Go Home Ch. 02


For an introduction to this story – the characters and the scenario – please read Go Home. My thanks to those who voted on the above story and especially those who provided encouraging comments. The above was my cherry popper; this is only my second. I hope to provide more entertainment and enjoyment in the future. Look for, at a minimum, continuation of this story as Hurricane Frances continues. And, who knows what Hurricane Ivan will do to Florida…

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

The day had been wonderful so far, despite having been sent home early from work to prepare for the approaching hurricane. The weather was actually beautiful. I had encountered a young coworker whom I ended up taking to my place for shelter. The resulting conversation, getting to know her, had been very pleasant. She had cooked a delicious dinner for the two of us. And the blowjob she had given me in the kitchen had about knocked my socks off.

We were snuggling on the couch in the den, sipping wine, listening to symphonic poems by Franz Liszt. Laura was pleasantly surprised when she looked through my CD collection; I was pleased with her selection of music for the occasion. The sun had set. It was dark inside my house except for a few scented candles positioned throughout the room.

“So, what did you think about dinner?” she asked.

“Delicious,” I answered. “I was impressed. Where did you learn to cook like that? Not a single cook book in sight, yet you created complex, delicate sauces. That was one of the finest meals I’ve ever had.”

“When I was a sophomore at Ohio State University, I had a weekend job at a nearby resort. I started as a hostess in the food service area and spent quite a bit of time in the kitchen. The chefs there liked me. They gave me a crash course in the principles of food preparation and presentation.”

“Well, they did an excellent job.”

Laura leaned forward and picked up her wine and took another sip, draining her glass. She placed it back on the low table in front of the couch and flopped back. Her head returned to my shoulder and her hand went back to lightly rubbing my thigh. I lifted my arm and put it over her shoulder. She snuggled contently against me.

“This is the best hurricane I have ever experienced,” she said.

“Oh, and, how many hurricanes have you experienced in your short – what, about twenty-two years – life? Charley, and now Frances coming up. Any others I don’t know about?”

“I’m only twenty,” she replied. “I won’t be twenty one until March. I skipped a couple grades in junior high. Charley, and now Frances, are my only hurricanes. The first one hurt me. This second one, although it hasn’t hit yet, has brought me pleasure. Thanks to you.”

“Only twenty? My gosh, I’m not just old enough to be your father; in theory I could be your grandfather.” My mood darkened.

“Steve, look at me,” Laura said. “Look at me, please. This is important.” I turned my head to look once more into those enchanting hazel eyes. “Don’t get in a funk about the difference in our ages. Sure, I’m younger, but if you let it bother you, then I misjudged what kind of man you are. None of us are responsible for when we were born. All we are responsible for is the person that we have let the years – few or many – turn us into.” She smiled warmly at me. “Now, how are you doing?”

I lifted her hand and turned it palm up before kissing it, dragging my tongue across her palm. “You are so right,” I told her with a smile. “How ever did you get so smart so quickly?” Laura shrugged and smiled back at me. “To directly answer the question you asked, I’m doing fine. It’s amazing how I was feeling so comfortable with you and one silly thought affected that comfort. And then one simple statement – one truism – from you brought back the comfort. Thank you, Laura. You’re a remarkable young lady – no let me amend that: you’re a remarkable person. And I’m blessed having made your acquaintance.”

“I have to say I’m blessed by having made your acquaintance,” she retorted. “For several reasons. I could have been in my apartment crying, scared half to death, lonely and waiting for the hurricane to hit. And hurt me again. Instead, I’m safe in a wonderful house with a wonderful man. My stomach is full from good food and good wine and I’m in a wonderful mood.” She smiled at me again. “Not to mention the fact that the man I’m with made me come like I don’t ever remember coming before. And he has a big, delicious dick.” She broke out laughing after that statement. “I can’t believe I’m talking like that. I’ve probably had enough wine.”

Laura sat forward and grinned at me. “But I have NOT had enough of this wonderful cock!” She gently squeezed my growing member. “May I ask a favor?”

“Of course.”

“Remember earlier how you were wondering how fresh the linen was on the bed in the guest room? And how I told you not to worry about it then, that I would let you know later if I needed any?”

“I remember. Why? What does that have to do about a favor? Do you want me to get you some clean sheets?”

“No; izmir escort what I’d like to ask is to be able to sleep in your bed with you.”

“I’d like that. Very much.”

“I need to be absolutely honest, Steve. I don’t mean just sleeping.”

“Good. That sounds wonderful.”

“Can we take a shower together, first, though? I’d like to shampoo your hair and feel you do mine.”

“We can. Do you want to go now?”

“What time is it?”

I checked my watch. “Almost nine.”

“We could, I guess. What’s the status on the storm?”

“Let me check.” I picked up the remote for my entertainment center and muted Liszt. I turned the TV on and found the weather channel where Hurricane Frances was being discussed. We soon realized that the storm had slowed considerably and would not pose a threat to us until at least tomorrow night.

“I could have stayed at my apartment tonight with no problem,” she said.

“I’m glad you didn’t.”

“Me too.” After a short silence, Laura added, “Something really special seems to be happening between us. I never expected this.”

“Nor did I. But I like it. I want to see where this takes us.” I picked up my wine glass and drained it. “Are you ready?”

When she smiled and nodded I stood and took her hand. She glided off the couch into my arms. “Hold me for a minute, first?” she asked. I did.

She eventually broke our embrace and turned to the hallway leading to the bedrooms. She grabbed my stiffening cock through the material of my shorts in her right hand and began to walk. I followed. “Is this the right way?” she asked.

“It feels right to me.”

She laughed. “That’s not what I meant and you know it. Am I leading you the right direction to your shower?”

I laughed with her. “Yes, this is the right way. The light switch is on your right when you go through the door.” She stopped, shifted her grip on my cock to her left hand and felt the wall with her right hand and flipped on the light. The door to the bathroom off my bedroom was to the right and I maneuvered her toward it with my crotch.

Laura’s eyes grew wide when she turned on the bathroom lights and saw its size. “My god,” she said, “I love how big everything is in this house.” She gave my erection a gentle squeeze. “Everything seems to be big here.”

I steered her toward the double sink and pressed her backward until she was against the counter. She flexed her young legs and hopped up to sit between the marble sinks. I moved closer until my groin was flush against her crotch. She shifted toward me and wrapped her legs around my waist. Our lips hungrily sought each other’s as I ground my hardness against her dampness.

As we kissed, I caressed her upper body. My hand moved to her chest. I was surprised how much flesh I felt beneath her shirt, as her breasts had not appeared to be exceptionally large: significant in their presence, but I had anticipated nowhere near as much cloth-covered flesh as I found in my hand. Laura moaned pleasurably as I massaged her wonderful orb. Our tongues continued their friendly duel, neither ready to surrender.

“Wait, Steve.” Laura leaned back slightly, breaking the kiss and moving her body from my hands. She reached down and began to slowly lift her shirt. Her short brown hair disappeared as her pale lavender bra appeared. As much as I enjoyed seeing her face, I enjoyed (at least for the moment) the sight of her young bosom appearing. My hands reached up to cup both mounds at the same time that she reached behind her to unclasp her bra. My grip compensated for the relaxing satiny material.

It had been a long time since I held someone’s breasts. Far too long. It had been even longer since I had breasts this firm in my hands. W–a–y too long. I slipped my hands under the cups of her bra and touched that marvelous skin with my palms and fingertips. I could feel the heat from her body. The texture of her hard nipples contrasted with the softness of the rest of her chest. I momentarily let go in order to divest her of her bra, and then took them back in my hands. The edges of my thumbs rubbed both tips. She moaned with pleasure. I squeezed both globes gently and continued to rub her nipples. She continued to slightly moan, her breath accelerating slightly and becoming somewhat ragged.

I leaned down and took her right nipple in my mouth, gently sucking it, all the while softly kneading both breasts and stimulating her left nipple with my thumb. It felt as stiff as a pencil eraser in my mouth and just as big. I continued to suck on that nipple as I massaged her breast. To be fair, I switched to her other breast, taking that engorged tip into my mouth. I lightly closed my teeth, not biting, but applying pressure to it.

She clasped the back of my head with one hand and drew me closer, stuffing her breast further into my mouth. “Ummm, you have no idea what you’re doing to me.” She ran her fingers through the hair on the back of my head as I continued my nibbling and sucking.

Laura pushed alsancak escort my head away. She reached down and took hold of the bottom of my shirt and pulled it off. She then pulled my face back to hers and resumed passionately kissing me. I felt like an acrobat, balancing on first one foot, then the other as I removed the rest of my clothes without breaking contact with her lips.

Once I was naked, I tried to tug her panties down her shapely hips. I found it was not possible to remove them with her legs still wrapped around my waist. I rubbed my now-freed erection up and down her cloth-covered cleft as I continued to kiss her and massage her breast. Our tongues dueled on.

I tenderly squeezed her left globe as I bent to give that nipple a prolonged kiss. My pelvis drifted back from hers as my other hand caressed her sweet assets. I raised that hand up next to the first and grasped her other breast in that hand. Holding both, I moved them closer to each other until her nipples were adjacent. I alternated between the two, sucking them deep into my mouth and flicking the tips with my tongue. Her breath grew ragged.

I bent lower, dragging my tongue down her stomach. I stopped momentarily at her navel, dipping my tongue in and swirling it around. My hunt there found no treasure. With a noisy kiss, I removed my mouth from her torso and stood up. I grasped her panties and tugged. She lifted her rear end to allow me to remove that delicate, damp piece of lingerie. Her short skirt followed. We were now both naked.

I moved forward and held her firmly in my arms, her magnificent bare breasts pressed hard against my bare chest. Her lips nibbled gently on my neck. She took my earlobe between her teeth and gently chewed on it. Her tongue swirled hesitantly in my ear. I felt my knees tremble.

I asserted myself, moving her face from my neck with my head as I returned the attack. I gently sucked the skin on her neck between my teeth and nibbled my way down her neck. I continued past her collarbone, back down to her wonderful chest. I again took a breast in each hand and again pressed her nipples close to each other. I teased those pencil-eraser sized nubs with my flicking tongue. I drew them into my mouth and suckled almost as a baby would, all the while massaging those globes with my tender hands.

My mouth again moved south, trailing down her tightening abs, past her belly button. I reached the beginning of her plentiful pubic hair and drifted to the side, bypassing her core. My tongue dragged down to her upper thigh. I sucked the inside of her upper thigh, slowly shifting my focus of attention toward her knee, lavishing attention on the flesh directly in front of my mouth. I switched to her other leg and began the journey back up.

Her scent was heavy and heady, almost intoxicating. It had been far too long for this activity also. My nose encountered her fur while my tongue was still moving upward. I moved my head backward just enough that I could see the magnificent morass in front of me. It was an exciting sight. Her labia were slightly separated and damp.

I moved my tongue closer to slowly lick around her hole. Each time my tongue drifted across the top of her opening and brushed against her clit, I could feel Laura’s body twitch. I continued to slowly caress her with my tongue. She continued to jerk when I hit that nerve center.

I moved my face even closer and entered her with my tongue, slowly dragging my oral member against her tight tunnel. The taste of her dew coating my tongue was delectable. I shifted my hands to spread her thighs further apart and separated her labia with my fingertips. As I drew my tongue upward and out of her nest, I would drag it across her clit. She continued to twitch as I ministered to her womanhood.

I put a finger inside her as I tongued her. I rubbed the front wall of her vagina, searching for and finding the bump that disclosed the location of her G-spot. As I tenderly rubbed that spot, I drew her clit into my mouth, nursing on it similar to the manner I had nursed on her nipple earlier. Laura’s twitching became more pronounced.

“Ah, Steve, that’s wonderful,” she stated. Her breathing was heavier and more ragged. I continued to enjoy her orally. “You’re going to make me cum.” I continued to worship at her center. “Ohh, Steve, that is SO good!”

I moved my finger in and out of her with just a bit more pressure on her G-spot. I pulled more of her nerve bundle into my mouth and slowly sucked on it as I flicked my tongue lightly across the end.

“Oh, my God!” she exclaimed, her body jerking, threatening to dislodge me from her juncture. Laura grabbed the back of my head and pulled me close against her, her pelvis jerking against my mouth. Her motion froze as a protracted moan came from above me. I continued to flick my tongue against her clit as my finger continued its motion inside her. Her pelvis again shuddered against my face and she moaned her ecstasy. I continued pleasuring her.

After an extended moan, she grabbed buca escort my ears and gently moved me away from her crotch. She smiled down at me, her mouth quivering slightly. Her light upward pressure on my ears informed me she wanted me to rise. Her lips sought out my rising mouth and her tongue seemed to dive down my throat.

“Wow, that was so great,” she said. “Nobody ever ate me like that.”

“I’m glad you liked it. I have to confess I’m out of practice.”

“If you’re out of practice, then I for sure want to be with you when you’re at your peak.” She pulled me forward and pressed her bosom against my chest once again. We hugged each other tenderly, our upper torsos still, except for the pounding of our hearts and the rhythm of our breathing. Our lower bodies were nowhere as still, though.

My cock was pointed straight forward and, like a homing missile, found her moist opening. With almost no effort at all on my part, I found my hardness entering her warmth. It felt as though it was being sucked into her. My mouth sought out hers and we kissed as I bottomed out in her hole.

Laura had superb control of her vaginal muscles. Without moving her hips, I could feel my rod being rhythmically squeezed by her love tunnel. I began to slowly move in and out.

“I needed this,” she said. “I needed to feel you inside me. I love how you fill me.”

“I love filling you,” I replied. I continued slowly pumping in and out. Her ankles moved back around me and pressed against the small of my back. Her feet pressing against me – pulsing – began to set a rhythm as my hips moved back and forth, plunging my organ into her orifice. She periodically held me deep in her, her vaginal muscles gripping me. At those times I would rotate my hips, grinding my crotch against hers.

The moments of stillness deep inside her grew less frequent. I began to pump into her at an increasing rate. Our kisses would be interrupted by moments of both of us gasping for air. My hands were busy caressing her and massaging her breasts. I rubbed my thumbs across the tips of her nipples in concert with the rhythm of my pumping into her.

Laura arched her back, tilting her head back. A low guttural gasp expanded into a moan as she climaxed. “Oh, yes! Don’t stop!” she exclaimed. Her pelvis began to rock back and forth as I pumped in and out. “Oh, god!” she cried as she came. “Oh, yes, fuck me!”

My entire seven-and-a-half-inch length was pounding in and out. I continued to alternate my in-and-out motion with grinding my crotch against her. She shuddered again, her teeth closing on my neck as she thrust her slippery sheath forward as far as it would go. “Ah, YES!” she cried. My love muscle drilled into her as her legs kept pulling me into her. I unloaded in her with shot after shot. I pressed my groin tightly forward against her offered opening, my own pelvis jerking as I came. Eventually, both our respiration rates returned to near normal.

“Damn, Steve, that was un-fucking-believable,” she said.

“I have to agree,” I told her. “Un-fucking-believable, I think you called it.” We held each other tightly as we came down from our emotional and sexual highs. “I can’t believe how good that felt, or how much I missed doing that.”

“It’s been a while?” she asked.

“Too damn long.”

“Well, all I can say after that, is it’s their loss.”

“Thanks.” We held each other tenderly as we caught our breath.

“Are you ready for that shower, now?” she asked.

“If you are.”

Laura kissed me gently and pushed me back so she could get off the counter top. “Where are the towels?”

I opened a cabinet and took out two large, fluffy towels. “Will these do?” Her smile was answer enough. I stepped over to the shower and stuck my arm in, grabbing the knob. I turned it on and adjusted the temperature. “How’s this?” I asked.

Laura stuck her arm in the shower and, after feeling the water temperature, increased it slightly. “It’s good, now,” she told me. She entered the shower and turned to me, inviting me into my own shower. I joined her. We moved about each other as we alternated letting the water cascade down on us.

“Stand still,” she instructed, a bottle of shampoo in her hand. Its fresh scent tickled my nostrils as she poured a generous amount into her hand. “Turn around.”

My eyes were initially open as I turned to face her, but I closed them right after she began to lather my scalp. Her movement as she lathered me reinforced the image that had been burned into my mind as her breasts and other body parts rubbed against me. She must have seen the grin on my face because she began to rub herself against me in an even more exaggerated manner. The combination of her fingers gently gliding through my scalp and her slippery torso rubbing against mine created an enjoyable combination of feelings. I felt a tingle in my groin as my cock began to swell again.

Laura pressed herself hard against me. Her fingers continued to lather in the shampoo, but simultaneously caused my head to bend toward her. I blindly found her mouth and our tongues again began their now-familiar duel. The symphony of senses included the feel of her body, the scent of shampoo, the taste of her mouth, along with the sounds of cascading water and heavy breathing and light moaning. Painted on the back of my eyelids was a picture of the beautiful woman I was enjoying.

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