charlotte’s needs


charlotte’s needsFirst time writing a story… also new here… enjoy!Charlotte’s needsnote: dialogues will be started with a -, a — or // and assigned to specific characters.it will help recognize who is talking.Charlotte, a nice lady in her late 40s. She was married for 22 years; but the spell had warned out. it was 10 years ago when she found out that her husband was having an affair. she decided to sign a separation note; but they decided to stay together for the sake of the c***drens, and the financial benefits. Her husband perceived that as a green light. well there was no more love; they were only “married” on paper. She knew he was seeing other women. Slowly she forgot about love, relationship with a man, and sex… Yes even sex.well not completely, she would occasionally engage in self pleasure. This went on for the past 10 years; until now where she started noticing that she felt lonely and was longing for more. Her first thought was her “husband”; but she saw no possibilities there. Perhaps one of her co worker or the multitude of men who have asked her out. She brushed the idea it aside; she didn’t have enough courage to venture herself into “that” unknown territory. she was feeling helpless and frustrated…————————————————————————————————————Two months later….Her car had broken down, and was in need of serious repairs. The mechanic, estimated two- three months would be needed. She would need to commute to work. Lucky! There was a bus stop right in front of workplace. it would only take 30 min to get to work; that was at least reassuring. she worked at a financial office that specialize in insurance quotes and money placements. The office was 3 blocks away from the city state university. It was a busy area. Her frustration a few months earlier caused a little depression. she took her best friend’s advice to go into therapy. Her friend Elena referred and sponsored her to ther****t whose office was located at the university health center. There she got the help she needed, she got better. But more importantly she learned about the fact that she deserved happiness and love and care… She took that at heart. she was feeling anew. She would dress less conservatively yet not like a whore; after all she had some self respect.On the day of her therapy discharged, she went to the university’s library to get some books on psychology and women sexuality. She was struggling finding one. But she was determined to find on. There must be one out there…——————————–Calvin was a 23 years old and third year student in college; majoring in art. His field of expertise was to be art expression and a psycho-gender study approach. He was highly knowledgeable about matters on psychology issues and creative expression. He was fairly tall; and half caucasian and half African. Slim, but not skinny. Curly hair, and a hint of european accent. He noticed Charlotte; she seemed puzzled and completely lost. He wanted to help her if possible but decided to observed her a bit. He noticed that she was a woman in her late 40s. He liked her fair skin, it had a natural tan. He also liked her “hourglass” body shape; she must be around 5’9”. She certainly had c***dren, but she had been in good shape it was almost impossible to guess it at first glance. But his experienced eyes saw through it. He thought, She’s gorgeous. He had waited long enough, she still had that puzzled look. he walked up to her and asked if she needed any help.———————————–Charlotte heard a male voice behind her asking if she needed any help. she turned around and looked at him and thanked him with an affirmative gesture to his question. She explained her dilemma; and asked him if he knew anything about a book that was written on the subject of psychology and woman gender. She obviously didn’t want to specify anything about sexuality. -Can you be more specific? He asked she looked puzzled, he smiled. -Any particular subject? he asked this time–well, anything on women development… she then answered- I see, hmm let see… He answered- mind coming with me? the books on psychology are a floor above! –Okay! she answered–Hmmm do you work here? she then asked- Oh no, im just a student. He then answered– Ah! well i don’t want to take your time, i thought that you were an employee.- oh, ahaha it’s fine; psychology is actually my field of study. So it’s your lucky day!She hesitated. SHould she let him know about the actual subject she’s looking for?What would he think of her? She then recalled what she learned during therapy; “what others think of her needs shouldn’t be taken to heart… she needs to express them”she then replied:– you know I’ll take you on the offer!- alright then, let’s take the elevator. They got in. She was still feeling insecure but she tried to summon the courage; after all she had decided to be more daring.– So, I want to ask you something… she said – yes go ahead.– well not ask, mostly say something.she hesitated, then summoned the courage…– here’s the thing, I’m really looking for a book that deals with psychology and women sexuality… (she paused) … ahaha kinda of weird huh!? He smiled, and replied:- Not at all, you are not the only one; everyone does look for book on those subjects.– oh really? – yaaa! well it’s sex after all; a human need.–ahahah ya! ( she said with a lower tone)they got out of the elevator, the floor was mostly empty.- mind if i ask why you are interested on the subject?– well you said it. Sex! ( she said it while looking around)- ahah ya, but it there must be a specific reason originally such as trying to teach a friend’s daughter or your daughter; well if you have one… well something like that!–ah! it’s not for those reasons. Well, it’s for personal use. you know… – oh okay! ( he said while smirking)– what’s that smirk for? – nothing! I just like how you are feeling embarrassed. I kind of get the idea; you know… why you are looking for a book like that… i think i know just the right book.– ah! hmmm okay!- I’m Calvin by the way.– oh nice to meet you Calvin, I’m Charlotte!– So hmmm, you know the reason hm? ( she said, feeling bolder.)- well, i can be wrong! but ya i think i have got the idea.– annnnnnd? He looked at her then burst in laughter, she then joined in. Then it stopped and kept walking; him in front and her following. She looked at him and felt happy. She surprisingly liked his appearance. He was tall and slim looking, with a mid-dark brown skin. Slim, but good manly looking. She caught herself, and tried to brush the thoughts aside. They arrived at a book section, it was a secluded area. No one was around. she instantly felt horny. She couldn’t explain why,but she was.He then broke the silence.- your marriage doesn’t have the same spell like at the beginning… ( he said hesitantly) — that’s an understatement.- ah! then what’s going on? ahah sorry if im asking too much. she looked at him and smiled then replied:– nah, i think it’s okay! i dont mind.– … we are just married on paper! there is no more feelings… yenimahalle escort – i see! ( he said with a look that invited her to continue)She then spent the next 30 min talking about her 22 years of “marriage”, her husband affairs, the compromise they made, her lack of sex drive that followed, the depression she fell into recently. She finished by saying that she’s trying to be stronger now and standing for herself and get what she needs and want. He admired her courage and wanted to let her know…- Woah! that’s a lot! ( then paused)- You should be proud; i think it will be alright if you keep it up and acknowledge your needs and wants. You need sex.– ahaha, brat!- no seriously, you do. And you should get it; not because you are freaking beautiful and all but because it’s your right. He then sighed.- your husband is an idiot! i know many men who would do a lot to get in your … ( he paused ).. ahaha sorry i don’t wanna sound vulgar!– whatt? ( she said with a low tone). you can say it !- ahaha okay! … panties!? (he said, trying a bit nervously)– ah! But i have been rejecting them so far!- ahaha i feel pity for them! …( he paused)… I m sure you are a delight!– ahaha you brat!They went on talking. He started explaining different psychology theories to her. she was feeling amazed and at ease with him. she liked it! He then helped her get the book she wanted and directed her to the check out. — that was nice… I mean talking to you! young but smart! Girls must be getting double prize with ya.- ahah maybe.- Here is my number, call if you need further help okay? actually i insist!– ahah okay i ll do that…She got home that night and was happier than usual. Her “husband” Jerry asked what got into her, and she told him it was none of his business. He could care less, he was about to go out and bone his secretary! For all he cared, Charlotte could stay home and grow old and unfulfilled. Several days passed and she contacted him to enquire about something, they met and went for a talk. It happened several times for 3 weeks. She really enjoyed his company. Sometimes, she wondered what it would be like to let him have her, let him fuck her; have his way! the very thought made her so horny. In her marriage she was used to be in charge; and the idea of letting a younger man be in charge and do her was really appealing. But her old self would reject the thoughts and try to remind her that he didn’t show any intents and so she should not expect anything…Friday morning, she woke up feeling incredibly happy. she took her time in the shower. She made herself a queen breakfast. took her time deciding which cloth to wear. she chose a dress she could wear for work. It was a light brown dress with semi-open shoulders and stopped just a bit above her knees… enough to be appropriate for work. The sensual part of it was that it really showed her appealing curves… She had an ass to drool over. She knew it and wasn’t afraid to show it off. she put it on. she noticed that it was tight at the waist area and a bit above; but a slightly loose around her hips… she told herself that i may be feeling horny and confident but i won’t let them see everything.Elena was supposed to give her a ride to work today. she waited! The day went well; she could feel people looking at her either with jealousy or with envy. Envy to be her, envy to have her! She loved every part of it. If only one of those cowards would make a move. She went to the university quickly to return a book she had checked out previously. There she met Calvin coincidently; he was also done for the day. they walked together to the bus station. It was crowded; everyone was eager to get home and enjoy the weekend. she tried to stay as close to him as possible. she may have dressed too nicely for that crowd. The bus came, it was fairly empty. It was a rush hour bus; designed with lesser sits in the back to accommodate more people. Calvin got in first and she followed. The rest of the passenger pressed them forward all the way to the back. Calvin had his back to the wall that separated him from the buss engines. Charlotte came to him and tried to do the same by getting into the space in between calvin and the bus windows; but Calvin was forced to take that spot as more passengers got in. She could only stand in front of him.The bus departed, it was a bit noisy in the back with the engines running and people talking to one another. Then the bus stopped at one of its stops; more people got in. It seemed like chaos. Charlotte was now pressed closer to him; there was just a little space in between them. She wasn’t standing well; there was Calvin behind her and an advertisement board to her left front with some passengers to the right. She decided to turn around, her back to Calvin and tried to reach for a bus handle. Two min later things settled down but there was still the noise of the engine and people talking. It was fairly cool, she enjoyed the atmosphere. A few moment later the bus stopped at a red light which made her lose some balance. Calvin tried to help her regain it by pressing both hands on her back. She thanked him. He had noticed her this whole time. She was so sexy looking. he leaned forward to talk- you are really sexy today… ( he paused) .. actually i rather say hot… ( he said with a little giggle.– thank you! ( she said while turning her head around a bit)Calvin was getting turned on bit by bit as the bus kept making her ass bump on his crotch time to time. he looked to his and her right side which was the only open area and noticed that the passengers closest to them were facing away. Suddenly he got hornier. His heartbeat increased, her sweet sexy ass kept on bumping on his crotch, he felt hotter and hotter, his hands got a bit tingly; he had a little idea running through his mind. He wasn’t so confident about executing it. After all they were in a bus. A minute later he grew bolder and lowered both hands to her waist. he timed it with the bus making a stop and making Charlotte lose her balance as a result. He waited for her reaction. She seemed indifferent. He started caressing her with his left thumb in a up and down movement; then sometime in a circular movement. She did not react. He got even bolder and holding her even more tightly; especially with his left hand. He then lowered his left hand a bit and caressed the side of her left buttcheek with two fingers. he felt excited…Charlotte was aware of what was going on. She decided to let him do as he wished and see how far he would go. And oh boy that she secretly desired him to go further. He kept caressing her left hips. She turned her head around slightly to take a look at him. then stopped midway. Right at that time he put his hand back on her waist and stopped all caresses. She understood instantly that he had misinterpreted her when she tried to look back. She freed her left hand from the handle and use it to lower his left hand back down and made it grab her hips tightly… He got the message! His right hand as well was grabbing her waist more tightly. She smiled and lowered her head tunalı escort a bit. Her ass bumped onto his crotch and she felt his boner. She liked it. Now, he was running his left hand up and down her left hips. Then, he used his right hand to turn her slightly to the right. She understood what he would do next.He pulled her closer to him, his crotch touching the right asscheek. He then used his left hand to grab her left asscheek. He took a good handful. she turned her head around to look at him and saw him smile at her; she smiled back. Her eyes begging for him to go further. he kept at it for a bit; then started grabbing her whole ass, well tried; even more tightly. What a grope she thought. He could see that she was wearing some boyshorts. They must have been silk as he could feel the crevice of her butt. He ran his fingers through it. Charlotte instantly got an electric tingling go through her spine. He could notice it. He then took another handful of her butt then stopped for a bit. they looked at each other. They smiled. This time, he ran his left hand under her dress and lifted it a bit. It was now slightly hanging above. He then ran his hand in between her upper thighs. His middle and ring finger were touching her pussy. He ran them over it couple times. She was getting wetter and wetter…The bus had gotten a little bit empty, there was more space now She made him stop, the bus was getting closer to her stop. He knew it and complied. When the bus got there, he held her tight as she tried to move and get out. He pulled her back and held her hand. She looked at him and he did the same. She didn’t try to resist. They spent the next ten min in silence. Calvin pressed the stop signal to notify the bus driver he needed to get off at the next stop. As the bus was approaching it, he let go of her hand. She was thinking. She knew that he wanted her to come with him. She knew what that implied; She was going to get fucked. He knew she wanted it, and there he was offering it without saying; giving it without telling. The bus arrived and he got off, but she stayed in. She was still puzzled and couldn’t make up her mind. The bus drove off… She then decided to get off at the next stop; but it was too late, the bus had already passed it. She then signaled for the following stop. She got off there, and walked back. she didn’t know why but she did. Four blocks after she arrived at his bus stop. He was there waiting. she smiled. He stood up and smiled back. She came closer and they started walking. It was a nice one bedroom apartment, not messy but not overly cleaned either; just right for a college brat she thought. He closed the door behind her. She paused a moment then spoke first…– You knew i was going to come back? – yup!– how so?- Right back at you, why did you come back?She did not answer. He got closer to her and grabbed her by the waist. She tried to look away. She wasn’t the same person who had let him feel her up in the bus; She was her old self, insecure and doubting. — Why didn’t you let me get off at my stop?- for the same reason you got off after me and came back to find me.She paused while still trying to avoid eye contacts.– What are you planning to do by bringing me here? – You already know!– What if i say no?He then let go of her.-you are free to go ( he said calmly)She turned around and went to the door. She paused there while holding on the doorknob; the door half open. She was fighting with herself. – So what do you want to do? I can get you on the next bus if you want.She paused then let a big frustrating sigh out. She closed the door and look at him.–… you knew i was gona do that huh? He smiled and replied:- you gotta tell me what you want to do still. –you know!- nope, I’m not a mind reader.– Common! are you really gonna make me say it? I’m much older than you, you know?- …He got closer to her, grabbed her and pulled her to him and whispered:- Tell me!She was hesitating, trembling. She knew he noticed it, she knew that he was aware that she was vulnerable. The thought of it turned her on. She was going to allow herself to be. She got closer to right ear.– I want to be fucked…! (she said then paused)– I want … (Heavy breathing), I want… ( Heavy breathing)…I want ( Heavy breathing)I want you to fuck me! (She took a deep breath)- and?She raised her arms to his chest and held onto them tightly…– Common! i have said enough…! ( she said with a low tone)- you haven’t said it all! Say it! (he commanded her)Moment of silence…–… (she sighed)… I want to be… (heavy breathing) ,… I want to…. (she breathed heavily and held him tighter)… I want you, I want to be fucked by you, I want you to fuck me, do me, Just fuck me already you brat! (she said a bit louder while looking at him)- ahaha! i will!He ran his hand down her back and took hold of her butt; pulled her closer to him and kissed her. There was no need for small kisses; they went right for a full one. his tongue inside twirling around hers. They paused a bit to catch their breath and went at it again; this time she initiated it. She was on fire… He kept on kissing her deeply while leading her to his bedroom. There, he stopped and pushed her on the bed. She knew what was coming. -Get undressed (he told her)She obeyed; the thought of it turned her on even more. She stood up to undo her zipper and turned around facing away from him, and bent over to pull down her cloth. He had full view of her ass. She felt him grabbing one buttcheek and pulling it slightly then pinching it at the end of the grab. He did the same for the other. She then turned around and came closer to him and kissed him then broke apart. He removed his shirt and let her removed his jeans. She did it while getting on her knees. She lowered his boxers, and discovered what she wanted. She paused…and smiled while looking at him. She took a good look at his penis. “Gawd i want it!” she thought! It was erect, but she knew it could get bigger. She gave it a slow kiss on the shaft. He tensed up and let a little moan out. she then led the tip in her mouth and sucked on it slowly but firmly. It was pulsating. She did a few more times until his penis was at its proudest.He was a great size. she kept smiling while looking at it.- you like it huh?– Yaa a aaa (she stuttered)It was longer and larger than her husband. Hell! he was bigger than her first boyfriend, the second one and the third… oh well we all know where this is going!she kissed it slightly again while taking in her mouth bit by bit… each time letting it go in further. He was clearly enjoying it as he was tensing up and moaning. she then took it as far as it could go. In and out, in and out; She made sure that it didn’t get out completely. He then took her arms away from his penis and positioned them on his waist.- no grabbing, show me you want it!She didn’t need him to say it twice; she sucked him right. she sucked him good. making no mess, taking no break; she sucked it like she should and she loved every part of it. she knew she was doing a good job as he grabbed the back of her head and pushed in tandoğan escort further… It made her cough a bit as she tried to break free… He let her catch her breath and without wasting time, she went back at it. he especially liked how she did not use her hand to get it back in her mouth… he had her! He knew it.He stopped her and helped her back up. Held her while suckign on one tit. He ran his right hand lower and lower but slowly. Then he reached her pussy! She was so hot there and so moist. He pulled her black silk boyshorts to the side and played with her clit. She tensed backward; but he didn’t let go. He got to the other boob and gave her tit a quick repetitive lick. –Gawd i love this.., ahhhhhhhh (she said while moaning)His middle and ring finger now were running in and out of her slit. It made her tense up even more. She grabbed the back of his head and pulled it up to hers and kissed him passionately. He Got faster and faster with his fingers; then he broke away from the kiss and stopped holding her. She instantly grabbed him by the arms, and spread her legs wider and leaned backward. He was frantically fingering her. She moved her hips along with each fingers movements. He let her have control and followed her to the bed while he still had his fingers inside her; they had stopped. She sat, then lay on her back. He followed her and was now on top of her; both arms on each side of her head… He let his right thigh get in between hers; she welcomed it.He lowered himself down a bit more. She grabbed him by the neck and got him closer. She really loved kissing him and he as well. He had started thigh fucking her by moving up and down along her body; She followed.He stopped and got lower to her thighs. He pulled her underwear away; She lifted her legs to help him take them off completely. She kept her thighs close. He ran a finger from her chest down to her venus mound. It was fairly shaven. She liked to trim it and completely shave everything else. — Hope you don’t mind it… like this! (she said, with a shy expression)- nope, that’s how i like it! He then ran his finger in the crevice of her joint thighs… She opened them a bit then close them back… He smiled at her…He then came closer to her mound and kissed it then a bit lower for few minutes. He licked her slightly; she couldn’t take it and took a big breath. He raised himself a bit and let her raise her thigh then open them. He liked what he was seeing. she was hot there, and moist. He ran his fingers over her labia then lowered his head… She grabbed the back of his skull and pulled it closer to her pussy. He licked her engorged lips; trying to part them. Then, ran his tongue along them and closed his upper lips on her clit and pulled on it slightly as he tried to move away. She curled up and tensed up… What a sensation! She thought, “ this young man is good, how the hell can he turn me on so well! … For his age!”… thoughts were racing through her mind as he was eating her. –AHHHH! this is soooooooo gooood! (she said while breathing heavily)– I must have you now! please fuck me now! She pulled him to her; he did not resist! She guided his penis to her sweet muffin.He wanted to play with her a bit more! She was gonna have none of it; she pulled his penis closer in … He let her guide him inside her. She was so wet, he was so hard. She kissed him, and pulled his head to her side and whispered:– fuck me!That’s all he needed, he went in slowly. He wanted her to savor the moment, and definitely make her want him more. He would go in slightly then pull out yet not completely. He massaged the roof of her vagina every time he went in… She was trembling with ecstasy. He did that two more times, then she slid her left hand down to his right hip and pulled him in. They both felt it. It was so hot yet so warm; so tight and slick… so rough yet soft… He was now slowly and steadily fucking her not roughly but not softly either. He called it sweet fucking… He went fast, then slow with longer strides. She loved that particularly. Everytime brushing her clit; sending waves of pleasure throughout her body. she held on him tighter. Cued him to go faster. She was breathing heavily. He raised his body a bit and looked at her as he kept doing her. She held him around the neck with one hand and hip with another. He went faster and faster, each time their pubic bone colliding even harder. Her vagina walls wrapped around his penis even more tightly with each strides. She was getting what she had missed for the past 10 years, the warmth of a man. And better, one much younger and full of energy and who equally wanted her. She liked it, so much that she didn’t want it to end… But his rhythm increased and she was moving her hips along with him in harmony… –Best sex i ever had… ( she said while breathing Heavily)- In a long while? (He asked smiling and panting) — ahaha ( she laughed with heavy breath) … best sex ever..ahhhhhh!! moreeeee…Give me MOREEEEEEEEEEEEEEE… ahhhh dont stop harder….. fasss… fa… fasstterr… ahhhh!….He raised himself even higher and sucked on one of her breasts, She held him there as it sent new waves of pleasure throughout her body. He grabbed her right buttcheek and raised her a bit while sucking on her breast and went in deeper and deeper…– deeper… hmm hmmmm yaaa deeperrrr… aaaaaaaaaaaaaah! This time she pulled him back to her and raised her thighs and wrapped them around his waist. She wrapped her arms behind his neck and held the back of his skull with one hand, pulling his head to the her left ear. She kissed his neck, licked it… She could hear his penis going in and out. the sound of her being fucked was especially exciting. she already had two orgasm successively; and was ready for one more. She whispered:– cum with me… She said it with difficulty as she tried to breath at the same time. He was close too… He asked her:- aha we got so into this that we didn’t use any protection, im sorry!– silly, I know you (she panted)… i know you are a responsible guy. You wouldn’t put me at risk, (she tried to catch her breath)… and you know I cant get preg… so… ( more panting) …you want to come inside me huh.. don’t you?He smiled, and kissed her neck…- ya ( he said with a soft tone) — you should… ahhhhh soo goodd! ahhh cum with me Cal. She kissed him passionately, without stopping after saying that and tightened further more, He couldn’t hold anymore. – hmmm I’m… AHHHHH I’m cummingggg! ( he gasped)That’s all she needed. She felt him discharging once then twice, then a third….– AHHHHH Cal… hmmmmm ha ha haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah! They both came, their body locked in jerking and frantic motions. they panted, tried to catch their breath. Calving did not pull out. He stayed inside her longer than most would. This time he was the one kissing her intensely; his hand running all other her body, much slower this time. He kissed her anywhere he could. She did the same! They were still feeling the ecstasy wave surge through their body; they stayed locked into eachothers arms until it faded away a few minutes later. Then, they looked at eachother and kissed again and laughed! Calvin pulled out then collapsed on her right side, his right hand still caressing her body… They were both feeling sleepy… Can’t blame them! Charlotte turned on her side and let Calvin get closer in a spooning position… They drifted to sleep!To be continued…

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