Cheerleaders Blow


It had been so long ago I hesitated to make the call, but it was lonely in the Motel room and I decided I had nothing to lose. His name was Norm and had been a good friend in high school, but that was 20 years ago!

Norm had married Sonja, the prettiest girl in school, right after they graduated. He had gone directly into his father’s hardware business and had prospered. They had two daughters and a seemingly ideal family until one day Norm came home early and caught Sonja with two construction workers.

They had knocked on the door asking for a drink of water. She had been sun bathing and answered the door wearing her white string bikini.

When Norm walked in she was on her knees in front of the living room couch inching one worker’s erection a half inch at a time into her mouth; undulating her tongue and gently sucking. He ran his dirty hands through her perfectly done light brown, frosted hair and moaned in pleasure.

Her bikini bottoms lay crumpled on the floor between her skinny knobby knees. She was still as tiny as she had been in high school. Weighing barely 100 pounds, she was always the cheerleader that got thrown in the air, her skirt flying up. George, the second construction worker, had stroked himself madly many a night thinking about looking up her skirt at her panties at the basketball games.

He had no idea when he rung the doorbell at this suburban house that Sonja lived there. He had even less idea that Sonja had drunk a couple of glasses of wine, fallen asleep and was in the middle of a very erotic dream. George remembered that cute little body as soon as he saw her and immediately started to develop an erection.

She made the mistake of flirting, bending over and asking them if they thought her bikini bottoms showed too much of her butt. He couldn’t believe how little resistance Sonja had shown when he placed one rough, calloused hand over each butt cheek and squeezed. She had pulled away, pretending to be startled, but then put her thumbs under the strings on each side of her panties, pulled and let them drop. She knelt down in front of George, unzipped his pants and out it popped. She opened wide and let him slide in all the way to her throat, then pulled it back out slowly. She then turned around to brace herself on the couch while he slid into her from behind. She was so small and tight that she had to reach back with her hand and help guide him in. She smiled up at George, who was getting his rhythm…she knew he wouldn’t be able to hold his load very long.

When she turned around she realized Fatih escort that George’s friend was positioned in front of her, dick in hand. She started his blow job by licking precum from his head, smacking her lips and giggling. The stranger was actually blowing his load into her mouth when Norm walked in. He promptly kicked all three of them out and filed for divorce.

The only thing Norm didn’t know was what I was going to soon find out when I visited my old friend, now a single father with a cheerleader daughter.

I rang the doorbell and a very skinny girl with shorts and a tank top on answered. At first I thought I had the wrong house, because when I introduced myself the girl gave me a blank, almost hostile look. Finally, she remembered that her father had mentioned something about company coming and motioned me to come in.

Her name was Sally and she wasn’t much of a hostess. She motioned for me to sit down in a chair and sat across from me on the couch, staring at me expressionlessly. Suddenly, the phone rang. It must have been one of her girlfriends. She came to life, chatting and giggling and constantly shifting positions on the couch. I looked at her gorgeous legs, thinking how much she resembled her mother. She spread them apart and flashed me some white panty. Then she brought her knees up to her chest, this time showing off her little butt cheeks. I found myself staring and feeling very aroused. She seemed totally oblivious to me.

Suddenly, her conversation over, she slammed the phone down and walked over to stand in front of me.

“My dad will be here soon. I have to get changed now to go cheer at the basketball game. Maybe you’d like to come and watch?”

Without moving away, she unbuttoned and unzipped her shorts, revealing white panties with blue flowers. I was rendered totally speechless by the sight of her panties. She didn’t wait for me to say anything, just dropped her shorts, picked them up and walked in her panties down the hall to her room, acting as if it was perfectly normal to get undressed in front of a stranger.

Norm arrived and we all ate TV dinners. I tried to ignore Sally and enjoyed reminiscing with my old friend. He had another daughter named Sue who was thirteen and also a real knockout. The two girls sat at the counter while Norm and I ate at the table. Even though I tried to resist, I glanced over occasionally to see if I could get a glimpse up their skirts.

On the way to the game, we took Norm’s sports car. He and Sue sat in the front (Sue Fındıkzade escort bayan and Sally evidently took turns riding in the front) and Sally and I were in the back. I had to admit that I was already excited about the prospect of her cheerleading skirt riding up and exposing those gorgeous little legs again. I didn’t have to wait long. As soon as we had pulled out of the driveway, Sally pulled a bottle of lotion out of her purse and started rubbing it into her knees. Slowly, she worked her way up to mid thigh, rubbing the strawberry fragrance crème into her lovely white translucent skin. She stopped at her skirt line and I breathed a sigh of disappointment. I had been trying not to be too obvious about staring at her, pretending to look out the window and then to stare absent mindedly down.

She rubbed excess lotion on her hands and arms and I thought she was finished. But then she slid her hands under the elastic of her skirt and slid it down to her knees, exposing French cut white panties which barely covered her privates. This time she started at her belly button, applied lotion down to her panty line and then from her thigh up to her crotch. If she noticed me at all staring, she didn’t say anything. For the rest of the trip I tried to think unpleasant thoughts so that my boner wouldn’t be so obvious.

During the game, she didn’t seem to miss an opportunity to tease. One of he routines they did involved bending over and looking back at the fans. Every time she did it her skirt would rise almost all the way up but somehow she would avoid showing her panties. The fans only got a brief glimpse of white when her skirt rose after a jump.

On the way home, the two girls sat in the back and I was able to calm down and try to forget. The girls were arguing over who would have to sleep on the couch and give up their room to the guest. It was finally decided I would sleep in Sally’s room .

When we arrived home, Sally escorted me to her room and told me she just needed to get her pajamas and pillow and then the room would be all mine. Grabbing her pillow from her bed, she threw it towards the door. Then she got some flannel pajamas out of her dresser and slammed the drawer. I guessed she was still a little put off by having to give up her room. I just sat in a chair and watched as she tossed the pj’s on the bed, then sat down and carefully untied her shoes and put them in the closet. She seemed completely oblivious to my presence, casually unbuttoning her top as she walked into her closet. When Escort Gaziosmanpaşa she emerged from her closet and walked in front of me, she was wearing nothing but a white a-cup bra and the high-cut lace panties. My mouth dropped open as I stared at her little butt cheeks rise and fall. She grabbed her pajamas and was out the door.

I knew I had to find the bathroom and maybe some lotion and do some serious jacking off before I exploded. In case someone might be watching, I untucked my shirt to hide the outline of my erection and hurried down the hall. Fortunately the door was ajar. Quickly, I locked the door, turned around and got my poor penis out, stroking it vigorously. I looked up into the mirror at my engorged member and something caught my eye. It was the reflection of Sally sitting on the toilet on the other side of the bath tub, her panties down around her ankles.

She had seen me first but made no attempt to advise me of her presence. She didn’t seem startled or upset, just transfixed by the sight. I was also transfixed for a moment as well. Our eyes met in the mirror and she just grinned at me. I held my pants up and stepped over to face her and amazingly, she just sat there, applying gloss to her lips. I moved closer and straddled the toilet, my erection just inches from her face.

She took it in her tiny hand, stroked it lightly and then spoke into it like it was a microphone.

“Is this for me?” she giggled, pulling my penis down and breathing hotly on it.

She then proceeded to kiss it gently and draw just the head into her mouth, but extending her tongue to lick along the underside. I tried to push in further but she pushed me back, and my dick popped out of her mouth, dripping in her saliva and my precum.

“What kind of a girl do you think I am?” she said, giving me an innocent, pouty look. “Besides, I’m saving my throat for marriage.”

She took my head back in her mouth and started to stroke me. When I started to cum, she pulled me out almost all the way so she could let the gism collect inside her mouth. When I was finished, she opened her mouth up and showed me the white liquid covering her tongue and dripping out the corners of her mouth. Then she reached down, grabbed her panties from the floor and spit into them, neatly wiping the corners of her mouth with the white lace.

“Nice girls don’t swallow, either,” she said.

She looked so proper and innocent that it was hard to believe she had done what she had. Quickly, she got up and I watched her tiny naked ass disappear out the door.

It was later that night that she crawled into bed with me and told me the story I related about her mother and about spying on her over a period of two years having sex with perfect strangers on almost a daily basis. Some of those stories and what we ended up doing that night will be in chapter two.

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