt his friend’s cock rub against his own through her small passage.

Both of the guys gently pushed and pulled but soon the two were moving in unison making Stacy whimper as one orgasm after another rocked her body.

Barb walked back to where the exhausted dad sat and watched as the teen threesome went on for another ten minutes. As they watched they cuddled together.

“I think are birthday guests are having a good time that won’t ever be forgotten.” Barb said.

“Yeah and neither will I. I know this is a strange thing to ask but could we go out some time?” Don asked.

“I had hoped that you might ask that. I would love to see you again. By the way I do put out on first dates for special men.” Barb said with a laugh as the three teens increased their tempo.

Stacy felt like a rag doll between the two guys. Every thrust made her grunt and squirt more juice down Nate’s cock. Then Nate gripped her hips and thrust up into her pussy. His eyes rolled as his cock filled her with seamen. Then Zack also grunted and she could feel his cock throb as her ass was also filled with sperm. Stacy had one more convulsing orgasm as Zack pulled her into his arms as Nate just grinned at her.

“So do you have girlfriends you could introduce me to?” Nate asked as everyone laughed.

“So Stacy and Zach did you have nice birthday?” Barb asked.

“Yes…” They both said as they slipped into an exhausted sleep from which they both awake to a whole new world.

The end of one hell of a party!

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