Dear Diary

Big Dicks

Sunday, November 3, 2005

Dear Diary,

Even though I’m an adult, Daddy still insists I return home by midnight and be in bed by 12:30. I’d like to leave and start my own life but then I worry about Daddy being alone. I remember how upset Daddy was when Mommy left. I didn’t want to put Daddy through that experience again so I’m staying.

Daddy seems to be very affectionate. He’s never yelled at me or anything, but I feel he’s still in the belief that I’m still the shy little girl he raised from infancy.

I woke up this morning at 6 a.m., a little earlier than I usually would on a Sunday, and went downstairs for breakfast. I was in the mood for fruit and there was a fresh bowl of strawberries in the fridge which I decided to help myself to in addition to a cold glass of milk. Daddy was still sleeping and I didn’t want to wake him up. Daddy usually wakes me up. It was very quiet, save for the sound of birds, children playing, and cars outside. I put on some music, soft rock, to take my mind off the silence.

The berries were very sweet but very juicy and I had to lean forward over my bowl so the juice wouldn’t drip down into my cleavage and stain my teddy.

It was 7 a.m., I’d almost forgotten I had an appointment for Brazilian wax job, having my legs waxed, and my eyebrows and upper lip done, and a facial at 9 a.m. I was a bit unsure about the wax because I had heard and read that Brazilian waxes were the most painful and degrading procedures known. I finished my breakfast, cleaned and put away my dishes, then went upstairs to shower. I had an hour and a half before I had to leave and I planned to take my time. It’s hard to rush when you’re taking a shower. Probably the best thing about having a removable showerhead is when I clean between my legs. It has three different settings- gentle, massage, and bullet. I had the water set on massage, holding it against my pussy it felt like a thousand gentle kisses on my clitoris. I had never masturbated before. Daddy was so crazy about keeping me a virgin. If I masturbated Daddy would smell the aftermath of my orgasm and assume I’d brought a boy home with me to spend the night. I spent about thirty minutes under the water, then turned off the water, got out to dry off, then went to my room to get dressed.

I was going to have to get naked for the wax job so I just put on a black skirt and a light blue tank top, underneath I wore a black lacy bra and matching panties with black two-inch heels. It was sunny outside, not a cloud in the sky. I didn’t think I would need a jacket but I brought one just incase it got windy.

Daddy was still sleeping. I didn’t want to wake him. Daddy gets very angry if he’s woken up too early, his eyes get red and he looks scary. His first priority is to find the shot gun. Instead I went to his room and left him a note saying I’d gone out and I would be home around bursa suriyeli escort escort 3 p.m., next to his bed.

At the spa the receptionist told me that the staff thought I should go through with the wax job first and then the facial because the wax would take the longest. Sadly to say the person who was going to do the job was a man. Daddy couldn’t even match up to the muscle and bulk this man carried. I asked if there were any women available but I was informed that this man, Dr. Jones, was the only person qualified for the job. For one hundred and seventy five dollars he had better be qualified. He promised to be a gentlemen but I was still unsure. He requested I strip naked. I did and then got on the table. He began by applying talcum powder to my pussy, “my modesty” as he called it. Then Dr. Jones applied hot wax to the specific area, then applied a wax strip and gave a quick, firm pull. There was a loud ripping sound. It FUCKING hurt like hell! I tried not to scream but a faint cry did escape my lips and my eyes shut tight. Dr. Jones just laughed and said, “That’s alright honey, you can cry,” and then went on with his work, all the while he was asking me to put myself in all these awkward and degrading positions- ankles over head, on all fours, spread eagle… I almost felt like breaking out in waterfall tears right then and there. When it was all over Dr. Jones rubbed some shea butter over my pussy and between my ass. He said it would help to soothe the pain. I felt he was just looking for an excuse to touch me more between my once-private region. Dr. Jones then asked me to get dressed, then told me to lie down again on the table and pull up my skirt. He did the same thing only this time he didn’t use the talcum powder, he just applied the hot wax to my left leg and repeated the same procedure he had done on my pussy and then moved on to my left leg. He rubbed shea butter on my legs and then moved on to my face. It was less painless than having my pussy and legs waxed. Dr. Jones finished and said, “All done, see that wasn’t so bad.” I wished I had brought Daddy’s shot gun. I’d have blown his brains out all over the wall for the hell he had put me through. Then Dr. Jones said, “come back once every three weeks, it won’t be so painful.”

Sick perv! I thought to myself.

Afterwards the facial was much more soothing. I had a woman this time, she was very nice and her name was Cindy. She was just a little taller than me with brown hair pulled back in a bun and green eyes. She asked me to strip to my undergarments but I would be laying under a thin flannel blanket. She dimmed the lights and five cinnamon candles and put on a CD that incorporated the sounds of nature with soft flute music. Needless to say I fell asleep there on the table but I woke up in the middle of a forest.

It was dark, but bursa ucuz escort all the trees and bushes were lit up with fireflies and the flowers were glowing pink, blue, red, orange, and yellow. I was laying naked on a straw matt, in the center was a bottle of red wine. Cindy was there, naked as well but she was wearing a black strap-on dildo and her hair was down, it fell over her shoulders and down her back in tight curls. I was jealous of my own short hair that fell just down to my shoulders. In the dim light my skin looked white but Cindy’s was this golden tanned color. Cindy reached for the bottle of wine, uncorked it, and presented it to my lips. It was unexpected and instead of me sipping the wine it dripped down my chin and down my belly and between my legs. Cindy put the bottle down and pushed me on my back and licked up from my pussy, up my belly, between my breasts, my neck, my chin, and to my lips. Her kiss and lips were sweet, mingled with the strong taste of the wine. I worried someone would see us but it appeared to be just the two of us. Cindy kissed down my neck and lazily circled each of my nipples with her tongue, I felt the head of the dildo rubbing, probing, teasing my clit. My pussy was tingling and I could feel myself getting wet. Cindy was kissing my collarbones and my shoulders, then she turned me on my belly and raised my bum and spread my legs. I felt the dildo enter me quick and easy but it was huge and I felt it expanding inside me as Cindy slowly rocked her hips back and forth. The head of the dildo probed my g-spot, stroking my insides. It felt so good. Cindy moaned with me and grasped my breasts tightly, resting against me and biting into my shoulder. She was moving faster now, pushing the dildo deeper. I cried out, I could feel my muscles clenching around the dildo. Then Cindy gave a harsh thrust of her hips and I screamed my orgasm. There was a blast of light and I opened my eyes.

It had only been a dream, but I could feel that my panties were wet. My nipples were straining against the fabric of my bra. Cindy was standing over me and asking me if I was alright. I told her yes and that I had just fallen asleep. Cindy told me it was natural and that the same thing had happened to a lot of her clients. I felt my face burning so I got dressed quickly, paid for their services, and then drove home as quickly as I could without breaking the speed limit or getting pulled over.

Surprisingly Daddy was still sleeping when got home but he had moved to the couch. It was normal for Daddy. He often slept a lot on weekends. In his hand was a crumpled piece of paper. It was my note. I didn’t want to move Daddy, he looked so peaceful. I covered him in my jacket and tiptoed upstairs to my room. I sat on my bed brushing my hair, all the while thinking about my dream. I wanted it to have all been real. I could bursa üniversiteli escort smell my arousal. It was still very strong. I heard heavy footsteps coming up the stairs. I put my brush down and went to the door, my fingertips barely touched the handle when it flew open. It smacked me in the face with the force of a cinderblock and sent me flying backwards to the bed. I landed on my back, I covered my face with my hands. I tasted blood. I couldn’t tell whether or not if my nose was broken or not. I felt a heavy pressure over me. I opened my eyes. Daddy was on top of me. His eyes were blazing red and I could see the dark veins bulging from his forehead.

“Where the hell were you?” Daddy demanded.

“I went out, I had an appointment Daddy. I didn’t want to wake you so I left you a note,” I said.


The force of Daddy’s large hand crashing against the side of my face sent my head spinning. Daddy slapped me again and again.

“The next time you leave the house you better tell me face to face where you’re going!” Daddy shouted.

“Please Daddy! I’m sorry Daddy!” I cried.

It felt like my skull was going to collapse from Daddy’s frequent slaps.

“I’m sorry!” I shouted.

Daddy flipped me over and pushed up my skirt. He secured me over his knee with my legs spread over his left knee, and ripped off my panties.

“Fuck!” I heard him shout. He’d seen my wax job.

“Please let me go Daddy,” I said.

“Who’s the boy?” Daddy asked.

“No one Daddy,” I said.


“Who is he?” Daddy shouted.

“No one Daddy, it was just someone who did my wax job!” I said.

“You exposed yourself to a boy!” Daddy said and slapped my ass again.

“A doctor Daddy, he was a doctor!” I cried.

Daddy slapped my ass harder.

“And you went without my permission?” Daddy shouted and slapped my ass again and again.

“I’m sorry Daddy! Please stop!” I cried.

I started to cry, the salty taste of my tears mixed with the coppery taste of my blood from my nose.

Daddy slapped my ass again and again, each of his slaps got harder and harder after each blow. Then he stopped. He stood up, my legs slipped off his leg and my knees hit the floor hard.

“Strike one, go to bed,” Daddy said. His voice was cold. He didn’t kiss me good night, or help me get ready for bed.

I didn’t go to bed. I went to my bathroom to check myself. The right side of my face was bruised. My nose wasn’t broken, it hadn’t swelled although with the force that that door had hit me it should have knocked my nose clean off. I could still breathe. I wasn’t bleeding anymore but I was still very sore. My ass was bright red and swollen, my knees were bruised. I washed my face and brushed my teeth. I kept thinking to myself how Daddy could attack me like that and just leave. “Strike two,” he said. I didn’t want to find out what he meant by that. I had a feeling it would be much worse than what I’d just gone through tonight. I crawled into bed. I didn’t change my clothes. It was midnight by the time I’d fallen asleep. I couldn’t lay on my back or my side, so I lay on my front instead and cried myself to sleep.



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