Chronicles of Meridiana – Excertpt #6


Chronicles of Meridiana – Excertpt #6This about wraps up what I have so far. There’s some more story in between and bookending these excerpts that I left out, there’s even a “twist”, I guess, kind of a sci-fi bent, but this is it as far as the “action” goes currently. If it ever turns out that people actually want to read this thing, I can revisit it– but for the purposes of documenting this specific fantasy, this is pretty much it. If you read it, thanks. If you liked it, do me a favor and let me know. If you didn’t, well, just keep that shit to yourself. “…So do we have roles or anything? Or is this just…?””I thought you said you watched a lot of porn? It’s a fuck scene. We just… fuck. Don’t even worry about the camera. It’s just for us, anyway.” “I’m just… this is a little weird for me.” “I think we are going about this all wrong. You’re cool with us filming still, right?” “Yeah, as long as my conditions are met.” “Then just go to her.” Sabrina interjected from the corner, digging in one of the bags she had brought in earlier. “I’m almost ready to go, and you guys just… enjoy each other. I’ll take care of the rest.” There was a strained note in her voice. I kind of stood there looking at her for another minute. “Look,” she rose and walked over to me, her voice taking a softer tone. “it really is cool. Sometimes people say it is when it isn’t, but this time… I want to see you fuck her. I wish I had a cock so I could satisfy her like that but you do and it’s a motherfucking bad ass one, too so go in there and knock it out for me. I’m going to be pretending it’s me rocking her ass.” “I feel like you should slap me on the ass, too, coach.” I was grinning again. “How about I give you a one-hour close-up of your own asshole as a souvenir of this night instead, then?” She cocked an eyebrow at me. I leaned a little closer to her. “You know, Sabrina… At least couple of times when I’m fucking her I’m going to be pretending it’s you.” “Fuck you.” But she blushed and bit her lip. “Hey. Just so you know– I really am taking this seriously. I want to be a part of something that brings you guys together.” “Well then stop talking to me, and go fuck my girlfriend, Dr. Phil. Look at her, for Christ’s sake.” Diana had been quiet because she was kneeling on the bed looking at her phone and jerking, sweats pulled down below her knees and her left hand just churning her pussy. Well at least I finally knew how to start. I crawled up beside her, careful not to disturb or touch her. I lay beside her and marveled at her ease with her own body, the things her tongue did as she concentrated, the way she moved as she expertly pleasured herself. She was looking at the pics I had taken of her after I had glazed her. I could really feel what looking at it was doing to her, I suppose through the way she moved and noises she made. “I’ve never seen so much,” she breathed in a hoarse whisper. “You made me so fucking pretty.” “God you are an angel. I’ll give you anything I have. Everything I have.” “I want all your shit. I want your fucking hard cock.” “Put that phone down.” “It feels good, though…” that hot, plaintive whine. “You know I’m going to do all that so much better.” She finally looked from the screen to me. “Yes?” “Then come here, baby.” “Really gonna this time? Fuck me?” “Among many other things. Come here.” “Tell me that you are going to fuck me.” Her pleading made my eyes want to close again. “Diana, angel, I am going to fuck you.” “Hard?” whimpering again. “Yes. Hard, sometimes.” “And other times?” “Find out.” “I want to hear you say it.” “I want to be so far inside you we can’t tell ourselves apart.” Her mouth gaped more, eyelids lowered. “Ugh. Right answer.” the phone fell off the bed as her mouth covered mine. Just like in the parking lot, everything melted away. She pressed and moved against me and our mouths found the other’s and other parts and we sucked and licked and nuzzled and groaned and struggled with our clothes until we were finally naked and free to really explore one another, without pressure or urgency or awkwardness or fear. We knelt in front of one another, after I asked her if I could just look at her body, and she playfully flirted with me, posing, hiding and revealing herself as I prowled around her from different angles, tracing a smooth curve here, caressing a sensual spot there, touching, kissing, marveling at her magnificent physicality from all over. I wanted to rub my cock on every square inch of her soft, pink skin, and it got to full staff after only a few moments against her pale belly. She responded enthusiastically, gyrating against me and spitting into her hand to rub all over my dick wherever it happened to be getting dragged at the time. On my knees behind her, her back arched away from me so I could cup her rounded tits, my cock slipped into the crack of her ass like a hot dog into a bun, and, feeling it there, she just gently stroked her ass up and down. I kissed her neck and panted into her ear as we pressed together like that, and she was making soft, purring growls and insistently reaching back to try and embrace me somehow. “Fuck that shit on my neck makes me crazy.” She gasped. “I’m so sensitive right… uh! Yeah, right there.” “I want to please you so bad baby. Oh God you deserve to be worshipped.” “I deserve that fucking dick.” “Suck it then.” She whirled around so fast– I was constantly surprised at how nimble and impulsively physical she could be– and then she was down low on her elbows before me, her juicy perfect ass the highest point on her compact little body, mouth already drooling a little as she eyed the bulging cock now hanging over her head. For a few moments she drove me crazy just looking at it, touching it lightly, pulling it down a little bit and then letting it go so it would pop back up and bob in front of her. The way she looked at me, at my sex—it was pure hunger. She wanted it so bad, and she was making absolutely sure I knew. Finally, she took it by the base and slapped it against her face a few times, the last one hard enough to leave a mark across her cheek. Inflamed, I grabbed a handful of her hair and pushed it along her face, bringing my balls up to her mouth and she yoked them with her hand, pulling my dangling scrotum to her mouth to lather it with more of her saliva. While she licked me down there I slapped my cock on the side of her head a few more times and her whimpers told me she liked that. It didn’t take long for that to get me so hot I needed to disengage for a couple of seconds, but getting her off my balls was like trying to take a bone away from a dog and I wound up having to control her by a handful of her hair again. She was more than a little wild-eyed, trying to get her mouth closed on my cock as I pulled it away from her outstretched tongue. She whined in frustration, annoyance with me flashing across her face. I had to grab her free hand to keep her from stroking me, too, and though she struggled with me for a second I easily overpowered her and as I pinned that wrist down, I used my leverage and grip on her head to flip her onto her back onto the bed, switching my hold to her neck as I knelt over her. Her breathing got deeper and her eyes widened, absolutely sparkling with anticipation. Her only free hand was busy between her legs as usual. “Aaah you nasty little bitch. Stop trying to make me cum so quick. You aren’t getting out of this that easily,” I growled to her, and her eyes rolled shut for a moment to hear it and she groaned low and long. I released her neck so I could cup the side of her face instead, rubbing my thumb all over her full lips, bringing her tongue out in response. Her eyes were locked with mine, and she communicated wordlessly her need to me as I caressed her lovely face. She was far too pretty to be a filthy slut like this but yet there she was beneath me, naked, her body ceaselessly gyrating, face flushed, panting with lust as I held her there. We maintained the smoldering eye contact, I couldn’t tear myself away from them and she was telling me so much with them, fleeting shades of different feelings flashing through them for me to see. I could so clearly feel and understand her desire. Looking at her then, in that moment that felt like we were the only two things in an otherwise empty universe, I could almost somehow feel what it was like to have an aching pussy, to want to be filled so badly. Words could never describe it, but she somehow was telling me anyway. Her other hand was coming to my face to mirror mine on hers. I could smell it approaching before I could even see it– her scent was strong and unmistakably a little skunky, as pussy tended to be, but there was another warm, earthy note in it, her natural scent layered over the scent from her genitals, that made it almost intoxicating. I released the wrist I was pinning to the bed to cover this other one and bring it close to my nose so I could better take it in. Her fingers were shiny with her secretions. She pushed those fingers into my mouth and I tasted her as she began to suck my thumb as if it were a little cock. Without losing her gaze, I moved to straddle her belly so that my cock head rested on her sternum, running my hand back down her arm to cup and squeeze her left breast, thumbing and tweaking her nipple and feeling how full and ripe it was. Her generous tit would just fit completely in my cupped hand, and I pulled and twisted it a little bit as I fondled it. She was still giving head to my thumb, but now her other hand was free she laid it flat on the top of my cock and tried to press its curving length flat against her belly and chest, stroking me between her palm and the soft skin of her upper abdomen. “Damn.” Sabrina’s soft whisper behind me and to my right was the first reminder I had gotten that she was even there. Diana heard it, too, and took a second to focus those laser beam eyes past me to her lover, favored her with a warm, seductive smile. I glanced back, too, to see her standing bent over by the bed, handheld DV cam held at a low angle pointed at us. She was stark naked and I could see the tops of her inner thighs were already shiny and damp. She noticed me turn and gave me a quick smile as well, biting her lip and nodding back towards Diana. Diana’s hand had left my face, and there was a delicious dragging sensation against my penis and when I turned back to her, she had scooted her body further down so that my balls now rested on her upper abdomen and my craning prick lay between her tits. She pushed them together around it, couldn’t quite hide it between them, but she tilted her chin as far down as she could so she could use her preternaturally long tongue to swab over the throbbing tip. I let go of her entirely, let my hands fall to my sides, transfixed. I brought my knees in a bit so she could move a little easier under me and she proceeded to use her mouth, breasts and hands to pleasure me in ways I couldn’t have imagined before. Her creativity and sensitivity was boundless– things like rubbing my glans across one stiff, rubbery, spit-slick nipple as she used the bottom of her tongue to wipe back and forth across the top of it. Sucking it wet but with a loose, languid mouth like she had done to me before. Stroking her tits against the head and sides, each with a slightly different motion, all the while watching me intently and responding to the slightest moan or movement I made. In that way she communicated her dedication and devotion to my pleasure and I understood finally that she truly wanted to please me as badly as I wanted to please her, maybe even more. She may have had me at hello, but a big part of her pleasure came from trying to earn it anyway. “What the fuck even are you?” I managed to gasp incredulously in the middle of it. “Where do they make people like you?” “I’m ready. Feel my pussy.” I reached back to find a swamp between her legs. She hadn’t touched herself back there in a while, had been too busy servicing my aching rod. Sucking and titfucking me like that had made her impossibly wet. I could somehow feel it aching again, in my mind. “First. I need to know what I am getting into, here.” I said quietly, climbing off of her and turning back towards her lower body. I noticed my cock was once again so hard it barely moved as I did. She noticed, too. “Are you going to kiss me there?” She crooned softly. “I am going to kiss you everywhere before we are done.” I replied, still moving so I could comfortably get my face up to her vagina. I found I couldn’t lay on my stomach because it made my cock hurt to push it that flat so I reclined on my side and started to rub her belly and her thighs with my hands, my eyes and nose taking in all the beautiful sex on display down there. Her little belly pooch sloped back to a pelvis that was free of any hair whatsoever. There were a few razor bumps here and there, but otherwise it was soft, pristine pink flesh. Her outer labia were fat and shiny with her juice, and the inner lips were bright pink, almost red and they looked swollen and inflamed. Her clit was clearly visible, had pushed out of its hood like she had a girl boner, and although it wasn’t exceedingly large, not even the size of the end of her pinky or one of her stiff nipples, I realized that it looked so by comparison because her little slit was so fucking small. The overall effect was that her pussy was thick, almost meaty, those big outer lips made for a big mound and the swollen inner flaps and stiff clit made the whole package so puffy and enticing, but when I finally started exploring her with my fingers I pulled her flower open to see that her vaginal opening was actually quite small, not even the diameter of a quarter, even when I tried to pull it wide apart. “Oh. My. God.” It was all that could be said. “That has got to be the prettiest pussy I have ever seen anywhere.” That was no lie. There was nothing out of order down there whatsoever. It even seemed extra clean, somehow, even though she was sopping with her milky-looking cum and had been abusing it with her fingers ever since we had started. Her scent was so strong I felt like it was my own, somehow. For her part, she was looking down and watching me intently again, breathing deep and steady through her nose, jaw set tight, giving me quick trembles and jerks when I touched the sensitive spots. I couldn’t resist tasting her, but I didn’t want to bullshit around with trying to tease and show off any skills I thought I had; I knew there was no rivaling Sabrina’s talented mouth and I didn’t even intend to try. I was going to lick her there for me, for my pleasure, and that was going to have to be enough. It turns out that it was. I kissed her hungrily like I had her wet, open mouth, probing my tongue up into her slit, squashing her lips together by working my jaw. I was sucking a bit, too, trying to get more of her juices in my mouth. I was going crazy over how wet she was, everything was just so slick and hot and swollen down there that it made me ache just to smear my mouth and tongue all over and around it. I started dragging my tongue softly alongside her clit, and slipped my index finger inside. It entered smoothly and without resistance but there wasn’t any room anywhere between my finger and her walls. Adding my middle finger got her sucking in breath through pursed lips, her breathing pattern becoming more complex and her body twitching tight every so often. I looked up at her over the crest of her tummy, my nose pressed down on her pubis bone, my fingers feeling for the sensitive spot that I knew hid behind her clit, on the inside. “Aaaah.” She said suddenly, legs getting stiff, hips lifting a little. There it was. “There it is.” She agreed breathlessly, blinking her eyes rapidly now. “You’re so fucking small. So tight. How the fuck are you so fucking tight?” “You aren’t small. Uhhhh. You aren’t small at all.” She sounded like she could cry.”No, baby– I’m just going to have to stretch this little hole out.” “Yesssssssssssss,” she hissed it out, throwing back her head and closing her eyes. The color of her face was darkening and I had seen that before. She was pushing herself against my face with rhythm now. Her hand dropped to my head, clutching a handful of my hair, then she used both to gather most of it up onto the top of my head into a messy ponytail and then gripped that with one hand like a handle. She showed me the cadence she wanted, rocking her hips and guiding my head by my hair and it wasn’t long before goosebumps started appearing on her legs and arms, she was quivering and jerking, her face ever darker and her jaw clenched, hissing her breath in and out through her teeth. I fingered and licked her, wanting to devour her completely, wanting her entire pussy enveloping me, wanting her to ooze a never ending amount of her nectar into my starving mouth. She was beginning to crunch up periodically, her head and shoulders coming up, then lying back to gasp and look at the ceiling, and I was delighted to learn that those beautiful, clutching convulsions I had seen her do before were mirrored inside her; she tightened down hard on my fingers with each one. Thinking about how that would feel on my cock almost distracted me into slowing down, but an impatient grunt from her and a quick yank of my hair brought me back on task. I was dimly aware of Sabrina climbing onto the bed with us and I felt her straddle my right thigh, start rubbing her mound against me and panting softly, her left hand on my hip, gripping my ass for support. That pushed me into a bit of a frenzy, and I fingered Diana a little faster, sucked at her sloppy pussy a little harder. She was definitely wetting more now. It was all over my face and hand. She crunched up again, stayed there this time and I flickered my eyes up to see her looking at me, her red face showing agony– she was close. “Eating my fuck. So FUCK. good… Ugh. You motherfucker. You hot motherfucker. Eat my fucking pussy. Oh fuck lick my fucking pussy you nasty motherfucker and I will come in your mouth oh fuck eat my cum you fucking eat my goddamnNNOOH” the rush of delirious dirty talk devolved into insensate cries, sounds forced out of her by the contractions of her body. She tried to crush me with her thighs as they tried to pull closed, and she was trying to roll off to one side, but I held her there, sensing somehow that being held down was what she wanted, so I used my free hand to grip her around her hip and keep her positioned under my mouth. She contracted three or four times hard, each one bringing out a sound between a grunt and a scream, then her back abruptly arched once and she sucked in a great lungful of air before crunching up again for a few more shaking clenches, the first one bringing a sudden mess of her juice out of her and onto my hand and tongue. It wasn’t pee; she had literally released some of her cum in my mouth. Oh god she had cum in my mouth. I was barely hanging on now, and Sabrina had my leg as slick and wet as my face was; she was working herself hard against me and I could hear her noises mixing with Diana’s deep anguished grunts and it almost made me lose it. Her grip on my ass meant two of her fingers slipped between my cheeks and were touching my asshole. I didn’t know how long I could stand this. Thankfully, Diana finally relaxed, her contractions easing until they localized to her hips and thighs, becoming trembling shudders as she flopped back, releasing my head and dropping her arms flat out to lay spread eagle. Her legs relaxed too, straightening out, and I pulled my fingers out carefully to preserve the little pool of girl cum that remained in the seam between them, rolling my hips more to the side to sit up a bit more so I could bring it to my mouth. Sabrina shifted closer to lean way over my side and as my fingers reached my mouth so did she, sharing it with me and licking Diana’s leavings off my hands and face as she kissed me. I could see that she was holding the camera out at arm’s length so she could point it at us. I finally pulled my fingers away and held her head to me so I could kiss her, somehow trying to communicate what Diana’s orgasm had done to me. And she felt it. She broke the kiss after a moment, but she looked at me in a way she hadn’t before, just staring in my eyes, the first true “fuck me” face I had ever really seen out of her. She still pointed the camera at us but we both ignored it– we were too concerned about looking at each other. “Holy fuck.” I breathed. “God damn.” She agreed. Impulsively, she kissed me again, pushing her tongue deep into my mouth. “Did I do good?” I asked either one after her tongue finally withdrew. “Not done.” Diana groaned weakly from the bed. “You’re not done.” whispered Sabrina right in my face, fierce and hot. “You have lots of fucking work left to do, motherfucker.” She shuddered involuntarily and looked down at her own pussy, pressed her fingertips on the top of her public bone to make her clit stand out a little more prominently. “Fuck,” she whispered again, her eyes moving to my cock now, the camera following. “I think you need something down there too baby.” Her heat was nearly as thrilling as Diana’s. She slapped her pussy with her fingers a few times until she shied away from her own hand, a single shiver wracking her whole body; she whimpered a little in the back of her throat. Diana had gotten up on all fours now to crawl to us. “Me first, bitch,” she said, putting her hand against Sabrina’s flat tummy, pushing her back off the bed. “My cock.” Sabrina backed up and squatted, breathing like a racehorse but her eyes returning to the camera, composing her shot. She was a pro. A pro with a wet horny pussy, but still a pro. She pushed me back off the bed, too, kept going until there was room for her to slither down the side to kneel before me. She went right at my cock without any kind of preface, not delicately slobbing the end as she had done, but really sucking it, taking it deep and smooth and adding a little extra suction on the upstroke, just right. Her lips stretched tight around its length, and every few bobs of her neck it would hit the back of her throat, bringing a choking “hurk” sound out of her and making her torso convulse as she gagged. I stood there in awe of her skill, shaking my head in disbelief and trying to blink back the crushing, delicious agony I was getting from her mouth. It was a relentless and devastating pleasure, and she yoked my balls with one hand while the other found different grips on my legs and ass to pull me incessantly towards her drooling, pistoning mouth. Ropes of her spit hung off her chin and dribbled down on her flushed pink tits. Less than a minute in and I was almost in a panic, wondering how I could last against an oral onslaught like this. She was like some kind of machine, designed by some brilliant, divine engineer to perfectly suck a dick. The noises I was involuntarily making didn’t sound human to my ears, but at least they partially covered the wet sucking sounds of her mouth and the “hurk” in her throat when I hit bottom because those were almost the hardest to bear. Finally, she gagged too hard and came off me coughing, spitting out a great mass of thick precum and foamy saliva that almost completely cloaked the dark purple head of my prick. She sucked wind for a moment, and I tried to intercept her before she got her mouth on me again; I was sure I was going to cum if she did that just one more time. I might have cum even if she didn’t. I was having trouble staying on my feet. Lust burned through me like acid in my veins. I couldn’t possibly get enough air in my lungs. She lowered herself beneath my extended hand until she sat all the way down on her legs, demurely folded beneath her, hands carefully and symmetrically placed on her thighs but twisting her head side to side a little to try and shrug away from the palm I had flat against her forehead, my fingers laced in her hair. She was like an otherwise-obedient a****l trying to worm its head out of a collar it didn’t want to wear. Her face was flushed and when she tilted to the side, the gaze that met mine was sullen and smoldering. I could see how badly she wanted it back in her mouth. There was spit all over her lips, chin, tits, thighs. My dark red cock nodded in the space between us, still dripping her saliva back on her. It was so simultaneously nasty and beautiful I actually felt tears prickling in my eyes. Sabrina was edging closer on her knees, moving the camera to a low angle in order to shoot up at Diana’s dripping face. “Honey, you’re just too good. Can’t you see? Fuck, baby… Baby you gotta have mercy on me,” I tried to explain, briefly releasing her head to see what she would do. What she did was immediately lunge forward and swallow the entire length of my penis in one deep stroke, pushing her head forward until her nose nuzzled into the nest of pubic hair at the base. I couldn’t think of how it was possible; couldn’t think of anything. The blinding wave of orgasmic pressure that rapidly bloomed within me precluded all thoughts, rational or otherwise. My knees were about to buckle. I threw back my head, expecting to cry out as I came, but she suddenly withdrew most of me from her mouth and simultaneously pulled down hard on my ball sack, keeping it pulled tight while she gulped in air open-mouthed around the bulging end of my cock. It hurt, no two ways about it, it hurt kind of a lot, but it also felt delicious as the tsunami of my impending orgasm dissolved around me into a buzzing, electric euphoria of heightened sensation– she had somehow turned an inevitable peak into a plateau. Now it was my turn to whine plaintively as I labored to breathe, looking down at her unable to speak, wondering how she had done what she had just done. She worked her mouth in a little circle around the end of my cock, as if testing the fit, and then devoured it again, and again, and three times; each time it pushed farther into her throat than I thought possible and each time her nose touched the hair at the base of my cock. “Jesus, fuck. Jesus– fuck. Jesus FUCK.” I was crying. That wave again. My eyes closed on their own and my back arched of its own volition. No way could she stop it this time. But she did. Right when the world turned into blinding white static, she tugged hard on my balls again and backed off for a moment and somehow the peak dissipated again, with no reduction in my heat, making me tingle all over as I did after orgasm while still keeping the lust that drove me towards it. It was like some kind of miracle. We went through the cycle one more time and she waited almost too long; I fought to keep my head pointed down and my eyes open so I could see her when she performed this trick and the blissful effort displayed on her flushed, pretty face couldn’t be quite overcome by her tug on my balls and sudden stop. The orgasm still didn’t hit, exactly, but I felt that string pull deep inside me and my bulging cock nodded once, then strained up at a 45 degree angle, visibly throbbing, skin stretched tight around it, and a single thick rope of semen fell out to dangle off the head as I groaned from the back of my throat. She quickly moved her mouth below it, letting the gooey thread gather on her outstretched tongue, pulled it back into her mouth and swallowed it. No more followed but my cock still strained and nodded in the air as if throwing out an invisible load of epic proportions. She had by now pushed me so much farther than I had ever gone, there was so little of my ego left now that all control was gone, too. My desire for her made no sense anymore; I loved her so much in that moment that I needed to hurt her. This kind of unadorned, natural perfection had to have consequences, somehow. I would see to it. Adrenaline flooded my system and it must have showed on my face because she released my cock and balls and shrank from me, somehow managing to look both frightened and excited at the same time. She knew that something was different, now. “Ohhhh…” breathed Sabrina with a shudder, and her getting my attention almost got her in trouble too. I twisted to look at her and what she saw in my face made her ease cautiously back also, but she was still licking her lips and panting while she held her camera between us, like a protective talisman in her trembling hands. Diana still waited on me, head angled down a little, chest still heaving, but those huge green eyes turned up to me and watchful. I dropped to one knee and closed my hand around her neck, tight enough to get her face reddening immediately. She responded with the affectation of fear that I wanted, mouth parting as she struggled for a breath, and I hauled her to her feet, pulling her up far enough that she had to stand on her tip-toes. One of her hands closed around my wrist and the other went to my chest, clenching a handful of the sparse hair at the top of my pectoral muscle. I held her there for a moment, watching her face redden and her jaw work wordlessly, then threw her back towards the bed, hard enough for her to bounce, but she was nimble enough to use that motion to get herself positioned flat on her back, legs opened wide when she landed the second time. I climbed up on the edge and as soon as I could reach I gripped her by a thigh and with one hand dragged her closer to me again and she was squirming and whimpering now, one hand straying to her pussy and her eyes flickering down to the angry cock that hung in front of me, tasting the air like a predator again. I dragged her right to the edge and slipped back down so I could stand next to it. I leaned forward until I was between her wide-open, frogged-out legs, the base of my cock right over her slit, the head hanging down to point at a spot on her tummy just past her belly button. I breathed deep and hard, looked meaningfully at that picture, waiting for her to acknowledge it too. Her breathing was hitched and sniveling and another shiver ran all though her. She knew I was about to be in her guts. Her pussy shone like someone had just sprayed her with water from a hose. She was blinking and shaking her head. Sweat stung my eyes but I wasn’t tired at all. I could feel power surging through me. She was going to bear the brunt of it. Sabrina was in my peripheral vision, one leg propped up on the edge of the bed and the camera resting above her knee, the other hand digging fast at her cunt. I could hear the slick flesh getting abused. Her eyes were fixed on my cock and Diana’s pussy, too. I wanted to just plunge headlong into it, make her cry out, but as cruel as my lust had become, simultaneously I also felt something so very much like love for her, a knot of feelings so strong that I was shivering almost like she was even though I was running this show now. Instead I moved my hips so that the huge, spit-slick head of my cock rubbed against the fat pink mound between her legs, involving her lips and clit and my cockhead together in unbearable friction at the same time. She responded like I had clipped a jumper cable to her pussy. Her body tightened, a short gasp, and she held it, clenched tight and hard and silent. I reached down to get my cock by the shaft, started rubbing it around the surface of that soft cunt, starting kilis escort to growl low from the stimulation. She whimpered again, and her hips twitched reflexively. Looking from where we were about to join to my face and then back. Making a face that in another setting might be the prelude to a good cry, but that’s not what it signaled here. She started hissing her breath through clenched teeth, but no words followed. In her delirium, she gripped her own neck to choke herself.I couldn’t stand it anymore. I lowered my hips slightly and used my hand to push my cock down on her opening, easing forward and watching it deeply depress most of the middle of her engorged, meaty pussy. A tiny bit lower and more forward and her clit popped back up into view at the top, and the rest of it just depressed deeper. She was making some kind of sound now but I didn’t care what it was. Finally the upper rim of her opening appeared at the tip of my cock and I started to disappear beneath it, the rest of the wide head still pushing her labia and surrounding skin into the little hole beneath. I watched her vulva slowly stretch and distend around me as my massive erection inevitably and irresistibly pushed in. The bulging head finally got past her opening with a tiny “pop” that we both felt– she threw her head back and let out another shuddering moan and I shivered all over again. We were one. I reached down again to pull her pink further apart on either side of my wide cock to try and get deeper in. She was tight, but so wet that I was able to slide over half my length into her smoothly once it started making progress. She drew in another great shuddering breath, back arching steeply, pushing her tits higher into the air. I went to grab her neck again but she was just so heart-rendingly beautiful it turned into a caress instead. Inflamed, chest heaving, occupying her but just barely, I took that moment to rub my hands possessively over her soft body again. I cupped and squeezed her tits, thumbing her nipples, traced the curves of her thighs, her torso, even slipped my hands beneath her to get a double handful of her delicious rump. She sighed and brought her hands to mine, caressing me as I caressed her. The momentary tenderness felt heightened and especially erotic in stark contrast to the raging, violent desire that still seethed inside me, inside us both. She looked at me with shining eyes like she was about to beg for something. I took that for readiness. I switched my hands to grip her shoulder and opposite hip. Pulled her to me as I pushed my hips forward and slid in her nearly all the way. She arched again with another deep breath, but came right back down, eyes wide and blinking rapidly. Her gasp pitched up into a shrill squeak. Unconcerned about any discomfort for her, I started steadily working my throbbing spike in and out of her, moving a few degrees off center either way so as to probe her insides completely. I was gripping her very tight, probably bruising her soft flesh, but she was mine now and I wasn’t having her squirm away or pop my cock back out, which her impossibly clutching little snatch was threatening to do each time I drew back. “Uhhhhhh FUCK!” She blurted. Raised her head to look at me wild-eyed again. “Fuck!” It sounded like an accusation. I pistoned in her a little quicker each time, leaning more over her so I could get the rhythm in my hips and shoulders as well, my powerful arms rocking her in sync with my movements. Every few strokes I would push it in all the way and leave it there a second, grinding my pelvis right against hers, feeling the tight grip of her opening pinch me at the base, making the rest of me bulge even bigger inside her. “Oh shi– Mother. Fuck. Oh, fuck me. Oh my God.” I was almost snarling at her as my pace quickened. Our bodies started to slap together now, each wet smack followed by an involuntary grunt from her. Her movements were disjointed, her hands reaching up to me but falling away before she touched me, head rolling to one side or the other and arching back. Finally she balled up her fists and dropped her arms back to the bed, head staying back, a long, unbroken cry rising out of somewhere deep within her. I switched one of my hands back to her throat again, a tiny part of me still in enough control to regulate how hard I squeezed. Her breath caught in a strangled sob, then she started that long, rising cry again, muted this time by the pressure on her neck. I was pounding her now, harder and faster than I had ever fucked any girl. My thighs burned and small cramps lit up along my abdomen but that strange power propelled me on; I slammed myself into her with brutal, mechanical effort. She just wailed “fuck me” unceasingly now. Veins popped all along her neck. Face beet red. I realized almost too late that the cum was boiling up in me again. This couldn’t be over yet. I stopped on a deep stroke, shaking my head no, slinging sweat on her from my wet hair and leaving myself planted all the way in her heaving, bucking body, finally released my iron grip on her to lower myself all the way on top of her, feeling her hot, sweaty flesh touching mine from legs to shoulders. I slipped my arms beneath her in an embrace, bringing my face to her neck to drag my lips around her there, below her ear. She was still keening and gulping for air, trembling on every exhale, but her arms wrapped tight around me and her fingernails sunk into the flesh of my shoulder and lower back. I held there until her frenzy subsided, listening to her murmur words she wasn’t fully pronouncing and that I couldn’t understand. Her skin was so hot beneath me. I found her mouth, and covered it with mine, trying to get my tongue in her as deeply as my penis was, and she responded with her own, moaning into my mouth, her hands not clawing but caressing now. For a few minutes I barely moved in her, we just rocked our hips together almost imperceptibly, kissing hungrily and groaning into each other’s necks. “You fuck amaaaazing.” She finally managed to heave out something I understood. “I fucking knew it. Said you would.” Her touch on my face was so tender. “This is you. This is ah–all you. You are doing thi-is for us, ho-oney.” I was hoarse. Random muscle spasms made some of the words come out strange. My cramps were subsiding, finally. “I want to ride you.” She whispered. I rolled off of her to flop onto my back with a labored grunt, pulling a shock of hair away from my face again. The air felt suddenly cool on my wet cock. I looked across the bed at Sabrina– her hooded eyes, slack, shiny mouth and diamond-hard nipples told me she approved so far. Her left hand looked wet unto dripping. Diana showed more of that peculiar energy she could summon from nowhere, springing up into a kneel facing Sabrina, who closed for a voracious kiss that made me start throbbing again. I could see Diana’s ass flexing as she pushed against her, see Sabrina’s hand roaming over her sweaty back. The camera was pointing at the floor, nearly forgotten in her other. Diana broke the kiss and turned back to me. “Get it from his POV,” she said over her shoulder. Sabrina was visibly weak-kneed but she walked carefully around the edge of the bed to my side. Diana crawled to me smiling, flushed and sweaty and radiant. She was so beautiful in that moment that that other string pulled tight inside me again. This girl would be wife material, if she were suited to that. She stopped beside me, lowered her head as if to hide behind my still-prominent erection. “This thing, boy…” she said, eyes dancing up and down my penis. “This thing is magical.” She gave it a playful lick from base to tip. It quivered in appreciation. “Says the unicorn,” I panted in reply. “So get with the magic, already.” Biting her lip seductively, she drew up to her knees, arching her back and pushing out her tits and tummy, smoothing a hand slowly down the length of her torso. “You still want me?” she asked in mocking innocence. “Fuck, little girl. Have you not been paying attention?” “I was busy. Just wanted to make sure.” Diana replied. Sabrina was squatting on the floor beside us, bringing her arm up on the bed next to me. She didn’t smile when I smiled over at her, just stared and licked her lips absently. She looked a more than a little shell-shocked. I noticed she had positioned herself so that her legs were wide apart and she was making sure her left hand was free. Diana straddled me and started bumping her pelvis against the bottom of my cock gently, kind of humping against me. It elicited a moan and I put my hands on her thighs, stroking her skin. She smiled wickedly, then put her hands on my chest and scooted herself all the way forward, dragging the whole length of my cock across her drenched slit until she was sitting on my belly and my cock popped out behind her, rising to bump back against her ass at the bend in its middle. “Fuck,” I groaned long, both from the friction and its sudden absence. “You missed.” “Did I?” She was teasing, smiling, so maddeningly playful and cute. She raised her arms over her head, bent them at the elbows so they hung behind her back, making her breasts ride up high, tight and proud on her petite little torso. She humped on my abdomen, pushing her soft ass back against my hard meat and just wiggled a bit. “God damn, baby.” I couldn’t help but play with those flushed tits. They were even firmer now, proud and round, her nipples casting little shadows on the wrinkled areolas beneath. I rubbed and stroked them, circling my palms in turn over her stiff nipples while she watched, smiling and periodically biting her lip. Then she brought her arms forward and leaned down over me, put a hand behind my head, lifting me to her chest and I started to suck and lick and nibble all over them and she started to breathe hard again, sighing and cradling my head and purring like she did. She raised her hips and I felt my cock get grabbed, held steady while Diana’s pussy pushed back on it until it started to sink in to that damp velvet little pocket. Sabrina lending us a helping hand. She gave it a little squeeze before letting go. Diana let out a long gasp as she sank onto me. She raised up straight, putting her hands on my chest and taking my toys away. I would have pouted but she started a gentle rhythm, rocking her hips side to side and forward and back. She was so warm and wet inside. I rubbed her legs and hips, smiling up at her as she worked slowly and deliberately on my cock. I spent a few wonderful minutes studying every detail of her pleasure, watching her eyes play over my body then roll closed, incessantly biting and licking her lips. I rocked in counter-rhythm to hers, sliding as far in and out as I could while she was seated on top of me. “Oh Mike you got me going now baby with that big hard cock. I’m going to cum for you like this.” “And here I am fighting NOT to.” I gasped. “You don’t have permission yet,” she breathed. “I don’t always – ugh- follow the rules.” “If I don’t -uh- get my -uh- nut there’s going to be -uh- trouble,” she warned playfully, picking up her pace. She was rocking me good now and Sabrina was holding the camera steady along my shoulder pointed up at her while she beat her pussy up with her other hand, breathing all ragged and blinking fast. “Oh my God you are hot.” She gasped. “Damn right,” I agreed. Turned my head to actually look at her, stayed fixed on her. “You are too, you know.” She half shook her head, looked away from me, but after a moment she stole a look back, found me still staring and biting my lip. She WAS hot. Poor thing all horny but too scared to fuck, furtively masturbating in desperation as Diana and I threw ourselves at each other… Her situation was erotic, somehow, to me. I really wanted to fuck her, too. “He likes you Brina.” breathed Diana. “He’s throbbing looking at you. I can feel it.” “Yep.” I was panting a little again. Licked my lips. “Fuck.” Sabrina whined, looking down at her pussy again. “You want to kiss him.” Diana didn’t phrase it as a question. “I want to kiss you.” “I know baby. Ugh. Oh, fuck. Fuck me. Yeah. Uh– But him too, though. Uh.” Sabrina just made a little impatient noise and looked at her pussy again. Her hand was still busy. “You want to suck his cock, too.” She just shook her head, but her eyes closed and she straightened a bit, tongue peeking out. That hand worked a little faster. Her shoulders went up and down as she heaved for air. “Is this making you as hot as it is me?” Diana asked me. “Fuck.” was all I could muster, pulling her down to me all of a sudden and pushing her face hard against my shoulder, using the extra room at our hips to briefly hammer at her sex. She let out another of those long cries, crunching up on top of me again. “FUCK!” she screamed. After a minute I let her go and she reluctantly sat back up, flushed bright red across her upper chest and cheeks, horny enough to be caressing her own body as she resumed her smooth humping. “That is what she wants, Diana. That right there.” “Ugh, I know I do,” she growled. “FUCK. But I think she does too.” She was going a little harder than before. That b**st was waking up again. “Stop it you guys.” Sabrina’s voice was barely a whimper. Her eyes half closed. She looked farther gone than even Diana or I. “Just… stop.” She fumbled the camera with her shaking hands, nearly dropped it. “See?” she gasped in frustration. “You poor pretty little thing. You don’t even know how to let a man make you feel good, do you?” I purred to her. “I said…” she didn’t finish. Looked down at herself again. Pulled her hand away to look at the wetness on it. It was trembling in front of her. Impulsively I reached out and caught her wrist. Her panting mouth moved wordlessly as she looked at me with wide eyes. I pulled it insistently towards me and she released her grip on the camera in her other hand, it lay over on its side on the bed. Gently, and with all the tenderness and Diana-fueled heat I could muster, I delicately started to sample the taste of her off her shaking hand, swabbing my tongue between her fingers and sucking them into my mouth. “Ohhhhhh God damn? Fuck.” Diana stopped getting fancy and just slid herself straight forward and back. Hard and faster than before, eyes locked on what I was doing. “Oh what are you… Oh. Oh. Mike.” Sabrina was leaning towards me a little more now. The hand that had held the camera went to my chest, recoiled quickly at the first touch of the hair on my skin, but then delicately, barely brushed across one of my nipples. “She tastes good, huh?” Diana grunted, her voice full of tension and effort. I kept making love to Sabrina’s hand. She started to smear it around my face and lashing tongue, sticking her fingers in my mouth of her own accord. “Oh shit.” Her other hand was feeling all over my chest now and she was close, leaning over me now. Her tiny tits heaved just beyond the edge of the bed. “Watch how he fucks me.” Diana commanded, grabbing Sabrina’s head and pulling her up until she could get her to lay her head on my stomach, right in front of our union. I took the hint, and as Diana raised up on her knees a little more to give me the room, I fucked her steady and deep, grunting with the effort. “Uhhh!” she yelled. “Oh baby do you see? Oh Jesus, God, fuck me just like that. Oh God that dick. Fuck.” “Yes,” Sabrina’s voice was a hoarse whisper. Her entire upper body was on the bed, her silky, still damp hair d****d down my side. I could feel her sweaty face against my tummy. She was bent at the waist, legs straight to the floor, her pert little ass just within reach of my hand. One of her arms was buried beneath her and I knew what it was doing. I touched her back with the flat of my palm. She was so tight and wiry; sinewy muscles bunched under her skin. Her ribs were visible along the side that faced me. She didn’t react or protest, so I slid my hand a little further away, tracing the bumps of her spine down to the small of her back. She started to raise her head but Diana pushed her back into position. “Watch.” She gasped between moans and urging me to fuck her like that. I kept pistoning my hips but splitting my focus was making it difficult. I needed to rest so I pushed up hard, raising Diana off the bed a little and making her gasp, then collapsed, heart racing, hoping she would take the hint in turn. In that moment I coiled my hand around Sabrina’s rock-hard butt, my fingertips reaching within her crack a little, feeling how warm and damp it was in there. She moved her hips, but not away from me. Instead, she edged a little closer, enough for me to graze her mound with my fingertips now. She was soaked. Diana had taken over our mating, and her urge was still very strong. She fucked me with long, steady strokes, forward and back, keeping her clit pressed against me almost the whole way, showing both of us how a real porn star did it. Her face was darkening with the effort. Sabrina moved her head closer so that Diana’s crotch touched her face at its closest point; she was probably licking at her as well but I couldn’t see. Diana’s grunts were loud and getting louder. Sabrina suddenly lifted her left leg then, bringing it up on the bed with us. I could clearly see her moist brown lips now, the hairy muff above. I placed my hand over her the crack of her ass so I could feel it and rub my thumb over those pouting lips at the same time. That made her push back towards me more, trying to split the difference between me and Diana. As I slid my thumb back and forth between her slippery lips, the tip of it dipped inside her for a second. She certainly reacted to that, raising up on her arms quickly to look back at me, eyes searching my face. I couldn’t read her expression except of course that she was desperately horny. Diana was touching her, too, softly rubbing her arms and chest and she turned Sabrina’s face back to her and bent down for another kiss. They murmured to each other and I resumed stroking on Sabrina’s pussy and rubbing her hot little ass. Diana had slowed down as well as we both focused on Sabrina. She moved to stand, then, moving out of reach of my hand but instead of taking her leg off the bed, she grabbed the camera and lowered it to the floor and slid herself all the way up onto the bed, to lie fully on top of me. She kissed across Diana’s stomach as her hard, sweaty body slid over mine, treating me to a close view of her mound up on my chest. I went to work with both hands then, rubbing up and down her legs, bringing my thumbs right up to her sensitive inner thighs. She was moaning louder and she turned her head to the side to try and see my cock in Diana’s pussy again. Diana’s pussy milked me and I played with Sabrina until all of us were raging. I had two fingers in her and she was humping and working her hips against my chest like Diana did on my dick. Bit by bit, she moved her pussy closer to my mouth while she squirmed, and seeing and smelling that tight little snapper just inches away was maddening. Finally Diana started pulling her up to kiss again, and since she was leaning forward towards her a little, when Sabrina raised up, her hips moved back just enough and without hesitation I pulled out my fingers and clamped my mouth on her, swabbing and licking across her swollen lips, my nose pushing right up against her anus. “Oh Fuck!” She yelled, tightening up, but didn’t even start to pull away. Instead, she backed up more and moved with my mouth, letting me taste her salty musk and explore her inside with my hungry tongue. It was a tight, pretty pussy, wholly different from Diana’s but just as sweet, and I ate her with passion and focus. “Oh, Sabrina. He wants you so bad baby. I wish you could feel how fucking hard he is. Ugh.” It was true. Diana was a goddess, but Sabrina’s repression, her denial of her needs and the challenge of unlocking her desire was utterly inflaming as well. “Ugh. Uh. He eats it really good. Ugh. Oh fuck. Just like that, you… Ugh.” She was sobbing a little as she spoke. She kept moving back until I was lying flat and her muff was covering the lower half of my face. It was hard to breathe under her wet, grinding crotch but I wasn’t going to stop unless I passed out first. “I’ll fuck your fucking mouth. Is that what you want, motherfucker? Fuck your mouth. Like that. Fuck. Yeah. Oh shit.” She was all in now, humping the hell out of my head. Wetness just continuously oozed out of her and I tasted it strongly in my mouth. She was too close to the headboard to let her legs go out straight so she had to cross them underneath the pillow I lay on to really get herself against me. I wrapped my arms around her hips and held two handfuls of that hard little ass as I licked her. “So fucking hot,” Diana whined. “You guys are so fucking hot. Fuck for me, you hot motherfuckers.” Her pace was picking up again and that white hot wall of pleasure was drawing closer to me. Sabrina was face down on my heaving abdomen, head up against Diana’s thrusting thigh. “Eat it. Fuck. Lick my pussy.” I heard the desperation in her voice. “Lick my pussy. My clitty. Right here, baby.” I felt Diana raise herself up and stop, keeping the top third of my cock in her, tilting her hips back to display her stretched out slit to her lover. I wished I could see it too. Sabrina must have started doing it, as Diana trembled and groaned each time Sabrina’s pussy moved a little away from me, and I was sure I felt a tongue graze my shaft once or twice. I slowly started to drag it in and out of her again. I was on fire, and I channeled it all into working my mouth on Sabrina. I lashed my tongue up to her dusky little butthole, working in circles around it, sneaking a lick inside. She cried out into Diana’s pussy again and I felt her hot breath on my junk. “Oh, my God. You didn’t lick MY ass, you nasty fuck. You. Ugh. Fuck. You sexy nasty motherfucker. Oh, shit.” She started stroking me again, and Sabrina turned her head back towards me. I couldn’t see her but I could tell. “Lick it again, goddammit. Put your tongue in it again. You nasty… Oh.” I complied, too fargone to care. She wanted it, I gave. I switched between her vagina and anus with my sucking mouth and lashing, probing tongue and Sabrina got more and more frenzied. “Fuck I’m almost there. Eat it baby! Oh fuck I’m gonna come.” Diana was rocking me all the while. I was going to come, too, but there was no warning anyone. I couldn’t think. “Brina!” she gasped. “What you need is here. Taste my pussy.” She inexplicably got all the way off my cock and I immediately groaned in protest from the darkness of Sabrina’s muff. “Lick my pussy off him. Like this.” That mouth. Diana’s mouth on me once again, smooth and warm and wet. She pulled it out with a sloppy sucking sound. “Taste my pussy on him.” Then I felt another tongue. It was on my side of my cock, and that meant Sabrina was licking my shaft. She licked it hesitantly at first, but her tongue knew its stuff and soon there were two tongues and two soft mouths swabbing my aching head and I thought I was going to go crazy. I twisted my head to the side enough to make myself heard. “I can’t even watch? What the fuck? Come on!” I could feel Sabrina jiggling as she laughed at that. “That’s why I like being gay,” she gasped. “Dildos don’t bitch.” That made me chuckle a bit and I could hear Diana laugh, too, her breath tickling my cock. She reluctantly dismounted my head to lay beside me and then I could look down to see them together at my dick. Their faces so close. God it was still so red and hard. “Mike this is a beautiful cock,” cooed Diana. “I mean it, and I’ve seen a few. A-plus, baby.” She added a soft, tender swab of that bovine tongue of hers. “Am I supposed to say something nice, too?” asked Sabrina sardonically, but she was still looking at it. “Actions speak louder,” I sighed. She licked it too, all the way base to tip, then swirled her tongue around the purple head. I groaned. Diana joined her again, and for a few glorious minutes, I lay there watching two sexy girls kiss and tongue wrestle with my now-monstrous erection in the middle. They lavished saliva and affection on me and I got so hot I was shaking again, twitching every time they touched it. I rubbed Sabrina’s leg because it was the only part of either of them I could touch. “I think we’re in the danger zone, Brina. This volcano may be active.” Diana panted. Sabrina raised up. “Uh-uh. This is fun, and he licks pussy like…” she bit her lip, which made me smile “…ugh, but I am not getting any dude’s cum on my face. Ew. Nothing personal, though, you’re… But sorry.” I laughed a strained, gasping laugh. “Well since we don’t have any hazmat gear handy maybe you should clear the room just in case. This could be the motherload.” I laughed a bit, they did too. Sabrina slid her lithe little body onto mine and gave me a sweet, sincere kiss. And when I pulled away she bit my lower lip, holding me there for a second, tweaked my nipple hard. She gave me a sharp grin and a light slap on the face and went to pick up the camera. She hadn’t gotten hers, thanks to Diana. I felt a little bad for her in that moment. Why had she done that? It was a mystery for later, my dick told me. I sighed, sat up on my elbows to smile at Diana. She smiled back, came to lay beside me, head nestled onto my shoulder. “Keep going?” she asked hopefully. “At this point if both you guys just vanished I’d probably just have to jerk off like 4 times in a row before I could even go out in public again.” “You’ve stayed really hard. Good job, boy.” “I’m about whipped though, physically. Out of shape. Still need you, though.” “There’s always that second wind.” “Do you ever get tired?” “Of course. But sometimes it takes longer.” “Are you honestly having a good time with me?” A deep, soulful kiss. She moved so softly against me. She was so impossibly soft. She had me in her hand then and I was almost afraid of how soft and tender she was. God it felt like love again. Both strings getting pulled now. I wanted to be her big daddy forever, right in that moment. “You reached me with this thing.” she whispered. “When you shot on me. I swear that is like the hottest thing… I dunno. But fucking with you feels so fucking good that I just want to keep doing it.” “Uh baby. Easy now. Uh.” “You’re no good to me if you can’t do anything because you’re trying to hold your wad. Let’s finish you, first. So we can go again.” “You want my cum?” “In my pussy this time… Daddy. Please.” Daddy. Oh Jesus. No, don’t do that. Why. It was wrong. But I throbbed. “You like it when I call you that, Daddy?” “Fuck. That’s wrong. You nasty little…” “You want to cum in your nasty girl’s little pussy, Daddy? It’s so tight I don’t think you will even fit.” “Oh. Fuck. Honey. No.” “It’s OK, we are just playing, Daddy. Play with me again.” “Oh, no. This is so… Oh. ” “Look how big you are. I want to see if it will fit.” “Jesus, God.” “Tell me you want to be in my little pussy, Daddy, and you can have it. You can… you can fuck me if you want, Daddy. I want to make you happy.” She was perfectly affecting innocent curiosity, somehow, in the midst of her filthy heat. “Get on it. Fucking now.” I was out of my mind by then. The daddy stuff was absolutely wrong, but it was also going to get her exactly what she wanted. How she had unlocked this particular dark fantasy was beyond me. She slipped back onto me, no teasing this time, lying fully on top of me so that her tits pressed against my chest. Her nipples were still so hard I could easily feel them poking me. “So big in me, Daddy. Oh. It hurts.” “Oh my God, forgive me. Oh honey I want to hurt you right now.” “It hurts but it feels so good too Daddy. Show me.” “I’ll show you—“”Show me how a big grown man fucks his little girl.” “Huh. Ugh.” So far gone. So little of me left to think how wrong it was. “That’s it Daddy. Oh just like that. Daddy I’m getting tight. My pussy– oh, fuck. You’re in so deep.” “Sweet baby. Oh God. I can’t…” “Show me Daddy. Am I pretty? Am I your pretty little girl? Then fucking show me.” Hissed the last part at me, and that was that. I threw her over onto her back, rolling on top of her without taking my cock out, staying right up against her, our flesh pressed so tight together. Crunched my hips in and out so I could fuck her without raising off her any. My face buried in the side of her neck.”Oh, shit, you got it now. Oh…? That’s it right there. Oh fucking Jesus. Oh shit– like that. Just like that. Just like that. Fuck. Please don’t stop Daddy. Oh fuck I’m almost there.” Her voice pitched higher and higher. I was churning her now, as deep and hard as I could, not too fast. Building it steady. She took it, choking for breath, shaking her head, not really coherent anymore. Her body jiggled all over each time I drove it in her, trying to fuck her all the way down into the mattress. “Fuck. Da-a-ugh. I– I want — AH. AH. Agggggggggggh…” She was suddenly coming again, and I experienced every bit of it this time. That flushing, pretty face, bobbing up from the bed as if pulled by an invisible grasp– mouth slack, shiny with drool, veins popping out in her forehead, strangling grunts forced out of her as her body clutched– as her pussy clutched, milking me deep inside her, that unreal clenching inside her that abruptly shifted my whole world into white-hot, roaring noise, and there was no reason to fight, nothing to hold back for, then, and I exploded both inside my head and inside of her, feeling the trigger pull hard again and again as she enveloped me and accepted the surging waves of my seed into her greedy, clutching little pocket. I was so far inside her. For a fleeting moment as it all crashed down around me, it almost felt like I were the one getting fucked, as if something were driving deep inside of me instead of her. As if the cum were rushing out into my guts instead of hers. We screamed into each other’s necks, I think– I know I did, for I was hoarse after, and for who-knows-how long we tensed and shuddered against each other, each of us holding so tight as we took everything we could from one another, gave everything we could, in return. I returned to the world only gradually, like waking from a long sleep, hips still rocking, first aware of the heat of her body against mine, then feeling her laboring to breathe under my weight. I shifted to one side slightly, propped myself a little with an elbow to let her get some more air. Her legs were still locked around mine, ankles crossed behind me. I was still all the way inside her, as deep as I could get. She still held me firmly in there like a soft little hand. I wondered how much I had pumped out into her. I wanted to kiss her badly and so I did, and she kissed me back, and for a long time we just looked at each other and lay there mutually feeling whatever this wonderful thing could be called. She closed her eyes, blissful and drowsy, and I kissed and nibbled all over her still-flushed, sweaty face. Her eyes stayed closed but she smiled at my soft affection. “I don’t think I can tell where I end and you begin,” she finally whispered. “Mission accomplished,” I answered, and she smiled broader, starting to kiss me back once again. That’s it. There’s more, but no sexy action. A plot twist, left, though, kind of. Kinda silly in retrospect. Thanks for reading it, hypothetical viewer.

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