Bar Scene


One night, I went out with a few of my girlfriends. It was “girl’s night out” away from our husbands. After a nice dinner we decided to go to a lounge where there was dancing. We were having a good time and danced with a few of the men who were there. After a while some of the ladies decided that they needed to go home but because we all drove separately, one friend and I chose to stay. One neat guy in particular kept asking me to dance and since I was in a very happy mood after several drinks, I liked the attention. His name was Toby, he was in his 50s, tall, nice looking and seemed like a very nice man. I had lost track of my friend Sheila and when Toby asked me to join him in a booth, I accepted.

I was 60 years old, 5-7, medium blond hair and was wearing a short black skirt and a flowery blouse, it wasn’t too sexy or revealing but I knew I looked good. Toby of curse, ordered more drinks, I knew I shouldn’t be having any more but I didn’t object, telling myself I just needed to slow down. In between some nice conversation, we danced several slow dances. Toby was a pretty good dancer and when we danced, he pressed his body very tight and I could easily feel his manhood. I suppose by my compliant reactions, he began to grow more assertive. When we sat down, his hand began caressing my exposed knees and as we talked it pushed a little higher, then a little higher. I remember tentatively pushing his hand away several times but it always returned. Because of the loud music, Toby would lean in close, say things in my ear and each time his hand would be stroking my legs.

Because my skirt was fairly short, it wasn’t very long before it was pushed up high on my thighs. When I tried to pull it down, Toby held my hand and pushed up bahçeşehir escort my skirt even higher. With his hand squeezing my thigh, he told me that he liked me this way. Maybe because of the drinks and the contented mood I was in, I let him have his way. His fingers began kneading the insides of my thigh and I could feel tingles shoot through me, especially between my legs. It was fairly dark in the booth and people were all around but I felt some sort of disconnect from the whole scene around us. As Toby’s fingers were caressing the soft flesh of my inner thighs, he pulled me close and told me to pull up my skirt. I don’t know why or what prompted me to do it, but I lifted my bottom and pulled up my skirt.

Fortunately I was wearing black panties and I suppose anyone who looked our way could tell that nothing out of the ordinary. Just two “friendly” people sitting close to each other having a good time. Toby’s fingers immediately found my covered pussy and began lightly tracing over it. My legs closed but he nudged them open and continued to caress between my open legs. My panties were very wet by this time and he let me know that he was glad I was liking it. His fingers were pressing into my opening and making me more aroused. I didn’t know what to say or reply, I liked the exciting feeling I was having but the situation didn’t seem right for a “nice, proper, married” lady. My mind was racing and my body was wiggling, I knew should go but at the same time I didn’t want to leave.

After a while, Toby stopped playing with my wet covered pussy and pulled down my skirt. Then he asked me for my purse and pulled out my wallet and car keys. I was a bit dumfounded when he told me to go into the lady’s room and istanbul escort take off my panties and bra. I told him I couldn’t do that and that I needed to go but he held up my keys and with a big unarming smile and said that it would be a shame to “lose these”. Not knowing what to do, I did as he asked and returned to our table. He checked my purse and saw that my underwear was inside then congratulated me on being such a good sport. He pushed his hand up between my legs then with his other hand proceeded to unbutton several of my blouse buttons. At this point, I didn’t feel I was able to stop him. When we got up to dance, Toby’s hands were very busy caressing over my ass and over my breasts. I felt my nipples get very hard each time his hand and fingers pushed into my open blouse and slowly trace over them. When the dance was finished, he said it was time to go and we left the lounge.

We seemed very friendly and cordial as he walked me to my car and I was beginning to feel a lot of the tension leave my body. When we reached my car door, he pulled me to him and gave me a kiss. I returned the kiss, assuming this was a goodnight. Then as we began kissing more, his hands fumbled with the buttons on my blouse and he pulled it open, exposing my bare breasts. He squeezed them and pinched my nipples as we kept kissing and although we were under a light, I didn’t seem to care. I’m sure I was in some sort of trance. He put my hands over his neck then pulled my skirt up to my waist and began caressing my ass, then between my legs. I could feel the wetness dripping down my leg as his finger pushed in and out of my pussy. Thinking back, I was kissing and heavily petting with a complete stranger, in a lighted parking lot with escort bahçeşehir my tits and ass fully exposed for all to see.

Toby was still in a good-humored and loving mood but in a firm and elf-assured voice he said I could either fuck him right here or in the car. My mind stopped…this isn’t what I thought would happen. I began mumbling and trying to collect my better thoughts when I felt his hand give my bare ass a quick hard swat. I yelped but he held me close and as if I wanted more. Trying to break free, I told him I really needed to go. He swatted me again and I started to cry. He still had my keys and opened the back door to my car. Holding me in front of the door, he told me to take off my clothes. Unconsciously, I did as he asked and crawled in totally naked.

He comforted me for a while, stroking my face, hair and body, making me relax. I remember him saying that he knew that this is what I really wanted and that he only wanted to give me the pleasure that he knew I wanted. He had me nodding approval to his smooth and seemingly supportive voice. When he spread my legs open in the crowded seat I couldn’t find any more reasons to resist and soon his hard cock was deep in my pussy. He came after a few minutes and had me lick him clean and make him hard again. Through some more tears, I sucked his cock until it was very hard. This time he put me on my knees and took me from behind. All this time, before, during and after fucking me, his hands and mouth were kissing and licking my face, the insides of my legs, my tummy and my tits and nipples. It’s hard to describe but I didn’t find what we did disgusting or nasty but rather very arousing. He was a considerate lover, very determined but thoughtful at the same time. There was a certain sweet pleasure I got from obeying his commands and pleasing him as I did. Going home, without my underwear, I smiled to myself and felt very satisfied. I also had the feeling that this might not be the last or only time I let myself go in the same way. Thank you Toby.

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