Breaking in the New House


Breaking in the New HouseA little background, as this is my first time to post here. I am an older married white guy and Christopher is a little younger (20 years younger black guy) and we have been having sex together for sometime now. He and his wife Terri are both absolutely stunning to look at. They are both bi and she was able to turn my wife, Sandra, bi. So, the 4 of us have become very close. Christopher wasn’t my first man to have sex with, but has certainly become the one I love fucking the most. I have been with his wife and he has been with mine. So, we have a lot of fun! Maybe later I’ll share about some of our earlier exploits.Sandra and I had just built our dream home. We moved out of the city to a 5 acre tract with lots of tress and privacy. We had dreamed of this house for so long, and after becoming close to Chris and Terri, we made some playful, though expensive, changes. We had just moved in and had invited Chris and Terri to spend the weekend with us and “break it in right.” They were more than happy to oblige. Terri came early to help with dinner. Chris would be along later, when he got off of work. I had been working on the landscaping and knew that I needed to get in and shower and take care of my other “hygiene” before Chris arrived and we started grilling some stakes. (I like to be really clean inside and out before lovemaking.) One of the changes we made to the house plans was a huge master suite with a custom shower large enough for 4 (or more) people. We had also put in 2 rain heads overhead and 2 multi-spray position heads on the wall, complete with hand-held spray heads. I had kinky friend of mine to machine a nice aluminum “egg” to fit on the end of the hose to go up my backside for my cleaning. We also had a douche style spray nozzle machined from aluminum to fit the hoses as well. I liked the feel of the egg getting warm from the water as I filled my cavity with cleansing water.It really helped relax me. But, I always finished with a douche mix that I would put a couple of drops of Chris’ favorite perfume- Jovan Musk- in to give him a little more pleasure. So, into the shower I jumped and began the process.I had pretty much finished the cleansing part, which meant a few trips to the toilet and bidet, and was just enjoying the feel of the warm water flowing over my body. My eyes were closed and I was thinking about the weekend to cum as the wall jets massaged my aching body, when I felt arms reach around from my back and Chris’ magnificent cock pushing in my ass crack. OMG! I hadn’t expected this just yet! Without even thinking I spread my legs a bit and gave him a better aim at my manhole. The egg had done it’s job and Chris slipped his 9 1/2″ man tool right in. Oh damn, it felt so good. We had been so busy with the house that I hadn’t been with Chris in over a month. As he began to slide in and out, I thought how his cock must have been custom made to fit my hungry şahinbey escort ass. My knees got week and Chris had to steady me as he made love to my aching love tunnel. He must have been as horny as me, as it didn’t take long before I felt that familiar feeling of his cock twitching and swelling before he deposited a huge load of cream in my thirsty bowels. He held me until I regained my composure, kissed me on the back of my neck, and told me “there is more to cum. Get cleaned up and I’ll see you in the kitchen.” I turned around to watch him as he rinsed of and saw that the girls had been watching us through the glass wall. He left and I screwed the douche nozzle on the hose and cleaned myself out again. This time, I finished with the actual douche I had mixed and waiting. I made it to the kitchen and the 3 of them were all sipping wine and naked. That was one of our rules for the weekend- no clothes! They all looked wonderful! Sandra and Terri were sitting together, with their hands fingering each other. Chris was already hard again. This was going to be a great weekend! I went over and kissed the girls and grabbed a mouthful of tits off of both. Terri is a 40ish, Mahogany colored woman who is in perfect shape. She sports a 38C bust. Her body is smooth and perfect. Sandra sports a 42D. Since she and Terri have been “knowing” each other, she has slimmed way down and is getting close to where she was in her 20’s. I am loving it. I then went over to Chris and dropped down and deep throated that big snake as far as I could. Oh, how I had missed that this last month. Then, it was time to put some meat on the grill while the girls prepared the rest of the meal for the evening. It was nice to be able to walk outside with nothing on and not worry about the neighbors. As the meat grilled, Chris and I played with each other, taking turns a sucking each other’s cocks. I am not anything big- just an average 6 1/2″ and not real fat. I figure that is why I love being a bottom for Chris! But, I get to take him in the backside on occasion. (Chris is 6′ tall, about 170# and very fit. He has also helped me get back in shape. I’m 6′ 2″ and now down to a trim 190#.) I knew that this weekend there would be a lot of backside action for all of us! I went in the house to grab some seasoning and found Terri leaned back against the kitchen counter with Sandra on her knees and her face buried in Terri’s snatch. What a sight! I don’t think they even knew I had come in. We finished cooking and did our best to eat the food we had prepared. I think the excitement of the weekend had built so much that all we wanted was to get busy. I wanted more of Chris, but I was wanting Terri, too, and knew that I would have her. I couldn’t wait to watch Chris plowing Sandra. She loves taking him up her ass almost as much as I do. The wine was flowing and we were horny. I made the first move and stood up and grabbed Chris by the hand and went out to the hot-tub on the deck. We slid down in the hot water and I began to stroke his dick under the water. Sandra and Terri were soon in the tub with us and began making out. There is something so incredible about 2 women making out, knowing that they will soon be making love to each other. I almost lost my load watching them, But, I had a handful of Chris that needed to be a mouthful. I lifted him up to sit on the edge and went down on him like a calf suckling on his momma. Terri had Sandra up on the edge going at her like crazy.I kept working at Chris until I could again get most of his cock down my throat. Oh he felt so good in my mouth. After about 15 minutes, I felt him start to cum. This had me so excited, I could hardly stand it. He never disappoints me with the huge loads he shoots. Not only huge globs, but they taste so good. The first time I ever had a guy cum in my mouth, I didn’t like it. The taste was sort of bitter. Chris was only the second guy to cum in my mouth. I had tried to pull off of him before he came, that first time, but he help my head and shot a huge load in my mouth and down my throat. It was so good- had a nice sweetness to it. Now, I have to have it! A lot! He gave me just what I wanted tonight. I almost didn’t keep all of it in my mouth, it was so much. But, I did. I swallowed most of it, then leaned over to Sandra and pushed some of it into her mouth. She swallowed it quickly. She never used to hate to suck cock, and could not imagine someone coming in her mouth. Then Chris got her to blow him one night. She, like me, tried to pull away, but Chris held her head until he finished cumming in her mouth. Now, she loves sucking his cock and mine! She kissed me and rammed her tongue in my mouth, swishing it around to get all the residue she could. Once Chris cooled down, we swapped positions and he gave me a blow job like I had never had before. He was a master at it. He had to be- he taught me how to do it! I was so jacked up by this time that it only took about 5 minutes before I lost my load. I don’t cum nearly as much as he does, but enough. He leaned over and put some of it in Sandra’s mouth, too, just as she was cumming from Terri’s ministrations to her pussy. We all slid back down in the hot tub and relaxed and caught our breath. After a bit, we were ready to get out and have some more fun together. Beings as we were all covered with hot tub water, treated with chlorine, we all went inside to break-in the new shower. The girls took over one of the showers while Chris and I had the other. I knew that Terri had done some cleansing before she came over, as had Sandra. Chris grabbed the hose with the douche nozzle and filled himself up and headed to the shower to dump. Couple of times of that and he was good. Sandra had come to love the egg up her ass, so she grabbed it and introduced Terri to it. You would have thought Terri was going to explode from the feeling of that shape and warmth going in her ass. Sandra had fun working it in and out of Terri. Then, Terri wanted to try it in her pussy. I wasn’t sure how that would work, but it evidently worked well. The warm metal sliding against her clit brought her to a screaming orgasm! Then Sandra had to try it. Terri was so skilled at making sure that it had maximum contact with Sandra’s hot spot and brought her to such a strong orgasm that she almost fell. I may never get my egg back!!!!We played in the shower for a while, then dried off and headed for the den. It was kind of a cool night, so we had a fire going in the fire place. It felt so good and cozy. We were all having another glass of wine and just loving being together. I wanted more of Chris and now! I grabbed his hand and pulled him down to one of the fur rugs on the floor. He was already hard, so I knew he wanted me, too. I slid down to his lap and took his cock in my mouth just to get him started. Then I rolled off and got on all fours. He was like a dog in heat! I grabbed some lube and handed to him. He was quick and before I could catch my breath he drove it home. One, two, three plunges and he was all the way in. I felt so warm and full. I was so excited my ass was having spasms. He loved that feeling and started pounding away. I started cumming from him raking his cock across my prostate. I just kept flowing jiz. (I do this a lot when Chris fucks me.) It felt so divine, Chris going in and out of my man pussy. I never saw myself as ever being gay or bi when I was young. Even after my first time getting fucked by another men, I was convinced it wasn’t for me. But I had the yearning just to try one more time just to see. I had some dreams about being fucked by a man and couldn’t shake them. That’s where I was when I met Chris on night in Starbucks while Sandra was out of town. Needless to say, he turned me every which way but loose! Now, we have been having each other for about 2 years. I always worried about Sandra and what she would think. After meeting, and fucking Terri, she told me that she would take care of that. And she did. It took her about 6 months, but she finally got her to eat her pussy and she was hooked. Then, after a bit she told Sandra about Chris and me. Sandra didn’t like it at first, but Terri worked her magic there, too, I didn’t know that she was watching the first time she saw Chris and me fucking. Now, we all love each other being together in any combination. When I felt Chris start to cum, I looked over at the girls. They were sitting on the floor, with Sandra in front of Terri, and Terri burying her hand in Sandra’s pussy, watching their guys. Chris pumped 4 or 5 streams on love juice in to my guts. I was spent and fell to the floor with Chris still inside of me. After about 10 minutes, I felt Chris slide out of me. Damn it felt so empty! I looked over at the girls and the were locked in a passionate 69. What a night this has been. And there are 2 more days and nights to cum!!!!!

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