BeginningThis is a true story it happens over 50 years ago before all the news an information regarding sexual predators, gays and bisexuality. I am now 65 years old still horny but much wiser about various facts of life. Here is my story about my first sexual experiences, good or bad I let you decideA Friend and I were hitching home from school in those days it was fairly common practice then, often it would take a couple of different rides before we reached our respective homes. This day we hadn’t been hitching long when a man picked us both up an told us he was heading straight down the road about five/six miles if that would help, we replied that would be right on the way as my friend lived about three miles straight down the road and my drop off was just about five miles away an a little ways off the main highway. The stranger did not say much as we drove down the road an as we approach my buddies street I said I could get off here as well as we often played ball or just goof off as two fifteen years guys would. However we might talk a lot about sex we never ever did anything remotely gay, or queer as we called it then. The stranger said he did not mind taking me home an if it was not too far off the highway he would take me right to my door that sounded good to me so I said that would be great. We dropped my friend off and started to go down the road when the stranger handed me a deck of cards with various picture of nude women and with various ones showing them being fucked. Well to a ataşehir escort fifteen-year-old boy these amounts to a sudden surge of every hormone know to young men. I had never seen anything like that in my life, there was no internet then and being from a strict home I had never even seen a playboy magazine at that time of my life. We all talked about sex but I had never even seen an adult pussy. I don’t remember if I got hard then or not but the man said I could see you like those and if you like those you should see some of the magazine that he had back in my motel room. He then ask me if I would you like to see them, to this day I do not know why I said yes but it did not take a millisecond for me to respond affirmative. Once we got to the room he showed me a variety of magazine, both men and women fucking and men and men fucking and sucking. I do know at that point I was hard as a rock and he comment on it and told me that not to worry and that I would probably feel a whole lot better if I took of my paints and I would not be so confined and as hard as my cock was he was afraid I might do harm to it being coped up like that. We laughed about that and then he said don’t worry it would not brother him if I did. Again to this day I don’t know why but I took of my paints very quickly. I guess I was about a full six inched of uncut cock back then, as I was nearly full-grown and now have a little over seven inches. My cock was rather narrow at the time but I would give anything to have an pendik escort erection today that was that hard. I suspect I could have broken concrete with it as it was like steel. I had never been nude in from of an adult man before, not even my father but somehow it did not brother me. He asked me if I minded if he took off his paints as well as he did not want go get his paints dirty. Which I said yes that would be ok, again I had never been alone with a strange man in a motel room before, never gotten undressed in front of one or had even though about doing such. I never had any visions about seeing a man nude or even remotely given thought to having sex with a man. He took off his paints along with his underwear and his cock was rock hard and a good 10 inches long and fairly wide. I had never seen a cock that was nearly anywhere nearly as big. In the showers at school you sometimes saw other k**s cocks and nothing was comparable and I had never felt turn on my seeing one of my peers cocks. This cock however, was to me gigantic and I was immediately turn on, He ask if he could touch mine and I readily agreed he then began wrap his hands around my cock and pumped it a couple of times then asked me to lay down on the bed which I did yet again this action and thoughts were entirely new to me, There he assumed the 69 position (although I did not know that what it was called then) and began kissing my cock and then took my cock in his mouth. I not only did not resist but though I was going to kadıköy escort die it felt so good. I dropped the magazine and turned my head toward his magnificent cock. In my fifteen years I can honestly say to you that up to that day I had never though of getting or giving a blow job to a man or being turn on by a man sucking my cock, but almost immediately I began to suck him off I think it almost like a duck taking to water. I did not question it I did not resist or even to think about not sucking that beautiful cock. We both were sucking like crazy and he once or twice had to caution me to not clamp down so hard on his cock it was indeed a mouth full. Before I knew it I began to feel my cock expand and then he said he was going to cum and once again I broke new ground I kept sucking for all I was worth until I felt his cum hit the back of my mouth I sucked harder and swallowed as fast as I could with some beginning to spill out of my mouth but not a lot. At almost the same time I shot my cum into his mouth as well and he swallowed every once of what had to be a hell of a amount of cum as my fifteen year old balls even hurt as I sent so much cum pumping out. I never saw the man again and in the proceeding years to follow I never had another experiences with a man. However I have thought about that day, fretted about in my adolescence but turn myself on with memory of it. I later married and loved sex with a woman but after 30 plus years we both tried of each other so we divorced and now I find myself hoping to find a cock to suck as big and as tasty as that one. I would guess maybe I was born bisexual but if I was or if I was developed by that man it sure was a powerful great experiences once I hope to duplicate

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