A Closely Kept Secret

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Lydia parked some way from her daughter’s house; the row of terraced houses, in this part of London, two-a-penny; their owners having devoted time, and not inconsiderable sums of money, on make-overs that soon brought their values up to an eye-watering sum for what you had bought.

She had acted on impulse and hoped that Josh might be working from home. His programming skills were much in demand, for a young guy, and he could be choosy in what he took on, and for whom. It seemed to pay well, judging by the BMW that she saw parked outside his door and probably what Joanna, her daughter, had persuaded him into buying. She knew he wasn’t into such fripperies and preferred to get about on his motorbike with its paniers. It wasn’t a beast of a machine, so he had told her, but with enough power to get out of trouble if you ever needed it.

She felt her spirits lift.

‘Good, he’s at home…’ she murmured as the gate was pushed open, its creaking hinges announcing her presence. A sash window was opened some more, and she looked up shielding her eyes as Josh poked his head out and she saw him grin.

‘Hey! What a great surprise! I’ll be right down…’

She was thrilled to hear him speak as if to a close, favoured, friend. ‘I was passing…thought to call in. Am I disturbing you in doing your work?’

‘Even if you are it’s okay!’

She heard his infectious laugh once more; felt her spirits lift on seeing him smile. It creased his smooth skinned, slender, face bearing only the hint of stubble; his bushy eyebrows arched for an instant as he looked down at her. His flame red hoody was open at the neck; the zip drawn down to reveal his breastbone. She knew Josh to be smart, but casual, in his ways of dress. Who wasn’t these days, but she had yet to fall into those ways. They had served her well, a woman going on sixty and now only too glad to be with him. Josh’s easy-going ways with her were only too captivating.

‘Come in…come in!’ he enthused as the door was pulled open. Josh stepped to one side to allow Lydia to pass. He breathed in her discreet scent and met her appraising glance upon him. ‘I know…it’s my dress down day. I’ve only got one delivery of some work to make….and the people there are only too relaxed, even if they are clients.’

‘Do you hear me complaining?’ she smiled, touching his chest for an instant as he leant in to kiss her cheeks.

She stood almost as tall as him, he a lean and fit looking six- footer and she a few inches shorter; a woman obsessive about her diet, close friends often told her. She reasoned, soon enough, that what had happened to her should not mean that she let go of everything. Far from it.

Joanna had suggested that he do some work for the charity that she was involved with; write a programme to monitor income and expenditure. He had done so without complaint and had devoted more time, than she had expected of him, in seeing that it worked as she and others on the committee wished of it. A few e-mail exchanges between them had soon seen him attend at the charity’s main office, set behind a high street shop. There, he had shown the administrator how it provided the results they sought and showed it graphically.

‘You’ll see the high and low points in trading…or maybe you don’t want that?’ he had joked, ‘but it tells the story you want, either way.’

She had marvelled at his confident manner, then, and she did again now. He behaved as a friend, not as a family member; his eyes paying her some attention. They were errant, brazen, looks that set her pulse racing and tightened the knot of longing for the man before her, destructive as that would be. Joanna had not said that he was, perhaps, something of a flirt or lady’s man; but to behave like this with her, now, was only too disconcerting.

Josh brushed past her in the narrow hallway and closed the door. ‘I’ll get us a drink…then I’ll have to scoot. I have a delivery to make…was about to make ready when I saw you.’

He spoke so naturally, and easily, that she felt her anxiety slip away and other emotions gain a hold. She craved his attention and now followed him, his footfalls not to be heard. Lydia noticed his large feet, how his toes splayed out on the tiled floor as he walked; stopped effortlessly to sweep up a briefcase and cast it on a worktop.

‘I won’t keep you long…just wanted to call in as I was passing by.’

‘And I’m glad that you did, Lydia…’ he observed, looking down at the briefcase and unfastening the single clasp; looked inside and nodding. He appeared satisfied with what was to be seen there.

He soon gazed at her as a glass of juice was held out; took to wondering how anyone could leave her; she looking so stately in a white chiffon blouse with the long sleeves buttoned at her wrists. It hung free over black slacks. Lydia had chosen a jewelled, bangled necklace and it hung on her breastbone, the fabric of her blouse softly shaping her and leaving something for him to imagine. All this in Escort Küçükköy a woman turned sixty, her low-heeled pumps clacking on the floor as she shifted restlessly, to his ways of seeing it, before Lydia drew near once more.

‘What’s happened…to make you so low?’ he asked considerately.

She shrugged her shoulders; looked away for an instant. ‘I remember how it once was with Richard…when we were your age and Joanna’s…starting out in our first place.’

He was seen to hesitate, as if a hand in consolation was to be offered, but he decided against it. Instead, he leant his large frame against the worktop and simply looked back at her.

‘I never did get to understand what happened to you…and…and it seemed then, as now that…’

‘Joanna takes his side?’ she prompted needlessly.

‘Yes, it goes something like that.’ Josh nodded then smiled. ‘I’ve got an idea…’

‘Oh?’ she said doubtfully, ‘a sane or a crazy one?’

‘Both…depending on what your take is on this. Why not come with me…forget your troubles for a while and ride on the motorbike? Jo’s helmet’s here and if you tie back your hair the helmet she uses should fit you.’ He was out into the hall before she could respond. The bright yellow helmet was soon held out to her. ‘Try it…look in that mirror and see someone else!’

She faltered. ‘I..I can’t do this…be seen siting behind you…on a motorbike!’

Even as Lydia said it, she took the helmet from his grasp and sensed him sit down on the bottom step of the stairs and shove those feet into some biker’s boots. Josh met her glance.

‘No, sorry…I haven’t got boots that will fit. Your pumps will have to do. At least you’re wearing slacks and I can give you Jo’s jacket to keep off the chill. I’ll be your windbreak…’

‘You’ve got it all worked out already, haven’t you?’ she smiled, but soon doing as he suggested; sensed his look upon her as she fastened her hair and then put the helmet on. ‘I’ve become someone else…’

‘That’s the whole idea, Lydia,’ he assured her in a wondering voice. He soon held out a faux leather biker’s jacket. ‘See if this fits…do that for me?’

Her fingers trembled as the jacket was slipped on, and she adjusted the fit of her blouse underneath it. She pulled the embroidered cuffs down until they poked out from the sleeves. It was tight against her breasts, wondered what he would make of her clothed in Joanna’s jacket. She looked Josh’s way for an instant, her arms held out from her sides as if asking that he gave an opinion on how she looked.

‘Just clip it at the bottom…’ he said on a shrug, feigning indifference but loving the sight of her. With age came a settled beauty. It was something, that he realised, Lydia nurtured. ‘Now, let’s roll…’

‘Wait!’ she had reached out to detain him. ‘I’ve not been on a thing like that…ever…so go slowly…don’t show off. You don’t need to do that for me.’

Josh grinned. He had met her bewildered look that she had behaved so forwardly once more. ‘You may have noticed how the traffic can be around here…’ He reached for the door knob. ‘Leave your handbag under the hall table. We won’t be gone for long…just out for a spin and to take you mind off other things.’

‘Or set them off even more,’ she blurted out.

A young man would be clung to, and his body would be between her legs. Just where was she to go with the emotions his actions now awakened in her and what they would do?

‘Whatever, Lydia. We live for the moment…’

The door was closed certainly behind them.


He soon eased her fears. Josh hooked up the intercom between their helmets and helped her step up and sit behind him, her mind in a whirl at what she was doing; her thighs against his hips and her arms soon around his waist as he moved off. They chattered amiably to put her raging mind at ease. He’d turn his head enough to try and glimpse her way, each sharp turn that he made arousing a sudden rush of apprehension and a tightening in her belly as the wheels trilled on the road surface, or the machine accelerated or slowed down as circumstances allowed.

‘Are you okay now?’ she heard him say on a crackly link.

‘Yes…you do have crazy ways to help me take my mind off things…Josh!’

She said it on resting her cheek against his back and felt strangely reassured on doing that. She felt a moments touch to her thigh in acknowledgment of what she had done and knew that she ached for that touch upon her. She squirmed to heighten the sensation of feeling him press against her.

‘I didn’t want to see you so miserable when you looked so good in your blouse and slacks…’ he now ventured as the scene changed and they entered an industrial area. ‘We’ve arrived…the delivery’s done in no time. I spoke to the people, here, before you showed up at the house…so, you won’t have to wait too long.’

‘And set tongues wagging…’ At least no one would recognise her with that helmet Mecidiyeköy escort on and the visor firmly pushed down. ‘Then what, Josh?’

‘I’ll take you over two bridges and you see the Thames differently. Then it’s home…for lunch…and you can relax…let what’s at work in you go…set it all free.’

Lydia shivered on feeling the touch of his hand become a purposeful caress, the intention behind it only too clear. Had she made her need for distraction only too obvious? She felt as if they were on a roller coaster ride and that they were riding to a summit before the dizzying, crazy and thrilling tumbling fall.

She gazed at him as Josh tugged loose his helmet, their communication broken, and put it on the seat before her. The machine was steadied on its stand. Lydia moved enough for a folder to be taken from the panier, his hand again brushing her leg for an instant to afford him better access.

Lydia saw a moments pout of his full lips as Josh did that and resisted the urge to keep that touch for a moment longer. The rumble of the wheels on the roads they had travelled over, the feel of him against her, had aroused all kinds of imaginings that should not have a place in the lives that they led, but they had done so. They seemed of one mind; she wondered on it; on how long he had harboured such thoughts about her and given no sign until she had been taken out of her only too ordered, closed in, world. She toiled to dismiss from her mind the thought that her son in law was pursuing her and might even seek to offer particular comfort, when she seemed to be in need of that.

He was soon out of her sight. She chose to straddle the machine for an instant and felt the seat press against her thighs. She wondered how it must look to anyone else, so she resumed her place; her mind possessed once more with thoughts of him, a good-looking, vigorous young man in the thoughts of a woman so much older.

How easy for others, she read of, to look on any liaison as of passing importance. Josh would be in her life, long after the passion, the heat of any shared moments, had cooled. She would have to live with the knowledge of what she had conceded to and seduced into doing. All this because she felt lonely and discarded.

She was living it out only too differently; had been taken out of herself by the simplest of devices of trying something else and with a young man who showed no embarrassment at being with her. In fact, she realised with a shock, he wished to pursue such moments and to do that with her. She would be complicit in his acts of infidelity to Joanna if she allowed him to pursue his interest in her.

‘It’s all a little crazy…’

‘What is?’ she was dismayed to hear him ask. ‘We have radio links between the helmets too. The cable’s just insurance…’

‘Oh, now you tell me!’ Lydia was startled to now see him stride towards her and push an envelope into the inside pocket of his biker’s jacket. She was prompted to hold out his helmet to him. ‘Is work done for the day?’

‘If you want it that way, then yes,’ he smiled before his face was lost to her view as the helmet was again fastened, his moment’s gaze upon her gone when the visor closed. She saw her reflection in its mirror surface.

‘I do…yes, I want that,’ she heard herself say.

Josh sat down before her and eased the machine off its stand before the engine was gunned into life. ‘A short scenic tour…then home!’

‘Go for it…go for it all!’ she cried out on a laugh and soon nestled against his back until he told her that there was something to see that was of interest.

She responded when she felt it to be necessary, but she had taken to thinking on just how the day would play out between them and who would take the lead.


The gate into the small front garden had been widened to allow the machine to be parked amidst the potted plants. Josh was soon seen to vigorously pull a purpose made tarp over the machine and to fasten it so that the breeze did not tug it away.

Lydia followed him up the steps, stood behind him as the door was unlocked. Her heart beat furiously; his easy chatter and occasional touch to her thighs, one then the other as they rode, sending shock waves of pleasure and apprehension course through her body. Everything she felt belonged to a different time, and with someone else; but reality soon struck her when they were inside, and they tugged off their helmets. Josh slipped off his jacket and carelessly hung it on the coat rack before gazing at her as he did so. He gripped her wrists as she fumbled with the zip on the jacket she had been given to wear.

‘Relax now…’ She moved her head as his hands caressed her throat; felt his thumbs under her chin as Josh gazed into her widened eyes. ‘There’s a secret between us now, isn’t there?’

‘Yes…yes,’ she whispered against his lips that slowly brushed along her mouth, their eyes locked on the other’s. ‘I…I can’t stop the Merter escort bayan feelings I have for you…feelings that would destroy everything I have…we have. The past informs the present.’

She shivered on feeling his hands caress her hips, under her thin blouse; felt his breaths on her lips. ‘Be still on that…’

‘No…I took my ex for a bundle and the children, Joanna especially haven’t forgiven me, even when I was the wronged party…’

‘I know…I know…and you want me to help you to forget that…even for a moment…to make you feel wanted again?’

‘Yes, that’s how it goes…crazy as it is to say it…and to you.’

She put her arms around him and felt the heat of his skin under that hoody he still wore. She met the hungering blaze in his eyes upon her; felt his hands on her hips to draw her body against him. She felt the press of his penis through the fabric of his chinos. She reached down and gripped it and heard him gasp before his mouth crashed onto hers and they kissed.

‘I need this from you!’ she cried out. His hands pulled up the hem of her blouse and lifted it to her shoulders. She raised her arms and tugged it away even as his mouth claimed the tumble of her breasts; tugged on her nipples so enticingly shaped by her thin bra. ‘Josh…Josh…what madness!’

‘Yes…and you’re wonderful to look at and to touch.’

He lifted her as if she were a rag doll; felt her kick off her shoes before she wrapped her legs around his hips and was carried in slow faltering steps up the stairs.

She breathed in his animal heat; met his kisses and clung to him. ‘I ask too much of you…Josh, you wonder!’

‘No more than what I want to give…’

They stumbled into the quest bedroom and tore at their clothes; questing hands brushed away; their hungering looks soon followed by a torrent of wild kisses and clamp of hands as they stood naked before each other and lived for the moment.


The woman he ached to love was not plump and soft; someone who had let herself go, but was firm breasted, her stomach softly rounded, her thighs somewhat fleshy but captivatingly so. Her scent and heat filled his nostrils; her trembling sighs revealing what was at work in her as she met his questing claims. She trembled at the touch and caress of hands and fingers; the placement of kisses to her skin that brought her on.

‘Josh…Josh!’ she groaned in dismay at the homage he paid to her legs and belly; the soft caress to the hollows of her hips as he took to her.

‘You…you bring so much…so much to please me,’ he kissed.

Lydia looked down into his upturned face as he knelt before her, the edge of the bed pressing against the back of her thighs as his tongue traced a path over her belly and Josh’s fingers slowly opened the way to her slicked folds.

‘For an older woman…your ways defying all reason I thought I had!’

‘A beautiful…lustful woman,’ he snapped in reply but not to be dissuaded in his pursuit of her. ‘Now, no more of that! You are who you are, and I want to see her and love her…and a secret it will remain.’

He stood up and drew her to him; felt her hands claim his arcing penis as it pressed against her belly. He crushed her breasts to his body and felt the heat in her as they slowly moved in a full body caress; their kisses deepening and hands clamping enervated skin.

‘Be young for me…forget everything else…everything,’ he kissed, feeling Lydia nod; her embrace upon him tightening. Her lips were soon locked on his and their tongues probed and flickered in the other’s mouth.

She worked his length as Josh bent to kiss her breasts and tug on her nipples; gloried in what she brought to his sight and touch. ‘Do what you want with me…with them!’

He had quickly, and certainly, found her nipples and rolled and squeezed each of them, Lydia moaning as he gloried in them. He whispered his approval for what she did to him.

Lydia had reached for his penis and now stroked it in long slow tugs, back and forth; pulling and easing as her breaths were hot on his skin. She looked down at what she was doing and what he would bring. She gloried in his strong young body, her lust raging and at odds with what she felt was so destructive. She sought to claim her daughter’s man; a man who lusted after her and had shown no sign of that emotion playing out in his mind.

‘Should we go on?’ she gasped as his fingers entered her body and she twisted to meet their workings in her; the drag of one finger, curled, to heighten the feeling of possession and her abandonment to his ways.

‘Yes…we share in all that we feel and need from this!’ Without warning he pushed her back onto the bed; squatted before her and buried his face between her soft thighs and moved onto her shaven mound.

‘Don’t stop!’ she soon called out to him, her hands in his hair and on looking down on what he sought to perform on her, in her, over her. Lydia bucked her hips as he massaged her clit, or gently sucked and rubbed on it. Her feet soon thrashed on the bed as she came; gasped and clamped her legs on his head. ‘You wonder…to bring that to me so soon!’

‘That was new…even for me,’ he kissed; a soft appreciative smile teasing his lips as he moved to look down into her eyes. ‘Do I go on?’

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