First Short Story – Trying New Things

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First Short Story – Trying New Things“Can we go out to the granny flat? I want to get away from that weird new housemate of yours.” Angie said to Killian.“Aw, but we’re cosy here…and I’ll have to carry out the box of beer! Ugh…but you’re right, I can’t stand him either. Okay, you get the key and open it up, I’ll get bring the beer.”Killian got up off the comfy sofa and went to grab the box of beer from the table. He watched as Angie reached up for the key on top of the cabinet, and caught a glimpse of her back as her blouse pulled up, and just a peek of a red thong rising above her tight jeans.They had been friends for years, since they were about 19. Now, at 26, they had been finding less and less time to hang out. So when a little free time came up, they decided a few beers in Killian’s place would give them a chance to catch up, rather than heading out to a noisy pub.Angie led the way out of the house to the granny flat. Killian followed her in and put the beer on the counter near the fridge. He was wearing a short sleeved T-shirt and was a little embarrassed by how much effort it took to carry the box, the veins on his arms were pumping. He thought about how he must start going to the gym. Angie wandered over to the couch, turned, and sat with one leg under her bum. “Oh…Killian’s looking well lately. Those veins bulging out from his tight muscles…he must have started in a gym” she thought to herself.After placing a few in the fridge, Killian opened two beers and brought them over to couch, gave one to Angie and sat next to her.“Cheers”“Cheers”“So, how’s the MA course going?” asked Angie.“Fine. Ah, y’know, no time for anything, stress, half of my research was a waste of time… I don’t want to talk about it really. I want to get away from that right now. How’s your new life in management? Carl must be happy you’ve got a steady job…”“Christ, Killian, when was the last time time we talked? Carl broke up with me two weeks ago. I was wondering, actually, no…. I was a little pissed off you didn’t check up on me after that” Angie said.“He what?! Jesus, I didn’t know. How was I supposed to know if you didn’t tell me?”“Facebook!”“But you know I don’t use that stupid thing.”“Well, I dunno. Other people knew. I thought you’d find out” Angie said, a little more sheepishly now.“No. Nobody told me. So what happened? How are you?” Killian asked, concerned.“Well, not so bad now. Still feel a bit humiliated. He dumped me three days after I got the job. I was so happy to get that position and then he just made me feel like shit. I think, for all the hard time he gave me about being out of work, he didn’t actually want me to get a job, like he had control over me. But he blamed it on our…personal life. That I wasn’t adventurous enough. And that’s total bullshit because he was the one who didn’t want to try anything new.”“Jesus. What a cunt!” exclaimed Killian.“Yeah, well, now that’s something I don’t want to talk about too.”“I can’t believe him! Why would he leave you? You can’t be that boring in bed?”“Whoah! Easy on, Killian, okay….I…I… Just leave it”Killian was annoyed at the idiot who dumped her, but he and Angie had always given each other a hard time when one of them was down. A bit of a laugh always helped. He gave a wry smile and said “I’m just saying, you must have been some fun if you bought a nice, sexy red thong for him…”Angie’s eyes cringed. “How did you…” Her eyes opened wide and a stunned smile came over her face. “You little pervert bollox!!”He laughed as she sat there with a real but exaggerated shock expression. On impulse, she launched a hand towards him and twisted his nipple with laser-like accuracy. Killian howled and sprang up off the couch.“JESUS FUCKING CHRIST!!! JESUS FUCK CUNT BALLS!!! That hurts like HELL.” he screamed.Angie beamed. “Well, that showed you now, didn’t it?”“Jesus, I was only messing. That’s no fair, just because I can’t squeeze your nipple back”“You’ve no problem perving on me in other ways. But you wouldn’t have the balls to come after me anyway.” Angie stood up in front of Killian to tease him.“After that, I should twist your both your tits off. Fucking hell! Is that blood coming through my T-shirt?”“No it’s not, your fine.….You little pussy!” Hah, she was enjoying this. Her life was pretty boring lately, all work and feeling down since Carl left. She didn’t get to play around like this much.“You’re asking for it Angie”“Oh yeah? What you gonna do about it, pussy-boy?”“I’ll get you right back is what.” Killian said breathing a little heavier.“Oh, really Mr. Whimp. I dare you!”Killian pursed his lips and accepted her challenge. He shot out both hands at Angie’s breasts. Instinctively, he cupped both of her breasts in his hands. He could never be so savage to twist her nipples. He couldn’t tell exactly where they were anyway through her bra. So he just held her breasts. Leaving his hands where they were, he looked up blankly to her face. He didn’t know what to say.“Um…..We’re acting like c***dren” he finally, quietly blurted out.Angie was caught off guard. She wasn’t sure what to do either. But in the heat of the teasing, she could feel her heart beat harder and türbanlı samsun escort her skin tingle. “Then….uh…..start acting like a man” she whispered.They stared intensely into each others eyes. For a moment, neither of them made a move. Just the rise and fall of her breasts in Killian’s hands as she breathed deeply. Finally, he stepped forward a little. He starred down at her breasts. Her body was gorgeous and many times he had found it difficult to be friends with her, he was so distracted by her beauty and sexy figure. He gently, and slowly, ran his palms around her tits. When he had his hands at either side, he tenderly pushed her breasts together, so that the cleavage line was clearly visible at the opening of her pastel pink blouse. She closed her eyes and took a long deep breath, and blew it out slowly. He felt this warm breath on his face.He took away his hands. She opened her eyes. He shuffled his feet to steady himself. Very deliberately, but nervously, he raised his hands and began to unbutton her blouse. She looked up and away to the left, and her breath became shallower. The gentle rustle of the fabric was bellowing in her ears at every button opening. She could feel the slightly cooler air increasingly flow around her skin as each button was undone. Eventually, she brought her eyes down to look forward, and stared at Killian as he was managing her blouse off her shoulders.His mouth was dry. He looked into her eyes again as her blouse whooshed to the floor. She stared back, and raised an eyebrow. She then opened her moth and bit her bottom lip sensuously, and dipped her eyes, indicating towards her breasts, still unexposed in her bra. “Right then” thought Killian. His overwhelming awkwardness of this whole scenario was beginning to lessen. He was in deep now. It was time to act confident. Though he still couldn’t believe it.He swiftly slipped around Angie, so that now he was standing behind her, pressing himself into her. He groped her breasts once but very firmly, gripping them hard. Then pulled away, undid her bra clasp, and angrily tore it off her body. For a second she reached to cover herself. Then she simply placed her hands down by her sides.He reached back up for her breasts. Her two mounds were stretching her skin of her chest, tight firm tits, with large, slightly dark, pink nipples. He cupped, massaged and teased her nipples as she leaned back into him, letting out a sigh. She reached her hands back, rubbing his thighs and hips. Then he twisted her nipples – but only enough for her to jump a little. And she liked it.But this was bullshit, he needed to suck on these taught, bulging titties. He spun her around and dropped to his knees, gave her no time to react when he pulled her in and sucked one great breast down into his mouth, nearly tickling his tonsils. And he sucked and sucked. She winced but couldn’t say no. I almost hurt, but she could feel the dampness in her pussy. He groped her waist, belly, other breast and her ass as he sucked her in, only occasionally letting it out so that he could run the nipple through his lips and pressure it with his teeth.When she could finally cope with what was happening, she reached over his back and pulled on his T-shirt. It was awkward, he wouldn’t leave her tit out of his mouth, she had to shout.“KILLIAN! Come on, come up. Take this off.”He stood, and whipped off his T-shirt. As she ran her hands over his slim but fit torso, she spluttered out a laugh.“Oh, shit, I didn’t think I twisted you that bad. You’re nipple’s swelling up!”She leaned in and kissed his swollen nipple, progressing to licking it gently all around. Killian knew this was supposed to be erotic and something he would have died for earlier. But his nipples weren’t sensitive and this one hurt. He didn’t care about his nipples, he wanted to play with her body. So as she had a little pretend erotic moment for herself, he unzipped his fly and dropped his pants and underwear to the floor.“Whoa-ho. Jesus, no time-wasting with you. Ung, I always wanted to see your cock.” She smiled. And gripped his erection. The clear fluid had been seeping out for a little while so jewel of pre-cum sat on top of his dick. She slipped a finger from the base of his shaft up to the head and lubed up her hand with it. He clasped around his knob and jerked her hand down. She didn’t start slowly, she just jumped into wanking his rod good and fast. She stared right at it, fascinated by stroking his meat.She began to bend her knees to lower herself, but Killian stopped her. “I don’t want a blow-job.”Her eyebrows furrowed. “What…what do you mean?”“I can have a wank anytime and jerk my cock. I finally have you, your body, here, now. And I want it. I don’t want to waste this time by cuming and not touching you.”He began to rip at her jeans. “But I want to suck your cock. I want you in my mouth!” she cried.Her jeans dropped to the floor. “Okay… but we can do better than this.” She stood there in just her red thong. He was surprised by how strong the smell from her pussy was. Already it filled the air. Christ, it was like an a****listic sex-perfume, he almost türbanlı samsun escort bayan came right there as it wafted into his nostrils.“Can I watch you take off your panties from behind?” he asked.“Heh, you really are a pervert.”She pushed him onto the couch. Turned her ass to him. Placed her thumbs into the waist of the thong. Bent her head down, arching her back so that her ass stood out like two round balloons. The thong began to loosen at the top, then slithered down around her tight buttocks. The crotch section stayed put until it was pulled out of her ass crack by the rest of the underwear. Naked, Angie, gave a mini twerk, then grabbed her cheeks so Killian got a brief look at her pussy mound, and a special view of her asshole.He almost shot his load watching this. He took her by the waist and brought her to the couch. “You can suck my cock. But only if we 69. I need your body. But I want to taste you now, first.”He slid onto his knees on the floor. He kissed her inner thigh before lifting her leg and placing her foot on his shoulder. He kissed his way up to her fragrant pussy. He gave it a first big smooch. She was so wet, her pussy juice soaked the stubble on his chin. Now, he opened his mouth and lathered it over her clitoris. He pushed and pressed and wobbled her glistening pleasure button. She moaned deep guttural sounds. She got louder and squirmed on the couch. Her back was buckling and she was whacking his face with her pussy, covering his features in her natural lube. He fucked his mouth straight into her crotch, and moved his tongue from her clit to her wet hole. He lapped at it and dug his tongue as far into her vagina as he could. Then he lick up and down from her opening to her clit and back again. Her body was jerking about like she was being shocked by electricity.He brought up his hand and slipped two fingers so easily into her pussy that he introduced a third. He starting fucking her with his fingers as he sucked and licked her clit. The scent of her pussy drove him crazy but she was entering another level.“Oh, fuck…oh, fuck, shit…..FUCK …I’m going to cum. I’M GOING TO CUM! YEAH….FUCK ME. FUCK MY CUNT FUCK……..OOHHHHHH…..”Killian was not prepared for the liquid gushing into his mouth. He drew his face back but left his fingers inside her as she came. He needed a moment to even realise that she had squirted on him. And she was still squirting. He had never been with anyone who squirted before, he had only watched the videos on xhamster. But he had masturbated to it so before she gushed out her last drop he thought he had better take advantage of it, and threw his face into her spurting pussy. It was all so sudden he wasn’t even sure if it turned him on more or not. Until she had finished. “Holy shit, I just made her squirt. And I got to drink a bit. Jesus this is amazing!”As her pounding heart, heaving breasts and sweating brow began calm after her power-cum, Angie, slumped back on the couch. Though, she only then copped on that she had just squirted on Killian’s face. And her shame led to panic. She raised her hands to her blushing face.“Oh my God, I’m so sorry. Oh my God, oh, my God! That hardly ever happens…ooohhh…”In her head she was terrified, she would have to dress and run away. And their friendship was ruined.“Yeah, that was INCREDIBLE! That only happens sometimes? You don’t always squirt? How long till you can do it again?” he beamed, while wanking his cock and licking his lips.“What?” she asked, timidly.He rose up to kiss her. He paused “Do you mind if I kiss you. I’m covered in your squirt.” he said with an enormous smile.“You…like that? But it’s not normal”“Yeah, I’ve never been with a woman who squirts. I can’t believe you squirt. You should have told me, I would have left that bimbo I was with when I met first you. Oh, wow!”She began a nervous giggle. She had never squirted with a man before. She always thought it was something wrong with her. But Killian had heard of it before, and seemed to actually like it!“Ok, do you still want to suck my cock? I want to get back into your pussy!”She didn’t say a word, just nodded with a smile, almost crying, she was so happy she was sharing this with Killian, she didn’t think she could care about him even more. He lay down flat on the couch, and she kissed him with a smile before heading down to his thumping erection.As she swallowed his knob, she lifted one leg and placed it on the other side of his head. She skooched her knees up and lowered her body until she felt him on her pussy. She was a little far forward for him so he raised his head a little. He looked into her crotch again, the reverse of before, so now he could stare into her fully exposed asshole. For a moment he just enjoyed the sensation of Angie sucking strongly on his cock while staring into her ass. Then he pressed forward, and began to lick her pussy hole. He was licking pretty far down her pussy because she was so far forward, he couldn’t reach down to her clit. In this position, his nose was pretty close, sometimes touching her anus. He could get a subtle scent, but she wasn’t dirty. türbanlı escort samsun As soon as she felt his tongue on her, Angie began to rock back and forth. Killian stopped trying to lick her and just left his tongue out for her to rub her pussy against herself.But in her rocking, the odd time, she sat her asshole onto his tongue. “Oh, fuck, my fuck, I’ve licked her ass. I’ve licked Angie’s asshole” he said loudly in his head. “Fuck it” he thought, “I want to lick her asshole out.”And so he wiggle his shoulders an inch, and lay his mouth muscle into her asshole. He pressed it in and slid the tip of his tongue through the soft tissue of her dark wrinkled folds. He could feel out where the lines of her asshole drew together, becoming the centre, the dip, the actual hole.After maybe three licks Angel popped Killian’s cock out of her mouth, “Killian, what are you doing? Do you know what you’re….do you know what you’re doing?”Killian smiled, thrilled, though he was a little nervous about her reaction. “I can’t help it, it’s so hot, I want it so much. It’s so intense”“No, I know that, but you were….” she turned to a whisper “you were licking my….my bum”“I know, Angie, that’s what I meant.”Angie couldn’t change her expression. Or position.. What was she supposed to think of this. “But isn’t that…disgusting? That’s not normal, is it?”“A moment ago you thought squirting was wrong. And it was wonderful for both of us. Let me ask you this: did you like it? Did you like when I licked your asshole?” Even those words together shocked her. When I licked your asshole. “Um…I don’t know. It wasn’t bad I suppose. But when I realised, I stopped it. I don’t know”“Lets just try it again. If you don’t like it, I won’t do it any more.”She was wary, and kind of confused. “Ah…okay, maybe just for a minute.”So she repositioned herself on his face. A little more wiggling on his part and he was ready. She placed his cock in her mouth a little more timidly this time, with her eyes open and a nervous expression on her brow. Then Killian lay his tongue straight onto her bunghole again, and licked and licked. He licked all around in circles and up the centre, dipping into her hole a little. He circled around again, trying to appreciate the texture of every wrinkle of her ass.Angie gave it time. The thoughts that ran through her head were fresh “Maybe it’s not so bad. Hmm. Yeah that’s okay I suppose. Umh. Yeah that’s okay. Hah, OH! That’s not so bad”.The feeling of his tongue stimulating all those nerve endings in her anus was growing on her.Killian pulled his mouth away from her hole for a moment “Are you okay? Do you want me to stop?”She slopped his dick out of her gob. A line of spit and pre-cum mixture linked her mouth to his knob as she spoke “No, Killian, it’s nice. I…I like it!”“Oh fuck yes”, he thought. On hearing this he got stuck in even more. He pointed out his tongue so that it was stiff, and pressured it into the middle of her asshole. He made his way in a little. Then a little more. He could feel it winking, relaxing open and closing again around his tongue, squeezing it gently. She began to bang her ass at his face. She was riding his tongue with her ass and, as she did, she spoke with his dick still in her mouth “Fuck me Killian. Fuck my ass. Fuck my dirty asshole with your tongue. Oh, you fucker. Yeah!”He nearly drew blood as she fucked her ass on his tongue, knocking it against his teeth. But he was in ecstasy. He couldn’t hold out any longer. “Oh God yes, I’m going to cum while my tongue is buried in Angie’s shitter….OOOOOOHHHHH UUUUUNNNNGGGG”The jets of cum that whacked against the roof of Angie’s mouth and down the back of her throat were immense. Her eyes rolled as she accepted the blasts. She made strange hokking noises, trying to deal with the amount and force of the cum. It spilled down Killian’s cock but still stuffed her mouth, a little came out her nose. Eventually, the storm subsided. She had swallowed maybe half, and drooled the rest onto Killian’s cock and balls.“Oh….oh Christ that was amazing. Oh fuck!” sighed and moaned Killian.“That was pretty good for both of us then.” smiled Angie. As she said this, with a glob of cum hanging from her lip, she instinctively place a hand on her back and ran it down her ass crack and began fingering her asshole. The stimulation from Killian’s tongue had ended just as she was really getting into it, so even she caught herself unawares when she fingered her ass, continuing the feeling. Though he had just cum with his entire soul, Killian still looked up to appreciate Angie fingering her ass. And smiled.After a minute, Angie raised up a little and awkwardly moved about so she could lie on Killian’s chest. They lay there, feeling all the mix of liquids cooling on their bodies, and huddled closer to each others warmth. Angie toyed with Killian’s light chest hair. He was in a daze, a smiling trance. “I liked it. A lot. And you know what?” she asked.“What, honey?”“We didn’t even have sex yet. And I have a few ideas. New ones. I’ll give you a hint: I want you to fuck me up the arse”.“Haha, that’s quite a hint. Wow, are you sure you want to do that?”“With you, anything. I thought all that stuff it was perverse. But I’ve never felt so intimate with someone before.”He smiled and looked down, and moved to kiss her. She rose up so he could lay his head back and she could force her kiss on him deeply, with his cum still wet in her mouth, and his fresh from her asshole. It was a pretty good start to rest of their relationship.

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