Fun and Games Ch. 05


Two days later Ron and I ended up at Tim’s house. Ron and Tim knew each other pretty well which made it comfortable to be there, and they were both glad I was there. Ron is forward and immediately started talking about what we were going to do.

“So what do we have on the agenda?”, he said. “Tim tells me you are new to this…or should I say ‘were’ new to it until very recently!”

“Yeah, it’s been…interesting so far”, I said. “We hooked up a couple times and he said you were cool with stuff, too, so I suggested we see what’s up for all 3 of us.”

“I love to suck and I love to fuck and I’ll take it up the ass but it’s not my favorite thing. Once I suck off a guy he’s actually not all that anxious to fuck me anyway, right Tim?” Ron said smiling.

“You are the master”, said Tim flatly. “No doubt about it.”

“I know what Tim likes”, Ron said. “How about you? Anything off limits?”

“It depends”, I said. “I don’t want to end up in the emergency room.”

“Never happen with me around, dude. No worries there. All about fun and pleasure. As soon as someone says they’ve had enough, it’s over. We’re into fun and good times.”

Ron’s words were reassuring and appeared to be genuine. Tim, Ron, and I were on the same page: have fun safely and no one gets hurt. I was twitching with excitement! I had fucked two girls before at the same time but this, especially after such a short period of time being exposed to gay sex, was incredibly exciting. Already my mind was racing with scenarios where I was sucking and getting fucked at the same time, getting head and sucking someone, fucking someone in the ass and sucking. I was mentally overloading and my cock was already fully puffed, hard, and straining against my pants.

Ron stood up and suggested we get to know each other better, which meant stripping down. He was a funny guy and this was going to be a good time, I could tell. When he pulled his shorts down and stood up, his cock was still soft but it was obviously pretty good size. It didn’t appear to be a whole hell of a lot bigger than mine, but it was still soft.

I was already hard and so was Tim, so Ron suggested he suck both of our cocks first and that would get him excited. Ron sat down on the couch and Tim and I stood up next to each other facing him. He went to town and wow…he was great! I had to be careful because I didn’t want to pop too fast. Ron zipped back and forth between Tim and me, but after a few minutes I pulled back and let him focus more on Tim.

That night I would experience yet another new sexual vista: watching a man suck another man’s cock.

Tim was rock hard and he was standing close to me while Ron remained seated on the sofa. Ron took Tim all the way to the root repeatedly and with amazing skill. His eyes were closed and he was moaning as he sucked Tim’s cock with expert efficiency. Tim was obviously very excited and Ron was simply too good for him to hold off, and within a few more seconds Tim began to scream. I imagined Tim’s semen pelting the back of Ron’s throat, coating his mouth as he continued to suck Tim’s hard penis until his orgasm subsided. An my imagination had to suffice because Tim’s orgasm was neatly contained in Ron’s mouth.

When Ron stood up, I had to do a double-take. His penis had almost doubled in length and thickened substantially. He had now by far the biggest tool in the room. I would guess it was about 8 inches long, maybe a little more. It was definitely thicker than mine and maybe even a little thicker than Tim’s but not to the point where I was afraid to take him up the ass. I thought secretly maybe I could get Tim to do me for a few minutes to loosen me up then I could try to squeeze that fat prick up my butt. It certainly was an exciting thought but Tim had just popped so Ron and I were on our own.

*** There was no way Ron could suck my cock any more because that would surely mean the end of the evening for me. So I suggested Ron sit down and I would suck his dick for a while. Of course..no objection there and I got to work. His pre-come flowed like a fountain. All I had to do was suck a little, work his skin and a pool of clear liquid was availble to taste. His cock was straighter than Tim’s and I found that after a few minutes I could actually deep throat him. He was groaning and moaning and was really getting into it. I pulled off and his cock slipped out of my mouth and nearly slapped me in the face. As Ron’s cock pulled away from my face his attention was being drawn elsewhere.

“Sorry, guy, but it looks like I got a date with another orifice!”, he laughed as he looked to his right.

Tim had become excited again and was on the floor on all fours, brazenly presenting his back side to us.

“Ron, I want you first, but please…slow, slow, slow!”, he said firmly. “Please go super slow and lube up a lot.” Ron moved toward him.

Ron donned a condom and lubed up his giant cock and Tim’s tight asshole. Ron first used a lone digit beşiktaş escort to work the lube, then two fingers made their way inside Tim. It was obvious how much experience they both had with each other as Ron got behind Tim and slowly perched his cock head at Tim’s entrance. Tim slid back ever so slightly and then Poof! The head of Ron’s cock disappeared. Ron didn’t push; Tim was inching his way back and beginning to moan really loud. About halfway down Ron’s shaft Tim became a very vocal and dirty-mouthed man.

“Fucking thing is so fucking BIG!”, Tim yelled, hissing, looking over his shoulder, then craning down to look between his legs.

“Dude, you have a thick tool halfway up your ass”, I said. “Seems like you’re digging it.”

Tim glared at me and said, “Fucking right I dig it. Pull out. More lube Ron.”

Ron withdrew his thick rod out of Tim’s body and doused it with lube. He took aim and again Tim took over. Tim arched his back and essentially fucked himself with Ron’s hard cock, powering down the entire rod all the way to the root, screaming all the while. It was amazing to watch Tim’s asshole gobble up such a big dick in one move. Tim became motionless with Ron’s penis embedded deep in his body.

“Get over here”, Tim muttered to me. I knelt down on one leg and rubbed my hard tool over his lips, instantly slickening them and shining them up with my precome. Ron began a slow steady ass-fuck as Tim grabbed my cock and licked my bulbous head.

“Fucking slow, Ron. It feels like it’s coming up through my stomach. Do that thing with the head to loosen me up a little.”

Ron pulled his penis out of Tim’s body then teased Tim’s anus several times, barely dipping in and pulling out. Tim closed his eyes in absolute pleasure and began to suck hard on my cock. I had to be careful because I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do yet. The thought crossed my mind that getting slowly impaled and stuffed with Ron’s big bone could be a lot of fun!

Ron was giving Tim the business nice and slow and my cock had slipped out of his mouth. Poor Tim just couldn’t focus that much attention on me when he was getting widened by Ron’s sizeable tool. This was ideal actually because at the rate I was going, I surely would have coated Tim’s face with semen in mere minutes.

Tim’s ass was simply too tight and too nice for Ron; he couldn’t hold back any longer and began to yell and swell as his penis spat come into the confines of his rubber. Tim wailed as Ron’s orgasm gripped his body. Ron was less gentle in those waning seconds than he had been up to that time and was no doubt thicker and stiffer than ever. Ron banged into Tim’s ass as hard as he could, slamming his thick prick deep inside Tim’s body. Ron eventually pulled out, leaving Tim’s lube-slick ass gaping open for a few seconds.

“That was awesome”, said Tim. “God I love your big dick up my ass.”

Ron kind of snickered then made his way to the bathroom to clean up. With both of the two more experienced guys having an orgasm under their belt, they wanted to take a break for a few minutes and recharge. That was fine with me because it gave me a few minutes to calm down and delay the fun.

We sat around talking for a few minutes then I said, very matter-of-factly, that I’d like to get fucked in the ass by Tim while I suck Ron’s cock, then I’d like them to switch and have Ron finish up in my ass while Tim finishes in my mouth.

“Tim you’ll have to clean off before I suck your cock after you’ve been inside me, OK?” I said.

That was an offer neither Tim nor Ron could refuse and all three of us made our way back to the floor. Tim lay down on his back after he donned a rubber. I faced and straddled him, lubed up his penis and aimed it at my ass. Even after a few days I could feel a twinge of residual pain from having been analized. But after the initial painful yawning of my hole, it felt very good and, oddly, very normal, to have a warm, erect penis packed inside my body.

Ron, smiling, positioned his thick tool at my mouth. For the second time that night I wrapped my lips around his wide member and sucked hard, licking the bulbous bell end as it oozed precome. Ron helped me to balance as I slowly rode down Tim’s hard dick, and Tim was obviously liking this more than our first time based on his moans. I was loosening up nicely as Tim pumped his cock up inside me as I inched down. Tim slow fucked my ass as I managed more and more of Ron’s hard penis in my mouth.

Ron’s tool popped past my gag line a few times and it was thicker than Tim’s, so at this angle I could not manage that much of his penis in my mouth and throat. There was simply no way to get it all the way down to the root. I played with Ron’s balls and they were actually smaller than mine or Tim’s and the skin was firmer. Ron loved the attention I paid to his testes as I patted and rubbed them right to left as his penis remained in my mouth. His preseminal şişli escort fluid was profusely leaking out of his huge penis and the salty taste inspired me to suck harder, faster, deeper, fucking my face with his big dick. Whoring my ass, whoring my mouth, I was a submissive sex toy, a tool, a fuckbox and I was loving the debasing experience so much I was nearing orgasm myself.

Occasionally I felt a hand on my cock, a finger in my ass, as cocks and fingers probed me and found their way into my openings again and again.

A few minutes had passed and Ron said that he was ready to change positions. I felt a sinking feeling in my stomach as I considered how much penis was about to be crammed inside my body. Tim cleaned off and came back to the room only to discover Ron’s cock pointed at my ass while I was on all fours.

“I think Tim got you nice and loose”, said Ron. His rubbered cock was barely touching my anus, inviting me to make my move. Slowly I moved back and with surprising ease his thick head penetrated me coupled with a sharp pain as my anus stretched wider than ever. I gasped out loud and retreated. He also pulled away, added more lube and then, on the next entry, the pain receded and was replaced with a pleasurable fullness.

“Oh my god”, I muttered, “this is amazing. It feels so…different!”, I laughed out loud. “It’s not like it feels great, it feels so fucking weird! It’s so goddamn big it feels like it’s going into my stomach!”

Tim laughed with me. “Oh, I know the feeling. I know it well. You’ll come to love it, trust me!”

“I don’t know”, I said while Ron continued to pump inside me. “It’s like…it definitely feels like you’re not supposed to do this to your body! It feels like my ass is saying, what the fuck are you doing to me?”

“Are you OK with it?” Ron asked.

“Yeah, I guess. It’s starting to feel better. OH! THAT feels better. What did you do!!”

Ron had tilted his cock upward and pitched it against my prostate and was bumping against it again and again. My penis suddenly sprung a leak and a big big blob of semen dropped off the tip.

“That feels fantastic!”, I yelled. His thick cock was now almost effortlessly disappearing inside me all the way to the root. It felt great until it bottomed out deep inside me, leaving me with an almost sickening sense of fullness.

“You’re loosened up. Now you do the moving, I’ll just go along for the ride”, Ron said, with his massive member buried deep in my body.

I was sure that for Ron having a big cock must feel great in a tight, near-virgin asshole. I kept that sentiment to myself at the moment because I was becoming dizzy with sensation and probably couldn’t have articulated that thought anyway. I was stretched deep and wide and loving it and I moved back and forth, fucking his cock with my tight ass.

I was really getting into it, moving my ass in circles as I swallowed up and spat out his thick tool with my asshole. I was surprised that, despite a lack of experience, how fast an eager student I was, and how quickly I was learning the ropes of sucking cock and taking it up the ass. Even a substantial member like Ron’s found a nice, warm, willing home deep inside my body.

Tim knelt down on one knee in front of me. He was so hard that, at this straight on angle, I couldn’t even suck his cock; I could only lick the shaft, pursing my lips and sliding my tongue along its length like a fleshy lollipop. I was struggling to balance on one hand to lick his hard, thick penis. Seeing this, he bent over toward me so I could slip the head of his penis into my mouth and rest on both hands, and that’s when the real fun began.

In this position, when I began sucking his dick it flipped a mental and physical switch; my conscious mind faded into the background as I experienced what can best be described as an out-of-body experience for the next several minutes. As near as I can tell, the quantity and amplitude of sexual acts ramped up to a point where I could no longer separate them or process them rationally, and a part of my brain shut down. That sounds strange but that’s the best way I can describe it. I became hyper-focused to the point where, I swear that if someone had smashed a window I would have barely noticed. I was a sex object and was doing a job and servicing two hard, thick penises and that’s pretty much what my life was for the next 10 or 15 minutes.

I didn’t think about anything, I didn’t hear anything, I didn’t feel anything; I was totally immersed in these sex acts and became the acts themselves, and there are parts of the next few minutes that are entirely blacked out of my mind. I am sure some psychologist would be able to explain it better, but all I can say is what I remember was fun and interesting and a little painful, but otherwise very erotic, and absolutely something I would love to do again. The nature of being on my knees, the scent of sweaty testicles in my face, bahçeşehir escort bayan the sounds and sensations of cock rammed deep in my ass, allowed me as a normal heterosexual man to discover and liberate my submissive, homosexual side. Tiny pent-up flames of secret and suppressed desires were fanned into a raging physical inferno.

The awareness of this portion of my personality was intoxicating, and as I committed these acts I knew that this was a transformational moment on a plateau that positively transcended the physical. It was one of the purest, most concise moments of self discovery I’d ever known. While it is accurate to say that all I was doing was merely having sex, it’s not complete. In these moments I freed myself from the rules and restrictions I’d followed my entire life. Every sense…smell, touch, hearing, taste, sight, was bubbling with input. My brain raced to keep up with the sensations and the situation, but it was no use.

This euphoric epiphany was slowly washed out by the sounds of two men hammering away at my ass and mouth. A submissive cocksucking, ass-fucking machine, I was taking Ron’s rod deep in and out of my ass while Tim repeatedly challenged my throat with his thick stalk of flesh.

I wanted to change positions so I squirmed away from the two cocks and lay down on my back on the bed and pulled my legs up, offering my asshole to Ron. Tim didn’t waste any time and pushed his slimy cock at my lips as Ron moved in, lifting my legs over his shoulders. In this position, his tool pushed against my rather sore anus and easily slid extra deep. When he went all the way in I winced in pain and let out a little groan, a response that was muted by Tim’s hard penis in my mouth. Ron was watching carefully, though, and pulled back a little instead of hammering away.

I gripped Ron’s hips and gently pulled him toward me, feeling the fulness swell within my own body. What a strange and wonderful sensation it was to coax the entry of a thick penis into my body, to encourage a man to penetrate me, to guide him inside me.

“It’s big and it’s deep”, I whispered. “It’s so thick inside me, please enter me slowly”, I begged.

All those times having sex with all those women, the roles were now more than reversed. They were juxtaposed, twisted, altered, abnormal, and taboo. I wasn’t supposed to let men fuck me. I wasn’t supposed to let men put their penises in my mouth. I wasn’t supposed to let them put on a condom and push their fat, spongy cockhead at my ass and shove it deep inside me. And yet here I was, penetrated by a rock hard cock, sliding and screwing, pushing, penetrating, hairy balls coming to rest on the small of my back, another stalk of flesh eager to be licked and sucked sliding its purplish head against my lips. Deep grunts of heavy pleasure echoed around me, above me.

A mixture of discomfort and pain ran like a river through me. The displacement of Ron’s penis opened me to limits that were much less than pleasurable, but in an odd psychological sense it was exciting, an accomplishment of sorts to nestle such a big tool deep within my body. Watching his woolly mammoth prick disappear was an exciting distraction from the stretched distention to which my poor, relatively virginal anus was subjected.

I was twisting to my right to give Tim head, so it wasn’t exceptionally comfortable in this position but fortunately both of them were about ready to unload so it didn’t last long. I sucked on Tim’s cock as Ron plowed me deep in long, slow strokes. Every so often I would pull my mouth off Tim’s tool and stop sucking his dick long enough to glance down and see Ron’s massive penis sawing in and out of my tight asshole. My legs were draped over his shoulders like a total whore, and my mouth had been filled with salty, hard cock to the point where my jaw ached. The reality was that my ass was now very sore and it wouldn’t be long before I had to ask them to either come or get out or off me; their greenhorn sex toy was just about used up.

Fortunately, both of them began to move a little faster and groan super loud and I knew I was about to get rocked. I pulled my mouth off Tim’s cock and reached up to jack it off and allowing his penis to exit my mouth didn’t come a moment too soon. He ejaculated so hard a huge blob zipped over my head and onto my chest as Ron swelled, thickened, and hardened, dumping his scum into his rubber deep in my ass. His huge cock was buried to the hilt, his pubic hair tickling my balls as he screamed in ecstasy.

Once again that bottomed-out feeling deep within me was almost like I had an upset stomach as his thick tool slid deeper than ever, my asshole stretched and raw as I was bent in half. My legs were helplessly spread apart, trying in vain to widen my tight, inexperienced asshole as Ron’s rod swelled, stiffened, and spat come. Ron screamed, “I’m coming in your ass! I’m fucking your ass!”, as he unloaded inside my body. Tim’s hard cock was still ejaculating in my hand and Ron’s dick was sliding really deep inside me. I had a crazy thought all of a sudden about how ridiculous this must look. A straight guy three days ago, here I was with huge strings of come coating my face, neck and chest, getting fucked in the ass by a thick cock, another hard penis squirting semen all over my skin.

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