I Watched my Daughter Fuck our Neighbour


I Watched my Daughter Fuck our NeighbourJanice, my next door neighbour, left to visit her mother for a week, and her husband started hitting on our home, where I, a divorcee, and my teen daughter live, he thinks we are ‘Fair Game’, and if I am honest, it’s laughable, but dangerously possible.My Daughter called out for me to come to her bedroom, which I did. Upon arriving there, she was looking out her bedroom window, so I went across and looked out to where she was looking, and my heart almost stopped beating, Brian, the neighbour I was talking about was standing completely naked, in his yard, stroking his cock.What caught my immediate attention was the size of his cock, 10″, and it looked as though he had swallowed sand and cement, instead of Viagra, as Janice once mentioned, no wonder she boasted.I tore my eyes from him and looked at my daughter, her eyes were locked onto his member as he jacked on it, she was an excited filly, and when I mentioned that I thought this little show was for her benefit, I saw that she was pressing herself against he edge of her dresser, I was feeling the urge inside growing also, that’s why I said dangerously plausible.Good sex is impulsive sex, there is something exciting in, ‘The Wham bang Fuck you Maam’, shagging, libido’s rising and feeling a man’s urgency as he gets inside you makes for explosive sex.My mind was racing and Sara could possibly hear my brain churning over with the desire I craved, ‘Four years Mother’, she quietly whispered, adding, ‘go get it, no one will blame you’.If I was trying to hide my own rising libido, I was failing türbanlı balıkesir escort miserably, my voice felt thick, like treacle, my palms were sweaty, and my slumbering pussy, so long dormant, screamed for that cock being teased in front of our watching eyes, ‘Fucking hell Sara it like a male strip show’, I know she was my daughter, but right now she was another female, a younger and more beautiful version of me, crying out for the same attention, right now she was not my daughter, she was competition.I turned and walked out of her bedroom and went downstairs, my eye catching the hallway clock which said 07:10.I reached the back door and pulled it open, my heart pounding. The sudden rush of cooler air made me realize I was nude under my flimsy nightdress, and Brian, now turning to face me, could see my naked form, as the flimsy material moulded my breasts, nipples and crotch.His cock was a rigid as a woman desires, ‘Brian’, I said, my eyes locked onto that hard fleshy pole my cunt ached for, ‘what are you doing’, I murmured thickly.I saw him look upwards and raise a hand, he had obviously caught sight of Sara and waved, was she waving back to him, I felt a pang of jealousy tighten my stomach muscles?’Fancy a good fuck Mariel’, I could not stop a flow of pee escaping my smooth lips, I was pissing myself in as a wave of lust swept my body, I stood frozen as he made for me, his cock bobbing up and down, ‘OMG, he’s going to fuck me’, I felt faint, as the piss ran down my inner thighs and formed a puddle where I stood türbanlı balıkesir escort bayan bare footed.His pace quickened when he saw I remained rigidly where I stood, his face contorted, I was his for the taking, all those years of lusting and innuendo, and now, meters from him, my cunt would bear the brunt of his wild fuck.I never felt the force as my flimsy nightdress was ripped to expose my naked body, he was in a sexual frenzy as the remnants fell away and his cock ploughed straight between my legs, as I fell back against a tin worktop, my legs parting to take him inside, Brian was saying something, and I looked in the direction he was having a conversation with.Sara was naked and she looked every part a teenage girl could, small breasted and and long legged, legs that went on forever, and the thin line of her cunt, spoke volumes to the males desirous of possessing one so young, she was speaking as she moved gracefully towards us, her eyes were wide, her mouth open, and the heat from her body as it touched ours.I watched as if in slow motion, her upturned face and pink lips were being crushed by his, their tongues meshing, my daughter was not concerned for what appeared to a ****, she was reaching for his cock, and I could feel her determination as she brushed her hand against my pubis and grip him hard, and I felt helpless as she pulled him free from my crotch.I was squeezing his fat rod of hot flesh, feeling my daughters strength of need, as his cock broke free of me and started opening her labia, her leg türbanlı escort balıkesir lifting as her hand guided him home, her ass wriggling as she mounted and prized herself onto its head, and slowly the bulbous purple head started to disappear, her screams shocking me out of my trance-like state and bringing me back to reality.Her legs were locked around his middle, her thin arm around his shoulder and her head buried into the nape of his neck, where she licked his sweat, but it was the noises she was making that drew my eyes to her bum, as it rose and sank onto his shaft, with a rapidity that spelt the unmistakeable approach of an impending orgasm.Brian stood rock still, both his hands were on the edge of the drainer, it was Sara, who was fucking, it was she who rode his cock like a demon possessed, her juices running freely from the walls of her vagina and down his scrotum, she screamed like the c***d she was as if riding a fun ride at some amusement park.I saw Brian eyes narrow, he was cumming and I cried,’No Brian’, Sara sensed it too, and relaxed, I reached under her, like she did with me to pull him out of her, but Sara had sunk deep onto him, all his cock shaft was embedded deep within her, only his balls hung from her labia, as my daughter twitched as if having a convulsion, her tightly closed, and then I saw it, his white semen run from her, and at that moment, don’t ask me why, I put my arms around both of them as if congratulating them fer their sincere act of intercourse, we stood silently, our naked bodies drawing heat, and as my hand followed the outline of my daughters back, waist, and the curvature of her buttocks, I felt Brian’s cock hanging limp, my fingers encircled it and I squeezed, our eyes locked.My daughter slipped from Brian and walked to the door, ‘Thanks Brian’, she said with a mischievous grin on her face, ‘now do my mother a favour, and see you tonight’.Still holding his cock, I led Brian upstairs and into my bedroom.

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