Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 6


Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 6Kim Possible: Dreams Can Come True – Chapter 6 – A dream comes true?Kim was woken by a noise.She didn’t remember setting up the alarm. She tried to hit “stop” button, when she realized that she couldn’t even reach over she saw that her hands were tied to posts.A thought of fear ran through her mind.Now she was fully awake.She tried to move her legs and realized they were tied too. She lifted her head and saw that she was nude, tied on a table, with her legs spread apart. In front of her, with her back turned so Kim could only see her from behind was Shego.She was standing in front of a table, checking something out that Kim couldn’t see. She turned to face Kim and smiled when she saw her guest had woken up. A smile spread across her face as wide as Kim had ever seen.She approached Kim and stood beside her. For the first time Kim saw that Shego was totally naked, and unashamed of her nudity. Shego had a full set of DD cup boobs with big nipples. She had a top form body and her pussy was shaved clean. Her long black her covered a part of her face, adding a hint of mystery to her beautiful appearance. She wore only her green-black shoes.She understood every guy who asked about Shego had wanted to fuck her and just why they wanted to fuck such a creature.”Damn! I want to fuck her too!” Kim thought to herself.”Kim Possible, the young super-agent! The hot redhead plan destroyer! Lying naked on my table! That’s a dream coming true!” Shego said, breaking the silence, and enjoying the situation they were in.”How did you get us? What are you planning to do?” Kim asked, trying to take control of the situation.”Baby, akkışla escort Drakken is the one who always tells you the plan. And he’s not here right now. It’s just the two of us for a while in this room. Let’s have some fun… Just us, the girls. Doing what comes naturally to us girls,” Shego said with her mischievous smile on her face.”The same words, like in the dream,” Kim thought. “I hope she doesn’t stop this time though.” Her sexual lust had taken the best of her and Kim was full of fantasies of Shego.Shego began by kissing Kim’s neck, continued to her breasts and started licking Kim’s nipples. Kim let out a little moan. Her first homosexual encounter had begun well. Very well. And she enjoyed it a lot.Shego continued her way down and between Kim’s legs. She caressed Kim’s inner thighs, making Kim’s pussy wet. And then she went for the money!She kissed the lips of Kim’s pussy, making her moan again. Shego inserted a finger and started licking. She was an expert on pussy licking and enjoyed it as much as Kim. She found Kim’s clit and concentrated on licking it while her fingers kept moving in and out of Kim’s pussy.Kim was in heaven. She was heading for a BIG orgasm and she was heading there fast!”Yes! Lick my clit! Suck me pussy, Shego!” Kim screamed.Shego was happy to hear this words and continued her work. She felt Kim pussy convulsing around her fingers, her body twitching and then hit her. Kim was coming, and she was coming really hard.A loud moan came out for her mouth and juices were hitting Shego on the face.”Sweet.” Shego said, after licking Kim’s juices of her face.Kim was a little red and trying to catch her breath. “Wow! That was incredible!” she thought.She had the best orgasm of her young life. She saw Shego tasting her juices and heard her comment. She smiled.Everyone told her she was sweet but no one in this kind. Then she saw Shego turning around, heading to the table and putting on her panties. Kim was disappointed. She was horny and wanted more. She didn’t want the pleasure to stop.Shego had pushed a little button under the table. It was a signal to Drakken. She put on a pair of black panties she had for this kind of occasions before then turning to face Kim.Kim was surprised. She thought that Shego had put on her panties and was preparing to leave. But when Shego turned to face her Kim understood that these were no ordinary panties. They were made of leather and had a hole in front that you could adjust a dildo into.This particular dildo Shego chose was 9 inches long and 3 inches fat. Shego came near Kim’s face with the fake cock aimed squarely at her.”From the first time I saw you, I wanted to catch you and fuck your brains out. And now I’m going to do just that!” Shego said. “Now suck the cock that’s going to fuck you!”Kim opened her mouth eagerly. It wasn’t a real dick, but it was something she liked. She started taking more and more in her mouth. Shego grabbed the back of Kim’s head and started fucking her mouth as the horny redhead gobbled the plastic into her wanting mouth.After a while she let her left hand slip down to Kim’s pussy and began to finger her. Kim moaned around the dildo as it pushed into her.”You like that, don’t you, you little slut?” Shego said.Kim was enjoying it a lot. She liked giving head. And she definitely liked her pussy being filled. And she knew what was coming up. Shego took the dildo out of Kim’s mouth and got on the table. She rubbed the nob on Kim’s pussy, teasing her.”And now baby, I’m going to fuck you.” And with that she plunged all the way in.A scream of pain came out Kim’s mouth. This was the biggest thing she ever had inside her. Shego started fucking, the pain gave its place over to pleasure. Kim was enjoying every second of it. And then Shego leaned forward and kissed her.She had never kissed a woman before. She was surprised at first. But she let Shego’s tongue come into her and the play begun. She could taste her own juices in Shego’s mouth.Shego knew that there was no resistance from now on. She stopped and untied Kim.Kim hugged Shego and kissed her. Her legs hugged around Shego’s waist, allowing her deeper penetration. Shego started once again going fast. She was going all the way in. The dildo in Kim’s pussy, her tongue in Kim’s mouth. Then she felt something between her legs.Kim had reached with her hand between Shego’s legs. Kim’s fingers found their way around the leather panties and in Shego’s pussy.Kim was repaying the favour.Shego was fucking Kim even harder and Kim was playing with Shego’s clit.Moans of pleasure were filling the room. They both came together. Kim, with a loud moan, came all over the dildo. Shego had her eyes closed and was biting her lips when she came on Kim’s fingers.She fell, exhausted, on top of Kim, with the dildo still inside Kim’s pussy. Kim brought her fingers in her mouth and tasted Shego’s fluids, hoping they would be as delicious as she hoped they would be. And they were, and so much more.“You’re sweet too!” Kim said and kissed Shego.And then the door opened…

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