A Mom’s Yearning And Her Son’s Passion


A Mom’s Yearning And Her Son’s PassionI’m kind of compelled to weave a story because many of the stories here don’t seem to completely fulfil my fantasy. I love only one category and that is i****t…and exclusively mother-son i****t. So those who finds this abhorring, please leave or you might feel offended…I’m intending to write about mom-son alone…no other component…and as in most cases, this is a work of pure fiction and fantasy… I’m not on to write about something involving brute v******e and mere lust. my tale requires time to unfold and it is not just a fuck story…it is a tale of sincere feeling of love, longing as well as lust..not lust that gets consumed with mere rubbing of flesh but a lust that intensifies the bond of love between two souls..i hope you got an idea of what the story is going to be like…please enjoy!Priya parked her car and got out sighing heavily, she was wearily tired of the day’s work…though less stressful compared to her initial professional life,…working as a dance teacher was a demanding task…it took almost 3 years for her to set up a dance school with a good name and reputation, the only driving force being her son, his nourishment, his education. Life as a single mother was very much hard for her, but she braved all the odds for the sake of the sole object in her life, her son. Enduring all hardships that a society could offer to a widow, the lust filled b**sts of society eyed upon her, her beauty, but she never violated from the paths of modesty and morality. She sighed again, it was a sigh of relief, that her son had strived to her expectations, he completed his schooling with good marks and has written his entrance exams well, only thing left was to wait for the results.She smiled, her luscious lips involuntarily expressing on her moonlike face. Her flow of thoughts were interrupted by a clear male voice, “Maa, you look tired..need a hand?” She looked up, eyes conveying a silent gratitude for his caring gesture. She held on his hand…”Hard day, huh…I got some coffee for you” she smiled. She loosed her saree, slowly untying her hair knots, “One minute dev..i’ll go and freshen up”It will take an hour to untie you hair itself, maa”.”I’m thinking of having it cut short !”“No mom, pls don’t..i was just joking!!” dev couldn’t imagine his mom parting with her beautiful hair that reached up to her supple waistline.His mother giggled seeing his expression and went to washroom.Dev watched her, her tall body mesmerizingly moving with a poise, elegance and beauty which he could never find in any women..her perfectly carved body added with the curves and volume her dancing gave, made him feel like she was a goddess descended to earth. He somehow managed to divert his attention and settled on the sofa..“So, how was your day Dev?”“Fine maa, went to gym, then arranged the store room and oh! I found out an old album…guess what ,it was your wedding album!!!How could you be so careless!!”She was shocked!! Frightened as all the rotten thoughts of the past she had been trying to lock out, swept past through her memories in a flash. Her late husband, the man to him she surrendered her devotion and her body, the man to whom she offered her spotless chastity, the man to whom alone she was to open up all the treasures of love and care for a life time…she was to see him only at the time of marriage for the sale was fixed and even in an age where the consent of a full grown girl in not heeded upon, there is no way a 16 year girl could do, except for hoping and praying for a blessed married life.The moment she saw him the first time, all my fears vanished, though twice her age , her groom looked like a king…with broad chest and shoulders, an air of arrogance and power surrounding him, with piercing eyes…but she managed to steal a glimpse of tenderness or so imagined and she submitted herself to her patidev..on that night he devoured her like a wolf..squeezing her ill formed breasts..tearing past her pussy ,biting savagely her neck as he thrusted his manliness ..with so much passion and energy that even now she gets wet imagining about…he enjoyed each inch of her body at the cost of her helpless screams of pleasure and pain..he fucked her ,fondled and would be gone…but more of his b********y was revealed as he began to make her an object of abuse and self pleasure..she was reduced to just a whore in his harem..birth of dev made him immensely happy but he continued to harass and abuse her..all she could do was pray..later that bastard died on the way to meet another women of his endless harems land lordship and perverted business can offer…tears flowed through silently”Maaa, thoughts of dad making you sad? I’m sorry ma..”I wiped my tears. ”Its alright son..memories of your father…”“I miss him too ..i never knew how he looked like until now.” He said raising a photo of his dad. she’ve never hanged it on the wall…she tried to erase everything..“Do I resemble him?”Priya gazed at him. he exactly looked like his father but at the same time looked the opposite…his high forehead, thick neck , well-formed jawlines ,angular face looked so much similar. but he had gentle eyes, kind eyes with radiance of tenderness and caring, smile that made her feel secure and protected.“You do Dev..you are taller than your dad, and fairer too…now I want to know where you got this fairness from..”Dev blushed.”from my beautiful maa”Priya smiled.But somewhere she sensed a flow of wetness, dampness. Looking onto him., he is not a boy anymore..he is growing to be a man..a stong, virile adult…his character was the one she longed from her bastard husband, she looked at his innocent yet manly face once again and a strong current of emotions…which lay concealed threatened to awaken .clap! She shut down her thought flow….“Its getting late..let me prepare dinner” she managed to blurt out with an air of seriousness and walked towards the bedroom..Dev gazed at her again..it was almost a habit..with a mixed feeling of possessiveness and lust. Priya locked the door behind, hurriedly undid her saree, threw the pile of her sweaty blouse and white bra to the laundry bucket and entered the bathroom. she moved her had towards her crotch, cleaving open her panties she slowly let her fingers probe into her bush. she discovered a tinge of thick wetness stuck to her pussy hair. Hormones were merciless towards her..It has been ages since she had been closer to a man, after her marriage, she developed a sort of hatred for men..towards her own father who sold her to a cheap businessman for money, her husband and all the menfolk who seemed to help her with the intention of enjoying her body in return, men who pretended to be close with the intention of mauling her, men who tried to harm her.She had braved everything.she could not think of a moment with another man other than her Dev, but as Dev is blossoming into a fine young man, primal sex instincts arose within her, She began to watch him in another perspective, as a man, as a protector ,as a source of security and her own…numerous times she had imagined of her son making love with her, but each thoughts she threw away in a second. He is her son and the poor boy would never have imagined in his wildest dreams that his mother got such feelings for him. She slipped down her panty and threw it away..she was in heat and needed a cold shower.After confirming that Priya had locked in, Dev retraced his steps back to the veranda .he carefully laid his eyes his dear mother’s sandal. He took it in his hand and imagined his mother’s beautiful delicate feet on it. Dev fondled the sandal and brought it closer to his nose…a damp but arousing aroma of his mother’s sweat mixed with dirt pleasured. He once again imagined his goddesses’ delicate feet. Dev worshiped his mother, her every object, her body, her nature.All through his life, there was only one woman in his dreams, his beautiful mother. Her moonlike face, beautiful eyes, her slender neck, her voluptuous but perfect frame, full breasts, fertile hips and heavenly ass, her feet, her toes, fingers everything was so appealing to him. Dev was shy by nature, quite in school. He had no slightest attraction towards the girls in his class or any other women, not even pornstars. His mother was his only love. Ever since his getting into maturity, all he wanted was to please his mom. he wanted to tell her about his love, his physical attraction and longing for her, his strong desire to worship her, fulfill her desires, deliver the pleasures she forbade for him, make up to her sexual frustration and loneliness she was facing now. Sometimes Dev felt guilty at having born at all , else his mom would never have suffered much.After exams, he had reached home, determined to confess his feelings and longing for her. But he was scared. He knew that he was then only man her mom loved, he knew his mother’s suffering with his dad, though he pretended he knew nothing… and if he wrongs her, Priya would be shattered. Dev could never think about causing suffering to his dear mom. But his worship and lust for her was unquenchable, he used to fantasize of his mother.Dev dropped the sandals the moment he heard door creaking. His mom came out..she looked fairer and wet streaks of hair sticking onto her forehead made him almost faint. She smiled a nervous smile and went to the kitchen.Priya got herself engaged in cooking she did not notice Dev stealthily entering her bedroom.He headed straight to the laundry bucket, picked up her saree and rubbed his face along it wondering which part of the saree could have d****d over her gorgeous ass, he picked up her blouse and found his favorite patch of wetness patch at the shoulders.He inhaled the scent deeply ad registered it once again in his memory,”Ah mom..i will savour your armpits daily, I’ll lick it clean for you”. He then plucked her white bra and sniffed it.he unzipped and let the bra hand on his erect dick and stroked it, imagining his penis to be in between his mother’s heavy tits. He enjoyed for a moment, careful not to cum. then his eyes searched for her dear panties..her used panties that would definitely be drenched with her sweet sweat. He inhaled deeply again and again..sometimes he would get a strand of her pussy hair..he’d lick it like a lollipop and eat it! so crazy he was!!. But today his eyes picked up a wet spot on her panties. He had never seen a stain before.Maybe his mom got aroused seeing something, was someone trying to seduce her? Thoughts kept on flowing. Was his mother going to be with another man? He put the stuffs back and ran to his room. He could never thinking of his mom with someone else. Dev was fiercely protective of her. He could never stand someone speaking ill of her. He remembered how he trashed his friend down for saying his mother is sexy. He was afraid to lose her. May be mom is so frustrated she might have begun some relationship..his heart broke by these thoughts“Devaa!!Where are you?Dinner is waiting”..the türbanlı elazığ escort call disrupted his thought flow.“Coming maa” he shouted trying his best to hide his sorrow.He headed for dinner table. His mom was waiting to serve him his favourite dishes. Dev managed to smile at mom and began eating.“I forgot to tell you something beta, Rose had phone you”“Why?”“Just to talk to you”“Anything important?” he asked. Priya smiled. She knew Rose, the chatterbox beauty of his school. It seemed she had some feelings for her son!“Don’t play boss Deva. Go ahead. Call her” she said, but in her depths of hearts, She got a burning .Her worst of the fears was coming true. she was leading him away from her. Priya might lose him. She wished he had no feelings towards rose“Maa..i don’t want to speak to her unnecessarily. And mind you, she is just my friend..”Priya was relieved.“But deva, I think she’ll make a good pair for you”“So you want me to leave you alone, maa” Deva replied, hurt. Maybe his mom wants to get rid of him.“Not that son..but boys your age..u know..”“I’m not like them maa..i want to be with you and you alone my entire life..”“That is not possible son…some day you might want to start up your own family”“Never mom..i’ve loved and shall love only you my entire life..i’m concerned about you and nothing else in this world matters for me..”Deva spoke his heart out.“Are you sick of me mom? you don’t want me in your life? Are you trying to part from me”.Priya was touched, ”why do you think like that son..you are the only man in my life and I cannot afford losing you.” Tears welled up in her striking eyes.Deva’s fear vanished. He cursed himself for doubting his mom. He assured that she was meant for him. He rose from his chair and rushed to his mom.He held her cheeks and looked straight to her eyes.“I’m really sorry mom”.She wrapped her arms around his neck and brought him closer..”I love you son”…she whispered She could not hide the truth anymore ”I love you forever….”she too got up from the chair. They gazed, their eyes locked to each other never in ages has she been so close to a man. Her eyes seemed to melt into his. Deva felt like it was a dream..the woman he had longed for his whole life, was standing beside him with her tender arms around his shoulders. He could feel her scent. His masculinity awoke as he gazed upon her with renewed and endless passion. They came closer… deva saw his mother’s full lips part open tenderly..he brought his lips towards her cautiously. Their lips touched and a gush of shock wave passed through them.Priya felt her wetness emanating like a stream. She felt the warmth of his lover’s breath, she felt wanted she was slowly succumbing to her instincts, savouring each moment of the passionate kiss. Deva encircled het and moved his hand towards her waist and pulled her closer. His pubic region slightly rubbing with his mother’s. His joy was incomparable. deva realised that his mother fully longed for him. He regained his consciousness. What if mom is not aware of herself?He could not think of bringing a disadvantage to mom… He crushed her breast against his for the last time Priya was getting more and more wet…her breathing getting heavier each second immersed in the pleasure his son is giving her…suddenly she was jerked backward forcefully…she came back to consciousness. She saw Deva gazing compassionately holding her.“I truly love you mom.” Priya was shocked but some sort of ecstasy ran through her….she was denied passion when she needed it most.. she wanted to tear his trousers and ride on his cock..she was left more thirsty. But she understood the chivalry shown by Deva which made her wanting to pour him with carnal glory. She hesitated, will he ever think that I only lust for him, will he think that I’m sexually soo frustrated and vulnerable. She wanted to prove her strength too…she looked at him blankly and said nothing.Both knew they loved each other but were hesitant when it came to lovemaking. Deva kissed her forehead. “You look tired mom, you might need a good sleep”. Is he mocking at me?Priya wondered “Good night son!”She serenely walked toward her bedroom..Deva fighting with his feelings to just lift and take her to his room somehow overpowering uttered, “Mom! Would you mind coming to the temple with me tomorrow morning”“Sure son! care to get up early at least tomorrow dev”“Sure thing mom! I’ll get ready by six”Priya locked the door and headed to bed heavily blushing and perspiring. Her wetness had reached upto her thighs..her instinct wanting to somehow attain pleasure..her desire for lovemaking was soo intense and urgent..she removed her saree.Now in petticoat and blouse..she threw the saree on bed, lied on top of it in split second..kicked off her panties.In a swish he spread her petticoat and brought her trembling fingers to her burning snatch. Her clitoris was pulsating heavily…she was sweating even though the climate was cool..she squeezed her beautiful firm, succulent, conical tits..imagining her son’s manly hand feeling it..she rubbed her clits for just 5 seconds and she experienced a heavy and releasing orgasm..”ohhhhhh!”she cummeed like a fountain..her entire petticoat got pathetically wet..she wished Deva could understand her sexual craving, yet treat her with the same respect and drifted off to slumberDeva was recollecting about the night as if it was a dream. He thanked god who finally heard his prayers. He imagined about his mother as usual, wearing saree that covers her securely. He felt that a woman’s beauty is enhanced by concealing it rather that exposing it. His respect for his mother rose. He promised himself he will never blame her. He craved to worship her with all he got, and peacefully drifted off to sleep.Next morning Priya was impatiently waiting for Deva, boiling milk in the kitchen. She got ready wearing an elegant sari and a matching blouse. She had called out for Deva many times.“It seems he is still asleep” she murmured. Just then a hand fell on her head. “Devaa..where were you?” she purred“Just went to garden maa” saying he pinned a jasmine flower onto her hair.“You are so caring son”“No amount my of care would repay what you have done for me”he replied.They reached the temple later than expected. It seemed Dev is taking longer time for praying. She gently touched his shoulder. ”I’m may be late for work” she whispered. On return journey she asked ”What is special today son what were you so devotedly praying for?”“Mom, you have forgot again..today is our birthday!!!!”Shit! Priya and her son shared the same birth date.“Oh you brat! You could have reminded yesterday” chided Priyaa in response to Dev’s teasing remarks.“Where is my gift?”He demanded.“I’ll get everything by the evening. i’ll be free for next two weeks…any idea son?”“Let’s vacation then!!” his joking remark could not hide his nervous expression from his face. She sensed it but did not want to spoil a bright day.“I’m home baby!!”Priya announced waving a gift box and another box which contained cake. She looked around the house.it has been tidied, tables and shelves were arranged beautifully. She felt immensely happy.“Oh mom! Welcome home”“Wow son! our home looks more beautiful now”“Just for a change Mom”She kept the items on table and hugged her son tightly..pressing closer, she whispered ”Happy b’day dear!” Dave too hugging her, brought his warm lips close to her ear, for a second he nibbled her earlobe before wishing her. Priya blushed and moved on to open her gift when Deva held her hand politely, “Not now Mom!! i want to tell you something. Will you dine with me tonight?” he put forward plainly. Priya obliged, giggling like a c***d. This was the happiest day in her life. Deva took out a package and held it out.” please wear this tonight Mom” she gladly accepted it. But for a moment she thought if he is taking advantage of her, what kind of dress? Will it be nice?.. but she believed her son is a true man and would never misbehave…in return she gifted him a shirt she purchased for him.“Get ready mom, Let’s have the cake later. I’ll keep it in the fridge” he tenderly insisted.Priya got into the bathroom. Panties already wet. She slipped it out; her heart whispered her life is going to get happier. She stroked her earlobe and blushed for no reason. after a soothing bath. She opened the package, a beautiful pink saree winked at her.Deva was slightly getting nervous…either this day will give him the pinnacle of happiness or he’ll lose his only love…forever. But he was prepared to take chance. He already got ready. Deva never cared about his appearance much. He knew he was fair enough for her. Just then Priya came out of her room. Deva couldn’t control his breath as he saw the most beautiful women in her life. Dressed in the pink saree she looked extremely beautiful..like an angel.“Mom, you are the most beautiful woman ever..” He couldn’t but resist. she smiled“Thanks to the beautiful gift you gave!”He led her to the hotel, feeling really proud to be her man. Priya looked ravishingly beautiful. Seeing the tight wrap around her ass made Dev think of just grabbing it and relishing it. But he managed to rule over his instincts. Priya and Dev had a beautiful candlelight dinner. As they drove home Priya could not but admire his son’s mannerisms “you have become a responsible person, baby, I’m proud of you”Dava just smiled. he was getting more and more nervous as they approached home. He graciously led her to the house. Priya was as if she was in a dream world. She went and sat on the couch smiling, faced towards the ceiling. Dev sat near her and snuggled closer to her, “Thank you mom! you made this birthday truly memorable”. He muttered sincerely scanning his mom’s beautiful and shining arms..it was flawless, wheatish with minute hairs, supple and proportionately tapering towards her wrist. He imagined her bare thighs..what would be its texture? Priya rose from her couch and turned towards him, ”You made this pleasant day unforgettable for me son, don’t you want to see what mommy wants to gift you? She immediately hurried to the table and threw the gift wrapped box at him.Dev couldn’t contain his excitement as he opened it, ”Oh mom!!! it’s the best gift ever” as he unwrapped the latest model watch he longed to buy. He remembered how he once, months before, he showed the ad about the watch to mom and expressed his desire to buy one. Priya had not forgotten it. Dev was touched by the intensity his mom cared for him and he felt guilty lusting for her. His whole life till now was a battle between his guilt and his love. Tonight he’d get the results.“Thank you very much mom!! I never expected you to remember about that!”Priya just smiled at him, “Wear the watch now, let me see.”her eyes conveying something he couldn’t grasp.Dev put on the watch…”Its nice mom!” then clearing his throat, he soberly said, “Your gift is in your room türbanlı elazığ escort bayan maa, go there, close the door and open the box. Please don’t tell anything maa. Proceed to the room” he motioned.He looks damn sexy when serious. Priya winked and she drifted to her bedroom and closed the door smiling at him. She badly wanted to convey her physical attraction towards him. she wanted to feel him and get kneaded by him. She wanted to taste her son and get pampered by his manliness. But fear and guilt kept her from going beyond the lines…even on this happy night, this conflict saddened her. She brushed aside the thoughts as she unwrapped the rectangular gift box. A birthday card and a letter greeted her.She put aside the card and focused on the letter. It was written by Deva addressed to her. It would be too long to include a letter as it is, but Deva confessed about his physical attraction towards his mother ‘I can’t imagine about any other woman and I can’t bear to see any other man with you. I am madly in love. I’ve thought this a thousand times and my mind tells to confess everything. Every time I fantasize about you I feel terribly guilty, I feel I’m dishonouring you, taking advantage of you, I’ve cried many times out of guilt but I just can’t stop thinking about you. I can understand your frustrations too maa, I found your wet petticoat and panties. You need physical love mom, I promise to care for you my entire life and I mean it. If you feel aghast at this, I’m terribly sorry mom, please don’t curse me. Please understand mom…if you are angry at me, please forgive me and accept the pair of sandals I’ve packed alongside. Your old sandals are really worn out. You wearing the sandals and coming out, I’ll consider you forgave me and I promise to refine my behaviour and try to be a normal son for the rest of my life…else…I don’t know…”Dev waited anxiously. Why she is taking so long. What would his fate be? The door creaked open. He nervously glanced on the floor. Priya came out, wearing the sandals. Dev’s head began spinning; his heart broke into a thousand pieces. He summoned all his strength and tightened his jaws, clenched his fists and tried to smile. He couldn’t look into her eyes..”I’m…..i’m” he choked. Priya made loud noise kicking away the sandals. She rushed to the confused Dev.She literally bumped him so hard they fell down on the floor with priya on top of Dev. Their bodies glued together as they embraced as tightly and passionately as ever, currents of heat emanating from their bodies. Both fondling and kissing not hiding their intense emotions and carnal urges. She parted his lips and probed her tongue into him. Dev closed his eyes savoring the feeling of her body close to him, her tongue feeling his, he wrapped his arms tightly around her and brought her closer, the feeling of her full breasts squeezing against his hard chest roused him. He stroked priya’s slender back over her blouse. Priya suddenly broke the kiss she whispered, “I’m yours son, always yours..and…”“And..”her son demanded.“And..i’m wet for you…I want you..!”Those prized words were invaluable to Dev. He pressed his mom’s waist towards his crotch “I’m hard for you Mom!” his cock getting harder, declared its presence.“Ahhh son..i can feel it..i can feel your hardness ”Priya said breathing heavily. She moved her hands, feeling her son’s chest and pressed her breasts even closer, she gently brought her lips to Dev’s neck tasting the droplets of his sweat. She hugged him closer. She relaxed feeling her sons raging dick hardening and getting bigger pushing her panties closer to her crotch. Its certainly big, she guessed “ohh” she purred for no reason trying to jerk her crotch over his manhood.Dev suddenly gripped her and flipped her over. He was now on top of her. She now wrapped her flexible long legs around his hips and hands around his neck. His eyes locked with hers again. This time he didn’t feel guilty, neither of them did. For they knew that there is no need to be guilty, its two souls longing for each other, two lonely souls searching for solace, longing for union. It is just two souls, two bodies…a man and a woman, a couple sworn to be together for life and in this innocent, selfless and pure love…nothing else mattered.Dev shifted his attention from his cock to his mother’s enthralling face.. round as moon, lively, her cheeks red, angelic. Her lips reddish pink, concealing her well set teeth and tantalizing tongue. He brought his lips towards her eyes and gently kissed her closed eyelids, tenderly and navigating his lips to the tip of her nose and gently he nibbled her upper lips gently sucking it. Priya shifted her attention from her wildly pulsating pussy to her lips, in a preparation for a tender foreplay; she didn’t want to end her lovemaking just by filling her lovehole with his manhood, he wanted her son to feel her, savour her beauty she maintained with devotion, for showcasing to her only lover, her wish for years was coming true. She feared if her son wanted to end this quickly though his actions conveyed otherwise. After moments of slow, tender passionate kissing, they parted.Dev got up from the floor and in one swift motion, Priya was in his arms, she was amazed by his strength. They gazed at each other as Dev carried her to the bedroom. He delicately placed her in bed and put on the AC. He was trying to control his raging erection. He didn’t know if she wanted him inside right now. She hadn’t given any signs yet. He was not interested in drilling her straight away. He wanted to worship her body first and let her know he is not a selfish sex maniac. His erection slowly subsided. Dev realised now someone should take control over the situation. Though he had no earlier sexual encounters, his instincts directed him to take charge.He took off his shirt and vest presenting his muscular body to mom. He had worked out very hard with the sole aim of pleasing his mom, with every painful extra pushup he used to take, he was inspired by his desire to please his mother. Looking into her eyes, he slowly unzipped his jeans too, He imagined his mom would shift her attention to his cock. But she didn’t shift her gaze from his eyes. Dev believed her move meant that she wanted him and not her cock. That was exactly what Priya meant. She kept from looking at his cock to usher herself into foreplay rather than fucking. The lights were dim now. Dev climbed on the bed slowly he slowly lowered himself and directed his gaze to her feet…he slowly bent down and inhaled the scent of his mother’s sole. He held her ankle and began to lick her dainty sole.“You like mommy’s feet?”He replied with another intense lick and bean to suck her toes. Priya closed her eyes and relaxed.“Mom..are you alright” he asked huskily, worrying if it was too late to ask. Priya again fell flattered by her son’s intense caring..“Not at all baby..i was just wondering why you were not discouraged by my stinky..”“They are not stinky mom..its..its delicious”. He licked and licked again passionately..”oh!” Priya started breathing heavily.Dev the moved her saree and petticoat little more upwards to get a view of her calves…they were white and spotless..her dance practice had tuned her calf muscles align delightfully, perfectly. Sensing his excitement Priya bet her feet downwards flexing her lower calf muscles.“Lick it baby, enjoy me..i won’t feel offended” ..She consoled him, noticing the slight tinge of nervousness in his eyes. He held her legs and rubbed his hands along her oily well moisturised calf. Each touches giving him boundless pleasure. The feeling of getting what you think you’d never get, I don’t know how to write it down..but that was the what Dev was experiencing..he mauled and bit her muscles softly. His mom completely relaxed enjoying each seconds with her eyes closed.She was on her way to heaven. She imagined the next place he would savour would be her pussy and sensations trickled. Dev sensed the distinct aroma of her oozing wetness and guessed what she wanted next. His naughty mind wanted to keep her waiting and horny.After he had finished her calves, Priya instinctively spread her legs a bit pulling her saree backwards until he could get a view of her crotch, he could see the contours of her hairy bush and the aroma which was so irresistible. He slowly brought his nose towards her wet, motherly snatch. Priya let out an inaudible moan and let out a sigh. Her heart filled with anticipation. She was letting her own son get a view of her sex. Her own naughty son, peeking into her genitals and now he would attend to them. she snivelled at this thought.She felt his warm breath”oh!!” she moaned as she began to leak even more but immediately she felt him move away. She got really angry but could not help but moan when her son had his mouth over the back of her knees..she never thought that part was erogenous until now..”Aww!” she let out a hoarse moan. He continued to coat her legs with saliva and savoured her sexy milky white thighs. Dev now began to lick the underside of her thighs. He tasted her sticky sex juice which flowed to her thighs, trying hard to resist the temptation to get to her pussy. He noticed the delicate hairs of her thighs leading to her genitals.“Oh god! Deva…please…don’t tease your mom..”She gasped helplessly. Deva ignored her and continued to give hot breaths ion top of her panty covered..“Please…” she squealed. ”lick my pussy”.Deva immediately removed her slick slimy panties.“Mom..your panty is soo wet..”“Its wet for you baby..you want my panty or pussy…decide now”Dev grabbed her panties sniffed it..“Oh mommy..your scent just got thicker”Priya couldn’t hold anymore. She held his head and pushed it into her throbbing pussy. In another second her legs, as mighty as its beauty wrapped around him, chocking him..“Lick it son!!! now!!!” she couldn’t hold any longer.Dev was glad that his mom was not passive and sober. Now he couldn’t hold on any more as he mauled her pussy with his tongue..“Ahh oh! Son..now lick my clit!!” she demanded.“Ah! Good deva sooo good…don’t stop..bite mommy’s clit..ufff!!…Oh sonny…I’m cumming..ahhhhhhh”She gripped her legs tighter..all of her body set into a relentless vibration as Priya experienced her orgasm.. she moaned in great pleasure..feeling the sensation engulfing her..dev was flooded with torrents of cum as she climaxed directly on his face..He drank most of her juice but spit some out..coughing..He was choking. Priya immediately released her grip, shocked..“Oh! Deva dear, are you alright!!”.Deva blinked and was silent for a few seconds..he needed to get back his breath..“Deva..i’m…”“No need Mom..i enjoyed it..”..He lied on top of her and embraced his mom.“How was it Mom?”“Great sonny..best!”“Not yet mom!” he smirked.“Were you hurt?” Priya was nervous.“No mom. I wanted you to take control too. I want you to get involved mom. We are making türbanlı escort elazığ love. Not me alone..and lovemaking is not complete if you remain passive..”This man is driving me crazy with his attitude. Priya was beginning to awaken sexually. Her chest of lust she tried to close and subdue was slowly opening.. Priya was in bliss.She raised her head from the bed..Oh! look at your face beta! Let mommy clean it for you. She leaned toward her face and began to lick her cum from her sons face..she felt his jawlines, the friction her tongue made with Dev’s facial hair pleasured her. Dev felt his mom’s warm tongue savouring him.She loosened her hold after cleaning him thoroughly. Dev made her lie on bed and reached her neck..her clean tender neck. Priya let out a gasp. She was feeling and caressing her son’s broad back. He then placed his hand on her breasts. Priya felt her pussy dampening again. She pushed Dev backwards and raised her upper body from the bed,..“I forgot son..my palloo might hinder you” saying so she hastily removed her saree.“You know Mom! Saree is the sexiest thing a women can wear..ever”“That’s a nice finding son. Teach them to the girls of your generation”“They will know it..someday” He shrugged. Focusing his gaze on his mother’s mature, ripe, juicy and firm breasts clad in her blouse.“I’ll remove that for you” she held the clasps of her blouse, sensing his intention.Dev caught her hand..”No mom!” the view of breast tightly clad in your bra and blouse is relishing”. Priya got turned on by his observation. Smiling, he advanced to his mom’s tits. He caressed her back and faintly rubbed his cheeks on her blouse. The fabric of her bra prevented from getting any sensation. His mom was losing balance and slowly retreated to her lying position. Her breasts now pointed out like two mountain, proudly. Dev shamelessly licked her blouse, wetting her fabric..Priya rubbed her leg as sensations began to evolve. He made her light pink, soft blouse more transparent and got a view of her black bra within. Black bra on a white body..he gasped.Priya imagined him to tear off the hindrance and maul her tits.. She slowly unclasped her blouse. Dev helped him. He watched his gorgeous mom clad only in her bra with her heavenly melons waiting for him. She looked at Priya, She was breathing heavily, lips dry, eyes slightly open, seductively gazing at his muscular body. Dev thanked heavens. He was so lucky. Dev felt his mom running her hands through his sweat filled, slippery well- formed hard chest. Her delicate fingers tickled his growing chest hairs. His manhood was getting erect dangerously. She now brought him towards her chest.“Lick it baby!”Dev fondled the prized possessions and began to fondle and squeeze it.“Oh! My son squeezing my tits huh!” she smiled kinkily.Dev fondled her hard and began to apply force. Priya raised her eyebrows in excitement and began to moan sexily.“You like what I’m doing mommy..you like your son squeezing you.”“I love it sonny..knead me hardder dev!!”“Ahhhh! Feel good baby..yes!! “ she heaved as he mauled her.“Let mommy present her bare breasts for you Dev” she slowly unclasped her bra..her bare breasts exposed..her nipples slightly wet. The touch of cool air hardened it. Dev greedily watched her milk jugs and he inhaled another aroma..an aroma with a familiar milky flavour.“Ahh son!” she gasped as dev wet her nipples stimulating the other with with his index finger.“Ahh suck it baby..suck yes!! Yes..bite it gently son..just like that..ohhhh”Dev now began to tease her areola. He worked with his fingers stimulating his mother. She began to moan sexily as he attended her.Deva’s cock was raging pathetically, he was losing his control. His eyes the noticed another plethora of her beauty..her tummy, he was aroused greatly. He now placed his mother between his legs…bent and licked her swollen tits again, elevating his mom’s horniness..in another second he brought his arms to her waist, lifted her belly and buried his face into his mother’s sexy stomach. He smooched it like mad. Tears of gratitude flowed. He is finally worshiping his goddess, his possession, his treasure. He felt his mom’s hand stroking his back. She was in heat again. He looked at his mother’s face again..she slowly opened her eyes wondering why he stopped. He smiled a kinky smile and spat into his mother’s beautiful deep round navel…“Ahhh!!ufff..you sexy pervert!” his mom moaned..pulling her head back in pleasure as waves of new sensations began pleasuring her..She flinched and shivered with pleasure. After cleaning her navel with spit, dev carefully inserted his index finger into her hole and stimulated her,making fucking motions. He is fucking her holy, sacred and virgin navel with his index finger.“Loving it mom?” Dev asked increasing his rubbing speed.“Oh! You dirty boy!!i’m in heaven..uff! you pervert..”Priya brought her hands to his underwear. She couldn’t help but imagine her son ploughing into her sex. She wanted it soo bad, she wanted her sons cock deep in her hole, she wanted him to send him to where he belonged. The moment she touched his dick, precum oozed out. Her son’s attention shifted to her mother’s tender hands on his most sensitive spot.“Oh! Mom! my dear mom!!” he gasped. His instincts erupted like a volcano. His primal instincts overtook him. He wanted to take his woman, breed her fill her with his seed. It was all magical as his mom understood his mind and asked.“Want to show your ultimate love, son?”“If you allow mom” he replied, trying to maintain his chivalry even when he is in the greatest mental instability.Priya was in the peak of her desire. Her son’s navel fucking had multiplied her suppressed emotions. Priya grabbed at his hot manhood. It was little slippery but hot and strong like iron. Dev jerked away. He wanted his mom to feel her cock deep inside before seeing it. He now positioned his cock between his mother’s thighs. Looking into his mom’s eyes, He asked delicately“What do you want me to do mom?”“Make love baby, I want you to fuck me,son” she breathed.Dev hesitated for a moment. It was then Priya realised that it was her son’s first time. She didn’t want to spoil his enthusiasm. She waited. After a brief moment, Dev removed the watch his mom gifted and stopped it, he threw it away. Priya looked him questioningly.“I just recorded the best moment in my life ever!”. Saying that, he slowly spread his mom’s beautiful legs placing them above his shoulders. He held his cock and slowly rubbed it against her moist hairy pussy. His face was a mixture of nervousness and determination. “Yes sonny! Slowly bring in the tip inside”Dev’s manhood slowly made his way into her tight wet vagina. But he began to lose his confidence. Priya now moved her legs off his shoulders.“Come to Mommy! Embrace me” she cooed.Feeling bad, Dev hugged his mother. She held his manhood and placed it again at her entrance. “Enter inside Dev!” she whispered.Dev slowly invaded her hole, her vagina gripping each inch of his thick meat. Her wetness and silkiness, lubricating him.“Ohh son! you are filling me up..Oh! enter slowly..uff..” she bit her lips. She realised his cock was big and thick.“Is all your manhood in”“Yes Mom”She spreaded her legs more and hugged his back.“Fuck me now son! Fuck your mother..Make love to me..” she whispered.Dev raised his hips retreating his cock and in the next second he thrust his entire manhood into her.“Ahh!” She squealed as her man began rhythmically thrusting into her sex starved woman hood. She felt his pricks heat, its girth seemed to split open her vagina. He now began giving powerful thrusts. She kissed him and wrapped her arms around him. Dev was now completely out of control as he furiously began hammering his mother, his massive cock pumping in and out of her tight sweet hole. Priya moaned in pain and pleasure.He loved her son getting aggressive. Dev now began to grunt and sweat profusely, he began hammering harder. He pulled his dick all the way till only the head was in and then thrusted his whole dick inside. She was now screaming in pain and pleasure”aaaaw,aaaah,,,uffff Haaaa,aaah,aaaahplease,ohh! My love!!! Aaaaah, ufff”. His thrusts made Priya, crazy. Each thrust brought a new wave of pleasure. Orgasms after orgasms., Priya was in heaven as Dev mercilessly rammed her delicate love.”Ohhhhhhhhhhhh..aahhh..isssssss.. son..i’m cumming againnn”She violently arched her back, tightly wrapped her legs around his waist, her nails clinging to her lover’s sexy back as she experienced yet another gush of orgasm. Dev was not aware of anything. He didn’t want to get involved. He feared he might cum soon, he focussed on thrusting alone trying to detach from the pleasure he was experiencing. The only thing that mattered for him was satisfying his dear mother. He knew, he could not hold much longer. Her tightness, wetness, closeness, the distinct sexy aroma now emanating around her coupled with the sexy noises she made brought him on the verge of his orgasm.His mother began clutching him tighter as another orgasm approached…this is it..he now with all might thrust deeper, with all his remaining strength, he began to piston harder and harder. The orgasm which appeared to be a small wave now turned into a huge tsunami for her. “aaaaahh!ohhhhh..uffff..ahhh deeper…nooo…mmfff….yess”“Ahhhh!ahhhhhhh” her shrill noise pierced his ears..nothing was sexier than a woman moaning in her ultimate pleasure, wrapped completely around her lover. Dev began losing his control. He felt his heavy seed making its way from his testis.“Ahhh mom!” he grunted. “My queen! I’m going to come” he began thrusting even more violently ravaging her delicate pussy. He squeezed his mom, she raised her hips tightening her grip over his hips as both orgasmed and came toghther. Priya felt his seed invading her womb. The mere thought that the seed belonged to her own son intensified her orgasm as she gripped around him tighter moaning even louder..their love was consummated.Her entire bedroom was now filled with the musky smell of sex. Priya and Dev expired heavily as they tried to get back to normal state. The whole bedsheet was drenched in their sex fluids. Dev rose up from his position, fully exhausted..his mom was sweating heavily and her body shined with sweat..he bent lower eyes half closed..they caressed and coaxed each other till they were began breathing normally. Priya was reborn, her hormones now ceased its revolt. She was satisfied.“Deva..”she whispered, tears of love flowing“Come to maaa, come to my arms”. He slowly moved to her. She laid her head on his broad strong chest. She listened to his rapid heartbeat. He needs rest. She moved her hands along his vast expanse, tickling his chest hair.“I love you son! I love you Deva..i’m yours” she breathed.Deva held her in his left arm and arranged her hair with the other hand..“I love you mom…I’ll love you forever”They soon drifted off to the magical realm of slumber with a smile…smile of satisfaction..a smile of hope.As I told you, this is my first story. Really sorry if I couldn’t meet up to your expectations. I repent for the grammatical and technical errors I made. Please let me know your valuable remarks, criticisms and suggestions at [email protected]. I’m planning to write a sequel aiming to bring in kinkier ideas.

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