BustedBusted Nikkie Silk“Happy is what happens when all your dreams come true,” Stephen SchwartzSandy came into the bedroom where I was still dozing, holding a pair of tights in her hand.‘Babe, I wouldn’t ask, but I’m so pushed for time and I’ve just laddered my last pair of clean tights. I desperately need some before I go to this client meeting.’She held them up as if to prove what she was saying.‘OK,’ I said, still half asleep, ‘what can I do about it?’‘Can I borrow a pair of yours, pretty please?’My eyes snapped open. What did she just say? I rolled over to look at her and my heart was now hammering in my chest.‘What?’‘Can I pretty please borrow a pair of yours? You know, from that stash of yours?’‘What? What do you mean? I haven’t got a stash. I haven’t got any tights’I could feel myself turning bright pink as the implications of what she had said sank in. She caught the look on my face and her hand went up to her mouth and her eyes opened wide.‘Oh my God, you didn’t know I knew, did you?’I stared at her, sure that the panic I was feeling was written all over my face. Sandy sat down on the edge of the bed and she laid a hand on my leg. ‘I am so sorry, I honestly thought you knew I knew.’I shook my head, afraid to even speak.‘Babe, we’ll need to talk about this tonight, but can I please borrow a pair? I am so late and I don’t have time to stop at the store.’There was no point in pretending any more. I got up from the bed as if in a dream and walked into the spare bedroom. I reached into the wardrobe and pulled out the suitcase stored at the back. My hands were shaking so much I could barely work the combination locks, but they eventually opened, and I pulled out a new packet of black tights. I walked slowly back into the other bedroom, my face burning, not looking at Sandy and handed her the packet. ‘Thanks, babe, you are a lifesaver.’ She quickly kissed me on the cheek, whispered, ‘I love you, babe.’ and disappeared into the bathroom. I fell face first onto the bed and covered my head with a pillow. I heard the front door slam, and I began to thump the bed with my fist as I thought my life was over. I rolled back over and started to swear at myself under my breath. ‘Fuck, fuck, fuck. You stupid fucking fool.’What mistake had I made? I was so careful, but I must have given myself away somehow. Oh my God, what was I going to do? Separation, divorce, public shame, and suicide all flashed through my mind.My rational mind managed to wrestle my overwrought imagination to a standstill long enough for me to think more clearly. Sandy hadn’t seemed upset; she had obviously known my secret already and hadn’t confronted me about it. In fact, the way she ‘outed’ me was so banal as to make me think she might not be too concerned. Her tights were laddered, and she had just come and asked to borrow a pair from me, as if that were the most natural thing in the world. Her last words as she left were, ‘I love you, babe.’ Not necessarily the words of someone who hated me for what I had been doing.’Shit, shit, shit,’ I cursed myself again, why hadn’t I stopped all this when I married?The truth was, of course, that I couldn’t stop. There was a time, I guess, before I started crossdressing, but I couldn’t remember when that was. I had been crossdressing since I was a k** and had begun by borrowing my mum’s clothes. At bath-time, I had discovered Mum left her stockings and underwear in the laundry basket in the corner of the bathroom. I picked them up and felt a thrill run through my body as the soft nylon slipped through my fingers. Sometimes they were even still warm if Mum had used the bathroom before me. It wasn’t long before I graduated from merely holding them to trying them on. I knew deep down it was wrong, but I couldn’t stop myself. I was drawn back time and time again to the laundry basket as if it had hypnotised me. The sensuous glide over the nylons over my skin and the tug of the suspenders from the belt that Mum occasionally left there was overpowering. The attraction was a strong as any d**g, and like all addictive d**gs, I craved more and more.I began to raid my older sisters stuff as well and would hide some of her stuff so I could use it whenever I was alone. She was so lazy and untidy that she never noticed. I had a little pile of knickers, tights and stockings together with my most prized trophy, one of my sister’s old bras. She would throw her stuff away regularly and if I kept my wits about me, I raided the bags of old clothes she was going to take to the charity shop. I was small and slender, taking after my mum and was only about the same size as my sister.My sister left home when she decided to join the army and I managed to squirrel away a lot of the clothes she had left behind. Mum and dad both worked, so after school I would be able to dash home and have a couple of hours to dress up before they came home. Somehow, I never got caught, although there were a couple of close calls when they came home early. If they suspected something, they never mentioned anything. I was so happy when I get rid of my drab male clothes and slip into my female persona. These sessions were sweet, but obviously short, and the risk of discovery somehow added to the sheer excitement of dressing up. There was a sexual element to what I was doing. but I never felt I wanted to be a girl. it was enough for me to look and feel like one for a while. It allowed something that was hidden away by my male life to emerge and that felt like it allowed me to balance two parts of my personality. I knew that I was attracted to girls, and even when dressed I didn’t fancy boys. It didn’t stop me feeling guilty though, and I tried to stop myself, but the urge to get dressed would return and I would find myself pulling on the tights again before long.Around this time I was allowed to access the internet and like many others I found out I was not alone. I don’t know what life for k**s like me must have been before the internet and social media arrived. I discovered a whole world of possibilities were out there, and that what I was doing was not bad or perverted but something thousands upon thousands of people were doing. Understanding what I was doing helped me to adjust to it, and when I went to university things became easier. I still dressed whenever I could, but sharing a student house cut down my opportunities. I dated girls while I was there, even had a couple of girlfriends for a while, but the urge to dress was still there, and grew stronger the longer it had been since I last dressed. I realised then that if I hadn’t dressed for a while, I would get moody and depressed. When I did get to dress again, I would become calmer and more relaxed. There seemed to be a direct correlation between my mental state and my dressing.It was at university I met Sandy. She was the girlfriend of one of my housemates until they had a huge fight after she found out he was cheating on her with one of her friends. She stormed out of the house and I ran out after her to make sure she was OK. I managed to persuade her to have a drink, and once she had calmed down, we discovered we had a lot in common. We both liked Thai food, books, travelling, swimming, Hitchcock movies and, above all, film musicals. She was Jane Austen, I was more George Orwell. She liked Greece, and I preferred Italy. Sandy liked Rear Window, for me it would always be North by Northwest. I liked her but didn’t think much more about it until she called me a week later and asked if I wanted to go with her to see The Rocky Horror Picture Show. We had discovered we were both big fans of the film, and it just happened there would be a showing that week. Sandy said that when she went to see it, she really went for it and dressed up as Magenta. She didn’t have anyone who would go with her this time and didn’t fancy it going alone. Would I be willing to go and would I get dressed up too? I asked if she meant I should go as Brad and she said that would be up to me, but she wondered if I would go as Frank N. Furter. Now, that’s an invitation any crossdresser would normally jump at, but I had only just met Sandy and was a bit reluctant to go full on in front of her. She begged me to think about it and in the end I agreed, so long as she helped me get ready. I bought an outfit from a fancy dress shop and we met at her flat in the afternoon to get ready. Although I had dressed in private many, many times, I had never gone out in public en femme. The big attraction for me about this was that no one would care whether I would pass or not. In fact, the rougher the better would be the mantra for some.Sandy’s flatmate was away for a couple of days, so we had the place to ourselves. I had bought a bottle of wine with me, mostly to help settle my nerves, and we had a glass each before getting started on our outfits. I had bought a pretty basic costume, but it seemed to have everything; fishnets, suspender belt, tight black knickers, a shiny plastic waistcoat, gloves, and a plastic pearl necklace. I had also got a cheap synthetic wig to cover up my blond hair. I didn’t have any shoes, but Sandy said she had a pair that would probably fit as I had small feet for a man. I didn’t have much body hair but shaved my legs anyway before coming over to Sandy’s place. Sandy disappeared into her room to change into her Magenta costume, and I used the bathroom to transform into Frank N. Furter. I had kept myself in shape with my regular swimming sessions so I was not worried about how much flesh I would be showing in the costume. I stripped and pulled on a pair of my speedos before slipping the black knickers up my legs. I loved the feeling when they tightened around my cock and balls, and I ran my hands across my bum to feel the smoothness of the material across my buttocks. I had learnt how to tuck, but I thought that was a step too far with Sandy. I thought I would get away with the speedos for the extra control. After putting on the suspender belt, I rolled the fishnets up my legs, a sensation I always loved. I smoothed them out with my hands and they felt so good on my freshly shaved and moisturised legs. The waistcoat, necklace and gloves followed, and I managed to fit the uncomfortable wig over my hair. I had a much better wig for when I dressed, but that was blonde, so no good adana rus escort for Frank. At that moment Sandy called out, ‘Are you finished in there?’ I took a deep breath, had one last look in the mirror and opened the door.My mouth dropped open as I saw Sandy. Her Magenta outfit was far more French maid than Rocky Horror. She was wearing a very short black skirt with white ruffled petticoats, a tight black top, sheer black hold up stockings and a white frilly apron. ‘What do you think?’ She said holding out the skirt and twirling round.I managed to close my mouth, and thought I was glad I had brought the speedos, because I might be needing them to control myself.‘It’s gorgeous.’ I managed to say. She did look fantastic, I had never noticed her legs before, but in this outfit they looked so long and the tight top clung to her breasts like a second skin. It didn’t look as if she was wearing a bra.‘Wow, well right back at you,’ said Sandy. ‘You look fabulous in that. You have got seriously great legs.’ She took a second look at them, bent down and ran her fingers up my leg, which did nothing to ease the pressure in my speedos.‘Have you shaved them?’ ‘Yes, I thought I should, is that alright?’‘Absolutely, they look awesome in those fishnets, I’m quite jealous.’‘No need, yours are beautiful.’ She actually blushed as I said it.‘Well, thank you Frank. Come on let’s get your makeup done.’She sat me on a chair at the table and brought out her makeup bag, pulled up a picture of Frank N. Furter on her tablet and started to work. I had become reasonably accomplished at doing my make up, but it had always been a dream of mine to have a girl do my makeup. I was in seventh heaven.‘You have very pretty eyes,’ said Sandy, and as she was so close to my face I could see right into her beautiful brown eyes.‘You too, Sandy.’ I said, before I could stop myself. She giggled, and I thought I could really get to like hearing that sound. She worked quickly, and it wasn’t long before she sat back and smiled, ‘You know, even if I do say so myself, you don’t look half bad.’Sandy brought over a mirror and I had a first glimpse of my new alter ego. I had to say she had made a very good job of it. She held up the picture on the tablet next to the mirror and it was very close.‘Sandy,’ I said, still looking at me new face, ‘Thanks, you’ve done an awesome job.’ She leant forwards and gave me a quick kiss on the lips, ‘You’re welcome, babe, you look good.’I wasn’t expecting the kiss, and it gave me another tingle in my speedos. ‘Now for the shoes,’ she said. Sandy ran into her room and came back with two pairs of shoes, one with a short chunky heel, and the other pair with a three inch heel. I eyed those enviously as I had already mastered walking in heels, but if I grabbed those, I would have some explaining to do, for sure.‘These are the only pairs I have, try these lower ones on.’She slipped one onto my foot and as she held my ankle to fit the shoe, I felt yet another tingle. I prayed the speedos would hold me tight for a bit longer. The shoe was a bit tight, but it did fit. Sandy slipped the other one on and I took a few steps around the room. I made it look more difficult than it really was, but it didn’t take long for Sandy to see I was able to walk in the low heel. We shared the rest of the bottle of wine, and then nicely buzzed, slipped on our coats for the walk to the cinema. I stepped nervously out of the flat door grabbing onto Sandy’s arm and looked around, expecting at any time someone to point and shout, Freak. Of course, no one did, most of my costume was concealed beneath the coat anyway. I became more confident the longer we walked, and in a way I began to enjoy the feeling of the air blowing up beneath the coat and the feel of my stockings rubbing together. We passed a few people, and they smiled as they saw the makeup, I even got one or two good natured wolf whistles. Sandy and I walked arm in arm and before long we began to meet others dressed in costume, obviously on their way to see the film. We nodded and smiled at them, some dressed as Brad or Jane, some as Magenta and a few as Frank N. Furter.We arrived at the cinema and it made quite a sight with the costumes and the flash of cameras as people took selfies or group shots. When Sandy and I removed our coats we were greeted with cheers and whistles as people saw how we were dressed. We were in instant demand for photographs, with many of those not dressed asking to be photographed with us. I admit I got a huge buzz from what was happening, and I posed along with the best of them. Sandy and I took our share of selfies, individually and together, as well as a few group shots with other people in costume.The film was great fun with people shouting out the lines with the characters and singing along with the songs. By the time the film ended we were hoarse from shouting, singing and falling about with laughter. As the house lights went up someone stood up at the front and announced that there had been a competition for the best dressed couple. He looked around, spotted us, beckoned us down to the front and declared us the winners to huge cheers and whistles from the audience. We were presented with a couple of bottles of champagne and a cinema pass as prizes. We had photographs taken for the local press and became celebrities for all of ten minutes. In addition, we had another round of selfie taking as we left the cinema. Sandy dared me to walk back without my coat, and I said I will if you will. So, we walked back to her flat arm in arm, getting an amazing response from passers by on the way. We walked up the stairs to her flat, laughing like a couple of school k**s and eventually flopped down on the sofa, still giggling about what had happened. ‘I can’t believe I’ve had so much fun,’ Sandy said, in between giggles.‘Me too,’ I replied, ‘even when that bloke grabbed my arse, I thought you were going to deck him.’She laughed so hard she almost choked. ‘His face was a picture. I think he almost peed himself.’‘Thanks Sandy for making me do this, it was the best night I’ve had for ages.’‘You’re welcome, babe. I wouldn’t have gone without you, so thank you.’She leant across to give me a kiss on the cheek, missed and kissed me instead on the lips. She drew back a little, looked me in the yes and then kissed me again, our lips sliding against each other and her tongue flicked through my lips to touch mine. Without thinking my arms went around her, and we were kissing hard as I fell back on the sofa with Sandy on top. I felt her stockings sliding against my fishnets and suddenly the speedos weren’t strong enough to contain my growing erection. Sandy pulled open the waistcoat and kissed and sucked my nipples, and I tried to reach her breasts but before I could she slid further down, slipped her hands into my knickers and pulled them down together with the speedos. She released my cock, kissed the tip, looked up at me, smiled and slid her bright red lips over the head. I nearly passed out as she started using her tongue on me, and I leant my head back and closed my eyes as her soft lips and tongue whirled around my cock. I knew I couldn’t last that long if she kept going like that, so I lifted her head up and pushed her back onto the sofa. I pulled my knickers and speedos off, dropping to my knees in front of her. I pushed up her skirt, my hands gliding over her stockings, hooked my thumbs into her knickers and pulled them slowly down. She was watching me wide eyed as I did so, and I could feel her shudder as I pulled them right off. I pushed her legs apart and bent forward so my face was right into her pussy. I licked her with long strokes of my tongue and she was already wet. I opened her up with my fingers and sucked her hard little clit and I could hear her hiss above me. I flicked my tongue up and down her pussy and she squeezed my head between her legs. I was lapping up and down and then forced my tongue into her as far as I could. She hissed again and put her hands on the back of my head and pulled me tight against her pussy. I carried on for a few minutes before she pushed me away. ‘Please fuck me now, I need you inside me.’She sat back on the sofa and spread her legs holding them apart with her hands. I leaned forward so that my cock was in between her legs and she wrapped her legs around my back holding me in place. I felt her hand slide down between us and she guided me right into her. She gasped as I pushed my way in and went as deep as I could before beginning to move in an out. She pulled me down to kiss me as I began to move in and out, faster and faster. She bit my lip as she writhed beneath me, and I managed to get my hands onto her breasts and she moaned as I played with her hard nipples. Sandy began pushing back against me and I knew I couldn’t last long. I slowed my pace, and she was gasping now, then with a buck of her hips and a long drawn-out moan she came, and a few seconds later I felt my cock twitch and I came deep inside her. We kissed, and I held myself in her until I felt myself began to shrink. I pulled out and lay beside her on the sofa, grinning at each other like cheshire cats. I stayed the night, and we made love again in the morning. We both skipped classes that day and spent the day in bed, getting to know each other and what we liked. We eventually came out of her room in the evening to have pizza delivered and one of the bottles of champagne. We eventually moved in together for the last year of university and got engaged after graduation. Sandy got a job in a marketing agency in Manchester and so we moved there and were married a year later. I was a freelance copywriter, so I worked from a home office, except for the odd client meeting. Things were going well, Sandy was promoted to Account Director, which meant that she worked late and sometimes had to travel. I had built a good network of clients for my writing and had even started the novel that I had long dreamt of writing. Our sex life was great, or at least that’s what I assumed. Sandy always seemed satisfied and even when she was late home, she was never too tired or had a headache.I was happy too, Sandy’s travelling gave me a chance to dress without the stress of her coming home unexpectedly during the day. I adana rus escort bayan did also venture on occasion into Manchester’s gay village on a Wednesday night, which seems to have become Trans night there. I made a few friends, and we kept in touch on line, but I wasn’t tempted to do anything. It was the pleasure of dressing in pretty clothes, the feel of sheer nylon on my skin, the taste of lip gloss, and the peace and calm that it brought me was what I was interested in. I kept my treasures in a locked suitcase in the back room we used to store stuff. I was convinced Sandy would never notice it. She never stuck her head in there. Well, that was until this morning. I felt in shock, my pulse was racing and I couldn’t think straight. The idea of work was out of the window, and all I could do was drink endless cups of coffee and worry about this evening. I veered between sheer terror at what Sandy would say, and idiotic bravado about denying everything. I had been caught red handed and I would have to pay for it. I thought about promising never to do it again, throwing all my stuff away and hoping she would believe me. I was in pieces when the time came round for her to be home. I heard her car pull up outside, and I walked into the kitchen and poured myself a large gin and tonic and sat down to wait for whatever was to happen. Sandy called out from the hallway, ‘Hi, where are you?’‘In the kitchen,’ I managed to say, my throat tight with anxiety. She came through into the kitchen looking unsure of herself, I thought. ‘I didn’t think either of us would fancy cooking tonight, so I picked up an Indian takeaway. is that OK?’I nodded, not trusting myself to speak. ‘Do I get one of those, too?’ she asked, nodding at the gin and tonic. As she emptied the containers of food onto plates, I made her a drink and brought it back to the table. The food smelled delicious, but I didn’t have any kind of appetite. Sandy sat down opposite me and started to speak.‘Babe, first of all I want to apologise for this morning, it wasn’t the greatest start to the day, I guess you’ve ever had.’That was an understatement.‘You see, I honestly thought you knew I knew about your hobby. I was desperate to get ready for my meeting, otherwise I never would have asked.’I looked at her properly for the first time since she had come in. ‘How was I supposed to know you knew? You’ve never said anything.’‘Babe, did you really think I wouldn’t notice there was a locked suitcase in the storeroom that had something in it? The fact that some cosmetics that I had never bought appeared in the bathroom, I guess you thought I had so much I wouldn’t notice? Women know exactly what makeup they have, down to the last tub or bottle. Lingerie that wasn’t mine turning up in the wash. I thought at one time that you had a girlfriend. The combination on the suitcase wasn’t hard to guess, my birthday. When I opened it and found your stash, I guessed what was going on.’My face reddened at the thought that she had known all along. ‘Why didn’t you say something earlier?’‘I thought it better that you kept your secret. It wasn’t doing me any harm, I reasoned. If it made you happy, then why should I worry? I always knew there was something, right from the time we went to Rocky Horror. You were so composed wearing the costume. No, not composed, you glowed in it. I could see you were thrilled to be wearing those fishnets, and it made you happy.’I put my head in my hands. ‘But you married me, anyway?’‘Babe, let’s get one thing straight. I love you, I have from the very start and still do. I love you despite, or rather because of the things you do. I couldn’t wish for anyone better than you.’I stared at her, could I believe what she was saying? ‘What do you want me to do?’She smiled, ‘Nothing you don’t want to do.’‘Do you want me to give it up?’ I asked, fearing the answer.‘I already said, I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to do. All I think is that now it’s in the open, you don’t need to keep it a secret any more if that’s what you would like.’I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. She took my hand across the table, ‘I have never had reason to doubt you love me, babe. Our sex life is great, you are a gentle and considerate lover, and I have always enjoyed our love making,’ she grinned wickedly, ‘ever since the first time on the sofa. I still fantasise about that.’I gripped her hand and said, ‘Me too, that was a great feeling, that night.’‘Can I ask, babe? have you ever gone out? I mean dressed?’I think I must have turned purple at that moment.‘Yes, a few times to the gay village, just to meet others for a talk. I don’t do anything.’‘Do you have a femme name, is that what it’s called?’I must have gone beyond purple now. ‘Sarah,’ I mumbled. ‘OK, that’s a nice name. How often does Sarah come out?’ she asked gently.‘It depends, I try to wait until you’re away so I can enjoy a little more time as Sarah. I don’t want to be a woman, I just like the feeling of the clothes and the makeup, it’s not even how I look, it’s how it make me feel. I like to look nice, but I couldn’t really pass.’Sandy cocked her head and looked at me, ‘Would you want to pass?’The question shocked me, I had never seriously considered the question before. ‘Yes. Yes, I guess I would, if it were possible, which it isn’t.’Sandy hesitated for a moment, and then said, ‘Until I meet Sarah, I can’t tell if she could pass or not.’My head started to spin; whatever reaction I had expected, this would have been way bottom of the list.‘Sandy, let me get this right. Are you saying you’d like to meet Sarah?’She nodded, ‘Well, this other woman in our relationship obviously means a lot you, so I think I need to, don’t you?’I tried to see if she was having me on, but all I could see in her eyes and her smile was honesty.I looked away, tears beginning to prickle in the corners of my eyes. ‘Are you sure, Sandy? Once I do that, it will never be the same again.’She grasped my hand tightly and said very evenly, ‘It’s never going to be the same now that everything is in the open anyway. I don’t want you to feel guilty about you keeping something as important as Sarah locked away.’I blinked back my tears. ‘What if you hate me when you see me?’ ‘I could never hate you, I love you. I knew about what you did and it didn’t change anything, did it?’I sniffed and wiped my eyes. ‘OK, when do you want to meet Sarah?’Sandy smiled, ‘Why not tomorrow night? it’s Friday so we don’t have to rush anything.’I took a deep breath, ‘OK,’ I said. ‘I do love you, Sandy.’She leaned across and gave me a kiss. ‘I love you too, babe. Now should we eat the food, I’m starving and I think you might be too. Stick it in the microwave and I’ll open some wine.’It seemed unreal that we could spend the evening as we did most evenings; chatting about work and what was happening in the world. But, that’s what we did. We ate the food and then finished the bottle of wine on front of the TV watching something on Netflix, I can’t even remember what was it was. Sarah put her arms around me and we cuddled on the sofa. My mind was whirling with what had happened, and what was to happen tomorrow. I was still unsure about Sandy meeting Sarah, but I couldn’t back out now. We went up to bed and lay there cuddling. Sandy, I think was aware of my unease, and she held me tight until we dropped off to sleep. Sandy left early the next morning, leaving me to contemplate what to do next. I was veering from elation at what Sandy had said and unbridled terror at going through what we had agreed. It was about one o’clock when I received a text. ‘babe. looking fwd to meet Sarah. luv u. S’Until that moment it still seemed like a dream, but the message galvanised me into action. I hauled out the suitcase and laid out Sarah’s clothes on the bed. God, what should I wear? Nothing too tarty – Sarah definitely had a tarty side – but nothing too frumpy. I got it down to two choices, a floral print summer dress or my little black dress. I stood in front of the mirror in the bedroom and held up both dresses against me. I still couldn’t make up my mind, God this was so difficult. I put the decision off until later. I ran a bath and lay there with half of bottle of scented bath gel; half of me hoping that yesterday had been a dream and the other half terrified that it hadn’t been. Eventually, I climbed out of the bath and shaved and moisturised my legs. I still didn’t have much body hair, but I tried to get rid of every stray hair I could track down. I shaved once and would shave again just before I put on my makeup. By now time was beginning to tick away, and I needed to get a move on. I finally decided to wear the black dress. It was quite short, but I knew I had nice enough legs to carry it off. I picked up my favourite black bra and knickers, and I would wear black hold ups to match the dress. I pulled the knickers up my legs and revelled in the feeling as they cradled my cock and balls. I put the bra on and slipped in the breast forms that I bought online and adjusted them to feel comfortable. It was always that moment when I felt the extra weight of the forms tugging on the bra straps that I felt the change from male to female most keenly. I sat on the bed and unwrapped a new packet of black holdups and slowly rolled them and then pulled them up my legs. I loved this part of dressing, it seemed to be the most sensuous of actions as that little doughnut of nylon slides slowly up my legs and then to pull them taut. It was time now for another careful shave and then onto the makeup. This was the thing I dreaded most, I had no other teachers other than tutorials on the internet, and I guess I didn’t get enough practice to be really confident. I was going to keep it simple tonight because nothing gives away a crossdresser more easily than over the top makeup. Even though my beard growth was light, I used a heavy foundation and concealer around the beard area and neck. I brushed on some blush, working it up my cheeks towards my ears. There wasn’t much I could do about my eyebrows, but at least I tweezed away some stray hairs. I wanted a simple look for my eyes, and applied a light colour all over the lid, blending it with some brown, finishing with a dark shade at the outer corner of my lid before blending escort rus adana that too. I just added a little dark colour to the bottom lid and then eyeliner to finish off. Some mascara and then a subtle pink shade fro my lipstick which I thought wouldn’t be too showy for tonight. I picked up my wig and slipped it on before taking a peek. Well, I thought, it wasn’t going to get any better than this. Every time I thought about tonight, my heart started beating faster and my hands began to shake. There wasn’t long to go now, and I picked up the dress and carefully slipped it over my head. I smoothed it down with my hands and stood in front of the full-length mirror. I had done this many times, but it never ceased to give me a thrill as I saw the transformation I had made. I slipped on my black heels and took a few steps to make sure I could still walk in them and then I was done.I could feel the tension rising within me and if I wasn’t careful I would be a bag of nerves by the time Sandy came home. I needed a drink to steady my nerves. A gin and tonic helped, and I put on some music to try to calm me down. It partially worked and at least I had something to do with my hands. I took some pasta sauce from the freezer as I would not have been able to cook anything today. There was some salad to go with it and garlic bread, also from the freezer. I had sat down by the table when I heard Sandy’s car pull up outside and my heart rate must have gone through the roof. I stood up, smoothed my dress down, fidgeted with my hair and said a small prayer to whichever God was listening. I heard the front door open, and Sandy call out, ‘Hi, I’m back.’ ‘In the kitchen,‘ I said in my best female voice. I opened my eyes and Sandy appeared through the doorway smiling and holding a bunch of flowers and a bottle of Champagne. I thought I saw a slight hesitation in her eyes before she said, ‘You must be Sarah, I’ve been so looking forward to meeting you.’I was scared rigid, unable to move. Sandy moved closer and kissed me on the cheek. ‘These are for you, Sarah,’ She gave me the flowers and the champagne and I finally came to life. ‘Thank you Sandy, they’re lovely. Can I get you a drink? G&T or some champagne?’‘Put the champagne in the fridge to chill and I’ll have a G&T please.’I busied myself with making the drinks and I could feel Sandy’s eyes on me, checking me out. ‘Thanks Sarah,’ she said as I handed her the drink. ‘Here’s to meeting you Sarah, and not for the last time, I hope.’My heart skipped as she said those words and I took a big gulp of the G&T and nearly choked on it.‘Thanks Sandy, for giving me the opportunity to meet you like this.’ I was still shaking and Sandy seeing it, came across to give me a hug, whispering in my ear, ‘Sarah, you look lovely.’I started to cry, and she put her finger under my chin and lifted me head so I had to look her in the eye, ‘I mean it, you look great.’‘I was so nervous, I thought you might walk in and laugh, or scream and run out. I was close to fainting when you came in.’She laughed and said, ‘I would never have done that, whatever I thought. You do look great, how did you learn to do the makeup? It’s very classy.’I grinned, ‘The internet, you can learn anything on there.’She held my hands and looked me up and down. ‘A very classy lady indeed, is Sarah. I can see you have learnt to walk in heels as well. I bet that didn’t come from the internet.’‘No, that was sheer torture.’She grinned broadly, ‘We girls have to suffer sometimes to look good.’We both giggled at that. Sandy opened the champagne, and I put an apron over my dress to serve the pasta. We sat and ate and drank and talked. Sandy made me tell the story of how I began to dress and why did I do it and how did it make me feel. I began to relax and soon I had forgotten I was wearing a dress and it seemed so natural to be talking to Sandy in this way. We laughed at some of more stories of learning to dress and some of the frightful messes I had made with makeup and learning to walk in heels. We had opened a second bottle of wine and I think we were both a bit drunk when Sandy suggested we take our glasses through to the lounge. She sat on the sofa and patted the seat next to her. I sat down as ladylike as I could and gratefully kicked off my heels and rubbed my feet.Sandy laughed and said ‘Come on, lean back against the arm.’ I did so, and she moved my feet onto her lap and began to massage my feet and toes between her fingers. She giggled and said, ‘You’ve done this enough times for me, I guess this is payback.’‘Oh my God,’ I said, ‘I had no idea it felt this good.’I was quiet for a moment and then said, ‘Sandy, are you really OK with this?’She looked at me for a while and then said, ‘Yes, babe, I am OK with this. I told you last night, I love you and always will. If this is what makes you happy then it makes me happy too.’I slid down to her end of the sofa and hugged her, ‘Thanks Sandy, you don’t know how much this means to me.’I knew I was drunk, but I had to kiss her. I quickly kissed her on the lips, feeling for the first time my lipstick sliding across hers. I scrambled back across the sofa, ‘I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have done that.’Sandy reached for my hand and said, ‘No need to be sorry, I enjoyed it. You can do it again if you want.’I slid back across to her and as I leant in to kiss her, she put her arms around my neck and pulled me down into a passionate kiss. We kissed for a long time, our tongues dancing and duelling between our mouths. Sandy slipped down, so she was lying flat on the sofa and I lay on top of her and she put one leg through mine and I felt our stockings rubbing against each other. I pushed her head back and licked up her neck several times and I heard make a purring noise somewhere in her throat. I undid the top buttons of her blouse and butterfly kissed my way down her neck and chest until I reached her bra. Sliding the front of her bra down to reveal her nipples which were already hardening, I took one of them in my mouth and sucked it hard. I felt it harden and moved across to the other one and did the same to the other. I looked up straight into Sandy’s eyes looking down on me with wide eyed wonder. She reached down and grabbed my bum with both hands and began grinding herself against me, and I felt my cock growing hand in my knickers. She could feel it too and she slipped one hand between us and started to rub my cock through my dress. I moaned and moved my hand down between her legs and pulled up her skirt so I could get to her pussy. She began to push hard against my hand and I could feel her warmth through her knickers. Still rubbing my cock, she kept the other over my hand on her pussy. Her hips were bucking and she was almost bringing herself off on my hand. I said, ‘Stop’ and raised myself and took my dress off over my head. Sandy’s eyes widened as she caught sight of my bra and she raised her hands to cup my breasts. She jiggled them and I giggled so she brought my head back down and we were kissing again; lipstick sliding over lipstick and nylon rubbing against nylon.My cock was now hard and Sandy pulled it out of my knickers and stroked it with both hands. I managed to pull her skirt up and found I could slide a finger into her wet pussy. She moaned and her eyes closed as I began to move my finger in and out. One finger became two and still she managed to stroke my cock. I wanted to be inside her so badly now and she was ready too. I slid her knickers aside with my fingers and pushed my cock straight into her. She moaned once or twice and pushed back against me as I slid in and out. She wrapped her legs around me back holding me in place and I could feel her stockings against my back. Sandy pulled me back to her and kissed me hard, her tongue forcing itself into my mouth and she bit my lip as she bucked beneath me. I could taste blood but I didn’t care. She was shouting now as we both were getting close to climax, and I was pushing harder and harder until I felt myself close. Sandy screamed and came as her hips thrust into me. I grunted twice and came a few seconds later, still pumping into her. She tightened her grip with her legs and she kissed me savagely, her tongue fighting with mine. I pulled out of her and she slumped back onto the sofa, her eyes closed. ‘Fuck, babe that was fierce, I haven’t come that hard for ages.’I kissed her gently on the lips and she opened her eyes and smiled up at me. ‘Nice tits,’ she said and giggled. ‘Not as nice as yours,’ I said, and licked her nipple which produced a gasp.‘Do that again, and I’ll be ready for another round.’I pulled her up and we sat cuddling each other for a while, just trying to come down.‘Was that OK?’ I asked her.She looked at me for a few seconds, her eyes searching my face for something. she kissed me and said. ‘If anyone had told me, even a few days ago, I would have the best fuck I’ve had for ages with my husband dressed as a woman, I would have had them certified as mad. It was a bit weird at first, like it was you but it wasn’t you. It was like making love to a stranger you’ve known a long time, if that’s makes sense. Once we got into it, it was a change up from anything else I’ve ever done.‘ She paused, ‘Except that first time, when you wore the fishnets. How did it make you feel, babe?’I tried to gather my frazzled wits to answer her. ‘I didn’t expect it to happen, so I had no sense of what it would like. I did feel very different, it was exciting and some of what I felt, I’ve never felt before. I felt feminine, and yet, still masculine. I kind of feel all mixed up.’Sandy kissed me and said, ‘I wouldn’t mind if we did that again sometime, if you want to?’I looked at her and a great big smile appeared on my face, ‘Oh, yes, I would love that sometime.’We both giggled and hugged each other. Sandy led me up to bed still wearing my bra and knickers, and we made love again this time, slowly and gently with her taking the lead and me more submissive. I liked that, it made me feel more womanly, and it still ended with us sharing an earth shattering climax.Sandy is happy to see Sarah from time to time. She says she has the best of both worlds; a husband and girlfriend in one. I get to be Sarah without any stress, and it let’s me explore this other side of me to my heart’s content. I don’t want to be Sarah full time, and I’m happy that Sandy not only accepts Sarah, she likes her too. Sandy has become not only a friend to Sarah, but a coach and an occasional lover too. We have even gone out together once or twice. It may be an unusual relationship, but it suits us and we’re happy. Some dreams can come true.End

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