Freshman Fluff


My freshman year at college was one total nightmare. Not the school or the classes, the dorm rooms at night. I was subjected to such outrageous treatment that I’m not sure I ever completely recovered.

I’m from a small town and had never even been in as big a city as Austin. I was very excited, though. It was something I had planned on all my life. I had not done well socially in high school. The girls had all been in their little cliques and ignored me most of the time, when they weren’t being even crueler. I felt like college would be a whole new start for me.

When I entered the assigned dorm room, my roommate was already there and had picked out the twin bed she wanted so I started unpacking by the other dresser. “My name’s LeAnn,” I said to her.

“Your accent sounds like you caught a ride to school on a turnip truck; just my luck to get some no-nothing country hick as a roommate.”

Stunned into silence, I went about putting away my clothes. I didn’t want to risk talking with her. I couldn’t understand why she’d be so hateful, she didn’t even know me. When I get nervous, especially around new people, my voice just sort of retreats into a pronounced twang, I don’t think she should make such judgments about me based on a single sentence.

“My name’s Angela Anderson. You can call me Ms Anderson.”

“Well, you can call me anything as long as you call me for supper,” I said in an effort to inject a little homespun humor. Down deep I guess I was trying to appease her, to get by the unreasonable animosity she’d shown. She was truly gorgeous with long, tawny hair and tits the size of volley balls. It certainly wouldn’t hurt if I could be her friend.

‘Oh, god, you are a cornball but you’ve got a little grit. I expected you to go straight to the dean and get transferred to another room. But you’re gonna try and tough it out with me, are you?”

Damn, I didn’t know I could get transferred simply by asking. But by now I desperately wanted her to like me. I didn’t want to give up and get a new roommate. There was something about her that sparked a need in me to overcome her dislike for me. Maybe she simply embodied all the arrogant little girls who’d ever looked down at me with their smirking eyes from their lofty, deeply entrenched social positions. Their families had settled the town a hundred years before while my father had come recently because of an opportunity to be a foreman at the newly constructed aluminum plant. I was compelled me to try harder to please Angela.

“Well, if you want to have it out with me, sooner is better,” she said as she got up and walked menacingly towards me. I stepped back just a little and tried to figure out what to do. She rushed forward and grabbed me around my neck in a hammerlock and bent me over with my head pressed against her huge titty. “I had three older brothers and they tortured me all my life until I got old enough to beat the youngest one and hold my own against the second oldest. I never stood a chance against the oldest but he outgrew his need to torment me soon after I reached twelve.”

“I don’t want to fight,” I pleaded.

“Too late, Dolly Un-Pardoned, you’ve let your big mouth get you into this, maybe your big mouth can get you out.” With that, she swung me over her hip and onto my bed which groaned with the sudden weight.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, if there are certain places of mine you’d be willing to kiss, we could do that instead of fighting. It would still establish who’s in charge around here.”

“Alright, alright, let me up. Do you want me to kiss your butt? I will.”

“Good, now you don’t have to call me Ms Anderson,” she said as she got off the bed and started undoing her shorts, “you can call me Momma!”

“But…ah, Momma, why are you taking off your clothes? I thought I was going to kiss it through your shorts.”

“Dolly, you know you’d never get the full benefit of doing it unless it was on bare skin. That’s the whole point. You’ll need to kneel down now on the floor to be in the proper position. You see it’s like paying homage but it’s better than a dislocated elbow or shoulder.”

Completely mortified, I scurried down on my knees so I could get this ordeal over with. While I leaned my face against her outthrust bare bottom, the door opened just as my lips touch her round asscheeks. God!

“Oh, excuse me, Angela, I didn’t know you were busy.” The girl said as she entered the room without regard her apology for being there. Fortunately she closed the door behind her, I didn’t want every girl in the building to see me in the position I was in.

“Hi, Greta, my new roommate and I were just establishing the pecking order around here.”

“Sounds interesting and where will I fit in?”

“I suppose you will rank right under me so maybe you should get Dolly to give you a little kiss, porno indir unless she may rather fight you.”

“No,” I interjected, “I don’t want to fight anybody. I’ve never been in a physical confrontation in my life.”

“You country girls just settled everything by kissing asses?”

“No, we didn’t have anything to settle. Everyone behaved as though they were civilized.”

“And if some girl started coming on to your boyfriend, you just said ‘excuse me’ and got out of her way?”

“No, if the boy chose to take up with her, then we figured it was good riddance.”

“Well, the only difference I see is that you didn’t have to say ‘excuse me’.”

“I just don’t think I would want a boy if the only way I could hold him would be by tooth and nail.”

“So if you didn’t want the boy, what did you do, take up with another girl? Did you do the girly part or the boy part? You’re so compliant and unobtrusive I bet you did the girly part. That’s how you learned how to kiss ass so passionately.”

God no! I just realized that all this time I had been kissing Angela’s ass all over, on both cheeks. I had been so distracted by this strange conversation. I immediately started to stand up. I was so humiliated.

“Wait a minute,” Greta objected, you need to do my ass before you get up.”

“And you better pay her just as much homage as you did me or she may get upset and decide you need to fight after all.” Angela declared.

I should have been paying more attention to what I was doing. Greta took down her shorts and I saw that she wasn’t wearing any panties either. Didn’t anyone around here wear clothes? She bent over in front of me and I started covering her asscheeks with kisses. Her butt was even fuller and more rounded that Angela’s. Not that I cared how attractive a girl’s behind was, it was just something I had to do. Her skin was so soft and lush, though, it just indented at the place I had my lips. It was not really an odious chore I had to face. I didn’t remember how long I’d kissed Angela’s ass so I didn’t know how long to kiss Greta’s so I just kissed it until Angela said for me to stop, that Greta was getting more than she had.

“Now I think it’s time you kissed our pussies, too. That will really establish who the top dogs are and who the bitch is.” Angela announced.

Was there no end to this nonsense? “No, now that’s carrying this little game too far. I’m going to the dean and see if I have to go through all this just to have a roommate,” I warned.

Angela grabbed me suddenly and twisted my arm up to the center of my back, held it there with one hand and wrapped her other arm around my neck from behind. “You’re not going anywhere or saying anything!”

My shoulder was hurting from the force of her hold. I felt so full of panic and fear at her sudden attack that I was wretched. “Alright, Greta, sit on bed and spread your big, round thighs. Dolly’s going to say she’s sorry by kissing you right on your pussy lips. Don’t let her stick her tongue in there; we don’t want to make a lezbo out of my roommate.”

Angela walked me over to where Greta was sitting and pushed my arm up until I bent over. When my face was even with Greta’s sopping wet pussy and between her lush thighs, she stopped. To avoid any further pain, I put my lips against her cunt and kissed, Angela held me there for a long time, I didn’t know if I was supposed to do more. I could feel Angela thrusting her hips against my ass and that made me strangely aroused but that was almost a heterosexual thing so I didn’t worry at the passion her humping made me feel.

“Alright, my turn,” Angela announced as she released me completely, took a place beside Greta and spread her slender but perfectly curved thighs. My arousal intensified as I bent over to kiss her cunt lips. The aroma of her pussy was very much like Greta’s except much stronger because she was much wetter. Perhaps waiting to have her pussy kissed made her more eager for my mouth.

“Honey, I didn’t say you had to suck it. Damn, that’s really making me hot! I guess it wouldn’t hurt for you to suck it a little bit.”

I was trying to control my own eagerness, concentrating on the fact that these two were forcing me to do these things. Wherever this strange passion was coming from, it had nothing to do with my sexual preferences. Perhaps anybody forced into sexual acts will feel a certain amount of sexual arousal. One thing I knew for sure. I was going straight to the dean tomorrow and let him or her know exactly what was going on in this dorm of depravity!

That evening Angela was very nice, so cordial and considerate. She even asked me what I wanted to do for supper. “We could go to the sub or I have a car we could go into town. It’s parked a lot further away than the sub, though, a much longer rokettube walk. Then we would spend a half hour looking for a new parking place.”

“Where’s the sub? Is that a restaurant?”

“The Student Union Building is two buildings over. They have a cafeteria that’s cheap but pretty good food. There are watchdogs at the Daily Texan that keep close tabs on the quality of food there.”

“The Daily Texan?”

“That’s the student newspaper. You really don’t know a damned thing, do you?” she smiled at me as though to say she was amused at me rather than ridiculing me.

“With that stirring endorsement, I think we should try the sub.”

“Good girl, I hate to move that damned car. It’s almost useless at this school anyway, only good for going home to get money.”

“Pity she can’t just mail you the money.”

“Oh, Mom’s good about regular expenses. She has direct deposit at my bank for what I need for tuition and stuff. I just have to make a trip when I need something extra, something special.”

“What does your mom do?”

“She’s in real estate and she’s making money hand over fist with all the Yankees moving down here and buying up everything in sight. But she’s a lonely old woman and she needs me to come home once in a while.”

“She needs to see you.” I was merely agreeing with her, that any mother wants to see her daughter occasionally.”

“She needs to see me and feel me up a little bit sometimes. There’s nothing wrong with it, she’s just lonely.”

Although it sounded to me like there was something wrong with it, Angela was so belligerent about it, I certainly didn’t want to appear judgmental. “So your dad is… away?”

“Divorced, she just happened to marry the kind of guy who can’t keep his dick in his pants away from home. Dad’s all right and we get along. He’s just not a person who needs to be married. Mom has her needs too so I help her. There’s nothing wrong with it.”

“Well, let’s go check out that sub.”

Angela immediately stripped down to just her shorts when we got back and started working on her computer. I read a book for something to do with my eyes instead of staring at her gorgeous titties. I’d never had a problem wanting to look at a girl’s titties before but I’d never roomed with a girl who hated to wear clothes like Angela did.

Later when she went to bed and I put my book away to turn out the light, she said, “Do you want to come over here with me?”

A hot feeling ran up my spine as I suspected what she wanted with me in her bed but I was so enraptured by the way we were getting along that I didn’t want a bit of prudishness to drive a wedge between us. Besides, if I really faced the truth, I wanted to be closer to her.

I snuggled up next to her and after a while she said, “You can play with my titties if you want. I know you’ve been lusting after them all evening.”

I knew that touching her titties was admitting that I had been aroused by them but I still couldn’t keep my hands from fondling them or my mouth from reaching down to suck on them. They were just so big and so perfect, my pussy just quivered when I touched her nipple with my mouth.

“Go ahead and play with my pussy, you liked sucking it this afternoon, didn’t you? I know you liked sucking on Greta’s. It doesn’t make you a lesbian. Everybody experiments a little bit while in college. You live with other girls and you’re around other girls all the time, it’s only natural.”

I hoped that she was right. I kept telling myself that as I slid down in her bed and put my head between her widely parting thighs. I was totally immersed in the scent of her pussy and the taste of her hot, wet cunt juices. I couldn’t have kept from laving it with my tongue if my own mother was standing beside the bed with every light in the room turned on. My tongue plowed up through the furrow of her cunt lips, pushing her delicious nectar up into my mouth to swallow. I sucked her until we both cried out in mortal ecstasy and finally fell asleep.

The next morning I awoke with my face level with the tops of her thighs. The aroma of her pussy again stirred me to a point beyond my control and I burrowed my face into her pussy and sucked her awake. “Damn, Dolly, you’re going to wear that thing out if you don’t let it alone once in a while.”

“Oh, I’m sorry; I was just feeling so amorous after such a wonderful night with you.”

“It’s okay. You got it started; you may as well finish it. You’ve turned into a pretty good little pussy hound in a short time.”

After classes, we were back in the dorm with Angela in just her shorts as usual. Greta came by and quickly discarded most of her clothes and my yearnings suddenly became doubled and quite unmanageable.

“What are you so fidgety about, sweetie,” Greta said to me, “are you porno wanting some more pussy?”

“Well I am getting kind of hot with all the nudity around here.”

“Come on over here and get in your position and I’ll let you pull my shorts down and smell my pussy a little bit. Would you like that?”

I simply stared at her, making every effort to maintain some dignity. My mouth was watering at the sight of her titties that just sat on her chest and quivered enticingly every time she moved.

“You probably know I don’t have any panties on under these shorts. You saw the way my butt cheeks were trying to wiggle out the bottom of them when I leaned over for you while ago. I saw the way you looked at my ass and I bet your little tongue is getting so hard. Have you ever let your tongue penetrate a girl in her asshole?”

My will power just evaporated when Greta stood up. Angela looked over at us and smirked at me in my yearning need. Greta undid the top button of her abbreviated blue jeans. “Why don’t you see if you can get the zipper down with your teeth?” She cooed at me and wiggled her hips so provocatively I was hoping the shorts would slide down. I leaned forward until I was on my hands and knees and crawled over to her and grasped the zipper tab of her shorts in my teeth. Slowly I pulled it down as the flaps of her shorts yawed open. My face was in her bare pussy; her scent was driving me delirious.

“Hey, honey, I only said you could smell it. You’re trying to suck it again just because I let you yesterday. You must be getting a real taste for pussy. It’s okay, go ahead and suck it, you’re such a sweet little girl.”

As I sucked her pussy, her foot moved between my legs. A sudden surge of unbearable passion made me cringe as my pussy pushed back and forth on her foot. With all the sexual activity that had gone on in this dorm I had never reached orgasm except with my own hand. My pussy riding on her foot was much more stimulating and my ardor was rising at an alarming rate. I couldn’t keep my hips from pumping my pussy against the top of her foot until I groaned with an orgasm of gigantic proportions.

“Honey, you’re neglecting your duty,” Greta started to say as I fairly collapsed to my side to lie in a heap of satisfied bliss. “Goddamn, look what you did to my shoe! Bad Dog! Clean that up this instant.”

In a satiated daze, I moved to her foot and began to lick her shoe clean. Maybe it was the first time I tasted my own pussy juice but it seemed no different from sucking and swallowing theirs so I just licked her shoe like a mama cat cleaning her kitten.

“That’s clean enough.” Greta said, “Now I want you to do my asshole.” She withdrew her foot and turned over to lie on the bed with her knees on the floor. I was staring at her lush ass cheeks and paralyzed with longing and dread. “Come on now, bitch, I want your tongue in my ass! Angela!”

“Shit!” Angela slammed her book down against the floor. “I wanted to get a good start on this course and get ahead in my assignments for a change this semester but you two whores make it impossible to think about anything but sexual depravity. What does she want you to do?” She screamed at me. “Suck her ass? Well, do it! She’s the most ass happy whore you’ll ever want to know. Once she decides she’s wants her ass done, she’ll never stop ’til she gets what she wants. Now do it or I’m going to take a belt to your ass until you do.” With that Angela stood up and walked to her closet.

I spoke to Greta, my voice rising in pitch to a plaintive wail. “I’m not going to do that. It’s nasty, why don’t you let me alone? I sucked your pussy. I cleaned your shoe. Everything just leads to something else!”

“Angela!” was all Greta wanted to say.

Angela came out of her closet with a huge strap on attached to her hips. I was enervated at the sight of its swinging massiveness. It was gnarled with vein-like protrusions and seemed more lifelike than a real cock. I was filled with fear and a certain awe and wonderment at what she intended to do with that thing. It would not fit any place I had ever seen on any woman.

Greta, anticipating total victory, smugly pulled her ample ass cheeks apart. Angela reached for the back of my neck and pushed my face into her butt. Then she stepped behind me and pushed her girlcock hard against my pussy. I whimpered, I pleaded but the plastic dick moved inexorably deeper into my stretching pussy. It felt like a telephone pole and I scrambled around trying to get in a position that would accommodate her entry. The pain was intense but accompanied by the most glorious feeling of fulfillment I could even imagine. She pumped her cock into me. I moaned in agony and ecstasy. My hips began to move to match her rhythm as she fucked me senseless. My tongue leapt from my mouth and speared into Greta’s yearning asshole. I had no thought of what I was doing, I just did it. I sodomized her with my tongue, my cheeks engulfed in the valley of her ass while Angela ravished my cunt with her weapon. Ravaged me, taking me to levels Id never dreamed of or dragging me to depths I’d never imagined.

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