My new boss and I


My new boss and II got a job at an accounting firm right out of college. My friends I had made in college were all going on a Caribbean cruise for two weeks I had planned to go but the accounting firm I applied at wanted me to start right away. One job requirement was that I wear a business suit every day and they had a casual Friday twice a month. Suits could be pants or skirts that could not be higher than just below the knees. I remember my first few weeks I was nervous a lot I was afraid of making mistakes. I had been given the task of balancing books for a small local business and I spent quite a few lunches in my cubicle checking and rechecking everything I did. On the last Friday of my first month I had to present my work to my boss and I was so nervous my palms were sweating! After going over my work and answering a ton of questions she was pleased to see that my work was accurate and neat and I was given another account.During my first year I had proven myself to my boss and coworkers and had become confident enough that people were coming to me for answers. I felt like I was in a really good place, my cubicle was moved to the front after one lady retired and I was given a pretty good raise. It was enough that I could finally get my own apartment. I was able to pay back the loan on my car and save some too. I am lucky to have two wonderful parents and three awesome older brothers. Once I found an apartment my parents furnished it for me (for my college graduation gift) and my brothers moved me in. I didn’t like being up so high on the 20th floor but I had a beautiful view of the harbor and the Statue of Liberty.One day I was just about to step into the elevator with a coworker and good friend Sara when the boss yelled for me to come to her office. I told Sara to go ahead and I will meet her at the street side café. The office was empty and so quiet you could hear a pin drop.As I approached the boss’ office door I said “Yes ma’am can I help you”? “Yes Lisa, please come in and have a seat”! She finished up doing whatever it was she was doing then got up and closed the door then the window blinds behind her desk. I began to feel a little uneasy as she has never called me into her office and closed the door and blinds.“Lisa, I’ve been reviewing your work performance for the past year and I have to tell you I like what I see”! Thank you ma’am I said. Please Lisa call me Penny. She said that she had been instructed by upper management to promote someone for a Lead Project Manager. I asked Penny with a worried sound, “Where is Sara going”? Penny said Sara is being promoted from Lead Project Manager to a Supervisor role upstairs. “Lisa I think you are my best choice for the job but I am concerned about something”! I was so shocked and happy at the same time and with a nervous voice I said “Penny whatever it is I will do my best and work really hard”. “I don’t doubt that one bit Lisa! What concerns me is how I am going to keep a professional relationship with you as my Lead Project Manager”. I was confused by that! Just then she put her hands on my shoulders and said “You’re a very attractive young woman Lisa and often at times I cannot control my thoughts”! I started to lean forward when Penny pulled my shoulders back leaned over and whispered in my ear “Tell me to stop and I will never mention this to you again”! Penny kissed me on my neck and up to my ear. She slid one hand down onto my right tit and I gasped for air “You okay” she asked? I couldn’t say anything so I just shook my head yes. I almost told her to stop but I had not been with anyone in six months and it felt really good to be touched. Penny came around to my front and as I looked into her eyes I could see something I had not seen before. She had this sort of look about her that was making my heart pound with tremendous excitement. I could feel my nipples getting hard and warmth in my pussy that was making it hard for me to sit still. Penny grabbed my hand and pulled me to my feet, pushed my hair back and gave me the most passionate kiss I ever experienced. She kissed me and rubbed my tits for about ten minutes before turning me around and slowly lifting my skirt. Just as she began to rub my pussy through my nylons my knees got week and my legs wobbled. Penny noticed my breathe getting stronger while she rubbed my clit so she kissed me more to silence me so that no one could hear us. Teasing me Penny whispered in my ear “Want me to stop”? NO was my answer, I hadn’t been this close to orgasm from someone else’s touch in months. Penny then said “You better hurry up and cum then, we don’t have much more time”!I never imagined I would ever find myself in this situation while at work especially at the hand of my boss! I’ve never been able to cum without being loud so as soon as my orgasm started I hugged Penny and bit down on the collar of her blouse. My body spasmed and shook violently as wave after wave of intense orgasms ran through my body. Penny wrapped her arms around me to hold me up so that I didn’t fall. Once my orgasms stopped Penny helped me straighten up my skirt and blouse and said I should go clean up and get ready for the after lunch meeting. In the bathroom I went into a stall and pulled my stockings down to clean myself up. As I exited the stall Sara walked in and I apologized for not showing up for lunch. Sara in a bit of a surprised look said “You didn’t go to the sidewalk cafe”? I explained that Penny wanted şehitkamil escort to discuss a possible promotion for me.All happy and excited for me Sara told me she got called up stairs to talk about a promotion for her! She gave me a big hug and we headed to the board room upstairs. After work that day a bunch of us went out for dinner to celebrate. Penny showed up for desert and drinks and while we all sat around the table in our booth she sent me a text saying “I can’t stop thinking about earlier. Want to meet me later”? I looked up at Penny who was sitting next to me and with a tiny hint of a smile I texted her back “Yes, my place three blocks away on 76th”!I finished my drink, said my goodnights and prepared to head out when Penny caught up to me and said she’d be over in about a half hour. I hurried home and quickly cleaned up a few things put on some music and changed into my sweats then waited on the couch. When the doorbell rang I jumped up and nervously walked to the door. Penny walked in with a bottle of wine and a big smile, we didn’t even get three sips of the first drink and we were kissing. Penny grabbed my drink set them down and pushed me back in the couch and climbed on top of me. She put her hands on my cheeks and said she had waited a long time for this and then she kissed me.Penny started removing my sweats then panties and I helped her out of hers. I leaned in to kiss her and went to her neck, kissing and licking my way to her ear. We spent the next 4 hours making love in my bed on the floor against the wall and in the shower! It was a fantastic night and the next day was a rainy miserable cold day so we spent half of the day in my bed naked having great sex.The following week was an extremely busy one as we had three different deadlines and it did feel a little strange after having had great sex with my boss from Friday night to Sunday morning. That Friday morning after a long productive meeting Penny summoned me to her office. She basically wanted me to relax we’d all worked really hard all week and things were on track to complete the third deadline by lunch. Penny instructed me to sit down and while reading something she walked to the door and locked it. Then Penny came around to my front and sat on my lap and she gave me a kiss with lots of tongue. She said that if I was up for it that she wanted to come to my place tonight she has something special for me. After the time we had last week, I said definitely! Sex is a great stress reliever for me and I would never turn down my drop dead gorgeous boss! Later that night Penny showed up at 7pm just as promised with Chinese dinner a bottle of wine and a bag of something. We started with changing into nothing but a sweater on and we had dinner on the living room coffee table where we could also watch some news. Penny took my wine from me and sat it down on the coffee table and she gave me a slow passionate kiss on the lips on and in my ears, neck and tits. She pushed me back on the floor and straightened my legs then climbed on top of me. With another soft kiss Penny whispered that she was ready to begin with my surprise! She said that it was actually a bunch of little surprises.Penny sat up and removed her sweater then mine then began to kiss me everywhere working her way up from my belly button to my ears. Slow passionate kisses had my juices flowing and Penny was taking full advantage it. She whispered in my ear “You did a fabulous job at work all week and I’m about to reward you”. She continued to say that it was extremely hard for her to keep her hands to herself and she often wondered if I felt the same!After making love for nearly two hours we collapsed in each others’ arms and talked a lot about our turn ons and turn offs. She knew I had no boyfriend and explained how she and her hubby have an open relationship and she promised him that she would not have sex with any man until he met them first but she could have any woman she wanted without his approval first as long as she brought them home at a later time. Penny said that she was hoping she could introduce us in the morning I was hesitant at first but thought it would be fun! After a long night of orgasms and great passion Penny and I cleaned up my apartment and headed out. Penny said that her husband [Joel] would be golfing until noon and if I was up for some kinky fun she wanted to surprise Joel with a gift, me! I said to Penny “Me as a gift, what exactly does that mean? What kind of gift”? Penny said “it is totally up to you but as you know Joel and I have a unique relationship and I’m pretty sure once you meet him you will want to fuck him. I know Joel will want to fuck you! You don’t have to if you don’t want to and your decision will never affect your job and work but I think once you meet him you will want to”! Penny then hugged me and whispered in my ear “I love to watch him fuck younger women after he has worn me out and I should warn you, he likes to get rough. If he gets too rough with you just say so and he will stop. He likes it rough but doesn’t have to have it rough. ”I wasn’t sure about it at first but I said I would try. Penny showed me into a ‘secret’ room beside their bedroom that was completely sealed off with a hidden door in her walk in closet. Penny showed me a few toys and a couple of her personal favorites. They’ve never showed this room to anyone and she has wanted to see me in it for a few months now! I said to Penny a bit of a chuckle “You like these things”? She explained that when in the right mood some of the toys give me incredible orgasms! Penny kissed me and asked me if I would give Joel a gift as soon as he gets here? I asked her what she had in mind “This here is his favorite toy” she said as she grabbed a copper thing off the wall! Penny helped me put this chastity belt on made of steel and copper. As she pulled it up she guided the two lubricated dildos into my ass and pussy then hooked the latches on the side and front and locked them.Penny asked how it felt “A little uncomfortable I said”. She explained that it’s supposed to be. Penny showed me a little tiny remote in her hand with a smile. When I asked what it was for she just smiled and said “Here let me show you” and just then I felt a big jolt deep inside my pussy and I let out a bit of a scream. What the heck I said with a chuckle. Penny grabbed another belt off the wall and showed me the two metallic pieces built into the dildos that are connected to a battery.Penny took my blouse and bra off and put her silk robe on me and tightened the belt. She looked at me with a devilish grin and kissed me. “Come sit down here” she said “Let me do your hair”. I sat down in front of the mirror in Pennys bedroom and she brushed my hair before braiding it. Penny began to massage my shoulders then my neck. As I sat there her hands felt magical as her fingers kneaded my neck muscles. She then laid a few soft tender and passionate kisses on my neck which sent shivers down my spine. It felt so darn good she had me completely lost in my thoughts.Just then we heard Joel walk in and my heart began to pound with excitement and fear. I stayed behind the door until Penny gave me the signal and I walked out and Joel’s back was to me, I heard Penny say “I brought you something. Behind you!” just as Joel turned around I dropped Pennys’ robe to the floor and I could see his eyes light up. Without taking his eyes off of me he asked Penny why she wasn’t utilizing the cuffs on the back Penny explained that she had left them for him. Joel is a very good looking guy. He’s tall clean cut and muscular, not a big muscle guy but a nice body of muscles.Joel stood behind me and reached around and grabbed my tits. He put his palms under them and bounced and squeezed them. I could see Penny looking at him and told him to go easy with me she has never done this before. He put his hand on my throat gently squeezed and whispered in my ear “Did you like fucking my wife, you’re going love it when I fuck you?” “I’m assuming my wife has showed you the house? What did you think of our toy room?” I shook my head said yes it’s interesting!Joel put my wrists into the two cuffs that were attached to the chastity belt and clicked them shut. He stayed behind me while rubbing my tits and Penny began to kiss me. They led me up the huge staircase both holding an arm. We walked through the bedroom to the toy room and Joel stopped in the middle of the room and he asked me “Do you have a tolerance for pain, can we test it?” he said. I told him I do but don’t know how much and just then Penny pushed the button again and I jumped as the jolt surged from one dildo to the other.I asked him what he had planned and he showed me what he called a crop. Eager to know what he was going to do I say yes okay. He had already removed his clothes and he said to get on my knees and suck him. One quick look and I was happy to, his dick was hard a good 8” and about the size of a golf ball. I took him into my mouth and swirled my tongue around the head. It was a beautiful mushroom head that was bigger than his shaft. The skin of his shaft and head were silky soft and smooth the head felt really good in my mouth. He started to swing the crop over my ass time and time again increasing the intensity every swing.I kept sucking the head and pushing it in a little more each time stopping it at the back of my mouth to make lots of saliva for lubrication. Stroke after stroke I had more and more saliva and I was just starting to get him all the way down when Joel grabbed my ponytail tightly with one hand and his dick with the other and began to shake it in the back of my mouth (I assumed it felt good for him) and popping it out of my cheek.All at once Joel shoved the entire shaft down my throat and stopped with it all the way down. I looked up at Joel and he was obviously enjoying himself. His eyes were partially closed rolled back and he made some noises. When he pulled his dick back out I had lots of saliva that fell onto my chest. Joel put his dick in my mouth and slowly pushed it in until it suddenly ‘popped’ into my throat then pulled it back out. He ‘popped’ it into my throat again and again and again. “Mmm fuck yeah that feels awesome” I said as he bent over and kissed me.Joel put both hands on top of my head and began to fuck my throat vigorously stroke after stroke. It felt so good I wondered if he knew that I like this. I had tried to count his strokes but I got so lost in the sensations that his soft smooth mushroom head gave me from the top of my throat to the bottom. He pulled it out and with a big smile he kissed me again.Joel grabbed my ponytail and pulled me to my feet bent me over and started spanking me. He counted ten times on each cheek then stood back and counted ten more each cheek with his crop. Joel unhooked my hands and wrapped a band around each wrist and clamped them to a bar hanging above me. With my hands spread wide above my head Joel did the same to my feet with hooks in the floor. Penny began to lick me while Joel was swinging his crop over my back and ass. After twenty lashes across my back he massaged my ass and back then gave Penny twenty lashes while she licked me. Joel cracked another twenty hard ones over my back then unhooked my ankles and wrists and pulled me down to his dick and quickly began to fuck my throat again. He was so rough and yet gentle at the same time his dick feeling so good that my mind totally blocked out the pain, burning and stinging in my back.It had been over a year since being with a man and Joel was certainly trying to make me play catch up. He continued in my throat again saying that it felt so damn good and tight that I’d never be able to spit his cum out when he dumps it deep! “I like this a lot my pretty little bitch” Joel said! I smiled and gave him a quick wink. He continued his assault on my mouth and throat fucking me for nearly fifteen minutes when he grabbed my ponytail and pulled me over to the bed he picked me up and threw me down then grabbed my ankles and yanked me to the edge.Joel got down on his knees and started licking my wet pussy, sucking my clit and pulling it with his lips. Penny was sucking on my nipples and kissing me. She looked me in the eye with a big smile “Having fun yet” she asked? OMG yes I said with a squeaky voice. Penny climbed on top of me so that her pussy was right on my mouth. One time in college I licked a girl while another licked me and it was one of the best sexual encounters I ever had. I was beginning to think that Penny and Joel were going to top that! I had previously thought that Penny was good at licking me but Joel was fantastic with his tongue! He was so good it didn’t take but ten minutes and orgasm after orgasm had my body convulsing with spasm after spasm. My body felt like I was floating down a rapid river up with a strong orgasm and down when it stops then up again and again, five times. It was the first time I ever had multiple orgasms that reached more than three orgasms! Joel pushed my knees up so he could get one foot on the bed and he slapped his big hard dick on my pussy and pressed the head against my pussy lips and slowly pressed and pushed it in. He pulled it out and pushed it back in a little more the third time he went all the way in. His size made it pretty tight inside me so he started out slow and after about five minutes he increased his tempo. Soon he was fucking me like a wild a****l fast hard pounding.Joel pulled out of me and flipped me over onto my hands and knees and continued fucking me as hard as he could. He paused briefly to grab my hair then continued his incredible stamina while pushing my head into the mattress. Suddenly without any warning he yanked my head back and said “Oh my tight little bitch! Holy fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”He tried saying something else but I couldn’t understand him. He was moaning and breathing heavy. I looked over my shoulder at him and he was covered in sweat. I thought he was about to cum but he was nowhere close. He stopped and stood me on my feet grabbed my wrists holding them in one hand behind my back and continued pounding me as hard as he had been. Joel grabbed my hair again and yanked me back, I kind of felt like I was immobilized for a breeding like when some a****ls will pin their partners down and fuck them until they’re done or they’ve cum enough to breed them.Joel pushed me to the floor and started on my throat again “Take it baby, take it baby. Suck it down like a good little bitch”! It only took a few minutes and Joel unloaded a big load on my face. Finally Joel lay down so I can have my fun. I climb up on the bed and sit over Joel and eased his still rock hard dick into my hungry pussy. Slowly I began to ride the massive dick. I leaned down to kiss Joel and he grabbed my wrists and held them behind my back with one hand and held my head back by my hair with the other while he fucked me. Joel instructed Penny to cuff me again then he let go and held my head with both hands and started fucking me even harder! He was driving so deep it began to hurt my cervix but it was only a couple more minutes and I was having another huge very intense orgasm that had my head spinning. Joel was only the fourth guy I’ve ever been with and gone all the way and it was by far the best to date! While in my freshman year of college I fooled around with a guy who lived a few miles from the campus but we only did oral. Mostly I gave him oral because he offered to pay me to do it when his wife wouldn’t do it! The money was good and that’s where I learned to love sucking dick but that did not compare to the incredible sex I was having with Joel. Now I understand why Penny is so overwhelmed with her sex life and was looking for someone to help her with it.From that point on I was having incredible sex with these two gorgeous people [whom I suspect are having an early mid life crisis and want to have sex like they did in college] who were very generous to take me everywhere with them. They vacation at least twice a year and at least once a month they took four or five days to travel the USA and see the sites and occasionally I end up getting fucked outdoors where there’s a slight chance of getting caught.Six months later Penny found out she couldn’t have c***dren and after another six months I agreed to be Penny and Joels’ surrogate. Once I became pregnant with their first c***d they moved me in with them and I was pampered 24/7!

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