Coming on Mom


Coming On Mom I started jerking off when I was sixteen. I guess I was a late bloomer. My friend Pat and I had been talking about girls for a few months, but the farthest I had ever gotten with a girl was some French kissing. I had been getting hard-ons for a couple of years but never really played with myself until Pat told me about his dad’s stash of dirty magazines. They were just boobs and ass shots mostly. Not even Playboy or Penthouse but they were plenty wild for me the first time I saw them.Pat had snagged a couple and we were sitting on his bed after school looking at them in his room. We were both sporting boners right away. After we looked through both of them Pat said he had to jack off or he was gonna cum in his pants. I was kind of embarrassed because I had never done it before so I told him I’d go home and let him take care of it. He said don’t worry about it we could do it together. We had been rubbing our crotches while we looked at the pics but I wasn’t sure about doing it in front of him or watching him. I didn’t want him to think I was gay or anything. He just unbuckled his pants and pulled them down and started stroking his dick while he was talking about the blonde on page sixteen. So I said what the hell, and did the same.I couldn’t help but compare our dicks and saw he was about six inches long. I was pretty pleased with myself because mine was at least two inches longer and fatter too. Since I hadn’t really jacked off, I watched Pat out of the corner of my eye and started doing what he was. He had just started jacking it dry so I grabbed mine and man it felt good! It didn’t take very long for me to start feeling like something was going to happen. Pat was kind of groaning and saying oh yeah and gonna cum. He reached over to his nightstand and grabbed the box of tissues there and set them between us and told me to shoot in it.He groaned and put the tissue right in front of his cock and fired off four or five times into the Kleenex. Watching him made me want to shoot too but when I started it just wouldn’t quit. I fired off seven or eight times and the Kleenex just couldn’t handle it. It was dripping all over the bedspread. Holy shit it felt good! I just kept cumming. When I was finally done it was all over my pants and his bed. Pat was just looking at me.“Damn Craig, you must’ve cum a gallon! Do you always cum that much? Shit dude, you got it all over yourself and all over my bed. Help me clean it up or my mom will figure out what we‘ve been doing.”So we grabbed more tissues and I wiped myself and my pants off while he wiped off his bed. I then got some more and cleaned it up off the carpet. I was apologizing but he said not to worry about it and he just wished he could cum like that. I was pretty embarrassed about the whole thing so I split pretty quickly. Pat said we had to do it again but I was pretty evasive and said I’d see him later. I got on my bike and rode home thinking about how good it had felt and how soon I could do it again.When I got home mom was there as usual. Her name is Sarajean. My dad had died two years before and the insurance and stuff had left us okay with money so mom didn’t have to work. We got along really well and did a lot of stuff together, like going to movies, and mom even took me to baseball games which were way cool. She was in the kitchen getting dinner ready.“Hi sweetie, did you have fun over at Pat’s house? Dinner will be ready in a little while.”I had never really looked at her has a woman before because she was just mom to me but I got a glass of water and sat at the table and watched her cook. I noticed for the first time how pretty she was. She is only about five foot two so I was already taller than her. istanbul travesti I guess you would say she was petite but she had really big tits. I started to look at her and compare her to the girls in the magazines and she was way hotter. How could I have missed this? She had brown hair and always kept it cut kinda like that skater Dorothy Hamill. She was still in good shape and for the first time, I started thinking about how she looked naked. We weren’t overly modest so I had seen her coming out of the shower in just a towel a couple of times and she acted like it was no big deal. She usually just wore an old football jersey of my dad’s at night when we would sit and watch TV.After dinner, I took a shower and jacked off again. I soaped up my cock and was jacking like a maniac. Man, how had I not known about this? I was standing in the tub with the shower going and leaning against the back wall so the water wouldn’t rinse off the soap on my dick. I had gotten out my ruler and measured myself before I got in and it was almost eight inches. I was stroking faster and harder when mom opened the door a little and asked if I was okay. I turned away from the door so she wouldn’t see that I was hard and said I’d be right out. She shut the door and even though I was embarrassed at almost being caught I was too horny to stop. I started shooting and was watching it. The first couple of shots hit the other wall right by the faucet. I just kept cumming. I didn’t count but it had to be at least as many as when I was at Pat’s. This time felt even better. I just kinda slid down the wall and sat there for a little bit.When I finally recovered I got out and dried off and put on my normal bedclothes which were just pajama bottoms and went downstairs. Mom was sitting on the couch watching a sitcom.“Are you okay honey? You look a little frazzled.”I told her I was okay and we talked a little about school.I assured her it was going well and she started watching her show again. I was watching her. She was sort of sideways on the couch with her legs curled up and they looked really sexy. She had a glass of wine and every time she reached over to get it off the table her top would stretch tight against her breasts and I even got to see she had pink lacy panties on. My cock was hard in five seconds. I guess I was staring because I didn’t hear her talking to me”Craig! What is the matter with you tonight? You are off in la-la land.”“I’m sorry mom. I guess I’m just thinking about my math test tomorrow. I think I’ll go study for it and then hit the sack“She got up and gave me a hug and I was afraid she would feel my dick pressing against her. I could feel her boobs pushing into my chest and then she pulled away a little and looked at me with a startled expression. I said I would see her later and beat it upstairs. I stopped by the bathroom to get mom’s Vaseline because I knew I was gonna jerk off again and it felt much better when it was slick. I went to my room, closed the door and stripped off. I got on my bed and scooped some Vaseline out of the jar and started wanking away while I was thinking about mom and how she looked and how her boobs felt when she hugged me. For a second I felt a little guilty but hormones took over and I kept going.Sarajean had noticed Craig looking a little hard at her while they were watching TV and when she hugged him she couldn’t believe it. He was hard. Wow did I just give my son a hardon? She just smiled to herself and thought that he wasn’t just a little boy anymore. She would have to talk to him about sex pretty soon. It had been a long time since she’d had any real sex herself. Just her trusty vibrator when she got horny. She istanbul travestileri missed Craig’s dad Mike, a lot. They had had a great sex life together. He was an imaginative lover and had taken the shy young girl he had married and taught her how much fun sex was.The first time she had jerked him off in the car he had told her he was going to cum a lot but she was amazed at the force and amount of cum. He was fingering her pussy at the same time and she just exploded. Nothing had ever made her orgasm like that before. They got married eight months later. He had a nice thick cock and he could make her cum and cum. They had tried just about everything a man and woman could do together.The first time he had tied her to the bed and eaten her until she passed out was something she would never forget. And when he fucked her ass he always used one of her toys on her pussy and had her begging for mercy. But her favorite thing was sucking his cock and tasting and feeling all that cum. He always filled her mouth and covered her face with his hot spunk. She loved it when he talked nasty to her and told her what a good little slut she had become as he was spraying her with spunk.God, she was making herself so horny thinking about it that she had to get off right now. She went upstairs and thought she would use her vibrator on her ass and finger her pussy until she couldn’t take anymore. When she looked for the Vaseline in the bathroom cabinet and she couldn’t find it she was puzzled but decided her pussy was wet enough to lube up her toy. On the way to her room, she passed Craig’s room and was about to knock and wish him good night when she heard him talking. He didn’t have a phone in his room so she was confused.She carefully opened the door and was greeted by the sight of her son with his right hand around his cock and it looked huge on his slim body. He had his eyes closed and was furiously jacking off! So that’s where the Vaseline went. She didn’t know he had started that but then thought that explains why he took so long in the shower and why he was staring so hard at me earlier. Oh god, I can’t think like that! He’s my son.That didn’t keep her from looking at him stroking his big dick. He had jacked off less than an hour ago and he was doing it again already. Wow her not so little any more boy must really be horny. She realized she was very wet and horny too and this spectacle just turned her on even more. She knew she should close the door but she just couldn’t and then he started talking again.“Oh yeah, mom. Rub your tits on my cock. Unh, shit I’m gonna cum mom. Yeah jerk it, mom, jerk my cock off all over you. Make me shoot. Oh yes mommy. Make me cum.”She couldn’t believe he was fantasizing about her stroking him and cumming on her! He must have really gotten turned on while she was on the couch. She smiled when she thought that her body excited him so much. She couldn’t move away and realized her hand was rubbing the crotch of her panties as she watched him. She felt so wicked and decadent but it was such a turn on. She hadn’t had any real fucking since Mike died and her panties were soaked with her juices.He leaned his head back and closed his eyes. She could hear him talking about her doing all sorts of nasty things. She thought she had never seen or heard anything so exciting and was now furiously rubbing her clit and wanted to cum with him.“Ooooh yes baby, shoot it. Let me see you cum.”Craig was right on the edge and when he envisioned his mother on her knees, naked and smiling up at him he couldn’t take it and exploded.“Oh mom I’m coming, I’m coming all over you.”The first shot went three feet high and before it could fall travesti back down and splat on his hairless chest he fired off again. Sarajean watched the first squirt arc up and then rain back down on him. Then another, and another.She whimpered and came with him. Craig was grunting and moaning and still firing off more cum. Oh fuck, he cums more than Mike used to. She couldn’t believe how much cum there was. She had a massive orgasm that almost made her fall down. When he finally stopped cumming she regained her senses and slipped away to her bedroom.Craig couldn’t move. Damn, that was the best one yet, he thought. He looked down and saw that there was cum everywhere. He had it from his neck to his knees. “Shit I’m gonna have to take another shower now.” But he smiled as he thought it and started wiping himself off.As soon as Sarajean got to her bedroom she got her vibrator out and started furiously fucking herself. She couldn’t get the image of Craig jacking off and how much he came out of her mind and she didn’t want to. Even guys in the pornos she and Mike sometimes watched didn’t cum like that. She was sliding her toy in and out of her pussy and rubbing her clit as hard as she could. She started cumming and couldn’t stop. She was whimpering and moaning. Thinking about what Craig’s cock would feel like shooting off inside her pussy or ass.“Uunngh. Cum on me Craig. Give it to momma. Let me taste it. Cover me in your cum. Coat your slut mother with it.”Oh God, I want it, I want him to cum all over my face and my tits. She started cumming again and she didn’t know if she could stand it. Her pussy rippled and contracted around her toy. She finally collapsed from the intensity of the biggest orgasm she had ever experienced. When she came back to earth she heard the shower running and realized that her big cocked son was washing all that cum off of himself. She knew it was wrong but she couldn’t help herself. Even with Mike, she had never felt like this. She smiled devilishly and thought about how that could be her with cum all over her and felt deliciously wicked. She knew it was wrong but she couldn’t stop thinking about her son and his wonderful cock.Mother and son slept peacefully that night. Each dreaming of the other.When Craig heard his mother talking to him in the morning he snapped out of a wonderful dream. He laid there for a second before he remembered his dreams and last night’s jack-off session. He realized his dick was very hard and started to reach for it but stopped suddenly when he opened his eyes and saw his mother standing beside his bed. He pulled the covers up so his mother wouldn’t see his erection and then noticed that that was exactly where she was looking. Holy Shit. His mom was looking at his dick and she was smiling! Then he noticed that she didn’t have her normal morning attire on. She had on a button-up shirt that must have belonged to dad and only the bottom two buttons were buttoned and he could see that her nipples were hard and poking through the fabric of the shirt. God, she looked sexy.She leaned over and tousled his hair and asked. “How’s my big stud of a son doing today?’Stud, wow she called me stud. But he quickly forgot that when he realized he could see most of her tits. She was leaning over and exposing herself to him! Oh shit, he had seen her tits before but never up close like this and never with them jiggling while she rubbed his head.“What’s the matter baby?He realized he was staring and tore his eyes away. “Sorry mom. I didn’t mean to stare.”“Stare at what baby? Oh. I guess I was giving you a show for a second there. Sorry baby. That’s very naughty of me. I shouldn’t be flashing my tits at my handsome son, should I? Sometimes it’s fun to be naughty though.” She just giggled and then scratched his belly. “Hurry up and come eat breakfast or you’ll be late for school.”Wow, she knew I was looking and didn’t care. Damn, he looked at the clock and realized he wouldn’t have time jerk off if he ate breakfast so he told…

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