Attic Cleaning


It was a beautiful fall day. Unseasonably cool at 35 degrees, but perfect for the chore that awaited me. The local Salvation Army had put out a most needed list in the paper, and I knew we had a lot of those things collecting dust in the attic. Also, in three days, the city workers would be in our neighborhood for the fall pick up. They would come by in their big trucks and collect just about anything you put on the curb and haul it to the landfill. I had been putting off cleaning out the attic for about 3 years now.

Jeff and I have been married for almost 7 years now, and have managed to collect quite a lot of junk over that time. Jeff is the manager of the television station that his father owns and I am a very content housewife. We live in a large 2-1/2-story house in a very nice part of town.

We have a large attic with 6 big windows to light up the entire area which would make my task a bit easier. We have all of our ‘treasures’ at one end of the room, next to the furniture that had been left there by the previous owners. Some of the furniture pieces were antiques that I may restore someday, but for now they just sit in the corner covered in old sheets. I made several trips to the attic bringing the things that I thought I would need. A boom box, a handful of CD’s, a thermos of coffee and lots of boxes! There would be a lot of them to haul to the curb. It’s a good thing that Jeff has a strong back and is willing to do just about anything I ask, especially when promised with some special favors to be performed later in the evening.

This musty old attic usually gives me the creeps, but with the sun shining brightly, this wasn’t such a bad place. I set out two groups of boxes. One group for donations and one group for the curb. An hour had passed since I started, and I was beginning to realize that this wasn’t such an easy task. I was having a difficult time throwing away things that had sentiment attached to them. I found a few boxes of Jeff’s old clothes and giggled at the thought that he might actually have worn them.

There was an old gray box I recognized right away. My old family pictures. From the ‘pre-Jeff’ era. It was probably a mistake to open it, but I did anyway. I rummaged around in the box and pulled out two albums that contained pictures of the summer between high school and college. I pulled the sheet off of one of the old wingback chairs and sat down with the albums. Running my hands over the covers of the albums, I was already recalling fun and friends I had back then. Wondering where they were now. Pictures of camping, horseback riding, water skiing, and just about anything else a carefree girl could find to do.

Blake was in almost all of the pictures. We had dated all through our senior year. A warm smile spread across my face from the memories of my first love. At the end of the album were pictures of our Labor Day weekend getaway. Three of us had driven to my parents cabin in the north woods of Wisconsin. My two best friends Katie and Gina were there. Little did my parents know that Blake met us there early Saturday morning. That was the weekend I lost my virginity to him. I giggled when I realized that I was smiling a lot more in the pictures toward the end of the weekend! Blake did everything right. He had brought a picnic lunch and a blanket with him. We had the most romantic lunch in a grove of maple trees on my parent’s land. We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. One thing led to another and in the end, he made slow sweet love to me. It was a slow, patient, gentle love. Perfect for my first time.

I felt flushed, and somewhat nostalgic, remembering my first time. I was on my back, my legs were drawn up and wide under him. His eyes looking deep into my soul. My hands were on his biceps hanging on for dear life as he entered me for the first time, making me a woman. It seemed to go on forever. He entered me time and time again taking me to new heights that I had never imagined possible.

I could feel a warmth spreading over my body. My panties were getting wet. I cupped my breasts through my shirt and sports bra. I didn’t care that the attic wasn’t getting cleaned out. I had a urge that needed tending to. Right now! I pulled the shirt up over my head followed by the bra. My hands roamed all over my bare chest and stomach. I licked my fingertips and rubbed them over my nipples, bringing out a sweet sigh. I lifted my butt off the chair and slid down my sweatpants and panties. I untangled my feet from them and dropped them to the floor. Now completely naked, I laid back in the chair and opened my legs wide, resting them on the winged arms of the chair. It was about the same position that I was in the first time Blake and I made love. “There’s no point in rushing this,” I thought to myself. I had all day to myself. I felt so lewd, naked and spread out in the old chair secretly wishing someone were watching me masturbate. My hands caressed my thighs and legs. Although I longed Gaziantep Fetiş Escort for the slender body I had when those pictures were taken, I was still what I considered attractive.

I turned to my favorite picture of Blake. He was in a pair of cutoff jeans with no shirt. He looked so sexy! My fingers slid over my wet lips. I was dripping now. My clit was begging for some attention and I slid my wet fingers around and over it. I was moaning and moving my hips. My other hand joined the first and penetrated my pussy with two fingers. I was free to do or say anything I wanted. No one could see in and the doors were locked. I was breathing faster now. I looked around the room and moaned out “Ohhhhh, I wish someone was here to see me cum!” A new rush of excitement came over me as I said those naughty words. My fantasy turned back to Blake and I on the blanket in the maple grove. How he pounded into my virgin pussy again and again! I looked at his picture and put direct pressure on my hard clit. I was so close now. “Ohhh! Yes Blake! Love me! I’m cummmmmmiiiiiiiiiiinnnnnnngggggggg!!!!!” I cried out as the orgasm exploded deep within me. I felt it from my curling toes to the fingertips that were furiously working my clit. I kept going, feeling two more smaller orgasms fill my senses.

It was so sweet. I don’t know how long I had laid there. Imagining Blake’s arms wrapped around me. It was a bit painful getting up since I had slouched down in the chair. I still had a warm feeling all over as I gathered up my clothes and headed downstairs for a quick shower and a bit to eat.

I spent the rest of the afternoon in the attic. I was pleased with my progress. Just a few more boxes and I was done. Yay! The last few boxes were the oldest ones up here. They were put up here when we moved in, just after we were married. I pulled the tape off of a box that I didn’t recognize and looked inside. This was clearly one of Jeff’s boxes. His high school diploma, some trophies, and a bunch of loose pictures. Had to keep this one I thought. Looking a bit further, I found an old videotape. It was smaller than the VHS tapes we have now. I had no idea what kind it was, but with a husband growing up around a television station it wasn’t surprising. What a nice surprise it would be! I’ll see if I can get it converted to play in the VCR we have!

I was pleased with my accomplishment. The Salvation Army came and picked up the donations. All the junk we put on the curb was hauled off as scheduled. I went shopping the following Monday and stopped off at specialty film store and inquired about the tape. The man at the counter said it was a BETA tape (what ever that meant) and wasn’t really that uncommon. He said that it would be no problem to transfer it to VHS if the tape quality was good. I thanked him and left the store.

Later that week, I was out shopping and stopped by the film store. The same man that waited on me Monday was there behind the counter. He told me that he was unable to transfer the tape. “Thank you for trying. I have no idea what was on the tape, but I thought it would be a nice surprise for my husband.” I told the man. He blushed a bit and said, “There wasn’t a problem with the tape, b-but it’s against store policy to process tapes like that.” I guess I wasn’t on the same page as he was and I asked, “What do you mean?” His voice lowered to almost a whisper “we cannot process tapes of an adult nature”. I felt the blood rush to my face! The realization hit me hard. All I wanted to do is run from the store and hide! I don’t remember what I said and awkwardly made my way for the door mumbling an apology. “Wait, your tape!” He came around the end of the counter and handed me an envelope with the tape in it. I took it from him and quickly left the store. I was in such a hurry to leave that I backed up over a curb trying to make my way out of the parking lot.

I was embarrassed beyond words! I would never guess it would have been an old porn movie! I just drove around for about 30 minutes trying to make sense of the situation. I guess Jeff has always been a voyeur and we have watched our share of adult movies over the years. Working for a television station he has brought home some high tech gadgets and filmed us during some of our sexual endeavors. I had calmed down and decided to head home. We needed milk and a few other groceries so I pulled in to the store just down the street from our house.

As I passed by the film processing booth a cold shiver caught me as I remembered the embarrassment from the film store. I was looking through the produce and I couldn’t get the tape off my mind. I went back to the film developing counter, but I didn’t see a clerk. I picked up a brochure that contained their processing services and pricing. I felt so guilty, almost dirty. I found a deserted aisle and opened the brochure. It was hard to read because I kept looking around to see if anyone was watching me. WHY??? It felt like I had this terrible secret and it might be discovered at any minute! Then I saw it. “Convert your favorite family BETA movies to VHS and enjoy them tonight! Our high speed dubbing machines can convert them while you shop! Just $9.95 plus the cost of a new tape. I slid the brochure into my purse and finished my shopping and quickly left the store.

After I finished putting away the groceries, I picked up the envelope with the tape in it and thought about what I was going to do with it. Why bother with an old porn movie? If I wanted to watch one, I can go to our local video store and rent one. I tossed it into the trashcan. I returned a bit later and hid it under the empty donut box (I promised myself that I would work out twice as long tomorrow!). Why did I do that? After all it’s in an envelope.

I dragged out the vacuum and mentally complained about owning such a large house. All the while I was vacuuming; my mind kept going back to the videotape. I thought about the times when Jeff and I would watch one together. It would always lead to some hot sex either during or after we watched it. I wondered what was so special about the tape. Why would he have kept it? The familiar tingling showed up again and I looked at the clock to see how long it would be until Jeff came home. Then I realized that it was Thursday. Jeff always works late on Thursday so he wouldn’t be home for another five hours!

I put away the vacuum and went to the kitchen for some lemonade. I sat at the counter looking out at the window reflecting for a while. “Our sex life hasn’t been what it used to be. We’ve been through some off times before as well.” I thought. “But then the light bondage I introduced definitely spiced things up for a while. And once Jeff finally convinced me to let him take videos of us it, was a great turn on for both of us…The thought jolted me! Jeff got really turned on when he took the videotape of us. Could that be what was on the tape? A video someone he knew in the past? Right then I knew what I had to do. Moving deliberately, I grabbed my purse, flipped open the trashcan, grabbed the video and headed out the door.

I entered the store and walked slowly past the film developing counter. I saw a young man (more like a boy) behind the counter with his back to me. I looked around behind the counter. I saw no TV. No monitor of any kind. “Oh, I can’t do this!” I said to myself But something was driving me now. I had to see what was on that tape! I took a deep breath and approached the counter. The young man still had his back toward me making me wait. I could feel the perspiration on my forehead as I nervously waited for him to notice me. “Do something, don’t just stand here!” I screamed to myself.

I cleared my throat and startled the poor kid. “Can I help you ma’am?” he asked politely. “You can drop the ma’am” I thought to myself “it makes me feel so old!” I swallowed, my mouth dry with apprehension, “Yes, can you transfer this tape to VHS for me?” I said, trying to appear as innocent as Snow White “Sure. We offer BETA to VHS dubbing for nine ninety-five plus six ninety-five for the blank tape.” He stated. How long will it take” I asked. “It will be about fifteen minutes” he replied. Then he added, “We can’t guarantee the quality of the transfer since we don’t preview the tapes. “Was the picture quality good?” he asked. “Yes, it was.” I answered. I lied.

He took down my name and I left him to do his job and looked at my watch. I found a cart and wandered around the store picking up some things that I didn’t really need. I wandered up and down the aisles at least twice. I looked at my watch. Twelve minutes had passed. I almost screamed when I heard my name announced over the store loud speaker! I felt like everyone in the store knew what I was doing! I quickly made my way to the film counter, paid the young man and headed for the checkout with both tapes. I paid for the unneeded groceries and left the store. On my way home I caught myself speeding, even though it was only a few blocks.

I shoved the groceries in the refrigerator and grabbed the tapes and went into the living room. I turned on the home theater and slid the tape in the VCR slot. I grabbed the remote and pushed play.

Only blackness.

Another minute passed by. Still blackness.

“All this for nothing!” I hissed out loud.

Then on the screen appeared an image. Someone picked up the camera and carried it down a hallway. Then into a bedroom. It was being bumped around but aimed toward a bed. The picture was clear, but it was black and white. There was sound but no one had spoken yet.

When I did heard someone speak, I knew instantly it was Jeff. “Are you sure about this?” he asked. I heard a female voice say, “Yes. We can watch it over and over again!” she sounded excited.

Jeff stood in front of the camera. He was a good-looking kid! About fifteen pounds lighter than he is now. He reached out and took the girls hand and pulled her to him. I recognized her from some of the pictures I had seen that day in the attic. She was cute. Very petit. So even back then Jeff had a yearn to perform in front of a camera.

They started kissing and fondling each other. The girl pulled Jeff’s shirt over his head. I envied her being able to caress my husbands firm body when it was so young. He must have been nineteen or twenty on the video. I couldn’t believe I was going to watch this! He pulled the shirt over the girls head and tossed it on the bed. He reached behind her and fumbled with the clasp of her bra for a bit and finally got it unclasped. He pert young breasts bounced out of their confines. They were perfect! I was getting very aroused now.

I grabbed the remote and stopped the movie. I had to think this through. Should I actually go through with it? What happened on that tape was clearly none of my business. I ejected the tape, shut off the home theater and tried to busy myself with other things. There was no getting around it. I wanted so much to watch my young husband satisfy that young girl. I wanted to know how far they had gone that day. But most of all, I wanted to be that girl!

At that point, I knew what I was going to do. With shaky fingers, I dialed Jeff’s number at the station. When he answered, using my sexiest voice, I said, “I’ve been thinking about you all day and I can’t wait until you get home. I have plans for you big boy.” He moaned and said, “But, I have to be here for a few more hours.” That was not the answer I wanted. He needed convincing and I know his weakness. I took a deep breath and said, “I’m soooo wet. Are you going to make me satisfy myself?” He sounded impatient saying, “But I can’t leave yet!” I was getting to him. I loved it! “Well, if I have do it myself, I might as well let you listen…” I cooed. I had never gone this far with a tease! I felt so slutty doing it! There was no turning back now. He was bordering on angry when he said, “Dammit, I said I couldn’t leave now!” Now for the clincher. In a breathy voice I said, “This is going to feel sooooo good. I need it so bad….” He didn’t say anything so I added, “I wanted to wait until you got home, so I took a shower to cool off. But it didn’t help. I was so hot. I shaved off every hair. It feels so nice and soft under my fingers.” I knew I had him now. “Damn you!” he exclaimed! “Alright! I’ll leave after the news! But you better be ready for me when I get there!” He hung up without waiting for a reply.

It was quarter after six. Fifteen minutes for the news to end and fifteen minutes for his trip home. That gave me half an hour for me to jump in the shower and shave my pussy! My bluff had worked perfectly! It was all I could do to keep from masturbating in the shower while I did it! But I held back, knowing that more intense orgasms were to follow this evening. Or so I hoped! I put on his favorite see through teddy and went downstairs and stretched out on the couch. When he got home he called out my name and searched until he found me.

When he approached me I could tell he was upset. He said, “there you are! What’s gotten into you! You know how important it is for me to be at the station!” I didn’t answer him and smiled seductively at him. This seemed to anger him further. I slid the hem of my teddy up to my navel. Even with my legs closed, he could see my freshly shaven pussy. I finally said innocently “I wanted to do something nice for you. Do you like it?” I said as I parted my legs slightly. Ohhhhhhhhhh yesssssssss you know I do…” he moaned.

Dropping to his knees, he pulled my legs wide apart. He paused and looked at my shaven mound. He inhaled deeply and said, “you smell sooooo good!” God, how I wanted him to fuck me right then and there! Not make love to me. Fuck me! But not yet! I was determined to go through with my plan! “You can have me as long and often as you wish tonight, but not just yet. You can have a little taste of what is to come if you want…” I told him. My hands cupped my breasts and pinched my nipples. I arched my back and lifted my ass off the couch offering him my wetness. In an instant, his hands were behind my knees, lifting my legs into the air spreading me wide. I felt his tongue on my lips and clit. He is so good at licking me! I knew it wouldn’t take long to cum. Just as I felt the orgasm start building, he stopped! “What? Why did you stop?” I gasped. “You said a little taste!” he replied followed by a mischievous laugh.

He walked over to the front door and locked it. Then over to the windows and closed the blinds. He leaned down and kissed me. Our tongues met. I tasted me. “I have a plan for you” I said. “Will you do as I say tonight?” I asked him. “Yes. I will. I need to shower. Cool off a bit. I want this night to last. Meet me in the bedroom” he replied. “Fine. Take your shower. But I will be waiting for you right here” I told him with a finality in my voice that that made it clear to him not to question my reply. With that he hurriedly ascended the stairs toward the master bath.

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