Mind Games Lead to Body Games


The story of two 18 year olds who were familiar with porn, and knew the difference between amateur real and professional fake, and a bit about sex and their own bodies but who had not yet had the chance to enjoy sex with another person. The transition from solo to duet.

Eric: There were just the four of us in the coffee shop on campus after dinner. Hank, Pete, Jimmy and me, Eric. It was just the third week of term and we were all new to the place and were just meeting for the third time. We talked about all the new things and what was good and bad around the place. After a while two girls turned up. One of them Simone had met Pete and came over with her friend Tammy to talk to Pete. Tammy sat down next to me and we were soon talking in depth as if the others did not exist. Tammy was an intelligent girl and we were able to talk about a lot of things. The fact that she was a scholarship student meant that she was intelligent. I liked that. We just talked and talked and after a while the others drifted away including Simone. It seemed likely that here was a girl who could be a great partner – she was pretty enough and had a great smile and flashing eyes which she used on me a lot. As it got on to 10PM we got up to go back to our dorms and we walked towards hers. When we were close by Tammy pulled me into a shadow and gave me a peck on the lips. She pulled me in close and I could feel her breasts through my T shirt. I am sure she could feel that I had an erection. She smiled and ducked in to her Dorm. “How about dinner tomorrow night – it’s Friday.” “Ok – how about down at the pizza place down on Monroe.” “7.30 it is” she said and she was gone. It was not love at first sight but pretty close.

Tammy: Simone and I were cruising. I was looking to fill up the gap in my life that could only be filled by a man. My hormones had kicked in a long time ago and I wanted to make up for lost time. I wanted to try sex and I wanted a boyfriend. I was from a small farming community where there very few boys and none of them very exciting or interesting. I went to school every day by bus and returned and there just wasn’t much opportunity to play around. We weren’t wealthy and when we went on holidays I was closely watched by my parents. I was looking forward to the freedom of being away from home. I wanted to be me. I found a friend in Simone who came from a town an hour away and who was much bolder and more experienced than me. As we walked into the coffee shop she spotted her friend Pete with some boys. Here was my big chance. I sat next to one of them who had looked up and had welcoming eyes and we started talking. He sounded bright and knew a lot. He was not much taller than me and quite stocky. The more we talked the more I liked him. I felt as if I had found a soul mate. Was it love at first sight? Was he the answer to my prayers? I didn’t know but I knew I wanted to see him again. I’m seeing him tomorrow night. I have to talk to Simone about this. He could be Mr. Right.

I talked with Simone the next day about how I felt and her advice was to go for it. She had done it and loved it. If you’re pretty sure you are going to do it, why delay. There’s no downside, only upside. You’ll never know if you don’t try. I wasn’t sure what I was going to try but I was on the pill just in case and I was ready for any eventuality. Simone said she was going away for the weekend and I could have her studio apartment for the weekend. It was small but it had privacy. Oh boy!! I was pretty sure I felt something when we hugged that showed he was excited about me. I knew what he wanted – the same thing that all boys do and thinking about it made me want it too.

Eric: She’s nice. I wonder how I can get into her pants. All the advice I get is to take it slowly if you really like her. I’ll just have to see how things pan out. We’ll have a nice dinner and see. We are eating the pizza now. She has only eaten three slices – left five for me. We are still talking a lot. I think she’s really keen on me. My hand was on the table and her hand pounced and wrapped around mine.

Tammy: My heart went all of a flutter when I saw him outside the pizza place. We are eating now. He is great company and seems to like me. I am really keen on him and I don’t want to lose him. I know what he wants and I cannot see the point in stringing him along – he might find another girl. We’ve just finished. He paid.

Eric: “Where do we go now?”

Tammy: “Let’s walk down to Simone’s place. It’s two blocks away”

Eric: “OK”

We held hands and walked. It was one story up and Tammy opened the door with a key and we stepped in. She closed the door and swung me around and enveloped me in a big hug and stood on tip toes and gave me a good fleshy kiss. I was taken by surprise. “Where’s Simone?” “She’s gone home for the weekend and left me the keys. She’ll be back on Sunday night. Would you like a glass of cold white wine?” Wine wasn’t really my thing but after the pizza it would be refreshing. Tammy took Starzbet the bottle from the refrigerator and it was really nice.

“Do you want to watch TV?” “Yeah. Why not?”

Some comedy show was on and we sat on the couch. I don’t remember any of the show but I do remember that within a very short time Tammy’s head was in my lap looking up at me and her body was stretched out along the couch. My hand moved to touch her breast and then slowly moved under her top touching her bra. I massaged for a while and then in a flurry of twisting and turning Tammy was naked from the waist up. Her breasts pancaked and my hand began tweaking her small pink nipple. Her breasts looked terrific.

Tammy: Nice pizza. We walked hand in hand to Simone’s. I gave him a big surprise when I told him that we had the place to ourselves for the weekend. When I hugged him I was sure this time that he was excited. I can’t wait. I really like him. Mum told me never to do anything with somebody you didn’t like but I like him a lot. The wine was nice and refreshing. We’re watching TV but it was only a ruse to get him on the couch. Now he has his hand on my breast and he’s pinching my nipple. God it’s nice. How long is he going to do it? I can feel myself getting wet already.

Eric: She was really enjoying this. Take it slowly. You have the whole weekend. Oh God – she’s moving my hand down to her tummy. I’ve been here before with other girls but not very often. My hand is going under her skirt and into her panties from the top. I can feel her bush. Little curly hairs. This is nice. She has curly hair on her pussy and I like it. “I like riffling through your hair. It feels so good and they are nice and soft.” My finger has latched onto her clit.

Tammy: I had forgotten about my bush. I am glad he likes it. I had thought about shaving it but I didn’t really have time. It is so reassuring and increases my confidence about myself. So many of the girls at high school were shaving themselves for their boyfriends but I didn’t have one. At last he’s moved downstairs. I can feel I’m wet. He’s on to my clit and it is so much better than when I do it. I’m getting really turned on. I’ve never felt like this before. Is this going to be my first orgasm with him? I can’t stand it with his hand like this. I am taking my skirt and pants off. First my pants came off and then I zipped my fingers into the elastic of my panties. I did this facing him because I wanted him to see and smell by little dark triangle. He was so stunned he didn’t even try to help. I’ll let him do it next time.

Eric: From when I was 5 or 6 years old and playing ‘Doctors and nurses’ the object was always to see the nurse’s pussy – never with great success and my curiosity lasted for many years as I tried to see girls undressing or naked. There was never much more than a flashing glimpse until I saw porn but somehow that didn’t seem to count. There is something unreal about porn but here was Tammy, real live flesh, and she was showing me her pussy. It was front on, but it was a pussy. I can just make out the line of her slit. Now she is stretched out along the couch. The pheromones from her pussy are flooding my nostrils but I don’t think there is any room to add more desire. She’s taken everything off. Great. I can see her little dark bush – looks great. My hand is rummaging through her curls and my finger is moving into her slit. As my finger touched her clitoris there was a slight tremor on her face and she blinked. I am tweaking her clitoris and I can see that she is getting very excited – it’s really wet. I can feel her clit and I’m rubbing it now. I wonder if she’ll have an orgasm.

Tammy: This is amazing – he’s doing it better than I can. I was surprised – no, that’s not the right word – I knew what was going to happen. Nobody had ever put their fingers into my pussy and touched my clitoris before. I really am into new experiences. A rush of excitement flooded my brain. He must have a different voltage in his fingers. I’m getting close. He is putting his finger into my vagina and I’m going to explode any moment. Oh God, I’m there.

Eric: Her hips are really moving up and down and her face is a little bit contorted. I’ve never seen a girl react like this. She’s holding my hand trying to stop me. Or is she trying to keep my finger in place? When the pad of my middle finger touches her clitoris it seems to demonstrate perpetual motion in action.

Tammy: Well. I’ve never felt anything like that before. My brain feels scrambled. He’s got to rest down there for a minute. I’ve just realized that my lover boy is the first male ever to see me naked. I was always so careful not to be seen naked and here I am with nothing on at all. I’m glad he’s looking down at me from on top and not looking up at my slit. Tammy, you’re crazy. What are you worried about? He’s got his finger in your vagina trying to find your G spot and you’re worried he can see you naked. Relax. Oh God, his finger’s starting to move again. Starzbet Giriş I’m so wet down there and his finger has found my G spot. I am going to have another orgasm. Here I come. It’s bigger and better than the last one. No more – I’m thirsty.

Eric: I found her G spot with my right hand and my left hand is diddling her clit. Her breathing is getting really wild and she is having another orgasm. Oh boy. She’s fanning her face with her hand.

Tammy: I can’t take any more of this – I need a drink.” Come on – I feel like another glass of wine” and at that I stood up and pulled Eric up and we walked into the kitchen and I poured another two glasses of wine. It must look funny. I am naked and he has got all his clothes on. Not for long.

Eric: “You look so sexy. Your pert little bum wiggles nicely and you look super sexy from the front. You have nice legs. I like your little bush.” It was so exciting to see her naked in the light – all the other girls were in the dark and I could hardly see anything.

Tammy: You cannot imagine how reassuring these words were for me. They gave me the confidence I needed to continue being naked. When you are continually told as a girl to cover up and not allow any part of your body to be seen, it is easy to be ashamed of it. I always wanted to be sexy and now I was. “Come with me”. I held his hand and led him into Simone’s bedroom where there was a nice double bed. On the pillow there was a card with Eric’s name on it and a heart. He opened it and saw what I had written, ‘Eric, welcome to heaven. Tammy.’

Eric: I smiled and Tammy began to remove my shirt and then unfastened my belt and pulled my pants down and then she sat on the bed and removed my shorts. If she hadn’t done it, I would have. My dick was standing out like you cannot imagine and Tammy just stared and stared.

Tammy: Looking at a photo of a piece of chocolate cake and seeing it in front of you raises totally different expectations, the same as seeing a photo of a stiff, hard dick and seeing it right in front of your eyes. The photo will never be inside you but the dick soon will be. An inner impulse kicked in and made my excitement levels heighten dramatically. I knew what to expect but suddenly coming face to face with what you have dreamt of is a surprise. The size didn’t surprise me – I knew where it was going to go and I was looking forward to that. I was sure it would fit just nicely. What did surprise me was how it sprung up when I took off Eric’s shorts. It’s the first time I have ever seen a real live erect dick at close quarters. It wasn’t like all the dicks I have seen in porno movies – they looked much bigger but it looks so different close up and I like the way he smells. It’s funny – you don’t notice the shape of the head in a porno movie but close up you can see that it’s designed to be soft first to open you up before the hard bit pushes in. The head is so soft and spongey. It’s turning me on, as if I need it. He has moved my hand to touch it. I never expected it to be so hard. He’s moving my hand up and down and now I’m doing it by myself with a natural rhythm I never knew I had. I swear he is purring. The skin is stretched and smooth and shiny. It feels sweaty. I suddenly remembered that I had read somewhere that it was a good idea to only have sex when you were both washed and clean. “Let’s have a shower.” It will only delay the inevitable a few minutes.

Eric: Tammy led me into the shower. The warm water cascaded over us and when my body came in contact with hers, which I made sure it did, it was a great feeling. Skin against skin makes all the difference. Tammy soaped herself all over. I helped her by making sure that her breasts were well and truly soaped and then I made sure that her pussy was well and truly soaped.

Tammy: You would think my pussy was a magnet for his fingers. They can’t stay away. I would be lying if I said I minded – I love it. I’m going to soap him now – he should like it when I soap his dick. I was looking at it front on before and I now I am looking down at it. It seems longer. In a few minutes it will be inside me. He knows it too and he is being very patient. I hope he’s a good lover. His balls are so interesting. I never took any interest in balls before but now they are in my hand, they feel so great. I have a lot to learn.

Eric: Oh God. She’s making sure there’s plenty of soap on my dick. I wonder why she keeps trying to bend it. She’s turned the water off and now she has squatted down and has the head of my dick in her mouth. Oh God. I can’t take too much of this. I can, but he won’t be hard for the main event. I’ve pushed her off and now she’s drying me and I’m going to dry her.

Tammy: He’s dried me all over and he’s taking ages between my legs. I’m getting wet again – not where the towel actually goes. I’ll get the hair dryer and dry my pussy. Now I’ll dry his dick with it too.

Eric: The warm air on my dick is great. That’s something really new. She’s Starzbet Güncel Giriş leading me back into the bedroom. I think this it. She’s holding my hand and we’re on the bed. We’re kissing and my hands are massaging her breasts. Her nipples are hard. One hand has moved down to her slit. She is so wet. Her hand is wrapped around my dick – not moving, just assessing it for size I think. Now her hand is moving. She likes to pull down and feel it get stiffer and she knows I like it.

Tammy: There’s no doubt about it. I am moving inexorably to having him penetrate me and I am looking forward to it. My curiosity hasn’t been satisfied yet but it soon will be. Isn’t it funny – in the wrong circumstances with the wrong man you would dread a man sticking his penis into you but here with the man I love, it is my destiny to open my legs to facilitate its entry into my vagina. I just want to be one with him. I’ve never done this before. I hope I can get my legs into the right position – I’m sure I will. I’m going to lie on my back and expose my crack to him. That will be a first – nobody has ever looked closely at me down there. I am really excited about showing him my pussy. I have never shared it with anybody like this before. I won’t be ashamed – every woman has one and I think I look really good. Not too hairy, nice and pink and well, just sexy. One thing I know is that all the boys I have been with would have loved to have felt it and seen it. They didn’t even get close.

Eric: She has rolled onto her back and she’s still holding on to my dick. Does she think I am going to run away? My dreams are about to come true. I’m going to get laid. I’m on my knees between her legs and I can see her crack for the first time – just a slit with a light amount of hair on either side. I don’t think I will ever tire of looking at it. She is reaching around with her hands and opening the lips so that I can see where I’m going. My first real live vulva – Oh God! I can see the little mound where her clit is and I am touching it. This is so interesting – so different to seeing one in a porn movie and there’s also a nice aroma wafting up. I sort of expected to see a hole but there is just a glistening space beckoning me to enter. The tip of my cock is still quite a way from her vagina entrance. I’ll just inch up a bit closer.

Tammy: He’s looking at my pussy – he’s wide eyed in amazement. I guess he’s never seen one this close before. He says I am his first. He’s pushing forward but his dick can’t see where it’s going. I’ve separated my lips but his dick isn’t anywhere near my vagina opening. I’ve got hold of it now and I’ve moved it up to touch my clitoris – it’s nice and hard and my clit is very sensitive – it feels very good when I do that. Now I’m guiding the tip of his penis into my vagina.

Eric: I’m getting closer – she’s guiding me in. The angle is wrong. I need to get her bottom up. If I lift her knees, that should do it. Apart from anything else it certainly gave me a better view of her vagina – it’s just a pink slit with a little pyramid at the top surrounded by hair and some small inner lips. She’s placing the tip of my dick in her vagina. The feeling of the warmth and her juices against the tip of my penis are making me tingle. I let the weight of my body gently force my dick into her and I watched as it slipped from view until my groin was butting up against hers. I noticed her eyes flicker a little but there was no hint of pain. I’m no longer a virgin and neither is she. She started off wide-eyed as I stretched her vagina but now she is enjoying it as she gets used to it. Her eyes close from time to time.

Tammy: He is lifting and separating my knees and I can see that he’s still looking into my vagina. I am so wet and he’s slipping in easily. Well it didn’t hurt and I am getting used to having this long hard thing inside me. It feels good. Really good. He’s moving in and out and it feels even better. I love Eric and I want to keep him forever. I never imagined that having sex could be so good. I love the idea of capturing him in my pussy and feeling his groin against mine and the force of his dick inside me and the feeling of his skin against mine and the loving look of his eyes as he slowly moves his bum up and down.

Eric: It feels so comfortable in here. Warm and wet. I’d like to just rest but this urge is coming over me to move in and out. We are kissing and watching each other’s faces and I know my first time has been a success. Her face is suffused with pleasure. Her legs are around my back and pushing me in with each down stroke. I am lifting her knees towards her ears – I am in so deep. It’s great. I have been moving for a few minutes and I am going to explode. I can feel the little twitches about to start and I’m thrusting harder and I’m spurting inside her- now they’ve stopped. Tammy is looking into my eyes feeling the new experience of my pulsating dick exploding inside her vagina. It’s only a few seconds ago and I can’t remember exactly what happened. All I know is that it feels different when you ejaculate and your hard dick is engulfed by a warm wet pussy. This is such a great feeling – our bodies are entwined and warm and sweaty. Welcome to heaven indeed. I can feel my dick getting soft.

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