k west interracial


k west interracialMMM..thanks 4 all the lovely and fun replies to our ads…but the winners were Tony and Dave…We arrived at K-west nice and early..got into our fab room and had a champagane fuelled late morning fuck…just the kind Conrad loves..ended up with him spunking a weeks worth of pent up man juice inside me…mmmmmm…that night we got down to the bar…Dave and Tony introduced themselves…I noticed Conrad look both guys up and down as we stood, Tony was huge, about 6′ with a huge chest and massive arms from body building and David was just a little shorted but with a lean look about him. The three of them were all taller than me, my small body looking tiny as I walked between them wiggling my arse down the hallway towards the lifts. “Mm! This will be fun,” I heard myself say in a dream like state looking at the huge bed in our room, the mirror in the corner wall and our fav porn dvd playing on the dvd/tv film playing in the corner. I shut and locked the door; the boys looked and Conrad and said..your sluts in 4 a good fucking tonight! Tony stood behind me, his hands running up and down my back and squeezing my bum, while I kissed David deeply as he fondled my breasts. “Let’s get these off and have some fun with you now,” David said peeling my g-string down over my thighs at the same time as Tony unclipped my skimpy bra.”Take my clothes off, I can’t put it back on if it gets covered in spunk.””There is a lot of cum heading for you soon baby,” Tony said.”Fuck, what a horny body,” Tony said.I nodded towards the bed and Tony just held my arms and placed me on the bed. This was a new situation for me as I was about to have three men concentrating their efforts on me alone, this would be a fuck to remember and now there was no turning back for me and conrad as Tony parted my legs and began to suck my cunt.I opened my legs further, wrapping my thighs around Tony’s neck as I watched him slide two fingers deep inside me and began working them in and out. The bed creaked as conrad climbed beside me, “Open your mouth slut!”Being the obedient horny slut I am, I propped herself on one elbow and opened my mouth letting conrad slide my cock between my lips. “Do you like that Caroline?” David said to her as he began to squirm under me. Conrad’s cock slipped from my mouth as I fell back on the bed panting. I began to writhe, with my legs wrapped tightly around Tony’s neck my whole body tensed.”Cum for us slut, do it!””Oh fuck, I’m cumming,” I moaned writhing about on the bed. Tony just stayed between my thighs slurping noisily as my cunt squelched and I caught my breath. As Tony got up from between my thighs I lay there naked legs apart, my pussy wet, swollen and glistening with my juices, as the three of us all naked sat around mr leering openly at my body. mmm..I looked such a whore!”Show him how much you want a black cock slut. I want to see you suck him you fucking whore.” David and Tony looked at me gone out at the way Conrad spoke to me. “She loves it guys, the dirtier the better!”David moved closer and put his cock in my hand. Tony knelt behind me and slipped a condom on while telling me, “Kneel up slut. Get on your knees slut, time to fuck.” Tony said. I obediently got on all fours and David slipped his hard on into my mouth pushing my head down on him. “Suck it baby, she has a sweet mouth.” David moaned as I sucked. Conrad noticed I was rubbing my pussy, he slid down near me and stroked my kayseri escort back before whispering in my ear, “You ready for this honeybunch, ready to be filled with two strangers cocks?””Oh yeah. I want both of those cocks in me right now. I’m loving this Conrad.”Tony moved closer and started to tease my pussy lips with his cock, he started to ease it inside, making me moan as he penetrated me slowly. He gripped my hips and rammed his cock deep inside my sopping cunt; I let out a loud groan and began to push back against him. “Okay Caroline, it’s time you got fucked!””Do you like that?” I said to Conrad, placing my hand on my cock as I sat next to him. Now I was full, one cock fucking my pussy hard, conrad’s in my hand, a big black one in my throat. I could only groan and smile around the big black cock sliding in and out of my mouth as Tony began pumping me faster, breaking out in beads of sweat. We all changed positions on the bed and as David fumbled for the condom packet I turned and took Tony’s cock in my mouth wanking it furiously between my lips. “I’m gonna cum, do you want it slut? Suck it!” Tony said his face contorted as he held my head still fucking my face.”Mm!” I answered. Tony pulled my head back and looked me in the eyes, “Beg for it. You’re a dirty slut aren’t you,” he asked teasing.”I’m a slut. Cum in my mouth.””Oh fuck! I’m cumming.” I took his cock deep into my mouth and drained him. Then I tipped my head and a moment later swallowed.”Oh Fuck,” Tony said. “She swallows too.”We were still for a moment until I rolled off Tony’s chest and lay back on the bed. “I’m going to fuck you now, you sexy little slut,” David said as he finished rolling on a condom looking down at me, “Now, take a deep breath before I start to fuck you.”Tony and Conrad just sat either side of me as David started to give me the black cock I’d fantasied about. Kneeling between my thighs he started wanking his big black cock slowly pointing the knob at my dripping pussy, I stared back at him hypnotised as his big cock moved ever closer to my cunt. He started to ease it inside, making me moan, then with a grunt he pushed his hips forward and buried another few inches deep inside me. I groaned, louder. I knew I was going to cum again.”You like that, Baby?” David whispered. “You like black cock now, don’t you?” He started thrusting his cock in and out of me harder and harder.”I love it,” I hissed back. “Fuck me harder!” Keeping one hand under me, gripping my arse for control, the other hand groped my delicate breasts. Beads of sweat formed on his forehead and his muscular black arms glistened with sweat as he fucked me with abandon.”Oh God! Dave! I’m going to cum! Mm! Fuck!””You’re a filthy little fuck, you know that Caroline? You want to feel me cum, huh?” David started pumping faster and with a huge thrust came deep in my hot cunt. “Oh yea baby, oh yea take it. Oh fuck!” He said as he came hard. He rammed his cock deep, grabbing my shoulders and continued to fuck her as he emptied into my pussy. When David finished cumming and got his breath back he climbed off me, our bodies squelching with perspiration as we parted. Conrad had his hard cock in his hand and knew he needed to cum and it wouldn’t take much. “Please Conrad I need you to cum so bad honey, cum on my slut cunt!”He rolled over and in one smooth movement shoved his cock in.”Oh fuck I’m cumming,” I yelled as Conrad kept fucking me..thanks 4 a horny birthday me said as me kiseed and spunked up me…mmmmHope you all liked…

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