Honeysuckle Nights


“Honeysuckle Academy” was written along the archway below it the silver letters read, “Open Hearts, Open Doors.” Megan looked around, the campus was lush with green, almost inventing anyone to spend a lazy day in a grassy patch and watch the river idly flow by. She stepped through the archway and noticed there were no roads, as far as the eye could see everything was a carpet of grass. This is Magen’s first day to Honeysuckle Academy, she looks around and takes the charm of the place in, inhaling deeply.

“Well, first things first,” Megan declared, “I need to find my room.”

“Excuse me,” Megan looked to her left, she saw a blonde Woman about her height walking towards her, “excuse me, are you Megan…” The girl paused and felt around in her blue dress, looking for something. She took out a note, “Megan Robinson, sorry about that.”

“No, it’s okay. I am her.” Megan answered.

“Yea, great, finally found you.” The blonde smiled, suddenly her face changed, “Oh, so rude of me. You have no idea who I am… Elizabeth Williams but please call me Liza, a pleasure to meet you. ” Liza reached her hand and Megan shook it.

“Thank you, Liza,” Megan said, “could you please help me?”

“Sure, anything you need” Liza smiled.

“I need to find my room, I’m new here and the acceptance letter said…” Megan paused for a moment, she took out a piece of paper and unfolded it. “I have no idea how to read this, Triangle I K?” Megan tried hopelessly to pronounce the symbols.

Liza started laughing, and took the note in her hand, inside “? ? ? sorority” was written. “That’s Greek,” Liza explained, “You read it Delta Iota Kappa, it a sorority here in Honeysuckle Academy.”

“Thank you, could you please direct me there?” Megan asked.

“Better, I’ll walk you there and show you around. This is why I knew your name, I was sent to pick you up from here, so you won’t get lost.” Liza explained.

“Great, you also live in Delta Ioba Chipa?” Megan asked.

“Delta Iota Kappa,” Liza giggled, “and I do.”

Megan raised her hand for a high five, “Put it there, sister!”

Liza glared at Megan, the girl’s long chestnut hair was braided, she looked like a teenager, “How old are you, Megan… Academy here, right?”

“Oh, sorry…” Megan said and lowered her hand.

“Please follow me,” Liza instructed and the two started walking away from the main building. Every now and then Liza would stop and show Megan where the facilities were located. “Do you know why Honeysuckle Academy has no roads?” She shot a trivia question at Megan.

“Because the grass here is amazing?” Megan gave it a shot.

“True but not the right answer, Honeysuckle’s motto is Open Hearts, Open Doors. The academy believes that if you follow your heart you have no needs for roads.” Liza explained.

The girls walked on and on, Megan started seeing a strange flower growing almost at every corner. The plant had bright green leaves and a wonderful yellow flower. Liza noticed Megan saw the plant, “Those are honeysuckles, the campus is flooded with them, that is why this place is called Honeysuckle Academy.”

“Does the name mean anything?” Megan wondered.

“It sure does, Megan. If you drink the nectar it tastes like honey,” Liza explained, “Well, here we are Megan, welcome to the Delta Iota Kappa sorority dorm.”

Megan surveyed the sorority. The building was a 3-story modern house in the middle of nowhere. Around the house was a ring of trees and a few patches of honeysuckle. On the front of the house, in gold letters, Gaziantep Elden Para Alan Escort were the letters ? ? ?.

“We have a small initiation you need to undergo before you enter,” Liza said.

“Is it going to be humiliating?” Megan asked with fear, “I won’t degrade myself…”

“Chill Megan, this is Delta Iota Kappa, not some trashy Sorority,” Liza said and walked onto the wooden porch of the house. Megan saw a white double door, as she followed Liza.

“This is the door to ? ? ?,” Liza said in a dramatic voice, “Only those who fit may enter, Megan Robinson, do you fit?”

Megan had no real honest answer, “Yea… I guess.”

“Please sign your name in the book,” Liza pointed to an old notebook sitting beside the door, next to it was a pen.

Megan picked it up and opened it, it had 3 signatures under the title “Futanari members.” Megan scribbled her name too, “How did you know I was a futa?” She wondered.

“Silly, don’t you know what ? ? ? sorority is all about?” Liza marveled, “it’s a sorority for futanari, we are the only futa exclusive sorority in the U.S.”

“Are you a futanari too Liza?” Megan was baffled, even though Liza’s massive breasts were apparent she showed no sign of a cock or balls.

“What do you think the dress is for Megan? You’re no different than me, you just use a skirt instead of a dress.” Liza explained, “Well, anyways, welcome to ? ? ?, you passed the initiation ceremony, come inside and meet the girls.”

As the twin doors opened Megan saw the living room. The room was spacious and inviting, everything white and slick. Magen noticed the kitchen at the back as she walked in.

“welcome to your new home Megan,” Liza invited her as they walked to the center to the room, “we have all the facilities on site, kitchen, bedrooms, shower, toilets and high-speed internet. Anything a girl would need, and it is all ready for grade 3 futanari.”

“Wow,” Megan’s voice was full of shock, “This must have cost a fortune, Liza, why would you invest in grade 3 futa equipment?”

“Silly question Megan, because we have three here who are grade 3.” Liza answered and added, “by the way, what grade are you Megan?”

“I’m grade 2, I’m 12 inches but my cum output is high,” Megan admitted.

“Did the new girl arrive?” a soft voice came from Megan’s right. She turned her head and saw a staircase leading up.

“Yes Jennifer, come and meet her, and call Amanda down as well.” Liza answered the call, “Well, get ready to meet the girls.”

“Can’t wait,” Megan said anxiously. She looked at the flight of stairs when, to her amazement, a Skin colored mess started appearing. It moved down but did not touch the stairs themselves, instead, hovering a few inches above. As more and more of the mess entered the living room Megan realized what it was, a monster cock of epic proportions. The head entered the room followed by a shaft, the thing was thicker than Megan’s waist.

After what looked like over 2 feet of cock Megan noticed a pair of smooth, pale legs, the owner of the cock entered the room, she had purple hair and a wide smile on her face, her hazel eyes glistened as she noticed Megan. She was wearing only a black t-shirt that struggled to contain her enormous breasts.

“Megan, please meet Jennifer Jones,” Liza introduced the owner of the monster rod.

Jennifer walked over and reached her hand for a shake. Her cock mere inched from Megan, she could feel the heat radiating from it, “Pleasure to meet you, Megan” Jennifer smiled.

“Ammm, pleasure to meet you too Jennifer,” Megan said and shook her hand, “Love what you did with your hair.”

“Thank you but that’s my natural color, part of being me,” Jennifer said and reached for her cock, tapping the pulsating beast.

“So, that is the new girl,” another voice came from the stairs.

“Please meet Amanda Moore,” Liza introduced the owner of the voice. Amanda most striking feature was her burning red hair, her long smooth hair ran down her back. She was fully clothed in a dress not unlike Liza’s, but white. As Amanda walked downstairs Megan saw her cock, it was ridiculously long, spanning all the way upstairs as more and more appeared from upstairs. As she reached Megan Amanda’s cock was still upstairs, “Pleasure to meet you, Megan, hope you like it here.” She said in a calm, almost sedated voice. Megan noticed that while Amanda’s cock was super long, it was about as thick as hers, about the thickness of a fat soda can.

Liza took charge again, “Okay, well, now that you meet everyone-“

“What do you mean everyone? You said there are three grade 3 futa here,” Megan interrupted, “I understand that Amanda and Jennifer are grade 3 but where is the last one?”

Liza went silent. “Liza is also a grade 3 Megan,” Amanda explained, “She might not look like it, but she is one of the world’s biggest producers of cum.”

Megan looked at Liza and understood how rude she was, “I am so sorry Liza, my sincerest apologies.”

“It’s okay Megan, you had no way of knowing, might as well show you…” Liza reached down and pulled her dress up, exposing a cock that dangled below her knees, “I never know how long my orgasms will be or how much will come out, but we can talk about that later right?”

“Right,” Megan agreed, “Thank you for being so patient with me,”

“Sure thing, Megan,” Liza smiled again, “Shall we show you around the house?”

“I’d love tha-” Megan was cut as the door buzzer rang loudly and someone started banging on the door.

“Open up, I know you’re there!” Came a demanding feminine voice.

The girls looked at each other for a moment, quietly discussing who should answer the door. Liza, being fully dressed, was the chosen one. She walked over and opened the door, on the other side was an Asian looking woman, she wore a black shirt and blue jeans. Mostly an ordinary woman with brown hair, except for the fact she was mostly covered in streaks of sticky white fluid. “Hello,” Liza welcomed the woman hesitantly.

“Fuck your hello freaks,” The woman raised her voice, “Which one of you fuckers owns this?” she pulled her hand from behind her back to reveal a very long cock, it span from her hand all the way to the ground and slithered to someplace Megan couldn’t see.

Megan was mostly shocked, but the other girls seemed less troubled by this turn of events. “Not this crap again…” Amanda whispered, “It’s mine, did it do something against your will?”

“Yes, your cock fucked me without my consent,” the woman accused Amanda.

“You are lying miss,” Liza commented, “I know Amanda very well, she would never do something like that.”

“Well,” the girl looked at Amanda, “Apparently you don’t know your bitch of a friend all too well blondie, look at me, I’m covered with her cum.”

Jennifer intervened, “Please watch your language lady, no reason to treat us like that.”

“Well bitches, I’ll tell you what I’ll do with a group of freaks like yourselves.” The woman took over again, ignoring Jennifer, “You have two options, either I go to the police, or you help me stay quite…”

“Let me guess,” Liza giggled suddenly, “You want us to pay you…”

The cum covered girl chuckled, she took the cock in her hand and started slapping it around with her free hand, “You got that right freaks, 10 grand by tomorrow night.”

Megan was overwhelmed by the turn of events, the futanaris around her exchanged looks among themselves, they seemed strangely calm.

“Please let go of my cock, you’ll regret hitting it like that,” Amanda asked nicely, this only made the woman slap faster, “I think you have about 20 seconds to stop…”

The woman went on and on, “I warned you,” Amanda said as all eyes turned to the girl holding Amanda’s snake. Without any warning the girl’s face was covered with cum launched from Amanda’s tip, another burst, then another, strands of cum left the tip and covered the girl with a fresh coat of cum. The girl dropped the cock to the ground, it landed with a wet thump and slowly crept away, leaving the cum covered, stunned girl behind.

“Told you to stop, bitch,” Amanda commented, her red hot hair exposing her emotions, “Even though my cock is almost a 100 feet long, I feel it. I felt how you kissed it, how you grabbed it and inserted it into your filthy snatch, I felt each of your 11 orgasms, I felt it all. Even the unexpected cumshot, I felt that almost 10 minutes ago when it left my sack!” Amanda tapped her hand against her balls.

Jennifer made her way to the door, her giant cock shadowing everything around her, “We have one like you every week girl,” she pressed her cock against the shamed girl, “You think a futa is easy prey, well, unlucky for you we aren’t!” Jennifer flexed her cock against the girl, it was so big she was shoved out of the house and lost her balance, falling on her ass.

Liza rushed to the door, she crouched beside the defeated girl, “Listen to me, you made a mistake, leave now and we won’t bother you again as long as you leave us.” The girl looked into Liza’s green eyes, understanding she lost, “Hurry up, I don’t think I can hold her long, she didn’t have sex for over a decade!”

And with that Liza got up, grabbed Jennifer, got inside and slammed the door behind them. A muffled scream and the sound of shoes running on the wooden porch were heard immediately after.

Liza and Jennifer giggled, Amanda joined. Megan was surprised by the sight, “Do you get that a lot?”

“About once a week,” Liza explained, “we made a routine for such events as you can see, they think they can blackmail us…”

“We have a few rules here Megan,” Jennifer explained as she arranged her purple hair into a ponytail, “We never accept rape, always ask for consent. We don’t have sex amongst ourselves and we except and protect each other.”

“Wow, I can totally live with that…” Megan admitted.

“Great,” Amanda said as she hugged Megan, “You are welcome to join our house.” Jennifer and Liza also hugged Megan.

“Once a week we meet on the roof Megan, we talk about our lives and share our experiences.” Liza explained, “I am sure you have a million questions and tonight is that once a week, care to join us, Megan?”

“I’d love that,” Megan smiled at the girls.

“Well everyone,” Liza started concluding, “see you on the roof tonight for a fiery midsummer night, Megan, come with me, I’ll show you around and we’ll talk with the faculty staff so they get to know you.”

And with that, Megan and Liza left the ? ? ? sorority house to contend with formalities.


Want to know more about the girls? Ask questions in the comments and the girls will answer in the following chapter.

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