Dante Punishes his Family


“Did you bring everything we need?” Jacob asked, looking at his two buddies. He had short black hair and a stern expression, immediately making you aware that he’s been through a lot in his life. His friends nod, looking at him.

“This isn’t going to be difficult with your abilities, Jake.” His friend Leo said, grinning at him. He was the shortest of the three, with glasses and curly brown hair, and he respected Jacob very much.

His other friend, Robert, wasn’t as certain about Jacob’s plan, “Dude, are you sure you really want to do this to your family?”

Jacob scowled, and slammed him against the wall immediately, “Listen. You have no idea what these people have put me through and what they deserve. My whore of a mother cheated on this man that has been pretending he’s my father and instead of just trying to talk to her like a normal person he kills him. He’s been raising me all these years with my half siblings pretending that everything’s okay and he’s not a murderer. He deserves this, just like the rest of them.”

As he let him go, Robert whistled, “Damn that’s harsh.”

“So don’t go complaining that you’re uncomfortable. You signed up to do this with me.”

Leo laughed out loud, as psychotic as Jacob himself, “And you haven’t seen how good Jacob is at wielding magic, his father must’ve been one powerful wizard for him to have skills like that.”

Robert looked at the two of them, doubting it. They were standing in the street in front of Jacob’s house- where his father, mother, sister, and brother were all at home right now, perfectly timed for an attack. Jacob looked at Robert cruelly, knowing he still doubted him. In one smooth motion, he raised his hand and extinguished all the light on the street. Robert gasped at him, “You didn’t even have to say a spell or anything like that?”

“Needing to cast spells out loud still, Robert?” Jacob laughed at him.

“C’mon, turn it back on, we won’t be able to enter without having some kind of light.”

“Why don’t you undo it?” Jacob asked him cynically.

“Because it’s stinking in your signature.” Robert replied like it was obvious, “You know we can’t undo a spell cast by another wizard- it’s been in fused with the casters own energy.”

“I know, I’m just messing with you.” Jacob said as he raised his hand again and undid the spell. As the light illuminated their faces again, all three boys were filled with determination, and they entered through the front door, not worried about a thing.

Jacob unlocked the door without a key, looking at it as it slammed open. He could hear the TV on in the living room, and gathered that the family was currently gathered together for their usual evening talk show.

His father looked up first, confused. “Hey Jake, what are you doing home so early? I thought you were going out with your friends to practice wielding?”

“We decided to come home early.” He smiled at his father, he was shaking from his desire to destroy him, it’s been so many years now, and he was finally powerful enough to overcome all of them. Both his sister and brother looked up at him and acknowledged him, and his mother entered from the kitchen, holding a plate full of snacks.

Immediately, the boys sprang to action, Robert and Leo uttered spells and slammed all three of them (Jacob’s mother, brother, and sister) against wall of the living room, and they gasped out loud as Jacob brought up an invisible force field, blocking his father and the three boys from the rest of the family.

“Jacob, what is the meaning of this?” His mother screamed, slamming against the newly created field. His brother and sister immediately started uttering their own spells to remove the field, but to no avail. They were not able to access Jacob’s signature, and would never be able to remove it without him willing it. That was the beauty of this type of magic.

“I’ve been planning this for many years now, and have finally acquired enough magical power to make you all suffer for what you’ve done to me. This will be your last night as free-willed people, and from now on all of you will be my slaves, and do everything I wish.” He turned his head on his father, who was now paralysed on Taksim Escort the couch. “I know you’re not my real father.” He continued, “I know that this is not my real family, not really. You’ve killed my father for your own selfish reasons and have treated me like absolute shit all these years because I’m not really yours. And none of you.” He pointed to the three other family members, whose eyes were now wide in fear. “Have done anything despite knowing all this. You are all disgusting people.”

“But… but how did you find out?” His father asked, horrified.

“I went to the library and searched up the records, and realized it wasn’t there. And then I found the rest of the information hidden right here in this house. You fucking ripped it out so I wouldn’t find out. Every news article, my birth certificate, everything- you thought you were clever, didn’t you?” He looked at all of them sadly, “Well, enough talk. Leo, Robert- let’s get started.” No matter how much he hated his family, he didn’t actually want to do the acts himself- which is why he made sure to find two suitable buddies to complete the task for him. Jacob’s role in all of this would be to provide magical support so that his family would never be able to run. It was 3 against 4 afterall. He grabbed a chair and sat down to watch this part of his plan, enjoying every single moment of it.

The two boys knew that Jacob wanted his father broken first. They grabbed him by his arms and slammed him against a wall. Leo closed his eyes and murmured a spell he’s been practicing for months now (and has perfected). Suddenly, Jacob’s father’s clothes didn’t seem to fit him anymore. His hair turned blonde and fell around his body, and his breasts grew big, so large that it could barely fit in his shirt, his nipples already erect and poking through the fabric. As he struggled, his voice changed, turning more and more high pitched by the second, and his lips turned from thin to full, covered in a beautiful shade of red lipstick. The bulge in his pants retracted more and more until all he had was a hole in his body and a beautiful set of pussy lips. He shivered from the sensation, then screamed out, “What have you done to me?” The rest of the family members called out for him, experiencing the most fear they’ve ever suffered.

“You’ll no longer be a man anymore, no longer be Brian. Now, your name is Brittney, and you will provide all the desire a woman should be providing a man.” Jacob said, chuckling at his plan working.

Robert pulled out some rope and tied it to the ceiling as well as Brittney, locking her in place. He pulled off her shirt and tied it against her eyes, making it so she could no longer see what they were doing. Brittney struggled in her bonds, screaming out. They took off her pants as well, revealing a shaved crotch and beautiful slender legs. “God I can’t wait to fuck you.” Leo said. He took off his pants, revealing his erect penis, ready to go for the woman of his dreams he had just created. He murmured a few more words, and his penis doubled in size, pulsing away. He leaned in against Britney’s ears and whispered a few phrases. She screamed, “What are you doing to me?!”

He laughed at her, “I just made you 100x more sensitive than an average woman. The more you cum and the more I cum inside you, the more you’ll need it. You’ll be begging me so much that you’ll barely remember who you are anymore, or why you’re even here. All you’ll be thinking about is my big fat cock and how you’re going to be serving it.” He pulled her hair back, “Are you ready for the time of your life?” She struggled again, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Leo licked Britney’s ears, and travelled lower, sucking on her G-cupped titties and biting hard on them until Britney screamed out loud in pleasure. He then nibbled on her belly, and finally put her clit in his mouth, sucking on it hard then putting his tongue in her pussy. Jacob’s father has never experienced anything like this in his life. He could barely control himself as he moaned out loud over and over again. He needed more already, and he wanted Leo’s cock deep inside him. Wait, what was he thinking? He needed to figure out a way to save his Taksim Escort Bayan family and get them out of there. But it felt so good, and he just wanted more, he wanted to feel something everywhere. He ignored the thoughts of his family for now, and let Leo continue as he moaned in his girly voice.

“It seems you’re so ready for me.” Leo said as he plunged into him. Britney screamed out loud once more, the sensations completely maddening for her. She wanted the big fat dick to destroy her over and over, and with her heightened sensations she came immediately, squeezing Leo and milking him over and over. Leo grunted at the sensation of the perfect pussy he created, and knew that because Britney came, she would be losing her memories of her family little by little. He fucked her more, needing her to come more as he pounded her. This went on for an hour. Leo had more stamina because of the spell he put on himself, and he came inside her 3 times, filling her pussy with his sperm as it dripped down of her. She came countless of times, and she melted onto the floor, unable to take it anymore.

“How do you like daddy’s cock?” Leo asked, grinning. He took off her shirt from her eyes, and she adjusted to the light after so long.

“Please daddy, please fuck me more. I need your big fat dick inside of me.” She licked Leo’s pole, which was still erect, her tongue swirling the top over and over.

“As you wish, baby girl.” He flipped her flimsy body onto her stomach and lifted her up, inserting himself into her again.

Finally, Jacob’s mother had had enough, “Stop it! Give my husband back to me you complete monsters!” She slammed herself against the field, screaming.

It was now Robert’s turn in the plan, he glanced up at her and nodded at Jacob, who released her from the field, leaving his brother and sister still inside as they sobbed, hugging each other. Yenette fell onto the ground in complete fear. Robert approached her with a boner, grinning away. “Here’s the plan,” He said, looking down at her, “If you manage to make me cum from a blow job, I’ll tell my friend Leo here to turn Britney back to Brian and we’ll forget all of this. You think you can make my dick blow in order to save your family?” She looked at him in complete hatred, and nodded without saying a word. He took his pants off in one smooth motion, and made his dick double its usual size as well with a simple spell.

She gasped out loud, “How am I supposed to fit that in my mouth?”

“You better fucking try if you want your family to be alive.” She got into a proper kneeling position and put Robert’s cock in her mouth, sucking gently and then getting deeper.

“No! Mom!” Jacob’s sister and brother called out, but she ignored them, not wanting them to feel worse.

She bobbed up and down on Robert’s dick, and he moaned loudly as he grabbed her hair and thrusted into her. He immediately hit the back of her throat and bent as he entered her more. She choked as he fucked her over and over, and tears went down her eyes as she gagged. She grabbed his back and sucked harder, focusing on the tip and licking it up and down. Soon, her skills got the better of Robert, and he felt himself cumming. “I don’t think you’re doing a good enough job, Yenette.” He said, smiling and groaning away.

She stopped, looking up at him in defiance. He lifted her up and pulled her pants and panties down in one smooth motion, his nose right against her crotch as he breathed in deeply. He stuck his fingers in and smiled, “You’re fucking wet, aren’t you whore? You liked sucking my dick, huh? Wanting it inside of you?”

She gasped and slapped him, “How dare you talk to me like that?”

“Oh, you’re going to regret doing that.” He shoved her onto a doggy-style position on the sofa, and entered her with one smooth motion as she screamed out loud.

“Oh my fucking god your dick is huge.”

“I know.” He said as he entered her again, fucking her over and over. Soon, she wasn’t able to take it anymore. It was too good. She started grinding back at him, their motions in sync. “Look how much of a whore your mom is.” Robert commented, looking at Jacob’s siblings.

“Let her go!” Escort Taksim Jacob’s sister screamed.

“I wouldn’t have that much guts, little girl. You’re next.” Leo said as he exited a fainted Britney. His dick was still covered in his and her juices, and it pulsed away, angry and still erect and pointing directly at Jacob’s sister.

“No, please! Spare her!” Jacob’s brother commanded. Leo turned to face him, his head cocked, thinking.

“Don’t be too harsh on this one. He’s been nice to me all these years.” Jacob said, still watching all the events unfold.

“Roger that, boss.” Leo said, and Jacob snapped, releasing the last two family members from the force field. They tried to escape, but Jacob had blocked the exit to the living room, his magical power superior to theirs. “How about I let you feel good then?” Leo said, looking at Jacob’s brother. In one snap and one quickly spoken spell, Jacob’s sister’s clothes came completely off. “I’m sure you’ve thought about fucking her all these years, how about you finally get to today?”

“No, never. I’ll never do that to her.” He replied in complete agony.

“Who says you get a choice?” Jacob said as he snapped. Suddenly, his brother’s eyes were filled with complete lust. He had one goal in mind- and that goal was to fuck the woman that was standing in front of him. He didn’t know his name, who he was, what he was doing there, and the only thing on his mind was to fill his sister with his dick until she could only know his name. Leo put the same spell on the sister, making sure that every time she came she would lose more and her of her thoughts until she just needed dick. She yelled out loud as her brother approached her, aggressively slamming her against the door leading out of the kitchen and licking her from head to toe. She pooled at her pussy, appreciating the attention but still completely horrified. In a few moments, they started slamming as well, and the room smelled of sex as Jacob sat there appreciatively.

As the night turned into day, the boys reinforced the spell around the house. It would serve as some sort of jail cell, a place for them to play with their slaves as well as sell them as sex slaves as well. They needed to regularly reinforce the training in order to reduce their magical abilities as well as make them desperate for sex, not being able to do anything else or try to think of an escape plan. This was all Jacob’s brilliant idea. As his father woke up from being unconscious from the sex, he looked at her in lust, wanting to join in on the action as well. He picked her up and turned her over, not needing to do any spell on his own dick because of the size he was already blessed with.

“Beg me to fuck you.” He said, cold and heartless.

“Please Jacob, please put your giant cock into me. I’m merely your brainless slut that needs to be taught a lesson.”

He spanked her hard, and said, “Good girl. You were born for this, weren’t you?” Before she could answer, he started fucking her, with her holding onto the window and mewling away, having the time of her life.

Soon, the door bell rang, and Jacob swore, snapping his fingers to clean everyone up and clean the mess in the living room up. He needed his new slaves to be perfectly presentable when his first clients arrived. He opened the door, “welcome, welcome. I’m so glad you’re here to experience our new sex slave service.”

The two men at the door glanced at him, eager to start fucking. “Where are the babes?” They asked.

“I have a beautiful petite princess that has never experienced much fucking in her life, a grown MILF that loves to suck on cock, a desperate hoe with giant tits that will beg you to fuck her, and one guy that has the perfect ass for you to enter, which ones do you want?” Jacob asked, pleased.

“All of them. We have plenty of cock to pass around.” They grinned at each other.

“Of course!” Jacob said. “The premium service, that would be quite expensive you know.”

They nodded, “We have plenty of money to give.” They handed Jacob a suitcase full of cash as they walked by him, entering the living room that has already been transformed into a sex dungeon. The four family members stood side by side, held on by invisible chains that Robert and Leo had crafted perfectly. The two men were nowhere to be found as Jacob smiled at his first new customers and closed the door behind them, setting the timer up for 24 hours and letting them have the time of their lives.

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