Dark Stag Ch. 15


He stood there staring at me from across the warehouse, as I sat sharpening a flay. There was clearly a lot on his mind, a lot! The guards all looked at me, not liking the fact that I had such a dangerous object in my hand. Eventually, the boy came over, taking a deep breath.

“Okay…” Devari began, “Why are you here?”

“Why am I here?” I responded, continuing to sharpen the blade, “You know…”

“Tell me why the worst mass killing in recent Azerbaijani history took place last night and you had everything to do with it? What are you doing here and will it have adverse affects on how I operate?” He asked.

“You can rest easy… I’m a slave… nothing more, nothing less…” I sighed. Devari’s eyes penetrated deeply as he just stood there staring. He was trying hard to figure me out but couldn’t.

“That guy that came last night and you… I knew you were going to do something crazy, but a fucking mass murder? That’s insane even for the gutter shit that happens in this city! Why? What warranted the killing?” He persisted.

“Look,” I began, “There are worse things going on… What we had to do last night, I’m not proud of it but I was left with no other choice… Let’s leave it at that.”

“I’m not trying to guilt you in any case. I understand all too well about having to do ugly things because you live in an ugly truth! That’s this entire lifestyle… I just need to know where I stand in this.” He said, “Like, I let you do your thing… It was a stupid leadership decision on my part, and I come back the next day hearing about a mass slaying at the Official Guard…”

A thin smile spread across my face.

“What all did you hear?” I asked, wanting details from him. The question jarred Devari, he realizing his impression of me was all wrong.

“I heard,” He began, “That there was no trace of the culprit, no word of who did it and no survivors. It was just death. Some sources say that they were harboring a valuable prisoner which was what this was all about. That prisoner was said to be you which doesn’t make since you are here! I’m beyond a doubt confused…”

It made me laugh. The truth was definitely skewed but due to this place being so small, of course some facts would get out.

“Wow…” I said, still laughing. Devari looked at me, disgust on his face.

“You’re just evil…” He chuckled.

“…And you’re not?” I asked back.

“I mean, I am. But it’s a shock from you! You seem so innocent, so unknowing. I should have known you were lethal that time you kicked the fuck out of my ass back in the Blessed Lands. And how you killed a seven foot tall nearly four hundred pound man. Did you come in here actually knowing what would happen?” He asked.

“Actually,” I said, putting the flay down on the desk, “No… No amount of knowledge prepared me for this shit… I hate it with all my gut…”

“I can definitely say it’s not or you.” He said with a chuckle, “You know, I’m not going to stop harassing you about what actually happened until you tell me? This makes little to no sense! Why are you here?”

“To lose my religion, be broken, become defeated, just to lose myself…” I shrugged, full of sarcasm. Devari rolled his eyes.

“Okay let me play it differently…” He said thinking hard, “Are you here looking for someone?”

“Nope…” I smiled.

“Are you here to find something?”

“Maybe…” It made him, think a bit more.

“Once you… accomplish what you’re trying to accomplish, what’s next?”

“I don’t know…” I shrugged, the boy seeing it was straight bullshit.

“Would you do to us what you did to the Official Headquarters?” He asked, full of concern. I leaned forward, resting my elbows on my knees. My eyes casted deep rays into the boy’s mind. He tensed up, very nervous.

“Nope!” I said, a thin smile on my face.

“I don’t believe you for a fucking second!” He chuckled, full of fear. He paced around, completely distraught.

“Why are you panicking?” I asked. He stopped, looking at me.

“I don’t know, maybe because you’re a MONSTER?” He said.

“I promise you I’m not. I’m not a monster, I just have a demon…” I responded, my eyes cutting deep. Devari and I stared at each other for a long time.

It was clear he didn’t know what to do with me. The very experienced slave handler was at his wits end with me. However something wasn’t right, something I was missing! I doubt he could possibly be this stressed over me! Something else had to be going on… And I was going to find out! However, I’d have to rein things in, bring down this nature of mine a few notches. These guards watched me like a hawk, very suspicious of everything I did.

As the days added up, their watch didn’t wain. The liberty I was rewarded went away and it was back to the vigors of this disgusting training. I sat in the training room in robes this time, Devari the same. Guards filled the room as Devari paced back and forth. I really didn’t want any part of this but I had to stick through türkçe altyazılı porno it.

“This week… You’re going through endurance training. Last week wasn’t too tough for you but this one might be. There will be times when you want to quit, times when what you do is uncomfortable, times when you’re completely exhausted. However, you are getting paid to endure some of the most bizarre, taboo and in some cases painful things. With that being said, you’ll be one of my upper echelon escorts where clients will have to adhere to stricter rules, so your training won’t be as vigirous as some of the lower echelon escorts.” Devari said, not sounding too enthused.

“Okay…” I shrugged, ready to get things underway.

Devari looked past me, to the guards, nodding. Moments later, a rather tall and lanky man was brought in. He had long, dark, shaggy hair and looked menacing. He looked at me, smirked then his eyes darted away.

“This is the Wolf…” Devari said, looking at me eyeing the man head to toe, “Go on… get up… shake hands. You’ll be getting quite acquainted with each other, this week.”

“Hi… I’m Summer…” I said, reaching to shake his hand.

“As you know, I’m the Wolf…” The hairy man said triumphantly. It was a bit off putting but he seemed to have worked hard for the title so it wasn’t too cringe inducing.

“Sooooo?” I began, slowly turning to Devari.

“You’re just ready to get things started, I see. Well first thing you’ll be learning, is how to orally satisfy a man…” Devari said.

“Eeeew.” I responded, arms folded.

“I knew you’d say that.” Devari chuckled, “Okay… So I’m going to start off by telling you a few rules of the trade. The first rule, you want to keep your mouth on it at all times. When you take your mouth off of it, it breaks the sensation and the rushes go away. Second rule, you want to line your bottom jaw with your tongue and make sure your tongue wraps around the dick. This is because of teeth! Teeth are the arch nemesis of penis!”

I couldn’t help but laugh. The way he described it was just comical.

“Third rule, you want to focus on the head of the penis. That’s where all the sensitive stuff is that makes everything really electric. Fourth rule, suck with modest pressure. Some people like a ton of pressure others, are really sensitive little cunts that can’t take a hard blowing. So be modest…” Devari continued.

“Be modest? That’s a hard thing to imagine considering someone’s cock is expected to be in my mouth.” I refuted.

“It has to be done…” Devari shrugged with an eyeroll, “Rule five, don’t try and swallow the whole dick. That takes practice… Use your hands and gently twist as you suck. It’s a very, very, VERY good feeling when that happens. Sixth, don’t spit…swallow!”

“Swallow?” I asked, daunted.

“Yes… Swallow.” Devari said, sternly.

“That’s just… WHY?” I asked, nervous. Devari began to smile.

“Surely you can’t be daunted by something as swallowing seeds when you’ve killed men…?” Devari asked.

“That’s not the same… Killing men doesn’t have a taste.” I said with a shutter. Devari burst out laughing, clenching his head.

“You are a character… It’s not that bad… Trust me.” He said walking over. He got on his hands and knees, gently spreading my legs.

At his touch, my member went from flaccid to erect! I felt so ashamed… He looked at me with a warm grin before slowly beginning to suck my shaft. Almost immediately, I clenched my eyes, the sensation sending shudders through my body.

“Fuck!” I let out, as Devari sucked and sucked. He was vigorous, his head bobbing with enough force to shake my body.

It wasn’t long before that infamous tingle began to intensify. My eyes clenched even tighter as the boy literally sucked the semen from my shaft. Soon it was over. I opened my eyes to see Devari just staring at me.

“I followed all the rules I told you… Your reaction will be guaranteed on anyone if you follow those directions.” Devari said.

“Why would I want to do this?” I asked, struggling to wrap my head around this.

“Maybe it’s your youth, but I will say this much. It does something to your soul to know you can pull a reaction like this out of somebody… It’s an almost vampiristic thing! You eventually crave the sensation of control, to be able to make someone feel the intensity of climax with just your lips… or anything for that matter. It’s one that I think even your regal ways won’t be able to resist! Knowing how to please is something you will be proud of, be boastful over!” Devari smiled.

“I still don’t see why I’d want that…” I responded.

“That feeling you felt, that intensity, that jolt… Don’t you want to be able to do that to someone else?” Devari asked.

“It’s not really on my bucket list. I mean sex and pleasure matter very little to me…” I shrugged. It staggered Devari.

“Wow… You need to lighten up, let loose xnxx and just enjoy it!” Devari advised.

“I enjoy it,” I began, “When it’s with someone special, someone I have built some history with… I’m having a hard time just putting myself out there for a stranger! How animalistic is that?”

“That’s the beauty of it! It’s raw animalistic passion! The primary purpose of this place is to get that primal sex drive out, to exploit one’s sexual attraction to others to the maximum. It’s that simple…” He said back.

“But that’s wrong…”

“How is that wrong?” He smiled warmly, “That’s denying humans the right to be humans? It’s wrong to suppress one’s sexual urges and nature… This place, is a safe place for them to do it!”

“I guess…” I said with an eyeroll, just unable to see it his way.

“With that being said, you’re going to need some practice and the Wolf will help you. I got some errands to run so I’ll be back…” Devari said getting up, “Don’t kill anyone!”

“I’ll be a good boy…” I smiled. Devari paused, shocked I’d say something like that.

“Whatever…” He said leaving.

The Wolf looked at me, taking me in from head to toe. He took a deep breathe before beginning to speak.

“You know the native tongue fluently… You seem educated… What is going on, here?” He asked, his accent thick and Slavic, “How can you be a slave?”

“I can say the same for you…” I responded, looking at him with the same suspicion he drew at me.

“I don’t know the native tongue all that well. I had to learn it when I got here…” The Wolf said, pacing around.

“Why do they call you the Wolf?” I asked.

“It’s just the way I look. I don’t shave and I have long hair… The name stuck.” He smiled with a shrug.

“Interesting…” I said with slight sarcasm.

“Well,” The Wolf began, “Let’s get things underway…” He pulled down his pants revealing a healthy sized cock. It wasn’t too big but big enough to cause problems on someone like me who lacked experience.

“I really don’t want to do this…” I said to myself as he approached.

Gently I caressed his penis in my hands, hesitant to bring it closer to my mouth. I looked up at him.

“It won’t hurt you… Just put it in your mouth…” He said. I rolled my eyes, doing so. I was trying to remember all of what Devari had said but actually doing this made me forget it all. All I could do was just feel the soft tasteless cock on my mouth. It was almost disgusting! I withdrew shaking my head.

“Fuck!” I shuttered.

“Comeon…” He coaxed. I went back on it, his cock still soft, “You want to actually suck it… you know instead of just letting it sit in your mouth…”

I wanted to knock the fuck out of him for saying that but some form of restraint kept me from doing it. I did what was told, moving up and down his shaft with the pressure from my jaws. Slowly but surely, his cock began to stiffen filling my mouth until I was only able to get it about halfway down my throat.

“Remember, teeth…” He warned, I suddenly laid my tongue down to line my lower jaw. The Wolf began to nod, feeling I was beginning to do this right.

After several minutes of this, my jaw began to become uncomfortable. How anyone could enjoy this was beyond me. It truly was terrible…

“This is boring…” The Wolf said. Slowly, I looked up at him, growing tired of his remarks. He began to smile, “That’s right! Look me in the eye when you’re sucking my cock…”

I cracked, having to withdraw from laughter. Quickly I regained my composure going back on it. I don’t know what I did, but the man seized tightly as my lips went over the head of his shaft.

“Shit…” He whispered. It was strange! In that little instance, his whole body had jolted. A part of me wanted to make him do this again!

As I grew more comfortable, the things Devari said began to come back to me. I placed a hand on the Wolf’s shaft and began sucking mainly just the tip. Slowly, I began to twist back and forth the Wolf seizing up and thrusting towards the back of my throat. His body trembled involuntarily as I continued.

“FUCK!” He said out, his face wadded up with pleasure.

A salty taste began to fill my mouth. I couldn’t help but to think he was leaking pee but I said nothing… After several minutes, a fluid filled the back of my throat. I choked hard, pushing the Wolf away as this disgusting tasting fluid flooded from both my mouth and nose. I slowly looked at him, filled with rage.

“You ejaculated in my mouth…” I hissed.

“And you can’t expect for me not to when you’re doing what you just did! You’re a quick study…” He said, “Next time though, don’t spit…”

“I didn’t spit I CHOKED!” I yelled back.

“Same shit!” He responded, getting a cloth from the table. He came over, tossing it to me.

“That was fucking disgusting…” I said, the taste refusing to leave my mouth.

“Grow up… You’ll be doing it all day.” He sighed. porno izle He was right. I would be doing this all day and complaining wouldn’t make it any better.

“It’s like thick piss… Thick piss that just can’t leave your mouth!” I said, having to get out that last complaint. The Wolf shielded his face as he laughed.

“If you actually enjoyed this, you’d be a joy to work with…” He said.

“There’s nothing pleasurable out of sucking a penis for the person sitting there sucking the penis…” I said back, giving him a dead eye.

“There is! Like boss was saying, there’s a level of control you have over that person when you are fellating them. You control the amount of pleasure they feel.” He clarified.

“Okay.” I nodded, this putting things into a different perspective, “Still disgusting but okay…”

“You’ll get over it… You Illisians always do…” He shrugged.

“What do you mean we Illisians always do?” I asked, looking at him intently.

“I didn’t mean to offend you.” He began.

“I mean, are there more here?” I asked.

“Shit yeah! Illisians are our number one thrill. You’re the only male though which is strange! Our Illisians are the most sought after and as a result the most pricey of all the escorts. You, from what I’ve heard, might have the highest premium yet!” He responded.

“Interesting…” I said, my mind beginning to plot.

“Why?” The Wolf asked, finding this odd.

“Just curious…” I shrugged, “I mean you said we always get over it, implying that I’m not the only Illisian here.”

“Okay…” The Wolf nodded, “You ready for this again?”

“I kind of don’t have a choice…?” I said.

The Wolf rolled his eyes as we reset. I did all I had done before, making eye contact, using my hands and being gentle.

“Inhale through your mouth…” The wolf advised. I did so, a rush of cool air running over his shaft, “FUCK!” He placed his hands on the back of my head, thrusting slowly into my throat. It was hard not to gag and my jaw was really feeling it but I kept going.

“Okay…” He said, “Run your fingers across my balls… gently!”

I did so. The Wolf closed his eyes, tilting his head back as I sucked and sucked. This time, it took him nearly an hour to cum. When he did, his load wasn’t as big as last time. It was far more manageable and I wasn’t choking from it so I couldn’t be too upset. It still didn’t change the fact that there was semen in my mouth.

“You Illisians…” The Wolf began, “With your high and mighty, regal ways, are hands down the most sexually talented people on the planet…”

I rolled my eyes, getting up.

“I’m not doing this any more. We’re done for the day.” I said.

“Can you help me up?” He asked. I turned, sighing, extending out my hand.

“Why?” I asked.

“Orgasms repetitively can be zapping…” He said, yanking me down on top of him. He pulled me in close for a kiss.

“Nope…” I said, driving my knee into his gut. He clenched his aching belly as I got back up, “Just stay there…”

“Why you gotta be so difficult… No fun after practicing?” He chuckled, still sounding short of breathe.

“No…” I said back.

The door opened, Devari having returned. He looked glum, his luxurious golden skin giving way to a weak pale look. He looked to his guards and supervisors with a smile.

“We need to have a meeting…” He said.

“Okay boss…” Mardee said.

“Me too?” The Wolf asked, getting to his feet. Devari looked at him for a while.

“Yeah…” He finally said.

The Wolf grabbed a robe, heading out after them all.

“Ummm?” I said out, everyone forgetting I was here. Devari turned to me.

“Just… don’t destroy shit…” He shrugged, leaving. He was in an obvious hurry.

He left me alone with the lesser guards. I put on my robes, heading out of the room. Whatever was going on seemed quite important. However I had my own important things to attend to. Constantly looking back over my shoulder, I went to the reception desk. To my surprise the entrance to the warehouse was locked and secured.

“Weird…” I noted, heading to the desk. I opened it, looking for anything that would be indicative of what was going on here as well as my sister. The only thing here were those shitty soul sucking contracts, an appointment log, a check out log and a roster. Going over the information, it was a shock to see a good three-fourths of the the slaves and escorts checked out.

What was this check out process? Some of them had been checked out for months, some being due back in the coming weeks. It was beyond confusing, too confusing to try and understand right now. I left the reception desk, heading back to the warehouse space, sitting on a workbench.

Not long afterwards, Devari and his workers came out of one of the rear offices. I watched them, Devari heading to the rear exit of the warehouse, putting on a coat. The upper guards went to the posts, the Wolf coming over to the workbench I was sitting on. He just sat there, deep in thought.

Soon it was just us alone in there. He slowly turned to me.

“So big boss… hasn’t come back yet and he’s past due his already past due return date. Everyone is presuming he’s dead.” The Wolf revealed.

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