Lesbian Encounter at my Resort Bar


Lesbian Encounter at my Resort BarSexy Lesbian Wife Works At Our Resort BarHi, I’m Kathy last year my husband Phil and I bought the business of our dreams a lakefront resort and bar in Southern Wisconsin. The resort and bar was not doing well so when a young couple Steve and his wife Susan offered to rent one of the cottages while there house was being built, we jumped at the chance. I was a little worried about Susan because a lot young raunchy boaters frequented our bar and Susan was drop dead gorgeous. She was absolutely beautiful with her petite figure, long brunette hair and a movie star face that drew stares wherever she went. I was a little worried about her because her husband was away on business trips a lot of the time. On top of that I am bi-sexual and usted after this little beauty in her skimpy bikini.Well things were not going well and our resort and bar was in financial trouble. We needed something to draw in the young boater crowd to increase our business. One day I had a great idea!!! Why not spice the place up with some scantily clad young waitress/barmaids to draw in the younger boater crowd. I knew Susan was a typical bored housewife looking for anything to do and she would go for it. I asked her and some friends if they would be willing “spice up” the atmosphere in our bar by waitressing in shorts and bikini’s.Well we all know about Susan, but my other friend Sasha was a recent Russian émigré who was looking for an American husband. She would have no problem with that this summer. She was a six foot tall, blond Scandinavian beauty with a great body and an outgoing friendly personality. The other was Sandy my current bi-sexual lover who had short dark hair and a pair of boobs that would make any man salivates. I loved her dearly and we spent many a dikmen escort night making love to her in my husband’s cabin cruiser.Well the first weekend was a smash. Word spread around the lake that there were new “hot” waitresses at our resort. My girls were in full makeup, wearing the skimpiest shorts they could find, small bikinis and sexy white gym shoes and socks that accented there gorgeous young bodies. The bar was packed with young guys ogling my three young honies. I observed that Susan really liked walking around and serving drinks in her skimpy jean shorts. She smiled a wicked smile as she bent over to display her small tits and perky nipples to our customers as she served them drinks. All three of them made a small fortune in tips that weekend.I left town for a few weeks and when I got back I was anxious to see how things were going. Well my jaws dropped to the floor when I Susan parading around the bar in a thong bikini and the skimpiest bikini top I have ever seen. You could see the crevice of her young pussy through the cloth of her thong. On the buttocks of her thong was embroidered the words “Fives and Tens Only Here” there must have been a dozen five and tens stuck in the waistband of her thong. I watched one guy take out a ten and she presented her fine ass to him as he slipped a ten in her waistband. He pulled her thong way down when he put the bill in exposing half of her ass to the crowd. Then I was really surprised when she went topless if the crowd cheered enough and the tips kept coming. Apparently, I had unleashed a little exhibitionist in our bar.Well Susan knew I was bi sexual and every time she walked by me to ring up a bar tab she bent over exposing her perky tits and nipples to my unbreakable stare. Saturday eryaman escort came and the bar was packed, Susan and the girls were raking in the dough and we almost ran out of whiskey. Then towards the end of the evening Susan began to act really flirtatious with me. She rubbed up against me; she kept her bikini off when she went to the cash register so I could see her tits. That night this little whore took in $325.00 just in tips.At the end of the evening I said to her “what would I get for a fifty dollar tip”? and I handed her a fifty dollar bill from the til. Susan smiled, took off her bikini, slipped out of her thong and gave me a deep soul kiss that left nothing to the imagination. Susan knew what she wanted, and tonight it was an experienced lesbian lover to show her a good time.Well I never thought I would be allowed to make lesbian love to such a beautiful women. I led her to the sofa in my back office and I laid Susan back on the couch. Then I got on my knees and began licking Susan’s legs on the way to her exposed pussy. As I did this I felt up her small perky tits as I worked my way between her legs. I reached her pussy and began kissing it in preparation for my tongue which would soon follow.Susan’s pussy was very small and my mouth and tongue began working its magic. Susan began to moan softly as my tongue explored her labial lips, clitoris and inner pussy. Susan was dripping wet and a liquid like sheen from her vaginal juices appeared all over my face. Then I did my specialty as a larger women I was able to take a women’s entire pussy into my mouth and suck it just like a cock!!! I swallowed her whole pussy and ran my tongue back and forth over her clitoris. No women could take this very long and Susan began to have etimesgut escort an unbelievable orgasm. Her whole body shook as her hips thrust forward as I kept her pussy in my mouth. I just kept on sucking it in my mouth until my lovely Susan had a second orgasm, screaming “suck it, suck it, I’m cumming”.Then I just went plain crazy, earlier I knew I might get a chance to fuck her tonight so I had put on my six inch dildo under my jeans. I stood up and pulled down my jeans exposing my six inch rubber cock attached to my latex panties that held my cock in place. I already had some lube in my pocket and spread it around my faux cock. Susan was no virgin and she must have done this before, as she immediately got on all fours on the couch and presented her pussy for fucking. I soon obliged her; I grabbed my cock and inserted it into Susan’s small pussy.I began to slow fuck my gorgeous lover, she had a beautiful back and the nicest ass I had ever seen. Her body was perfect, her skin was like ivory snow and her shaved pussy was swollen from my earlier machinations with her body. I fucked Susan for about five minutes; I could tell she was in ecstasy, her face contorted as she had several small orgasms. She said “fuck me, fuck me good and slow” as I thrust in and out of her. Then I said “lay back on the couch” so I could fuck you like a man. Her legs were spread eagled as I gently made love to this beauty. Then her hips thrust forward as she screamed in agony as my dildo hit her “G” spot. Susan’s whole body spasmed and I knew I had hit her “spot” and was driving her to untold ecstasy. Susan collapsed on the couch exhausted.We rested and then I said to her “this is going to work out fine, you get to parade around my bar all day with almost nothing on making a fortune in tips and my husband and I get to fuck you whenever your old man is out of town. Susan replied, “You are much better than your husband, how about we cut him out of the picture”. With that I lifted her whole body up, held her and kissed her once more. I guess, I now had two girlfriends to please me

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