GETTING SOME HEADI am walking towards the food court at the mall and I see a good looking guy get up from his table and move towards the trash container with his cup and tray. I figure he’s likely off to take a leak so I make a quick change in direction and head to the washroom.I check out the stalls and there is no one else in the washroom. Sure enough, he comes in about ten seconds after I’ve started pissing. He stands at the urinal beside me, on my right. I am holding my cock in my right hand so he can’t really see it. He pulls out his cut cock and holds it in his right hand so I have a clear view of it. I pointedly look over at his cock and shift my pecker to my left hand so he can see it if he looks. Sure enough, he looks over. I turn to him and say, “Hi, how are ya?”. He: “I am good, you?”Me: “I am good too.”He: “So you got any exciting plans for today?”Me: “Nothing too special, how about you?”He: “Well I was hoping to get lucky today?”I chuckle and say “Sounds good to me”.By now I have finished pissing and I’m just playing with my cock, rubbing the knob rus escort bul first and then the shaft and he’s staring at it and now he’s done too and I can see him rubbing his dick too. Draining the last few drops of piss out.By now, I am starting to get a boner and his cock has grown too and seems thicker.He: “You getting some head today?”Me: “Sadly no, pretty boring here”.He: “Would you like to get some head?”Me: “Mmmmmm – what do you mean?”He: “Well, I’d really like to suck your cock”.Me: “Ahhhh sounds good – how would we manage that?”He: “My half ton is in the parking lot with the camper on the back. We can go there and pull the d****s.” Me: “Well I’ve never done anything like that before. Would I have to give you head?”He: “Only if you wanted too”.Me” “Ok, let’s go”.So we put our peckers away, wash up and walk out of the mall to his truck. He unlocks the back door and we get in. He pulls all the d****s and lowers a screen to block out the view from the back of the truck.He reaches for my crotch and starts to rub my cock through rus escort bayan bul my pants. Then he unzips my fly and undoes the button, gets down on his knees and pulls my pants and shorts down to my ankles. My pecker is aimed right at his face and he grabs it and starts licking – up and down the shaft and he retracts my foreskin and with the tip of his tongue, he licks around the head. Next he starts sucking my balls and licking my nutsack. His lips part and my cock goes inside where it is warm and wet and hot.He starts sucking my cock. His head is bobbing up and down, first fast and furious and then he slows down and takes long deep pulls on my dick. He stops for a moment and jacks my cock, pulling my foreskin back and forth over my knob. His hands are busy on my balls and again he licks my rigid length and for a moment he savours the pre-cum that is leaking out of my dick. He slurps it up with his tongue and licks all around my cockhead. My knob is sensitive and engorged purple black with blood. His mouth re-admits my escort rus bul cock and he is sucking and his head bobs up and down. I start thrusting my hips at his mouth. I am getting close and I can feel the tingling in my balls as they are close to exploding. I can feel the back of his throat against my cockhead as he deep throats me. Gawd, it feels so good and his mouth is so hot.My hands grip his bobbing head as I thrust into his mouth, over & over. Now he takes long slow pulls on my dick, dragging my foreskin over the glans as he pulls back and then pushing it back over the ridge when I thrust back into his hot cavern. Since my knob is ultra sensitive, it’s almost gloriously painful as his mouth works it back and forth. The sensation becomes overwhelming and I cum. My balls explode, the first spurt burts from my rockhard cock and shoots down his throat. He gulps but does not gag, he’s done this before, lol. More spurts follow, each one hotter than the last. He swallows, my cock can feel his mouth & throat swallowing with each spasm. Gradually the jism flow stops but he keeps working on my dick, savoring each drop with his hot lips. Fuck, then I wake up…..and what a mess. My pubes are stickly with cum and my hands and belly are slick with it too. I must have jerked off in my dream or had a vivid wet dream……….either way it was bloody wonderful.

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