I Was Explored!

I Was Explored!
I was 23 when I married to Rohit who was 29 at that time and we were married but unfortunately before our honeymoon Rohit hd to fly to US for an urgent meeting and he said he will be back soon. I agreed to him and I still remember that night my Father in law ( I call him uncle Gulshan ) was sick and had to admitted to hospital. Rohit has one brother who 18 years old other than that is the parents and I stayed and take care of my father -in-law after he was discharge and came home. Once Uncle Gulshan came back home I use to take care of him since my mother in law is also weak and old Uncle Gulshan is 65 years old and Aunty is about 55 years old. I take care of him and there was once Aunty wanted to go to one of the relative house for some reason and she took the second son along and at this only the maids are aorund other the me and Uncle Gulshan and even the maids will go back to their maid house once night. Before go to sleep I heard my uncle was mumbling Aunty’s name so I went to the room and ask him what he want and he said he wants water so I took a glass of water and gave it to him and since he was sick after he drinks it he vomitted the water onto my nighty he can clearly seee I am not wearing any bra and I myself just remembered that I am not wearing any . The water begin to slip into my dress and drip on my tender breast reaching its pinks untouched nipples. I told Uncle I will be back in a while and I ran to my room and change the dress immediately to a T-Shirt and I wore my bra this time. I came back to my uncle’s room and I try to help him to clean the vomitt jsut now by wiping it in a towel and ak him to take off his clothes and I went and take another cotton T-shirt for him.He said he dont want to wear the T-shirt and he wants me to massage him since he is having some body ache and I said “ok” and I took the baby oil and ask him to lie down properly and put the oil on his chest and started to massage him for a while and I feel nothing until he asked me to massage his tummy an thighs then I feel a bit shy but then again. He begin to fell ticklish when I touch his navel and he said ” rita massage my thigh and legs now”. I begin to lift his dhoti upto his inner thighs and begin to pour the baby oil and begin to massage starting from his legs upto thigh. ” Ohh you are good my dear rita gal” said uncle and I took it as a compliment. After a while I realize that something is bulging out from his crotch but I pretend as though I didnt notice then I realize that uncle did not wear any underwear and I can see his ‘rod’ bulging out slowly.I begin to feel uneasy and stop the massage and I said I will continue later uncle I wanna go to sleep. Then he said dont stop please continue to his inner thigh. I got a shock and I said ” Uncle ! what you want actually”Then he said he feels a bit lonely and can I accompany him since he said he knows that I am lonely since marriage because my hubby is not here. Then I raise my voice to him ” Uncle !I am your daughter in law ….do you what you are talking about?”. Then he said I am you uncle what you want to worry it will be our secret. “I am just asking you to massage me not anything else what?” he said. Then I think for a moment and I know I said “Fine what you want now?”Then he take off his dhoti and now I can see his ‘pole’ standing its so thick and long around 7″ and at least 2 ” thick with surounded by curly pubic hair which is rough and black in color and he asked me to massage that. With hesitation I pour the baby oil onto the rod and the oil begin to slip to his balls and started to touch the ‘head ‘slowly and he begin to moan by now the ‘rod’ is already solid hard and long .Practically I am giving him a hanjob and suddenly he started to tremble and said ” Arrghhhh …please dont stop …..arrgghhhh aarrgghhhhh….rita please dont stop gal ” and knew he is going to come I said I wanna stop and he hold my head and slot in his 7 ” long ‘pole’ into my mouth and asked me to kissed and suck it I refused and just in few seconds he cummed all around my face.He said thanks and how I feel and apologize if he was rough just now.I said i wanna wash my face and I left to the washroom. After that I felt like I am a bit wet ! I feel like it when he cummed on my face and I told him that when I went back to him after washing my face. He asked ” You wanna me to make me to lick you until you cummed” I just kept quiet. Then I said I feel one kind but I feel like want to cum and I shy away with a smile. Then my uncle said “gal why dont you let me satify you…come on now dont be shy take off your cloths?” I first a bit hesitated then uncle said ” come on gal its not fair just you have seen me naked why dont you revealed your untouched hidden beauty to me ….do you know that you are such a beautiful gal?” The I begin to take off my T-shirt and uncle got a shoked looking at my 36b size tender milk jugg covered with black bra and light body hair. He said ” Wow such a nice breast you have there my gal ….why dont you take off and show me the rest of your treasure and I begin to take off my bra and there it is my tender breats untouched and unseen by anyone since I reach my pubity is now be the feast for the 65 years old oldman enjoying the milky color “milk mountains” with hard erected pink nipples.Then I took off my tight pants that I was wearing and my ‘ honey ville ‘ is only covered with a single piece of white panty and even that he asked me to take off and now my 23 year old body is naked in front of an oldman who 65 years old and he is my father for my hubby. His eyes are enjoying my body like a hungry fox looking at its prey. My body feel so sensitive and he begin to touch my soft skinned breast with his rough and thick skinned hand ” OOOhhhhhhhh….hhhmmmmmm” I begun to moan a bit. He ravagely suck my tender nipples like a hungry horse and another hand rubbing my the other breast ravagely. I can see his thick and rough edge tongue licking, winding and his lips which is thick and rough surface is nibling my nipple like a small k** trying to hold somthing in his mouth. I started to tremble a bit and moan a little.He asked me to lay down beside him and I did then he started to run his hands all over my body like worms.I begin to shiver and some kind of heat started at my stomach and I moan ” OOhhhh uncle I like it ” then he ask me to lay down beside him which I did and he started to run his hands all over my body like worms crawling on top of me. His hands started to grope my breast and squezeed them and sometimes pinch my pink nipples and I will groan each time he does that and he even bite passionately my breast and nipples on both side. I moan ” Ouuch uncle …..please dont …..stop” Then he begin to explore my ‘honey ville’ with his thick and rough haired fingers. “OOOhhh aaarrrgggggghhhh…hhhhmmmmmmmmmmm….na….na not there please……no …….arrrghhhhhhh” I pleaded him when he begin to play and pinch my virgin clit with roughnesss of his lust. He begin to enter me with his fingers …..” Aaaaarrgggggghhhhhh!…. nnooo ……nnoooooo…hhhmmmmmit painfull……..slowly …….slowly …..uncle……………please…..I cant……I cant ………it anymore………….please ………I am still a virgin………..” I pleaded him with my scream but he is not bothered and suddenly ” aaarrrgghhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooouuuuuucchh hhhhhhhhh……aarrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhyyees ssss……….oooohhhhh…..aahhhhhhhhhhhhh” An huge amount of cum rush out of my ‘honey ville’ I feel so wet down under.”How do you feel my gal ” asked uncle. I shyed away and answered “I am shy to say but it is something that I have never had before” He asked “You want more of that gal?” I said “yah” then he asked me to spread my legs a bit and then he started to crawl on top of my soft body. First he went to my ‘honey ville’ and smell it and then he said ” You have such a beatiful cunt my gal”. Then he started to slit his tongue into my clit and cunt and started suck and nible my clit I feel like an eel winding and torturing my tenderness of the clit and sometimes he bite my clit and suck violently my juices out from the womb and make me so wet and more juices to rush down of my womb out to the cunt. He begin to position himself in between my crotch my heart started to pound faster and I said that I scared and he said not to worry about anything he will be gentle then begin begin to slowly play with his head at the ‘door’ of my ‘honey ville’ then suddenly a thrust which made me feel like teared me apart I screamed ” Aarrrrgggghhhhhh….nnnoooo…ppllease….nooo…. stop….i cant take …it ……hhhmmmmmm….stop….it…….arrrgghhhhhhh. …” I screamed and cried and then I feel some pleasure in the pain as well and I begin to moan ” AAAArrgghhhh….hhhmmmm….yes……dont…stop… …please dont stop uncle ……….i think i am going to cum…….” I asid to uncle then I can feel he started to ‘ploughed’ me harder and faster and he moan to and i moan with him and “AAAAAAAAAAAAArrrrrrrrrgggggggggghhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmooo ooooooooooooooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh hhooooooooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuchhhhhhh hhhccccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..yes yes….yesy…….don stop…..please dont stop………hhhhmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm” Both of screamed at each other and cummed ….he cummed inside me and I can feel the heat of the sperms burst into my womb and my cunt release the juice so much so that I am so wet that I made the bed sheet wet. We simled and cuddle each other after that and we went few round that night and every other time we have chance….

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